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  1. It rained twice on the Friday in 2015. Once when Alabama Shakes were on the Pyramid. Judging from the footage it rained during Mary J Blige too. I was off bimbling at that point so remember getting a dousing which may have been that. Think it stopped just before Motörhead. It chucked it down early on the Sunday too. I saw Rival Sons open the Other during a decent shower. I think there was a very light bit of drizzle just before Lionel as well. Apart from that it was fine.
  2. That’s it. I’m at the plea bargaining stage where I’m bargaining with our environment. I’ll take ‘OK’. A few showers, doesn’t have to be dead warm. At a push I’d take mud if it was dry and sunny and not actually raining on us. Currently at "just don't rain too heavily pre festival and then take a few showers / 1 rainy day when we're there". Pleeeeeeeease

    TBAs 2019

    Yeah I’d like to see them get a shot. But there’s no point pretending they have as much in the way of crowd pleasing hits as the Killers though, or in the Foos, or Ed, or Coldplay, or even Radiohead.

    TBAs 2019

    Let’s be honest. Speaking as someone who prefers Foals to Killers personally that isn’t even close to being true.
  5. Yet weirdly, it’s been bloody lovely in Glasgow. Sunshine and shades weather. Weird times.
  6. Ffs man. I genuinely giggled like an idiot then. On a bus.
  7. When something terrible happens like a headliner in a full body cast, or a forecast for snow, or a sinkhole opening up, it’s all on you, Hugh
  8. No wonder 2016 was so awful
  9. I’m in Glasgow walking to work and it’s glorious. By the time I walk home at 4 it will not be glorious.


    👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻
  11. I work in Aviation (Air Traffic Control) and obsess about the weather every day because often my entire day hinges on it. I know from experience that forecasts this far out are almost meaningless. (Unless they predict Sun, obv)
  12. Just looked at the Beeb forecast. Whiffs of 2015 to me. I’d take that. BTW the Sunfest in 2010 only fell into place a few days before the Festival.
  13. FRIDAY - Nobody. Early start in SE Corner. SATURDAY - Can’t decide between Chemicals and Hot Chip. Probably Chems. SUNDAY - Janelle
  14. Couldn’t care less. They can book bands who want Labour MPs killed if they want. Just because somebody sings about something doesn’t mean you should do it.
  15. Friday easily the weakest for me. First time ever I’m skipping headliners and sub-headliners to hit the SE Corner hard. Actually don’t mind as Thursday arrival so Friday is for exploring with a few stops. Saturday and Sunday are brilliant-Saturday probably just shaded it for the Jungle-Hot Chip/Chems finish.
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