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  1. Do you not think suburban shops will benefit though? We’ve changed our barbers from city centre to the local village one, we’ve been going to the local bakery more, local coffee shop etc. Where one business loses out, another will benefit. I also find it concerning that our economy seems so reliant on Tesco meal deals being sold - that’s an economy fundamentally flawed to begin with. When tourists return - they will obviously also still flock to city centres.
  2. Seen she subbed second stage in 2019 so i’m intrigued to see if she returns to exact same spot. Agree hopefully she closes that stage - though if in the big tent it would be a BBC, Caribou, Roisin clash going off what folk reckon on here then?
  3. Booked this, so good having something to look forward to! I promise not to complain about the toilets, queues, rubbish beer choices/prices or the pins and needles in my feet!! Main draw for us is Roisin - where do we think she will be placed?
  4. I don’t understand. 12 weeks from today we will need 316,000 each day just to dish out the 2nd doses (because we have 316,000 first dose yesterday). So when you said, assuming no more increase, in 12 weeks we could half the 316,000 daily vaccines and do 155k first dose, 155k second dose. You couldn’t surely? You could only use any potential excess of 316,000 on first doses. I get that initially the numbers are a lot lower - but there will come a time (12 weeks from now) when we will have to start doing 316,000 2nd doses a day - in which case to get 155k first doses (as suggested) out we’d need
  5. But you cant half the amount to 155k because you have 316000 each day needing their 2nd dose from the first 12 week’s. it’s almost a spiral were we need ever increasing vaccines. or in 12 weeks we have very few vaccines to give first dose, and that remains for the next 12 weeks until this first lot are done. Then suddenly in 24 weeks we have a LOAD of vaccines and very few people on their 2nd dose. Mind blown.
  6. I was kind of speaking more generally sorry about the argument of how worthwhile something less accurate is. Worth saying I live in Liverpool and have taken 3 lateral-flow tests so far. I think it is worth while, IMO (like you) 1 case found is better than none. However like with the lab tests, I’ve had people to say to me ‘it’s ok I’ve tested negative’... I could scream back ‘you got your results yesterday, off the back of a test done 4 days ago.’ Negative tests do result in some people being more lax I think.
  7. That assumes the 70% of missed positives continue to go about life as cautious as before. Whereas if people get a negative and then act with false reassurance it’s hard to say what is then more damaging.
  8. Our massive number is horrible but it can be hard to even comprehend or think about it in a real world situ. Today it dawned on me that for us in the North West it’s 1 in every 540 people that have died so far to COVID. Horrifying!!
  9. I get this - but they’ve had 909 in total, across all of their cities!! Using your example just Stoke alone has had half of that figure. Aus cities are sparse - but the suggestion that population density puts an end to comparison I don’t think is correct. If you’re on a bus commuting in Brisbane or a tram in Melbourne you may as well be anywhere and with the same public health measures the virus can spread similarly there as here in the U.K. The difference once it’s in a region is those public health measures that are put in to combat it - they are what have made such a difference between us a
  10. This ^ crazy that in the first wave date of registration saved them from announcing 1000+ in a day, despite date of death being so. This time the opposite; registration is above 1,000 but not date of death. This will be down to the holiday period and registrations being more concentrated to these first working days.
  11. I don’t get the population density thing. If you’re in the middle of Sydney city centre - it’s no less dense than being a UK city. If you’re living in Australian student halls, you don’t suddenly get a palace to yourself. Australia has 909 deaths total, we’ve had 1,041 in 24 hours. That isn’t down to how much bushland Australia has. That’s down to Australia’s public services, governance and population compliance.
  12. Does anyone know why the cases by specimen date has stopped at 22Dec? The notes about the holidays says England will be updated daily.
  13. The big sticky out arse bit right?
  14. Can’t have that! Norfolk in the north!! On that map North West, Yorkshire and North East only. No midlands and certainly no East!
  15. Just popped down for my 3rd asymptotic test (Liverpool). Another negative. Going to partners parents for Christmas Day so going to remain as careful as have been all year. Over heard a woman saying to her child ‘doing another test aren’t we so we can see nanny on Christmas’ It’s not completely risk free, obviously no mixing is the only risk free option. But we are extremely lucky to have this option here and I urge everyone in Liverpool City Region to use the opportunity!
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