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  1. Lushroom

    Drop off point

    Thank you everyone! Sounds simple enough.
  2. Lushroom

    Drop off point

    Plans have changed and we're now getting a lift to the festival, but the website doesn't actually tell you *where* the drop off point is, does anyone have coordinates/an exact address please?
  3. This was one of the first things I added to my clashfinder, genuinely so excited! Huge nostalgia vibes, made even better by being there with my friend who I went to primary school with. Cauliflowers fluffy is going to go OFF!
  4. first pin I added to the map. Saved my life in 2022, SUCH tasty food!
  5. It seems to have TBAs linked (or lynked in this case) to the artist
  6. This is lifechanging advice, not just for festivals, but nature wees too. Thank you!
  7. They are essentially a squat toilet like you see in China. How good they are depends on your knee strength, outfit, and how many ciders deep you are (they do have balance handles, but trying to hold your skirt out of the way, hold onto the balance handle, and wipe takes skill.) Shewees also depend on outfit and need a good bit of practice so you don't piss all over yourself.
  8. Especially as the 'heavier' end of the musical spectrum is already pretty thinly represented at Glastonbury. Clashes like this split the crowd and give the false impression not many people want to see it on the farm, which I don't think is true.
  9. Skindred/Idles/Fontaines/Fatboy is such a painful clash 😫 going to be an on-the-day decision I think.
  10. Lushroom

    Clashfinder 2024

    Mine remembers most of them, but every time I go between tabs it reliably deletes 3-5 starred choices. Put them back and then it happens again, scared I'll forget something! Edit: I now realise it's deleting acts where there are multiple sets across the weekend and I've highlighted all of them to see which one is the best fit. Anyone else had this and fixed it?
  11. Ah the Glebe wasn't listed originally, refreshed the page and it appeared, cheers!
  12. No sign of this on the full lineup...
  13. My final, tiny hope for Busted dashed 💔
  14. Yep! It's only because we're waiting on ours and have been before that we recognised what it was without opening it! Lots of people suggested sending it back to seetickets, but if Phoebe didn't realise she hadn't changed her address, she might not have realised until it was too late. Feel better physically getting it to her myself.
  15. All that went wrong is someone forgot to change their address. I've tracked her down so all good 🙂
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