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  1. mazola

    Other Stage 2020

    Yep. I'll be checking out West Holts or The Park
  2. mazola

    Marc Rebillet

    Saw him at Heaven in London a couple of weeks back, was a cracking night out. Ideal festival booking really, as there's no back catalogue you have to be familiar with. Glade would be perfect I reckon. This is the tune that first put him on my radar a year or so ago, been following him ever since
  3. mud causes problems 24hrs a day, heat doesn't
  4. mazola

    2020 headliners

    Karrimor Kenny
  5. mazola

    2020 headliners

    @Baz178, this place likes to jump on people pretty nastily at times, which has always puzzled me seeing we are in a Glastonbury forum. Personally I believe you have been posting in good faith, and wouldn't be at all surprised if the RHCP end up playing, either in the so called rock slot, or as Other stage headliner.
  6. To be honest I'm glad it's fake, as Saturday headline on the Other is the one place I know for a fact I won't be able to see them.
  7. mazola

    2020 headliners

    No-one cares but here's mine: 08 - Jay Z 09 - Blur 10 - Gorillaz, Stevie Wonder 11 - U2, Beyonce 13 - Rolling Stones 14 - 20 mins of Metallica 15 - Kanye, The Who 16 - Adele, Coldplay 17 - Radiohead, Foo Fighters 19 - 20 mins of The Cure
  8. mazola

    Daily gate checks

    Can't remember if i did or didn't, we'd been through the gate (B) about 7 or 8 times by then without being checked, so wasn't really thinking about it. The mad thing is, every time before that I'd hidden my supplies zipped up in the jacket pocket of my pac-a-mac in my day bag. Because we hadn't been searched I got over confident about it and just left everything in the pocket of the shorts I was wearing, but it was a good job I did as it would have been found if i tried to hide it!
  9. mazola

    Daily gate checks

    Stayed offsite this year in the Oxfam field, no queuing at all really. Had to go through the gate probably about 10 times in all, only had my bag checked once (on the Saturday i think) but it was the most thorough check I've ever had anywhere, every nook and cranny of my rucksack and wallet explored. Didn't check my pockets though 😉
  10. I get more excited when this thread hit the front page than any other 😂
  11. mazola

    2020 headliners

    I'm 47 and I got called boomer by my 16 year old son the other day, suddenly it's become shorthand for anyone over 40 it seems. I suppose I'm gen x as well, but I don't know anyone in my age group who have ever considered themselves that. I always picture an american teen in a plaid shirt when I hear the term.
  12. Congratulations, you must be buzzing!
  13. mazola

    2020 headliners

    I'd say Kendrick in 2020 is bigger than Jay Z in 2008, and Jay Z was perfectly acceptable.
  14. mazola

    Volunteering 2020

    I did Oxfam last year and they were very vocal about not letting you camp outside the crew camping, the reason being that the festival licence forbids crew from taking up public camp space.
  15. I love them. I took my kids one year and someone let a flare off right next to us during Disclosure at West Holts, and I think it's my kids favourite memory of the festival. I'm all for cutting out single use plastic for drinks and packaging, but the Coldplay wristbands were incredible and absolutely worth it.
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