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  1. The number of people using food banks in the U.K. in 2009-2010 was 40,898. In 2013/14 it was 913,138. In 2020/21 it was 2,537,198. Child poverty halved under New Labour but has constantly risen since 2010. New Labour were far from perfect (especially when it comes to taking backhanders and claiming expenses) but would Brexit have happened under them? Proroguing Parliament? The Bedroom tax? The idea that there’s no difference between right-wing Labour and the Tories-or that only a Socialist Labour Party can make a difference to people’s lives-simply isn’t borne out by history.
  2. They can’t make the world a better place if they don’t win. And even a relatively right wing Labour government is better than every Tory one we’ve had, in terms of making a real difference to actual lives.
  3. Spot on. Anyone who’s lived through both knows the difference.
  4. Been reading a lot about Britain in the late 70s and early 80s. That was the point the Labour left became irrelevant as the working classes comprehensively rejected their Socialist policies. The people pivoted right between the 74 and 79 elections, Labour pivoted left between 79 and 83 and dissolved into infighting. The result was an easy ride for the Tories. Many on the left refused to accept that the working classes aren’t very Socialist and don’t feel ‘class consciousness’ and put it all down to Media brainwashing, while becoming quite derisive about the ‘traitors’ voting against ‘their interests.’ It’s funny that 40 years on so much history repeats itself.
  5. The sound in the field was absolutely incredible. Bob was BOTW perfect but the sound engineering was out of this world. I thought it was a one off but having not been a Cure fan before Glastonbury I went to see them in Glasgow a few weeks after Glastonbury and it was same again. How he sounds that good in his 60s is mind blowing.

    Taylor Swift

    Yeah I did that. W-R-O-N-G.
  7. Middle of the day Pyramid slot would be fabulous. They’ve got US dates before that I think so could be a possibility.
  8. He is a penny counter all right-apparently he’s going to sell the Oasis back catalogue when he gets the rights for what will no doubt be an absurd amount of money-but if he really wanted the pay day he’d take the Oasis gigs. He seems to be happier not trying to write ‘Oasis songs’ and putting out whatever he feels like, while accepting that ain’t gonna see him headlining anything big anytime soon. Liam OTOH has turned himself into the touring Oasis Retro Touring Party and fair play to him. He’s obviously working hard at it given how much his voice has recovered. No interest in seeing it myself but yeah, fair play to him. The kind of lucrative niche you need when you’ve got his Alimony/Child Support costs.
  9. Pretty much me I think. But I was so utterly piss bored of Oasis by the end (having loved them in the 90s) I barely paid any attention to his solo stuff. Listening to his Best Of earlier this year was a genuine revelation. He’s got a body of work far better than Oasis post-96. I’m really hoping for a Noel-Macca Sunday closer.
  10. Yup, and this ‘Coming to a garden fete near you’


    No probs. I really want them to be there so 🤞🏻
  12. I watched an interview with him where he mentioned Glastonbury and he’s actually pretty realistic about where he plays as a solo act


    Yeah they have, London June 22 and Manchester June 28
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