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  1. Lushroom


    I hadn't actually properly noticed,but now you say, yeah there was no one other than the fire tower. Never been to a festival like that before. Is it just a "2022 no staff" thing or are there never security in the campsites at Glastonbury?
  2. Can you copy and paste please so we don't have to give them traffic?
  3. Lushroom


    It's better for kiddies like that to be preoccupied on here pretending to "make loads of money and also I'm actually 35" than some of the dark turns other forums might suck them into. When he's older he'll cringe like hell, but at least he was doing this nonsense on a safe forum where people just laugh at him.
  4. Lushroom


    Oh lord that's embarrassing.
  5. Lushroom


    I think you just have to get your parent or guardian to prove you're under 12 and they just let you in, no cover of darkness needed. Fantastic story for you to all tell after the summer holidays are over though!
  6. Lushroom


    So you all presumably got free entry and still couldn't afford a camping chair or pegs? That's sad, kid.
  7. Lushroom

    Burning Lotus

    That...can't be true? Burning man started in the 80s. Burning wicker/wooden figures is a practice that dates back centuries in the UK. Even if he didn't know that somehow, 'The Wicker Man' came out in '73. Guess it sounds cooler to say you were inspired by an American festival rather than maypoles and morris dancers 😂
  8. The robot band were amazing! I've seen similarish concepts before with 'mechanical bands', but this was genuinely well done and worth watching as a legitimate set. Also it's been decades since I've watched a Punch and Judy show, and we mainly just sat for a breather, but whoever was doing it was so engaging we ended up staying through the whole thing.
  9. This was the most age-diverse set I went to all festival, understandably. As we had the oldest AND youngest headliners (80/20) Who can lay claim (or knows someone that can) to the oldest/youngest person at McCartney's set (or watching at home?) Also fascinated by what that means in Beatles/Macca's history. I was born 13 years after John Lennon was killed, so seeing *The Beatles* was obviously not a possibility, but I was brought up on them by my now nearly 70 year old dad. Did anyone at his set see the actual Beatles? What was it like seeing both ends of such an incredible musical story?!
  10. Excitement of approaching Macca and anxiety about being stood in the dense crowd were fighting it out. Excitement won!
  11. Dammit I was hoping it would be ugly but that's actually really nice...
  12. Presumably top right of the Park Stage was meant to say "PEACE NOW" but it definitely looked more like "PEACE NONCE"
  13. There were tshirts?! I can't even find a picture of one
  14. Yes! What a sound and what a look! I really wasn't feeling well enough to get fully involved, so thankfully they're playing Green Man and I get a do-over
  15. Carried on discovering stuff even while there (the whole point I guess!) Biggest discovery - Lynks. Decided to go to the 'secret' bit of the Rabbit Hole on Friday night, one of the best times I had the whole festival, and Lynks was AMAZING. On the picnic table stage (?) SUPER energetic, with hilarious and relevant lyrics and fab backing dancers. Even my film studies straight boyfriend was pissing himself laughing at "poor little straight boy, nobody cares that you've watched pulp fiction" Glad we saw them!
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