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  1. How likely do we think this is? Personally can't see it going ahead unless they push it back to late-Summer.
  2. My first concert is booked for April - think that's 50:50, then one in June then Victorious. I'm hoping that June should be fine - but I do think Victorious has a viable shot of going ahead now.
  3. Yeah, big if - but if the vaccine roll out is successful and they think it can go ahead safely, I reckon show will go on. Feeling cautiously optimistic atm!
  4. I know it's probably way too early to speculate...but news of a possible COVID vaccine has got me back optimistic for this year!
  5. Everything's so unpredictable at the moment so I don't blame them. Any hints on Victorious though? (completely understand if not!).
  6. I might be wrong but did any Superstruct's announce this month?
  7. Anyone heard Royal Blood's new track? It's making me reminisce today.
  8. Ooh hopefully that means formal announcement in a couple of days.
  9. Does rule anybody who has been announced for R+L though, so Catfish (who I could have seen as a replacement if there had been clashes), and maybe Beabadoobea but to be honest I don't think there was much overlap anyway.
  10. I miss it too. Next year everyone!
  11. Excited for First Aid Kit! I think the next headliner will be female - I'm hoping for Lorde if she releases music by then but if she is I reckon we'll be waiting a while to find out.
  12. Happy Mondays, Foor, Natasha Bedingfield and Are You Experienced confirmed for Thursday -
  13. Latitude, IOW, Truck and Trnsmit have so I'm hoping we'll get an announcement August bank holiday.
  14. Started a 2021 thread if anyone's already planning for next year!
  15. Because it's never too early to start speculating! How much rollover of this year's headliners do we think is likely?
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