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  1. Masala. I got Masala meatballs and it was incredible! Pure comfort food and good value too
  2. Gandhis flip flop I couldn’t find
  3. I’ve always hated the other stage -> pyramid via markets, so we always went via bbc introducing - I find this a much better way to get around. I also don’t do the nighttime stuff, we went to the theatre & circus field after headliners. Can’t say I noticed it being any busier than previous years tbh in regards to getting towards front. Stone circle also felt far less busy on the opening night than I remember ( because tipi and park now?? )
  4. mikegday

    BBC2 9pm

    Why hasn’t ME been knighted? This doc shows what he’s done for culture. Getting emotional that I have the privilege of being back there in 2 sleeps
  5. *checks with producer* ..yep, ill have to accept your first answer!
  6. What one song are you most hoping/looking forward to?? Mine is; St Vincent - …At The Holiday Party 50/50 if it’ll be in the set *fingers crossed* Oh and - 3 sleeps!!!!!
  7. Do we expect Wolf Alice to be the secret bbc introducing on Friday after their pyramid slow seeing as they’re the curators of Friday introducing - or is that too obvious?
  8. We’ll that’s me done, emails and work phone will go unchecked for 12 days -get in!!! Now a weekend of packing before collecting the campervan on Monday.
  9. mikegday

    Last day at work

    When’s your last day?….. Mines today!!
  10. I refused one on my gate because it was just blatantly not them; they didn’t have any ID or even know their address on the ticket! So if you’re going to try blag it at least do some ground work. I refused because basically my theory I was volunteering because I didn’t get a ticket so why is it fair to the system to let people who pay ££ to get in. The touts will have an absolute field day the more confident people get that the checks are not worth anything.
  11. The other stage looks really different to me, is the field smaller somehow?? stage further out into the field? It just looks different from what I had in my head!! But could just me my eyes & memory. Looks interesting having the bbc introducing just around corner from pyramid too. Looks like it’s right where the big path was between pyramid and other, will the path now be a bit further along?
  12. Wait - are we back at heatwave? Hahaha!
  13. Thank the baby cows that it’s not this weekend!
  14. But isn’t it different if it’s constant small amounts that saturated the ground whilst they’re doing everything onsite vs one big down pour that can run off.
  15. Im optimistic the site will be fine! Wouldn’t it need to be raining day after day from here on in for problems to occur? The ground will soak up a good one off pour down no prob!
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