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  1. How is it Bollocks? The U.K. does have a good track record with Vaccines.
  2. Yeah a few times now. 1) Was walking through my estate with the Kids going to the Park last Sunday and unless everyone has spent their Lockdown money on an unfeasible amount of cars there was plenty of visiting going on for Sunday dinner. 2) Walking home from work (in Glasgow) when the Scotland game was on last Wednesday and they scored. 3) Anytime I bother with Facebook. Sturgeon is going to put us in Tier 4 (pretty much lockdown) next week, totally missing out on the reality that shutting Hospitality earlier and banning Alcohol has meant more peo
  3. That’s how I see it. You aren’t going to see much in the way of caution when they have a sniff of economic normality.
  4. Lord Ashcroft I presume. He does his own private polling and said that Trump would be a lot closer than the American Polls suggested.
  5. Plus CNN has been excellent all round.
  6. I’ve been watching CNN for, essentially, two days now and he is an absolute legend. Serious knowledge, serious stamina. And who isn’t into men who etc....
  7. That’s always been the case, including in the U.K. Blair’s regarded as a class enemy in some quarters yet how many people were using food banks under him? How many are now? That’s the difference power makes. No you don’t get to do everything you would like but the Tories haven’t either when they’ve had power. That’s how it works.
  8. Agreed. Their coverage has been excellent otherwise so that jars.
  9. If it’s just been added they can’t have given it back already. They just missed an opportunity first time around. And they’re a Hard Right, demonstrably untrustworthy Government. I don’t believe in Father Christmas, and I don’t trust them.
  10. And there it is. Im sure they’ll be rushing to give us that back when all this is over.
  11. I did one in Glasgow last Wednesday and it was 28 hours.
  12. They need to keep Schools open for many good reasons. I don’t understand why Unis aren’t Remote Learning but Schools are rightly a priority. I wonder if they’d consider a Partial relaxation on December 2. They don’t want everyone going on big Christmas Nights out, fair enough. But Retail is going to be absolutely devastated if it has to shut for December as well especially with control over numbers etc. And Retail is not regarded as a big source of spread from what I’ve read.
  13. Unless the polls were way off there was a big window where Brown would have either won a small majority (remember this was pre-Crash) or been able to form a Government with the Libs. 2007 polls Wiki
  14. I don’t think he will. It’s never his fault.
  15. Yeah, if you’re playing the Butterfly Effect that’s where it really went wrong. He would have won and then had until late 2012. Would Cameron have been there? Austerity wouldn’t have been as harsh and Labour may have been able to avoid all the blame for the downturn. However I still think Brexit would have become an issue at some point. Either it would have completely split the stories or we’d still have had a referendum but with a more competent Labour Party/Remain campaign.
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