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  1. I think Friday 2013 was probably the biggest clashfest in the history of Glastonbury
  2. Was a surprise when she photoshopped it to make her look like a headliner
  3. East London/Essex. To be honest there's probably about 5 of them within a mile of my house. I might visit a few more tomorrow, but think any decent tattoo artist will probably be booked up for a few weeks at least which will leave it too near the festival to get it done.
  4. To be fair, she did spend a fair bit of time going through it all and giving me the reasons why she didn't think it would work, and some of what she was saying did make sense, but it seemed 90% of her objections were artistic ones rather than technical ones. Good thinking, I'll have to look out for that. If it's the one I'm thinking of it might be a bit too far away though, isn't it near gate C?
  5. This is my final version, had to cut the two figures that I just couldn't source a good picture on. Took it in to a tattoo artist today, and it didn't go very well. She spent 10 minutes criticizing the actual design (things like Michael would be about 2 foot taller than the maid next to him if he stood up, and guy in the wheelchair's nose was too flat, things like that). I tried explaining that that is what it is so don't want to tamper too much, but she said every tattoo she does is a reflection on her as a tattoo artist, so she wouldn't do a tattoo that looks wrong to her artistic eye. She wasn't too keen on doing it at all, said it would be virtually impossible to do on an arm, but might be possible on my calf as it is rounder and larger, which does make sense to be honest. She also said it wouldn't work as a silhouette like I want, she would do it as just a black ink outline of the figures. That is more of a stumbling block for me to be honest, I think it needs to be silhouette. I don't know what to do now, starting to think the dream may be over. I think I will pop round a few more getting a second or third opinion, but it seems very unlikely that even if I get someone to do it it will be before Glastonbury (really I would need it in the next couple of weeks to give it time to heal, don't want it still raw when I'm there) Think I might be better waiting and getting some really good photos of it when I'm there and starting again.
  6. I'm using the desktop version of google earth, then changing the timeline to june 2019 to get the overhead
  7. @Tallulah22 Oxfam are live, go go go
  8. Behind then through WH. It will be packed the time you want to go
  9. It's addictive! a few years back (2013ish) someone built a 3d model of Glastonbury and uploaded it to google earth, if i remember rightly pretty much all of the venues where there right down to the smallish tents. Would love to see it again in google earth vr, and have a walk round the festival in vr!
  10. I'd probably take a route twice as long going fuck knows where, it's a lot easier sitting here with google earth in front of me
  11. depends on the route you take I guess
  12. Sounds about right to me, what are you saying, too quick or too long?
  13. Looking at trying the bottom of Lime Kiln behind the lock ups as per picture below. Anyone got any experience of camping here. As far as I can tell it's public and not part of hospitality/family camping. Think it is reasonably flat that far down
  14. I haven't got a clue, but my daughter has had a few lately so will get a recommendation from her. Wish me luck, I'll start the ball rolling tonight
  15. I think if I want any chance of this being done in time for the festival I'm going to have to just go with what I have got. Do you think this will be enough to go on? I'm going to have to drop the two figures I don't have decent pictures of, however that might be for the best as probably twelve is too many,
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