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  1. Surely the argument that people work just as hard from home is negated by the fact that some of you manage to spend all day on here posting
  2. Yep, been thinking similar. Except I was going to say Trump supporters (swap FAKE NEWS for FAKE SAGE, and Liberals for eggheads) Not saying the posters I'm thinking about are Trump supporters, but it's the exact same tone and the feelings it stirs in me are the same.
  3. just got me and the Mrs booked in (49 & 47), was like ticket day had to keep refreshing the page after every question but got there in the end
  4. Same! looking at the poster maybe I saw Roots Manuva, I've definitely seen him at West Holts but that may have been a different year
  5. I'm on holiday that weekend, so can't do it. Would have probably paid if I was at home, but not thrilled with crowdless live streams. I fast forward the little Park sets they show on the BBC live coverage
  6. There's dissenting voices, and then there's being an odious prick. I've blocked my first poster today after being here 17 years.
  7. I'm pretty happy with that. Would have liked outdoor mixing to be a bit larger and quicker so I can have me mates round for a Barbie, but on the whole I'll take it I guess.
  8. Jesus, stop it will you with your smarmy self righteousness. It's a bit more nuanced than someone wanting to get down the pub. You surely understand that frontline health workers are a vector for the virus transmission?
  9. Depends on hospitalisations and deaths, if they are low then no chance. I certainly wont and I've been a good boy up till now
  10. Yep, and this is what we need on 22nd (even this date seems like it might get kicked down the road now ffs). A clear set of milestones based on hospitalisations / deaths Nothing should be date driven, but I want to see a clear path pretty much exactly like someone on here posted a couple of days ago (sorry, can't remember who said it, something along the lines if x then y this opens)
  11. Yeah I know mate, I agree with everything you said. But wanting to come out of lockdown ASAP shouldn't be frowned upon if the numbers back it up. As you say yourself the Government have dithered and delayed every step of the way during this pandemic, making the necessary changes weeks or months after they should have done. My fear is they will on the way out of it as well.
  12. And some people have been trumpeting about how they care about other people more than themselves. But at the end of the day, it's all just typing on a forum which ever way you choose to play it.
  13. You are the one spinning it mate
  14. I've retired from the virtue signalling police. Pay was shit and it wasn't very fulfilling work. Well done with volunteering, hat's off to you. Absolutely post about it, don't let one snidey comment from me a few pages back put you off.
  15. OK, I'm a c**t, I get it
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