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  1. Only about 70 Covid cases attributed to the festival according to bbc news. Well below community prevalence.
  2. A few pics from the site build….. Main Stage, Castle Stage, Victorious sign on Castle Field, the one bar at the main stage that has started and where the Seaside Stage will be (not started yet)
  3. If Green Man is anything like Latitude the vaccine /neg test checks won’t slow things too much - at Latitude they did the vaccine s / neg test check first in one bay (with vaccine people going through one route and tests another) and it was flowing quickly. The wristbands actually took longer. So fingers crossed it won’t add too much delay.
  4. Site build started…. Here’s the Castle Field
  5. They still haven't published the Stage II research results yet (they were going to be peer reviewed so I guess it may take a while). It does make you wonder if we'll ever see the Stage III results from Latitude (and of course the longer they are left not published the less relevant they will become as the circumstances around things such as vaccine roll out changes)
  6. My feeling is that there might be additional government guidance for organisers and licensing authorities after the ERP concludes but unless the NHS is close to being overwhelmed things will continue as they are. Most festivals seem to be following the same entry requirements as Latitude.
  7. I went to the whole talk. The chap was Prof Iain Buchan who is from Liverpool Uni and was one of the leads on the Stage 1 ERP events. Can’t remember everything he said but he did mention that Latitude wasn’t just about looking at case numbers but other pieces of research related to live events. Also interesting to note that Melin Benn was in the audience and watched the whole talk!
  8. Glad several people here saying they enjoyed Vlure. Alongside Wet Leg they were one of my 2 new music tips before the festival but alas clashes meant I missed them (I had seen them a few weeks before at their own gig). They have such commitment as a live act.
  9. Yeah - there are lots of IOW connections with Wet Leg. The bass player has played with Lauran Hibberd's band (another IOW artist) before. Considering the size, Isle of Wight is doing the business at the moment: Wet Leg, Lauran Hibberd, Plastic Mermaids, Coach Party, Roberta Fidora all doing good stuff.
  10. Top 5 I saw 1. Damon Albarn 2. Wolf Alice 3. Wet Leg 4. AvaWaves 5. Chemical Brothers
  11. They’ve been signed by Domino and Rhain (lead vocalist) has been doing it for a few years now solo. Check out her song Humdrum Drivel
  12. Can't believe that I've been through the timetable and that I have only 1 main clash and 1 minor one. The only main one is Arlo Parks vs Damon Albarn - but have seen both before (in fact I saw Arlo on the Lake Stage at Latitude) so not particularly bothered either way.
  13. I think the point here is they are saying your test expires after 48 hours so you need to retest, but reading between the lines, nobody is going to check. It's basically a 'this is what you should do but we have no way of enforcing it or checking it' But if you go off site they will recheck.
  14. Wet Leg (Very promising Isle of Wight duo signed to Domino Records) Vlure (Imagine the cast of Trainspotting forming a shouty synth goth band with the occasional reference to Faithless, Depeche Mode and Killing Joke)
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