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  1. Whilst I am bashing the BBC for quoting him, I realise I've done exactly the same thing so I'll just shut up for the rest of the day I think
  2. Why the fuck are they giving Farage a outlet to spout his bullshit nonsense
  3. From the BBC, I'm not normally one to bash the BBC, but fuck them for this bullshit news bite. 'Questions unanswered' or 'all a hoax'? Two different conclusions drawn from the Russia report here: Guy Verhofstadt, chief Brexit negotiator for the European Parliament, says: "Brexit was always a gift to Putin because it weakened the EU and left Britain divided, isolated - the Russia Report shows just how many questions remain unanswered." While Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage says: "Years of lies and smears from Remain politicians and much of our media. There is no evidence of Russian involvement with Leave.EU or me in the referendum. It was all a hoax - apologies are now required."
  4. I remember getting home from a nightclub in Ilford (the Palais maybe? It was definitely Ilford, I remember that as it wasn't a place we would usually go to) Put the TV on just as reports of the crash were coming in, can't remember if she was announced to have died before we went to bed, but i think it was heavily assumed by that time. It was a weird week or so afterwards definitely, it was like she had been made a saint or something. The only celebrity death that had an effect on me was Prince, he was a big part of me and my friends life growing up. I remember we all became pretty obsessed with him around Sign o the Times, an obsession that lasted until the mid 90's when he went a bit shit. Managed to see him live a few times, and the dream was always to see him on the Pyramid, I truly believe it would have been the greatest show ever to have graced that stage. I remember putting Sometimes it Snows in April on after hearing about his death, and I had tears in my eyes. Not something I can ever see happening again for someone I don't know personally. He was such a massive part of my youth.
  5. mazola

    BBC Glastonbury

    That was my set of the weekend, got front and centre then hot footed it round to the SE corner straight afterwards for the Hot Chip Prince tribute set. Was a cracking night.
  6. Yeah, I get that but just wondered why they only changed the projection this week, previously we maintained a pretty flat line going in to Autumn according to them. I think Monday or Tuesday they massively changed the projection for the worse.
  7. Does anyone here ever check this site? https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ For some reason the last few days the projection for UK has us turning to absolute shite come the autumn. This is a recent development, prior to this week it had us maintaining a relatively flat line going forward. I wonder what has happened in the last few days to make them change the curve. https://covid19.healthdata.org/united-kingdom
  8. You can blame the Government for lack of mask take up, constantly down playing the need for them despite evidence that they help stop the spread.
  9. A lot of it is going to depend on where you watched it. I was between the sound monitors and the ringed front section, and it was really well received where I was.
  10. I'd put The Who bottom to be honest, I enjoyed U2 a hell of a lot more than them.
  11. I have pretty decent VR legs, but I could feel myself getting a bit queasy after about 10 minutes so had to nope out of it. It's a shame as it is really good, I might try again tomorrow
  12. I tried again using an xbox game pad and headphones, worked a lot better than using the wmr controllers and nobody moaned about my mic so i think i will try with that set up again later. It is very impressive, i'll definitely have another go later tonight, user name is maz on there
  13. well that didn't go very well for me. logged on with my lenovo headset just now, i could only move sideways and everyone was moaning about my mic throwing off feedback. couldn't work out how to turn my mic off so ended up just logging out seemed pretty cool though and i'll try again later. you start off in a hub, went in to the gas tower but didn't hang around long enough to really see what was going on as i didn't want to get on everyones nerves
  14. mazola

    BBC Glastonbury

    Best I can do is arctic monkeys above a pub in Southend just before the first single dropped
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