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  1. Decent first day I thought. Weather was great. All the bands I saw sounded good but thought some of them were just going through the motions. The Victorious crowd is an odd one though - they seem less invested in the festival than others I go to?
  2. Weather looking excellent for this weekend. I've put a few more site pics up on my Twitter thread for this festival (@BMWavesBlog) also...just noticed that it's not just no re-entry past 8pm but no entry! I'll be there all day but anyone who is just wandering in for a headliner could get caught out if they enforce this.
  3. https://twitter.com/BMWavesBlog/status/1163157369888608257 That link should take you to my video of the site build as of Sunday for anyone that is interested in such things
  4. Surprised Capaldi is on the Castle Stage rather than Common - but then these bookings would have been made a long time ago. I'll probably be one of the few that isn't bothered about seeing him (I'm going to see AK Patterson and Alice Jemima on the acoustic instead) Also I see Brighton's LibraLibra are playing - I missed them during announcements - they've drawn the 'nobody will be there' slot on Sunday first thing which is a shame - they have the most amazing vocalist. They played Dials Festival in Portsmouth last year and are playing that again alongside The Blinders, Another Sky, Talk Show, Walt Disco etc in October this year.
  5. Looks like a mac is definitely gonna be required at some points.
  6. From a new music perspective 1. Another Sky (if you like Radiohead meets London Grammar) 2. The Murder Capital (if you like intense post punk with Joy Division references) 3. Celeste (If you like jazzy soulful music with hints of Amy Winehouse)
  7. With only 2 albums and the 2nd only being 37 mins long he’d struggle to do a set longer than that.
  8. Phew. Absolutely no clashes for any of my must sees. That doesn’t happen often.
  9. In that case, of newer acts, try Lauran Hibberd (BBC INTRODUCING + GREENPEACE STAGES) Sunflower Bean (WILLIAMS GREEN) Amyl & The Sniffers (WILLIAMS GREEN) Pip Blom (JOHN PEEL AND WILLIAMS GREEN) Madonnatron (WILLIAMS GREEN) Pale Waves (JOHN PEEL)
  10. Does anyone know - is this in the Crow’s Nest again?
  11. rseamer

    Silver Hayes 2019

    BBC Introducing looks very strong for new acts this year. Easy Life, Lauran Hibberd, Self Esteem, Arline Parks, Monster Florence all excellent. Sofi Tukker, Grace Carter, Daniel Avery and more making Silver Hayes look decent this year.
  12. I’m a big new music fan and the Lake Stage line up is excellent. Another Sky are top notch live - sort of early Radiohead meets Sigur Ros meets London Grammar meets an indie band. Also Squid, Self Esteem, Art School Girlfriend, Easy Life, Chappaaqua Wrestling, She Drew The Gun.... basically pretty much everything on that stage I’m happy about.
  13. I’ve always wondered how they keep it so cheap. I wonder if Butlins basically let them have the site for virtually nothing as it’s a time when nobody else would want it and Butlins make their money through food and drink sales? A lot of the bands on the bill each year are relatively ‘small’ and probably come very cheap. I book a small multi venue festival in Portsmouth called Dials and we have had a couple of the smaller bands that have done Rockaway and their fees were less than £200 or thereabouts. Obviously the headliners would be a lot more but even now someone like Fontaines DC being relatively new won’t be too expensive. Jesus & The Mary Chain would be somewhat different. Also as they only have 1 stage running with live music at any one time they put on far less bands than most festivals. So assuming they are getting the venue cheap I can see how it could possibly work economically.
  14. Assuming organisers stick with the same format there will be loads of localish acts announced at some point for the smaller stages. RE Slow Readers Club - they did a couple of sets there a few years ago and played Portsmouth last night. At the gig they mentioned Victorious and said they hoped someone would ask them back, which implies they're not booked for 2019
  15. Of the new additions I’mvery pleased with Plastic Mermaids and Alice Jemima, and that announcement generally fleshes it out well - something for everyone (well maybe not quite everyone)
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