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  1. Worth it though, that Hives set was incredible. Why they haven't been back is a mystery
  2. Janet Jackson this year. Made worse by the fact I realised after that I should have been watching Lizzo instead. My excuse is my brain was so fried by the heat that day I didn't look at my clashfinder once, even though I'd spent the last month obsessing over it. JJ was like watching a Butlins Redcoats show.
  3. 2008 - 2016 I got tickets in October for me and my group (2-3 people usually). Never had anyone else get tickets for me, it was always me that got through. 2017 - missed out in October, but by now was part of a bigger ticket buying collective, and someone managed to get me a ticket in the April resale. 2019 - missed out in October and resale. Managed to get a place with Oxfam a month or so before the festival. I definitely on a downward trend, not confident at all for this October.
  4. My tuppence worth: Camped in Oxfields, so had to go through gate B everyday. Was only checked once, but man it was the most thorough check I've ever had. Went through absolutely every nook and cranny in my day bag, and every single compartment in my wallet. If there was anything hidden in my bag it would have definitely been found. I'd been hiding my weed zipped up in a pocket of my pack a mac, which was then packed in to its own little pack. Luckily that day I'd forgotten to do it and had just left it in my shorts pocket! They didn't actually search me so got away with it! Didn't see anyone actually get body searched, so will most likely just do this again in the future. Was volunteering this year, and every shift had 2 or 3 security guards with us. Without exception every one of them was friendly and helpful. For the first time in my life I was engaging with security instead of actively avoiding them, and must say they did an excellent job. Didn't see any trouble at all in the festival, thought the vibe was really good, young and old alike. The security guard I was with one day said the best way to get in to the festival without a ticket was to make a run through one of the vehicle gates during the day (not night)
  5. Me and the Mrs got shift pattern B, pretty happy with it to be honest, only missed Sat headliner. I was absolutely knackered Sunday night though, was in bed by 12.00
  6. mazola

    Is It Too Hot?

    Had to abort watching Mattiel Saturday afternoon at the Park, my brain felt like it was being microwaved. Drank only water all day, but felt so rough had to go and find shade (ended up at the water taps under the spike bar for about an hour). I'll take it over 2016 though. Mud is a 24hr problem, Heat is normally just a few hours.
  7. Lizzo istead of Janet. What the fuck was I thinking. To be honest my brain was a bit fried in the heat.
  8. I ❤️ Sausage I fucking hated that flag
  9. mazola

    Stone Circle

    Only popped up there for half hour on Tuesday for a quick smoke, scattered my mates ashes there a few years back so always have to drop by every year.
  10. mazola

    Janelle Monae

    what happened to her in there, did she rub dirt on her face or something?
  11. mazola


    Worst meal was a burrito somewhere by the cider bus i think, was delicious but the sort of folded in to a square rather than roll it up, and by the end I looked like an extra from reservoir dogs
  12. mazola


    I don't normally like going back to the same place twice, but I had 3 red thai curries from some place I think somewhere between west holts and williams green. It came with like a thick popadom and was delicious.
  13. Yeah saw him outside gate c by the glamping fields about 6am Sunday. Said good morning to him and he said good morning back then pulled his cap down over his face so got the message and left him alone
  14. Vodafone left on 4g, worked perfectly all weekend
  15. Spotting Phil Jupitus is a Glastonbury right of passage
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