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  1. I’m up for being included, with only me and my partner trying on ticket day we definitely need to be part of some sort of group!
  2. Oh ye defo, don’t get me wrong we both had an absolutely amazing time, it’s still Glastonbury! But we were gutted with our shift pattern and it definitely did have an impact. It would be devastating to miss it. I guess that’s why we volunteered this time around to make sure we didn’t totally miss out. I’m just praying that we get tickets this time around because like I say knowing there’s a risk of getting the same pattern I think we’d suck it up and accept our luck is out in future. Even though that would pain me!
  3. That’s fair enough, but living with missing ‘a few’ acts/one act or two (as you have previously stated) could be a bit misleading. People have to seriously consider if they’d be prepared to miss 2 headliners and a whole day of music. If you are then happy days it’s perfect for you. The problem is also compounded by the fact that if you are on the worst shift pattern, the whole shift swap board is full of your shift pattern. So the shift swap doesn’t really work because there’s no one that will take your shifts - instead there’s just dozens of people trying to also get rid of your pattern. We engaged in loads of talks with people wanting to swap - but none would swap for ours.
  4. First time and I wouldn’t do it again personally. I realise now that I need to just accept if I don’t get tickets it’s not meant to be. Had we had some of the shift patterns discussed above I’d probably be giving you a different answer, but getting Friday night and all of Sunday was really rubbish for us. IMO you do you alright if you have the morning shift on one of the music days and can get rid of the day or night shift early on instead. If you can compromise and just be glad you’re there then it’s great - but you have to be prepared to run that risk and miss a fair bit of music if you’re unlucky
  5. Exactly - so you’ve got the likes of E (almost all 3 days of music minus last headliner) and B (same, all music except Saturday headliner) compared to D (miss Friday headliner and all Sunday wiped out). Massive difference in amount of music you can watch between the shifts. I think D is the worst because you have your 2-10pm and night shift during music. C doesn’t have that.
  6. Having shifts like this would have made our experience completely different I reckon. Having that Sunday shift 2 - 10pm was really crap when you’ve also had a night shift on Friday too. But I get that it’s the luck of the draw, just don’t think we’d be prepared to go back for risk of getting the same.
  7. What shift pattern did you have? We had Thursday 5.45 - 14.00, Friday overnight 21.45 - 6.00, Sunday 13.45 - 22.00. Have the night shift and day shift during the music was killer. Wish we were one of the luckier ones with the early shift during music. We were on a ped gate and there were so many of us standing around. Also little things like no hot water visit on our night shift because it ran out before they got to our gate, it’s not hard to coordinate a tea run when you’ve got staff stood there all night! Had an absolute ball when off shift, I’ve just got to accept it’s either normal ticket or nothing for me because I’d be gutted to get the same shift pattern.
  8. Back home after volunteering with oxfam this year after 5 years of having success in the ticket sales. Just wondering everyone’s thoughts? I’ve got to say it’s our first time volunteering and will be our last. We’re grateful for the fact that it came to our rescue when we failed in the ticket sales but the whole volunteering experience is just too much of a compromise. It doesn’t help that we got the shift pattern we least wanted, the shift patterns seem really unfair some miss hardly no music and some miss two days of music. The shift swap board was just full of our shift pattern and obviously no one was willing to swap onto ours. I thought the person doing the initial briefing was rude and kicked things off on a proper downer, telling everyone off like we were children for our apparent tardiness in attending the briefing (not true). Then there was the catering which was just chaotic and very unprepared. The long hike from the campsite (weather probably made this feeling longer) and finally the shifts were total over staffed. Standing there for over 8 hours when you’re missing music without a single task to do is soul destroying. The festival itself was amazing but oxfam volunteering is most definitely not for us, fingers crossed for ticket sale day!
  9. Thanks. Yep no worries, was just starting to over think it and was worried our arrival time to registration was going to have some bearing on the shift pattern we are given. I’d hate to know I was responsible for less than ideally shift times - I’d rather know it was down to pure luck.
  10. Oxfam shifts, does anyone know wether they are already pre-determined and organised in advance or does your arrival time determine your shift pattern, i.e first x many to arrive get shift pattern 1 until full and then shift pattern 2 gets handed out until full etc?
  11. I apologise if it’s already been picked up but on BBC TV guide it says.. ‘Plus, who will be this year’s surprise special guests on the Park Stage? Recent Glastonbury special guest sets have included The Killers, Elbow and Pulp so expect some magic from a much loved British band not appearing elsewhere on the bill!’
  12. mikegday

    Out of office

    If someone doesn’t know you’re going to Glastonbury you haven’t really spoken to them right?
  13. Oxfam really has come to the rescue this year!
  14. mikegday

    Out of office

    Other half is about to turn his on too. I'm sure there was loads I was meant to do whilst he's at work and I'm at home... instead I'm sat out the back, making my way through our Glastonbury playlist and 'quality testing' these Punk cans. These blue skies are getting me giddy!!
  15. Will you marry me?
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