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  1. Sawdusty Surfer

    An announcement by christmas

    the lyric 'Mull Of Kintyre' to be replaced by 'Glastonbury Tor' (edit, the vid actually reminds me of the vibe of some mid '80s festivals!)
  2. Sawdusty Surfer

    Has anyone met Michael /Emily Eavis ?

    The real taskmaster fella.....yep, and he hasn't changed one bit. Still ME's righthand man. You did well to get on the tractors, a much more pleasant job. It almost certainly was us that you were buying beer from and we were parked up at the top of the field. Here's a pic of the back of our truck although in '93 it was still red carrying the livery of Formby Removals who we bought it from. (We painted it with paint supplied by Formby Removals who weren't happy that it kept appearing in news reports. Not the kind of advertising that they were looking for !
  3. Sawdusty Surfer

    Has anyone met Michael /Emily Eavis ?

    Exactly the same here. Was litterpicking for the first time in '93 and all pickers were parked up/camped in The Kidz Field. We used to queue up after eating supper at Goose Hall and ME would be sitting behind an old wooden trestle table ticking our names off the list and paying us £20 each for the days work. ME thanked us for the work each and every time. Rob Kearle would be standing next to him as his minder. Worked brilliantly for me, got work, got a park up and made a good bit on the side as I'd sell beer to from our truck to the pickers. Used to do overnight runs to Calais to restock in between shifts. Quick trip over and back on the hovercraft. Happy days
  4. Sawdusty Surfer

    "Access" to Michael Eavis

    @Sam1988 You could find that a really nice handwritten letter to him might produce results. I know that he's done all sorts of unexpected little things like that for people before although not a film message as far as I'm aware. Has to be worth a try. Good luck and hats off to you for making such an effort for your friend.
  5. Ok, I'm bound to say that it's a brilliant present ... well, my other half is the artist ...but actually it is a pretty cool Christmas present. Lolly (yes, that's actually what she's called) is a multi talented artist. Portrait painter, signwriter, playwright, jeweller,blogger etc, etc. Oh, obviously she's a chainsaw carver as well The spring before last she made some Pyramid Stage necklaces to sell at our spot at Glastonbury. She failed completely. Spangled or asleep for the duration. The necklaces literally didn't see the light of day. So, they are for sale here....and you genuinely won't see them anywhere else. They are made from recycled copper, each one etched with a unique design. There are three of them, no two alike. The top of the stage contains Swarovski auoroa borealis crystal. It's threaded on a faux leather or hemp thong and the pendant is approx 7cm (not small) along each side of the triangle. Comes in a posh box with an image of the stage in the background. Cost is £35 each inc p&p (was going to be more at the festival.....) If anyone's interested, PM me.
  6. Sawdusty Surfer

    Block 9 expanding

    A friend dropped in for a cuppa this afternoon. He works on the B9 build. He's thinks (but isn't certain) that all of B9 will stay as it is where it has always been but there will be another all new extra bit of it in Glasto Latino area.
  7. Sawdusty Surfer

    2019 Headliners

    We all need to get to his secret set in the Irish piano bar. That will be quite something. Don't tell everyone though.
  8. Sawdusty Surfer

    Boomtown vs Boardmasters

    I used to work at Boardmasters. Thousands of teens who have overindulged on energy drimks and alcohol all going nuts as it is their first weekend away from their mums.
  9. Sawdusty Surfer

    Showdown at Glastonbury (full)

    Well I've got the foreword sorted. Some of the names in this book have been changed to protect the innocent. And the guilty.
  10. Sawdusty Surfer

    Showdown at Glastonbury (full)

    Thanks everyone, I'll have a think.
  11. Sawdusty Surfer

    Showdown at Glastonbury (full)

    "Arresting disease ridden travellers can be a health risk" say police, "they flick fleas at us, use them as weapons and we have to burn our police uniforms". Classic "Some travellers live almost beyond the law" Now that really is bollocks, we lived well outside the law. Know lots of faces in that film, some of who aren't with us anymore. Likewise with some of the wonderful vehicles. "The travellers won't be here this year, they are having their own do" ME. One of the few occasions when ME called it wrong. He gave between £7k and 15k to a well known face on the scene to put on an alternative festival.It didn't happen, not even nearly. The money went up his nose/into his arm. I knew him. He died years ago. After the problems of '90 (it really was a minority of our lot causing trouble, had it been everyone they would have had to call in the army) we saw that the writing was on the wall so I cobbled together a covered stage which was used as The Outside Circus Stage in '92 so got a big posse in legitamately. To anyone who has watched this film and doesn't know the score, it is hugely biased against the travelling scene as was. The Mutoid Waste Co (Joe Rush), Lost Vagueness, Shangri La, The Common, The Unfairground, Arcadia and many other areas and performances at the festival all evolved from the travelling scene. ME is a genius. He is the most accomplished negotiator and problem solver I've ever known. Back in the day he had The Establisment baying for his blood. Now they love him and what he has achieved. His version of Christianity is also super flexible. It keeps all sides happy. Respect. (I could say so much more but who wants to read essays on here)
  12. Sawdusty Surfer

    Who knew about the Leaderboard?

    I remember that post well. Actualy one of my all time favourites on here. Absolutely splendid. That's what the interweb is for.
  13. Sawdusty Surfer

    Arcadia Spider absent 2019?

    There's quite a few cranes on The Somerset Levels which is even more local http://www.thegreatcraneproject.org.uk/
  14. Sawdusty Surfer

    Glastonbury Memorabilia Around Your House

    @guypjfreak Now that is just splendid. Outstanding.Well worth the wait. Don't know what else to say. Genuinely don't know of anyone else with such a collection apart from The Eavii. (Except not sure about that bloke's dodgy dress sense wearing pale brown chinos )
  15. Sawdusty Surfer

    Who knew about the Leaderboard?

    The dark corners of eFestivals