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  1. Unfortunately not, it’s outsourced. Hence Starmer never calling it NHS track and trace. Whereas Boris throws in NHS Track and Trave at every opportunity he can.
  2. So basically ‘commercial partner’ tests (drive thru centres/mail order tests) are the only ones going through the app. That is a large % on of the tests mind.
  3. All the drive thru test centres and mail order tests are privately ran. This is referring to those done in hospitals by NHS.
  4. For those in doubt you can check your phones settings to see if it’s working. In iPhone it says when the exposure tracking is active. I’ve ‘closed’ the app and it’s still active.
  5. Exactly. Plus let’s not forget we’re on this forum because of Glastonbury, owned by a guy who’s now 84. Think of the amount of crew who would be considered ‘too old’, the artists considered ‘too old’. The only way to stop the most at risk catching the virus is to stop the virus. It would simply not be possibly to shield vulnerable people from it, if it’s in wide circulation.
  6. The problem I have with this is it treats death as the only thing to be avoided. What this statistic doesn’t show is how many people became seriously ill, required hospital treatment but recovered. Take Boris for example he’s in mid 50’s and although a bit overweight, realistically he’s probably similar to a lot of men in their mid 50’s! I dont think he’d be someone shielding. Yet he became seriously unwell and by looks of things hasn’t 100% recovered. Yet isn’t taken into account in your stat. If we had a surge into hospital and ICU the system would become overwhelmed and more otherwise ‘surv
  7. Doesn’t really sound like you’ve been trying to avoid anything mate tbh - sounds like you’re regurgitating every plandemic article in circulation. It completely makes sense that you wear a mask when moving about the office, because you can’t guarantee that the corridors will always be empty.
  8. A regional lockdown - that just so happens to include every region! I think this side of Christmas they will do ANYTHING to keep things open and keep Christmas trading as high as possible. By end of Dec I think we will be in a very bad way as a result of their reluctance, come January they’ll have to eventually surrender and so many regions will be under lockdown it may as well be called a national one.
  9. Bringing this back, because despite a bit of criticism at the time, many thought I was talking nonsense, 3 months on and all signs point to this being very clearly what is happening!! Meeting in your family and friends house is no good.
  10. Doesn’t it just come down to fact infection is more prevalent in more densely populated areas, of which they tend to be Labour?
  11. Also my point was about people online saying if ‘they can’t visit someone’s house then pubs should be closed.’ I don’t agree that those two things are the same, or that one should follow the other. I believe there is valid reason for a pub staying open and visiting them to be allowed even though you can’t go and sit in your mates/family’s houses
  12. Lol. Pretty sure that’s referring to drinking alone at home vs. Visiting a pub. It’s not referring to having your mates around for drinks vs. meeting your mates at the pub. i give up, no worries. Agree to disagree.
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