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  1. rseamer

    Victorious 2019

    I wonder if the announcement has been delayed as South Central (the replacement for Mutiny run by the same person on the same site as Mutiny) was announced today?
  2. rseamer

    Latitude 2019

    It's the way the music industry has been going the last few years to be honest, certainly in terms of new music. For example if you look at this year's BBC Sound of List of the 10 tips only 1 (Sea Girls) is a band, the other 9 are all solo.
  3. rseamer

    Latitude 2019

    George Ezra had the 2nd biggest selling album of last year in the uk, beaten only by the Greatest Showman Soundtrack but ahead of Ed Sheeran, Drake and Post Malone, Arctic Monkeys etc and when he played Glastonbury on the Other Stage (early eve slot) the field was rammed. He could easily headline Latitude if that's what organisers went for.
  4. rseamer

    Bestival going into administration?

    They had a bad patch for sure, but this year was one of my personal favourites for a long time.
  5. rseamer

    Bestival going into administration?

    I guess Bestival haven't made a statement because they haven't put tickets on sale, whereas Camp Bestival have and have payment plans running.
  6. Really really sad news to see that according to the Sunday Times their main financial backer is pulling the plug https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/loans-tycoon-james-benamor-pulls-plug-on-bestival-j5dnjh2jp
  7. rseamer

    Victorious Festival 2018

    Yep fully agree with this. They'll price out locals like me (many people I know are now only going for 1 day rather than 2 or 3 as prices increase) And ultimately the majority of people who go are local.
  8. rseamer

    Victorious Festival 2018

    Ha those tweets were by me I had a great time at Victorious except for the fact that the organisers really need to get their social media together. Lots of people complaining that they never answer questions and they were very slow at putting out info about what was going on when things were getting cancelled - I was doing it much quicker than them and I had no inside info, I was just running around the set looking at what was going on a tweeting about it. Also when they did put out info it was all on a corporate branded picture - which was no good for many people on site where the signal was week and not necessarily downloading pictures and no good for people relying on notifications. Sometimes it felt like Victorious were more concerned about their branding and corporate image (their social media was full of glossy photos showing how 'amazing' everything was rather than interacting with punters and just getting messages out to people in a simple form quickly) Having said that I saw some great acts on Sunday: Gomez, Lily Moore and The Prodigy my highlights but I also saw Stereo Honey, Me & The Moon, The Orielles, Gengahr, Jerry Williams, Friendly Fires - not too bad considering the rain. The site was really empty early in the day - a lot of people just stayed at home / in the local pubs until it stopped. Interesting to see tickets are on sale for 2019 already. Another £5 per day on the early birds. They're out of the super cheap bracket for sure now - I suspect some people who used to book for all 3 days or 2 days will now wait for the line up and just choose a day - particularly families. Anyway, Portsmouth is on the festival map for sure now. With Icebreaker (local bands multi venue even in January), Mutiny, Victorious and Dials (another multi venue event with up and coming national bands and some local talent) in October - an event I'm involved with - there's plenty going on in my south central city.
  9. rseamer

    Victorious Festival 2018

    Nearer the front I found the right hand side (the side without the toilets) less busy. As Tommy101 says, if you cut right down the sides and then go into the crowd it's relatively easy to get to the front especially if you get there 15mins before.
  10. rseamer

    Victorious Festival 2018

    Windspeeds are high but if forecasted the main stages designs should be well within those limits. It will be interesting to see if any of the smaller structures have been taken down / removed today because of the winds. Yesterday was good though - the improved weather helped and I saw some good sets (Happy Monday's was hugely enjoyable - worth seeing for Bez's dancing alone) and I also really enjoyed Paloma Faith. Those two were my highlights. I also saw Devin Jade, Southsea Alternative Choir, Sleeper, Gaz Coombes, Fenne Lily, Brian Wilson.
  11. rseamer

    Victorious Festival 2018

    For anyone going to Victorious on Sunday - be warned there's gonna be a fair bit of rain and wind, so with the site being a seafront location you could get very wet (driving rain) and also cold. Take an extra layer of clothing and a good mac. It might sound like obvious advice but I saw quite a few people on Friday night looking very very wet and very cold on site! Also there may be issues with the sound as the wind will blow it all over the place. I was near the front for Kaiser Chiefs and it sounded really quiet and could at times hardly hear Ricky's voice. For The Libertines we stood further back at it was actually louder and much better. Saturday's weather should be fine though.
  12. rseamer

    Victorious Festival 2018

    If you're watching Stereo Honey I'd recommend Jerry Williams and The Orielles who are on immediately after on the same stage - both different types of indie pop. Also check out Lilly Moore on the Acoustic Stage if you like anything like Amy Winehouse / Adele - super talented
  13. rseamer

    Victorious Festival 2018

    I run a music blog and have received press passes in previous years. Got rejected this year.
  14. rseamer

    Victorious Festival 2018

    I see there’s going to be drug detection dogs on the gates this year. Unsurprising given what happened at Mutiny Festival in the same city.
  15. rseamer

    Victorious Festival 2018

    There’s a definite element of the Victorious crowd that have no idea how festivals work or haven’t been to a gig for years. Good work on the Clashfinder. TBH I’m only visiting 4 (Common, Castle, Acoustic, Seaside) and might just pop in on some randoms on the smaller ones when passing.