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  1. Just got the email to say despatched!
  2. Which then makes it sound like it was something after all? Or they’ve panicked at giving a false story. Oh I don’t know!
  3. Has it now gone back to painters one?
  4. Cancellation deadline 09/05 too might be a flurry
  5. can’t recall what I done so don’t want to say wrong info!! Maybe you could go to your profile page and back to add a festival page, instead each time
  6. Gutted sorry 😞 best of luck & don’t give up!
  7. All the others festivals are showing ye? Clear cookies? I literally don’t know sorry! But I can see them 😟 try live chat?
  8. I think this is the case if you email. But following the live chat just then I got an email within few minutes acknowledging refund and profile shows cancelled.
  9. It’s still coming up for me? Sign in & out?
  10. Go go go ! They’re on!
  11. We Just cancelled two spots via live chat so they may be straight up!
  12. Congrats to you all, so glad it paid off for everyone! Well done, phenomenal effort.
  13. Got our tickets and a campervan east. Can’t believe it tbh & fully know just how lucky we are! 5 years since being a general punter after volunteering with Oxfam in 19. Will be able to free up 2 Oxfam places too for this year now.
  14. Top right corner sandwiched between ped gate b & Carparks
  15. We got a pedestrian/ticket gate for our first year - but I don’t think it matters what year it is tbh! Vast majority positions are on gates, either vehicle or pedestrian.
  16. That was really ridiculously stressfull! Other half managed to secure one straight away, I was frantically refreshing for 35mins and then finally Glastonbury become available again. my poor heart… according to health app my rate shot up to 112bpm at the time Glastonbury reappeared.
  17. Hey I posted a few pages back can I still jump on too please? Not sure how your organise the groups but we’re a couple so it’s me and my partner under the one name.
  18. Wow, clearly designed for those who just want to earn some ££ and have a free wander around the festival. No way would a genuine Glastonbury lover want to do this to gain entry - 78 hours work!!
  19. Me and partner are keeping everything crossed for the resale so need all the help we can get! Cheers
  20. The events tab in Google lied to me! I’m glad coz that was just bonkers.
  21. Tue 21st Cologne, Wed Paris, Thur Prague, Friday Glasto, Sat, Sun, Mon London, Tue Belgium. just ridiculous, asking for trouble IMO.
  22. Hi I’ve got 2x Roisin Murphy Brixton (circle) tickets for sale £85 incase you’re still keen to see her - or anyone else! Cheers
  23. Is anyone stilll absolutely loving thinking about the weekend? I can’t stop playing wet leg, self esteem and Liz Lawrence. What a weekend!
  24. If anyone fancies APE on Bank Holiday Monday (Foals/Bombay Bicycle Club/Caribou) - I’m selling our two tickets for £65 each. We ended up going to Latitude and can’t now justify travelling from Liverpool for it, cheers.
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