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  1. Not sure if they expected that to happen when they sent out their email saying line up very soon last week 🤷🏼‍♂️ Who's the replacement bets on??
  2. harryy

    2021 New Music

    Jungle with their summer vibes are very underrated imo
  3. bit rogue but as they just released a new single and are playing brixton at beginning of sept - jungle could nicely do the tent imo
  4. everything in my body is crossed for wolf alice or chemical bros. // but i haven't a clue this year
  5. I feel like (not helpfully at all) they've released on weds, thurs, and fri before so ..... ill take a shot in the dark that it'll be weds but thats on nothing but instinct
  6. any ideas or guesses as to when this week an announcement might strike? maybe weds for a end of week payday ticket push?
  7. Really was naively hoping they'd move later in the year but can clearly see that '22 is the easiest route. They rescheduled the Brixton show which is weird as it was scheduled for 29th June so could have gone ahead.... oh well!!!
  8. Wolf Alice into Chems is a dream (and a classic Latitude prediction that will inevitably proven wrong and make us all seem silly for ever having such hopes!) Speaking of being delusional -- Hot Chip are about so would love to see them but can't see where they'd fit!
  9. this is such a good and exciting point. Phoebe, tame impala, (even the strokes) !!!! I cannot wait to see any of these live for the first time
  10. One uni didn't get back to me for ages and it is absolutely the worst wait ever. I didn't see them for the charity gig but only because had a family event! Did however see them in 2019 in the tiniest venue in hackney/dalston!
  11. Im doing both Olympia which has been booked for 18 months ish I wanna say, AND I then got brixton tickets as its my fave band and fave venue (oops.) And I relate to the not being able to buy, I'll either be at home or uni so can look in two places but first year of uni I missed on on so many gigs because of not knowing a.) where I'd be b.) who I'd be with ! then the pandemic and now im never risking it again!
  12. Booked glass animals for end of may at Ally Pally - they'll be moved (as will Foals at Olympia which I've got for beginning of May since last year) but I'm not missing anything!! I figured if the tickets aren't being sold because people think it'll be moved, then I'll happily part with the cash and ensure im in the room later on down the line (autumn!)
  13. this has always been the case has it not? snow patrol doing the afternoon orchestra thing on the Sunday so still waiting on a headliner I thought!
  14. harryy

    BBC Glastonbury

    seen ezra twice live and is genuinely good fun which is what people are after! however opting for The XX right now and blown away (seen them once in 2018 but this is great) - I'd do anything to be in the pyramid field once in my lifetime
  15. So! Do we think this is the curse of Glasto? the lineups? the price? the amount of London day fests? Last year was a riot, so for it to be giving away tickets like this??? What do we all think???
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