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  1. Yep, unlike most other festivals, fires are allowed. Huge pile of wood at crossroads at entrance to Greenfields at start of festival and lots still there on the Sunday night.
  2. State Of The Firewood Supply.. Here's what's left at the moment
  3. Monday eve, clock ticking...
  4. Another rather long day, back on site again after a few hours loading the next lot of wood. All looking tickety boo in the ground department despite the precipitation.
  5. Will update in the morning, it's stopped raining now and will be interesting to see how things look tomorrow
  6. Knicker elastic vintage lorry bodge
  7. Quite a sketch driving to site today. Forgot to mention in the vid that the lorry engine, a Perkins P6 , went on to full screaming throttle on the way to the farm. In the semi dark and pissing rain managed to diagnose it as being a snapped ancient throttle return spring. Quick brainstorming session and the elastic cut from a pair of George from Asda underpants successfully replaced it and we were on our way again in a few minutes. Will post a pic in a mo. Anyway, ground I'd still absolutely grand despite the deluge. Fret not folks.
  8. Sorry for the radio silence, too much sawdust to be made. Latest update.
  9. The way things are looking I'm delighted to be able to say that more state of the ground reports may not be required!
  10. May have half a dozen or so, crazy busy at the mo Edited for typo, am crazy busy, not crazy bust! @Yoghurt on a Stick x
  11. Let me know which which wooded area by which track and I'll try to check it for you next time I'm on the farm. Hopefully next SOTG report will be towards the end of this week. Currently immersed in a world of sawdust.
  12. Just left the farm, was raining but overall not nearly as bad as I expected.
  13. Half and half. I'm not hard......
  14. For the last few years I've been posting here on the state of the ground as in some ways it's as or more important than the actual weather. Well, it's that time of the year, so here we go. I'll update from time to time. SS https://youtu.be/gHIEWVd6kPE
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