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  1. does anyone have o2 priority for mitski at brixton?
  2. harryy

    Wolf Alice

    Hi Gang! If anyone has any tickets (for 2 people) for the Frome show tomorrow I’d be eternally grateful. Am super desperate to take a friend for her birthday and thought more would pop up before the event tbh!!
  3. feels very busy on-site today… maybe more so than previous years when i’ve been although not sure bmth/catfish were big sellers and the XX was way too long ago for me to remember!
  4. i noticed this too! properly baffled as would assume it would be in victoria park waiting for monday!
  5. Anyone know if the Reading arena is opening tonight ??
  6. harryy


    i’m a massive lorde fan but reading the worst reviews has you believe this is a one note, one instrument (acoustic guitar) album and it isn’t! it’s a great record imo. also the overhating of jack antanoff feels a bit sexist to me? implying basically that all these women had no input whatsoever and are just handmaidens!!
  7. Personally, after seeing George at Latitude in 2019 (was good!) but I cannot see him returning only after a year (of the festival running) and would likely expect someone like Lewis Capaldi who cancelled his 2021 stuff for 2022....
  8. ARLO PARKS added to the Monday!!!
  9. Plus, the day isn't like stacked with loads and loads of artists (quantity wise), no more than usual, so the new stage is a surprise to me -wasnt aware it was needed.
  10. personally haven't been able to stop listening since the main stage and subsequent forest set. loved Charlie's appearance and really made me love how he embraced the queerness of it all! great craic. love love love and cannot wait to see more from lynks.
  11. Rudimental felt insanely packed and personally for me highlighted how gutting it is to not be watching arlo instead.
  12. For Happy Maki go left from ‘The Ballroom’ up the hill and you’ll see a little converted van opposite a typical festival garb stall.
  13. Did the goat girl into wolf alice route and impressed by the former and blown away by the latter. Wolf alice have just ascended imo. Their live skill feels unmatched. Outstanding and much needed for me. Loved it.
  14. heres the pic in other news - sadly - arlo has covid so wondering who will replace her !!
  15. For sunday just to clarify !
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