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  1. Sawdusty Surfer

    Camp Fires

    Exactly Flags also conform to the same type of EU safety standards (ok, not the homemade ones in front of the Pyramid)
  2. Sawdusty Surfer


    Nice vid here, not sure if it has been posted already,
  3. Don't think I've got any photos of me this year.
  4. 1986. Two and a half quid to have a Polaroid taken at the festival with a (not feather) Boa around you neck/s.
  5. There are those that are saying that The Pier and Cinemarmageddon are Joe Rush trying and failing to keep up with his brother Pip having been 'overtaken' by him with Arcadia.
  6. Sawdusty Surfer


    Submitted 18th June as I posted on 18th June
  7. Sawdusty Surfer


    Most will be gone in the next week or three but a fair few will remain there until next year. ME also owns a residential traveller site half way to Shepton which opened about nine years ago.
  8. Sawdusty Surfer


    Same pic taken just now.
  9. Sawdusty Surfer


    That's Ivymead, the field used by core crew. Some people (like Tits Out Clare) actually live there all year round. There are still loads there as well as in Tom's Field which is just SE of Ivymead. I'll be going over there later on today to tow a couple of caravans away now that WV is finally packed away. The WV work actually finished on Friday but it seems that the crew needed a few days to 'decompress'
  10. Generally speaking you are given the space that you require.
  11. Sawdusty Surfer

    Camp Fires

    The festival is known for reacting to and fixing problems. If (even back in the day when tents weren't flame retardant) there had ever been a problem with campfires setting fire to tents the festival would almost certainly banned them and Mendip Council would have forbad them in the licensing conditions, that's how they roll. I love a camp fire and miss the days when there were beautiful smudges of smoke all across site at sunrise.
  12. Just spoke to daughter#2 who is still on the farm and she was chatting to someone last night who really knows what's going on and they said that FM were booked for next year.
  13. We'll be in Whistler's Green thankfully. A little way from the madness/
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