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  1. Me and partner are keeping everything crossed for the resale so need all the help we can get! Cheers
  2. The events tab in Google lied to me! I’m glad coz that was just bonkers.
  3. Tue 21st Cologne, Wed Paris, Thur Prague, Friday Glasto, Sat, Sun, Mon London, Tue Belgium. just ridiculous, asking for trouble IMO.
  4. Hi I’ve got 2x Roisin Murphy Brixton (circle) tickets for sale £85 incase you’re still keen to see her - or anyone else! Cheers
  5. Is anyone stilll absolutely loving thinking about the weekend? I can’t stop playing wet leg, self esteem and Liz Lawrence. What a weekend!
  6. If anyone fancies APE on Bank Holiday Monday (Foals/Bombay Bicycle Club/Caribou) - I’m selling our two tickets for £65 each. We ended up going to Latitude and can’t now justify travelling from Liverpool for it, cheers.
  7. @efcfanwirralmessaged you man, don’t know if you’re still interested? If not, anyone else interested in 2 tickets to Monday? Would rather get something back than nothing tbh!
  8. Saw Layton too. We’ve been to see the musical so that defo counted as celeb for us!!
  9. I’m looking to sell our 2 tickets mate if you still need! Tier 2 so would be cheaper than what they’re shifting now.
  10. Top 5 for me; Wet leg, CMAT, Selfesteem, Wolf Alice, Chemical Brothers. But I really enjoyed everyone I watched tbh! Sound mix was off I thought during Kawala so we bailed and watched Orla Gartland instead.
  11. Back home, what a fantastic weekend. I can’t fault it at all! Thought the site was stunning, loved the sunrise arena in the woods! Was surprised how ‘Glastonbury’ like it felt tbh, the food stalls, ‘vibe’ and stuff - much more like Glastonbury than T/Vfest IMO, which I think I expected it to be more like them - so was pleasantly surprised. Weather was cracking!! First time in a camper and will find it hard to go back to a tent. Managed to bunk into wet leg by running through the wood at the back when we realised there was no way we would get into, worth it considering we left Staves for it. CMAT, Orla Gartland, Self Esteem, Wolf Alice - too many good sets to process right now.
  12. Have you tried logging in on a mobile? hopefully the you can email the pdf to yourself once it opens, defo had a ‘print’ for me though.
  13. What we do know 100% is that Friday is going to be perfect festival weather!! For the weekend it looks like it’s not a dead cert ‘Front’ (no idea if that’s the term!!) of rain sweeping across but more like random patches cropping up. Impossible to predict location and therefore just as likely to miss us! Go forward with shorts, sunglasses and warm beer. It’s actually happening!!!
  14. Must see for us - Goa Express, Wolf Alice, Villagers, Arlo Parks, Bombay Bicycle Club. can’t wait to log off work!!
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