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  1. It was outside Haverfordwest in '96. That was the first time that The Groovy Movie Picture House did anything, was just a screen on the side of a live in lorry umder a tarp. Previously it had been held in Cilgerren and was a lovely event.
  2. That was one where the lunatics really did take over the asylum. The security bailed and so random travellers volunteered to replace them. Absolute chaos. A child did drown in a pond and a brew crew type did get run over and killed, he was called Scouse. Not wanting to speak ill of the dead, but he was a rather unsavoury character. It was a completely mental event even by the standard of those times. The only one after that that was in any was comparable was the last Harvest Fayre run by a chap called Chris Pace, a really sound bloke. The police had a huge media campaign to warn people not to go so ticket sales were v poor and the security buggered off due to lack of wages. This resulted in what was then the remains of the convoy along with every other blagger and ne'er-do-well from south of Newcastle turning up and getting in for free. It was ace!
  3. The aftermath. Tuesday night 2015. Edit, OK, sorry, shouldn't really have posted these because they're not actually my favourite images. The best ones are the ace pics that are previously in this thread. I'm a rubbish photog with a crap phone Just dug through my many files over the years and these were some of the first to pop up.Maybe I'll start a thread called 'Average photos of the festival' Got loads!
  4. Sawdusty Surfer


    Would love to see this happen although I'm sure that I heard one ABBA band member rule it out saying that the'd be like a poor geriatric ABBA cover band.
  5. Every time I see reports of an illegal rave by heart leaps with joy. Then I immediately think NOOO, don't do it. We were so lucky back in the day to have the freedoms now denied to the youngsters. There were several thousand at the Bath rave dancing in drizzle and light rain. Imaging how many more there would have been had it been a warm clear night.
  6. Glastonbury very likely to go ahead next year. It's possible that the date will change to a bit later in the summer. If it doesn't happen next year it will the following year.
  7. Was going to post pretty much that myself although it dosn't apply to me as I'm self employed and always kind of work from home. Chief Med Officer says to work from home. Boris says go back to your workplace please and it's up to your boss to say it's safe...so boss liable if you all get plagued up..... not Govt's responsibility any more it's up to your boss and it will be all his fault. And make sure that you all queue up in the local Pret and Starbucks at lunchtime. As Ozzy said, Boris and crew are fucking shitting themselves that a huge percentage of the population now know that they can work from home, avoid horrid commutes, avoid shit office environments, avoid shit overpriced food at lunchtime and their companies can save a fucking fortune in rent and all the other overheads by either downsizing or abandoning their offices. Who loses? As Ozzy has said, the mega rich who own all the commercial properties....the offices, the Costa/Pret/McD's premises etc. Yep, the very people who the Tories really look after. Yep, make yourself a delicious salad sarnie at home at lunchtime at a cost of just about bugger all and don't pay to commute and park. Remember to use salad cream not mayo on the buttie though (my longest post in years!)
  8. Heard today that it's not likely to happen Obviously could change, but very slim chance. Edt. Sorry to state the obvious.
  9. Remember that so well. I, along with just about everyone else that bothered to express an opinion agreed that it was completely shit. Honesetly, no pun intended. Feckin eyesore.
  10. OK, I cheated and did a reverse Google image search. Google came up with 'Fun Band' Fail.
  11. Would hide all the gurning.
  12. Of course it is. Only half an hour and features a load of my woody stuff from over the years. It also has some musicians.
  13. Yep, supplied wooden mushrooms for 8 or 10 years. The set designer is a chap called Markus Blee, designs the set for Big Brother , Hell's kitchen and a load of other TV stuff. Always good working for the BBc although it was always a case of doing it for just about bugger all as 'You'll get the exposure'. Erm, OK The BBC garden used to be in a hidden compound behind the pyramid then a few years ago moved to a raised platform above The Park. The last time I worked with the BBC there, I think 3 years ago, I added a set of magic mushrooms (liberty caps) to their order. They were right in the middle of the deck in the middle of the deck/filming area. The following year the BBC didn't require my services. I mentioned this to a mate who replied 'What the f... did you expect? You effin' spiked The BBC with Magic Mushrooms and it went out on TV worldwide!' True story
  14. Anyone watched the Backstage Acoustic prog? https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000kbpd/glastonbury-glastonbury-backstage-acoustics
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