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  1. What's to stop some numpty pressing the deflate button when they walk past though?
  2. mazola


    do you have a link?
  3. mazola


    where's this, still showing full price on website for me
  4. mazola


    Five of us were due to go tonight, 2 have already dropped out. Got a feeling it's gonna be half empty.
  5. Jesus that press conference was terrifying. We are 4 weeks behind Italy, and 14 weeks from the projected peak. I think Glastonbury not happening is going to be the least of our worries.
  6. If it came to it, I imagine it would be Glastonbury that refunds you. The festival will have their own insurance against things like this. I'm only guessing though.
  7. Imagine yourself sitting at home on the Friday of the festival. I bet future you will be wishing you were there even if it meant working.
  8. Yeah, I've no idea why I always think of it a bull ring. Made it in to temple once for aphex twin a few years back, never went in the cave place though. I am guilty of being a bit of a tourist when it comes to the common, same with unfairground. Always have a walk through at some stage but always seem to end up at shangri la or block 9.
  9. Is the temple the bull ring?
  10. FFS, I get in and check efests, and there's 2 Underworld threads on the front page. Talk about getting my hopes up for nothing.
  11. mazola

    Volunteering 2020

    I'd advise everyone who wasn't successful to keep trying every day, I got mine about a month before the gates opened last year. They seem to relist tickets all the time. I'm sure there's a couple of people in last years volunteering thread who got in less than a week before gates opened. I imagine the week after resale date a load will go back in to the pot.
  12. I would suggest locking the spreadsheet for editing once it gets nearer. Is there anything to stop someone going in, messing around with it and bollocksing up the numbers? There are some sad people about and i'd be worried about it being tampered with.
  13. This is the sunset during Elbow on the other stage from my first year 2008
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