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  1. Hey all! Third time hittin the big G as a volunteer this year, but first time opening myself up for a bit more of a donner. I plan on spending my free days wandering without a plan but since you're all so very knowledgeable - what/where is a must-see for you away from the main stages? Heard good things about the craft village and the healing fields so far... EDIT: Aaaand I’ve just spotted someone else posted the exact same thread before me. My bad! No clue how to delete these things but if someone lets me know I shall.
  2. oakdown

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    991246234 / PA3 4DE if any kind souls have space for a solo Scot
  3. oakdown

    2019 TICKET CHAT

    First time trying for tickets, hopefully third time going. Bricking it is an understatement.
  4. Plugged in the new names but it's haphazard as all hell, the gaps left in some of the stages just don't match up with the announcement - at least based on last year's numbers/timings and the info on the lineup page. Leaving it to folk with more knowledge than me to muck about with orders etc until there's official word. Pretty lukewarm on the lineup this year tbh.
  5. Clashfinder is mine and based entirely on guesswork (for band's without an official stage listed on the site), and timings/numbers on the template from last year. Honestly there's a fair few names on there I don't recognise so there's bound to be some pretty off-base positions for the minute. Edits from those who know better would be very much welcomed.
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