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  1. I think the problem with IOW currently is that they have 0 clue which demographic they're going for. The only headiners that seem to possibly fit together are Liam Gallagher and Snow Patrol - both David Guetta and Duran Duran are good performers but none of it seems to mesh together. As a younger person, if they want to attract the youth they need to step back and have a look at who their booking, because yes there's some good artists, but none that I particularly want to fork out IOW prices for if that makes sense.
  2. Can definitely see Liam back, his booker seems to have him down for every festival atm! In terms of HAIM, their tour falls literally the week before concerts get the go ahead and I think one of them is also immunocompromised? In which case they'd be more likely to return next year with their tour pushed back as well.
  3. Interested to see who will headline now Lewis Capaldi's pulled out. If I'm correct, does that mean the only headliner we know for certain is Bastille?
  4. Hopefully some more women for a start.
  5. I remember when they announced their tour they had a Victorious shaped hole in the dates so I assumed they would return? But I have 0 insider info.
  6. No joke I once had a dream it was Carly Rae Jepsen (and if it was I would love it, but aware that probably puts me in the minority here!).
  7. Safe but solid. Sunday it is then for me!
  8. Radio 1's Big Weekend set for second year online - BBC News
  9. Thank god I chose to log in tonight! Time to set my alarm for tomorrow!
  10. Ooh Foals would be great! So Foals Friday, The Streets Saturday and Royal Blood Sunday maybe?
  11. I'm hoping it's this Friday but not holding my breath. I think all of these are a good shout, in terms of bands maybe Wolf Alice? They've got an album coming out in June but then again they could very easily play r+l.
  12. I went in 2019! They were 3rd on headliner stage, did a great set IIRC. I think they're about the same size as Bombay Bicycle Club who were billed as second for 2020 so I think if they came back they could creep into that slot, especially as they'll be on an album cycle by that point.
  13. Any idea when we'll get a lineup announcement? Have any Superstruct lineups been announced yet?
  14. When Chic rescheduled their tour, they had Sunday as a Victorious date which was removed so it looks like they'll be coming back. I can imagine their won't be a lot of movement in terms of headliners with the exception of maybe Ian Brown dropping out.
  15. Victorious Festival (@victoriousfestival) • Instagram photos and videos Looks like we're back on!
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