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  1. The Scottish conservative leader, Jackson Carlaw, has finally called for Dominic Cummings to resign, after coming under intense pressure while a number of his own MSPs expressed their strong support for their colleague Douglas Ross, who resigned as a UK government minister earlier today in protest at the Cummings row.
  2. Sawdusty Surfer


    It will be allowed to be in place for 28 days a year without needing planning permission. Got a feeling that the foundations will also need PP which could be the issue in the future.
  3. Pow lives in Stoke St Mary. Going to pop a hand written old fashioned letter through her letterbox next time I'm out on my bike, likely tomorrow.
  4. Saunton Sands (popular N Devon surfing beach) carpark had to close due to chaoitc scenes. 40 cars blocking road trying to access it. People kicking off.Police involved. Nice little swell today and was so tempted to go there myself.
  5. Live Nation planning to resume all gigs etc in third quarter of 2021 https://www.nme.com/en_au/news/music/live-nation-to-resume-concerts-at-full-scale-in-2021-2665920?fbclid=IwAR0oG8S0QwBaHJjbaf-RH3iZA5qMG8uxjq6lVmsNwUrSZGOXXyozJgFfSck
  6. Obviously no idea if they'd do it, but I'd like to see 2021 moved to late August. Everyone that I've spoken to that are involved to a greater or lesser extent are saying this. Don't want to sound like a doom monger but it is what it is. x
  7. Future of festivals to be discussed today at 3.00pm BST on BBC News Channel. Going to be a couple of festival organisers talking and will be fielding questions from the public. Ask questions by email or Twitter.
  8. I listened to most of (shonky internet so missed bits) a quite interesting online Zoom type discussion by a few movers and shakers in the UK and European festival scene this afternoon. Just wish Chris Tofu had been involved as well. Sorry if it has already been posted. elsewhere. Hope the link works. Everything below is copied and pasted. he 2020 festival summer will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. With much of the season already cancelled, and the rest awaiting their fate, how are Europe’s festival elite coping? In unprecedented circumstances, what’s been learnt, and how have such monumental challenges been faced? And looking to the autumn and beyond, what does the road the recovery look like for the vital summer sector? Greg Parmley (ILMC) hosted our second IQ Focus virtual panel - Festival Forum: Here Comes '21 - with guest speakers... Jim King (AEG Presents) Stephan Thanscheidt (FKP Scorpio) Rachael Greenfield (Bloodstock Open Air) Anders Wahren (Roskilde Festival) Mathieu Jaton (Montreux Jazz Festival) Make sure you follow IQ to get get notified about the next IQ Focus session. https://www.facebook.com/iqmag.net/?__tn__=%2CdkCH-R-R&eid=ARDfWQlYHvGJuQPbPOjkS7DDKqD3jx4JWcZ5nC6pYkabxs-li69wwjwRCIwuFHg1BIvOlJ7uolr-FHN_&hc_ref=ARSLaQBpsORWu-t1Udjn5Y_rDXTVWnKDlj0bva7LWHmUJbhVBoNVZMgXic5pGT7k54k&hc_location=group
  9. Another mystery. How has an industrially produced chemical soup masquerading as some kind of cider managed to get such a good reputation at the festival?
  10. Free question. Ask a question, anyone?
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