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  1. If the Corona Virus is rampant in the weeks leading up to The Festival it's likely to be game over. Hopefully if it hits in the UK the spring/summer weather will kill it off. If not we may have problems. From my experience of the festival it will be a last minute decision. The show must go on.
  2. Blimey, this thread has reached 100 pages. Fully expected it to shuffle off and quietly expire at the end of last June. Wish that I had its stamina
  3. @CaledonianGonzo and my favourire Pink Faries tune
  4. The earliest year that I have photos from '86. Here's me with the missus. Cost two quid for a Polaroid pic with the snake. In those days animals were a common sight there,everything from dogs and cats to goats and oxen. Wow, did we look young and beautiful! Loved my long leather waistcoat.
  5. This could indicate that it is more easy to transmit than previous calculations have indicated. A couple of news stories in MSM saying that it 'could' hit UK over the summer. Without wanting to appear to be scaremongering, it is a real possibility that large gatherings could be cancelled.
  6. Loads of brilliant stuff but thev've even got Kool & The Gang? I might even practice throwing some special shapes for that one. eFesters more than welcome to join in or just witness my shame/dad dancing/awesomeness
  7. Had it 'onoficially confirmad that the old WG area will be boutique camping and for anyone that can/wants to work or get involved, look here..... https://www.boomtownfair.co.uk/get-involved/applications/
  8. Pretty sure that it's going to be some kind of boutique camping.
  9. 1995 when we finally realised that we had to go completely legit so ran a sourdough workshop in The Green Kids field. Fiery pic also '95. The photo of the two young ladies in the bath tub on the pram base,taken in '97, are totally grown up now.....and still go every year. Edit, actually I think that the third photo is my favourite ever Glastonbury pic.
  10. The structure of a Flake makes it prone to unacceptable levels of deformation if it were to melt even slightly. The texture and mouthfeel are the key to the popularity of the Flake. For this reason it has been formulated to remain unmeltingly brittle with an intact structure through a wide range of temperatures.
  11. Up to 1990 we'd been able to drive our bus in sans tickets and do pretty much what we liked. After the riot in '90 all changed, no festival in '91 and so in '92 we knew that we had to come up with a plan. We had a shonky old home made stage that we used to take to free festivals and I managed to blag Arabella C that it would be suitable for the outside theatre stage. The audience couldn't see juggler's clubs at the top of their flight and people riding tall unicycles were out of sight as the tent wasn't tall enough! Here it is.
  12. Sorry for thread drift but here's another from '89. The skinny fellow on the right is me. How things change. Time, the mincer and sausage machine of life
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