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  1. I'm now in position of my bodged together fancy duvalay set. Tomorrow we will be purchasing camping chairs, maybe a camping table and a 12v fridgeybox. We are taking our campervan to Cornwall next week for a Glastonbury test run, husband and kids are calling it a holiday but we all know it's just Glastonbury practice.
  2. Inspired by someone else I'll be taking a Soda Stream with me (but not an actual Soda Stream because politics).
  3. Ahhh, why did I book a holiday around ticket delivery day. It's only for 7 days, but I'm going to be worrying like f**k about having to go to the post office when i get back now, aren't i?
  4. I know I’m a bit late to this but tajin is the best thing ever and I have about 5 shakers in cupboard at any one time 😂
  5. Haha! I remember that. Although the addiction to fizzy water is strong.
  6. Oooh! I really like Jordan Duke. Great local artist. Sad no Nice One Reg this year...
  7. Ok so this is a random one. I’m sober and this year I have also quit my other biggest vice - Coca Cola (and other fizzy drinks). I manage this by consistently drinking a f**kload of fizzy water from my at home fizzy water maker. Despite being in a campervan I can’t really justify taking the entire contraption with me. Equally buying case of fizzy water in single use bottles doesn’t feel like it’s in tune with the festival ethos. Can anybody recommend any cans of fizzy water or let me know if I can easily get it on site for not a squillion quid?
  8. Why does he have a wooden bowl of weetabix on his spin bike?!
  9. Ahh this has got me SO EXCITED now. TBH, last year our fave set of the entire weekend was Kid Kapichi. Always such a great vibe in Left Field.
  10. This is my fave drop so far! So much stuff up my street. I don't think I've actually seen Will since he used to do The Balham. Cannot wait!
  11. I have some amazing (read TERRIBLE) photos of me wearing this snazzy black and white get up, the tightest of tight indie sleaze footless tights and a baywatch bumbag in those woods. Sad times, Robin Hill isn't even open anymore!
  12. Just generally dicking about in the woods at night is always fun at a festival. Less creepy and sinister than in the normal world haha
  13. This was probably the wrong place to put it, lol. Hoping that this will be more reminscent of the woods at Bestival back in the day. Loved climbing on the old tree fort things in the dark and wandering about the woods.
  14. Hmmm, normally very excited for Woodsies but this feels a bit "meh" for me personally. Although tbf it is likely because the bands/acts I would be interested in I've seen multiple times anyway.
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