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  1. mazola

    First Gig Back

    Not sure if this counts as a gig, but going to see Craig Charles today, it's a boat party on the Thames. He's become a Friday afternoon tradition for me at Glastonbury so really looking forward to it.
  2. The funkiest shit you will hear all day
  3. Nice one. The original is fantastic in it's own right, but the Dimitri edit just raises it to a whole new level.
  4. Good work! Mines missing though 😢 The Dimitri from Paris edit of I wanna be your lover isn't on spotify, but the original is, can you add that?
  5. My 20 year old daughter started feeling rough last Monday, took a home test Tuesday which came back negative. Still feeling rough by Thursday so had a proper test and that came back positive Friday. She's still not great but nothing major, still working from home, says it's just like having a bit of a cold. Me, the Mrs and our 18 year old son went for a test Friday, son's came back positive (no symptoms at all) Me and the Mrs negative. There's been no social distancing in our house, can't exactly lock them in their rooms so can vouch for the AZ vaccine. Me and the Mrs are both double jabbed, we've had a week and a half of being cooped up together and it's managed to keep it at bay.
  6. I don't even have to think about it. Prince - I wanna be your lover - Dimitri from paris edit (don't worry about the wonky naming on Youtube below)
  7. On this day 2019 (the Monday of Glastonbury week, not the actual date) Missed out on tickets in the main sale, then missed out on the resale as well. Absolutely gutting few months in the build up, for the first time since I started going in 2008 I would be missing my favourite place on earth. Tried every competition going with no success. About 4 weeks before the festival managed to get volunteering slots with Oxfam for me and the Mrs. Here we are on the hill Monday night before the gates open, was absolutely magical being there those couple of days before, especially as a few weeks before this I was resigned to watching it on TV.
  8. Re the comments about the same 50 people making up the majority of this thread, a gentle reminder that if you are spending a good chunk of your day here to Gold up and support the site.
  9. https://www.merrell.com/UK/en_GB/moab-2-leather-mid-gore-tex/38864M.html?dwvar_38864M_color=J033311#cgid=mens-activity-hiking&start=1 Had these about 4 years now, highly recommended
  10. I've taken quite a few experimental medicines in the last week of June
  11. The best bit of the BBC coverage is the 5 minute montage at the end, always love that
  12. Surely the argument that people work just as hard from home is negated by the fact that some of you manage to spend all day on here posting
  13. Yep, been thinking similar. Except I was going to say Trump supporters (swap FAKE NEWS for FAKE SAGE, and Liberals for eggheads) Not saying the posters I'm thinking about are Trump supporters, but it's the exact same tone and the feelings it stirs in me are the same.
  14. just got me and the Mrs booked in (49 & 47), was like ticket day had to keep refreshing the page after every question but got there in the end
  15. Same! looking at the poster maybe I saw Roots Manuva, I've definitely seen him at West Holts but that may have been a different year
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