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  1. They've been announced for Latitude as headliners, my bad!
  2. Assuming that means by default Haim are out too.
  3. If it is any of them I'd imagine it go down well, Bastille and Kings are the most likely headliners out of them though.
  4. If they're going for a youth-orientated festival again, Coldplay definitely seem a weird shout particularly when there are some younger, more relevant bands for the target-market. Taylor Swift is definitely possible for headliner though.
  5. So, I've done some digging by stalking the Victorious Instagram Page and figuring out which verified artists they're following who (to my knowledge) haven't played before. I realise this isn't the be-all and end-all, but it could give us some indications of what to expect: - Haim - Foxes - Wolf Alice - The National - Liam Gallagher - White Lies - The New Faith (They're also following Bjork, but I'm discounting her based on size). Thoughts?
  6. As much as I would love it to be HAIM, I'm 90% certain they have an album coming out next year, so I can imagine them getting a smaller slot at bigger festivals and still getting the same exposure. I'm thinking maybe Bastille, Scouting for Girls and someone like Olly Murs? I'm rubbish at predicting these things though.
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