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  1. I'm going boot shopping at the weekend, it's kind of a big deal as they could make or break my Glastonbury. Would really appreciate recommendations / one's to steer clear of
  2. mazola

    The Weather Thread 2019

    I'm gonna ask on the boot vs wellies thread so all you weather watchers don't have to come shoe shopping with me 😂
  3. mazola

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Nice one @dotdash79 I'll keep an eye out
  4. Congratulations @DareToDibble incredible news, so chuffed for you mate. You must feel on top of the world!
  5. mazola

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Nice one @rubick I'll keep an eye out and try them on when I go out. Glad you didn't come back with a £250 pair!
  6. mazola

    The Weather Thread 2019

    What boots have you bought if you don't mind me asking? I need to sort some out. I've got a pair of £50 Karrimors that I hate, they keep my feet dry but they are uncomfortable and after a couple of days my feet are killing me. I haven't binned them yet (maybe burying them would be more fitting 😂). I've been looking around online but can't see the difference between a £40 pair and £250 one. I've ordered some proper hiking socks, once they come I'm gonna hit the shops.
  7. I'm an idiot, I thought they were both today
  8. mazola

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Tip for first timers: Put the wrist band on the the arm you don't wipe with
  9. Weird it's from 2 different numbers
  10. mazola

    Somerset Live Article

    I thought it was all probably on here somewhere, but I don't think I'd seen the Wormhole artwork or confirmation of the walkway in the woods. But as I said I might have just forgotten.
  11. https://www.somersetlive.co.uk/whats-on/music-nightlife/glastonbury-festival-2019-everything-know-2888979 Just seen this, it's pretty good. Think a lot of it is probably taken from here, but there's a couple of bits of info in there I wasn't aware of (or had forgotten!)
  12. Have you been trying for Oxfam? I really think that is your best shout at getting in there now.
  13. It's ridiculous I know, but I'm genuinely shocked I didn't win the Guardian competition. I was convinced that no one but us and maybe half a dozen others were bothering.
  14. I'll be amazed if we don't get at least one Guardian winner from here. Surely they haven't done the draw and told the winners but we don't know about it because it wasn't any of us.
  15. I need to get new footwear this year, and this thread has been zero help 😂 2008 - 2013 I had dunlop wellies, each one weighed about a stone, and that was before each of them formed a six inch thick halo of mud that I also had to lug round with me when I walked. Feet were dry, but they were hard work, dancing was limited to a little dad shuffle, and on top of that they used to Epilady the hair off my shins. I felt like crying every time I had to put them on. In 2015 I bought some walking boots, they kept my feet dry and were lighter, but my feet used to hurt the longer I wore them. In 2016 got a serious case of Glastotoe, both big toes were numb for a good 2 months afterwards. They felt absolutely fine trying them on in the shop, and even the first couple of days wearing them, but just started hurting more the longer it went on and by Sunday of 2016 they were killing me. I felt like crying every time I had to put them on. 2017 I lived the dream by wearing trainers all weekend. I want to get something sorted this week, but I haven't got a clue what to get.
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