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  1. Moscow politician gets 7 years for denouncing war
  2. Actually went for Olmeca Altos in the end. It’s not as much as I usually pay but reviews are really good
  3. Changed the malfunctioning solar panel on my van for a new one (replaced under warranty). Thought i’d only manage to get the old one off today but the job went much quicker than expected and completed the installation too 💪
  4. The festival recommends you get dropped at drop off point at Bath & West Showground and get the shuttle bus to gate A from there.
  5. I know, i’m the same. Why are other people not as hyped??
  6. I bought some tobacco (i haven’t smoked myself in years) £20!! Nearly fainted at the checkout 😂
  7. Twiggy553

    BBC2 9pm

    What is this television with a set timetable you speak of?
  8. No. You’ll need to decant them into another vessel i’m afraid
  9. There seems to be a lot on my list that needs to play out on Tuesday and it’s stressing me out. the main one that is my solar panel didn’t seem to be charging in that full on sun we had on Friday. I have spare one but swapping it out will be a lot of work. I need it to be charging well when we’re on the farm!
  10. I couldn’t get to sleep last night. Thinking about things still to do on my packing list, and then all the fun things i’ll do once on the farm. Hate to think what i’ll be like on Tuesday night!
  11. I bought some wellies today. Better to have them and not need them etc etc.
  12. In the NYC downlow sporting a zebra print bikini (club tropicana theme in there on Saturday)
  13. https://www.instagram.com/tv/Ce8i-kCFp54/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= Downlow sigh bring lifted into place. Sh1t’s gettin real!
  14. I’m visiting my family this weekend- paranoid about catching a cold from my sister’s kids! They’re at that age where they perpetually have something.
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