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  1. Yeah when it first came out I loved the song without really getting the story it’s trying to tell. A beautiful, melancholy bit of songwriting. Doesn't quite go in the ‘Imperial Phase’ as the slightly weak ‘It’s Alright’ breaks up the run, sitting between LTMOD and So Hard, which BB follows. Harsh, I know.
  2. Their 2010 set. Brilliant fun.

    2020 headliners

    Only seen NO relatively recently-2 gigs in 2005 vs Glastonbury 2016 but I'd say the Hook-free gig was better. More Dance-y.


    I enjoyed watching it on the TV after (was at Flaming Lips) and he threw the kitchen sink at it but it did seem to fall flat with the crowd. And in terms of being a big headliner you need either crowd interaction or a load of big hits (or both). I agree with you and @FloorFiller, an Other set would suit them better. But when he can play the Big G with so many of his other projects, or if he really wants to, headline again with Blur, he'd really have to be in a 'ripping plasters off' kind of mood to retread that ground.
  5. Their Imperial phase of single releases in the 80s is pretty much peerless. From Suburbia to LTMOD is a ridiculously good run. Solid gold.


    Their 2010 set went under a bit. It’s excruciating watching Albarn trying to get a singalong going during Pirate Jet. Can’t imagine he would would want to put himself through that again.

    Other Stage 2020

    Oh yeah I agree with you, I think it’s excellent. A quality selection. Those with more unrealistic expectations off the back of what Emily said might be disappointed though.

    Other Stage 2020

    You have to suspect ‘kind of’ is doing a lot of heavy lifting there. Calvin Harris and Foals would probably fit into that category, ‘kind of’. PSB are a good solid Other headliner but, headlining Hyde Park or not, not a Pyramid headliner.
  9. It is unusual but the post from their Management Company specifically said Saturday. I agree with @FloorFiller that they may put something different between ver House and ver ‘Smith to break it up a bit
  10. It has happened to me yeah, down in the S.E. Corner. Thing I don’t get is, even if they get really strict on the gates, there’s nothing to stop people making multiple trips to their car.

    Other Stage 2020

    Yeah or it will be three that are strong Other headliners and could headline the Pyramid *at a push* but would be small for that slot. PSB fit that perfectly.

    Other Stage 2020

    Weirdly I was just about to say the same thing. That makes sense to me.
  13. Probably get slated for this but that looks great to me. Yes please. A very different, but equally enticing, equivalent to the Lizzo>Sigrid>Jungle>Chemical Brothers run on Saturday last year
  14. I think so yeah. In 2000 (they only play big Anniversaries apparently) they Subbed the Pyramid but in an interview a couple of months back Tennant said they only like playing in the dark which means most likely a headline slot. Their 2010 gig certainly wouldn’t have been as good in Daylight, their Stage set would have been wasted. Some have suggested West Holts but I personally think they might be a bit too big for that. Depends how big the headliners are elsewhere I guess.
  15. 2010 they headlined the Other Saturday Night. Brilliant fun.
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