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  1. So! Do we think this is the curse of Glasto? the lineups? the price? the amount of London day fests? Last year was a riot, so for it to be giving away tickets like this??? What do we all think???
  2. im now there each day next week, and sunday for Chris, MENTAL!!
  3. I never thought I'd be upset that I have spent 3.50 on bmth instead of nothing
  4. anyone know of any other cheap outlets for today or any of the other days??
  5. Does anyone know if I collect the showfilms tix before 5pm, if i can enter after 5pm although it says early entry
  6. If anyone could alert me to these Christine comps / really cheapies due to having loads, I'd be eternally grateful. Looking for a great end of exams treat lol
  7. Hypersonic Missiles, (Play god a close second)
  8. there's no lies in this statement
  9. that'd be great, maybe Vampire Weekend if they aren't in the US? or a band of some sort??
  10. subheadliner under cardi b TBA 1st March on website! Its updated with stage splits as well!
  11. Blossoms confirmed on Radio X
  12. Any ideas on Headliners Neil?
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