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  1. I'm going to a do tomorrow evening where ME is speaking. If I get a chance I'll ask him about September.
  2. Non fiction...mostly. I read a lot. This is one of the best books I've read in the last year or three. Shantaram by Gregory Roberts. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shantaram_(novel)
  3. It's all about the ratio 😁
  4. Sadly I have to agree with you. I'll add that just about everyone I know that that are involved with the festival to a greater or lesser extent think the same. I was working with someone last week who works closely with one of the festival's big cheeses and they said "No f***ing chance although Michael is admant that it's on" Those were his exact words. We can but hope....and if it is on, what a party it will be.
  5. Worth a walk up Burrow Mump as well, it's like a baby Tor with fantastic views. To be followed by a pint in The King Alfred at the bottom of The Mump. Ace beer and food right by the river Parrett. Not far at all from Glastonbury and in the middle of The Levels.
  6. A mock festival set was also created the Wells side of the Mendips. It had main stage, traders, loos, camping fields and loads of litter. A friend of mine who works on film sets was also living onsite in a caravan as kind of night time security as well as his normal job with the crew. He said that it was one of the oddest places to stay at night when everyon else had left. A shout out went out locally for youngsters to be extras there. They had to dance in front of the main stage....with no music playing. The goat wedding scene was filmed in the woods on the Ashton Court Estate. I pr
  7. hat a seven months this has been… Not being in the fields of the Matterley Estate building and creating our magical world, has hit us harder than any of us imagined. The loss of that sense of community, physical connection, working towards providing tens of thousands with memories that will last a lifetime. The impact of everything else that has resulted from this pandemic on so many, not least our industry in general, is heartbreaking in almost every way.. But, we are still managing to find positives through all this and are holding on to hope for the future. You may have seen that
  8. Damn, was so looking forward to rocking the milennium in these dark times and completely missed it. Story of my life. First thought was, hey, got 2000 to look forward to but bollocks to that...love to think that this thread will have faded into the mists of time long before we get there. It's all shit at the mo, just been to an strange Bottomless Brunch in Bristol for daught #2's significant birthday. Was safe, odd but lovely. This wonky world that we're living will end. It is shit (sorry to repeat myself, blame the Prosecco) but we will get back to doing the thngs t
  9. Sorry to be looking like Captain Pessimistic, but I'm just trying to manage my own expectations for next year. Chatting to friends of mine who are much more involved than I am are starting to feel somewhat less hopeful for events next year, Glastonbury in particular as it is one of the earlier ones. For some of them, Glastonbury is their major earner of the year. Finges crossed.
  10. I'm not confident. The main problem being that GFL are going to have to make the call in late Jan or early Feb. I suspect things are still going to be pretty grim at that time. I think it's going to be all down to the timing of a vaccine being known at that time.
  11. If it's any help I'd be more than happy to preorder one with money in advance. Maybe others would too?
  12. eFests has changed. I noticed it immediately and thought that something was wrong with my laptop then saw that the eFests hamsters trundeling around in their wheel had got a new wheel. Was looking forward to leaping into my Victor Meldrew mode to complain..... "It's changed, don't like it." Damn, site now even crisper and shiner.... [shuffles off in a grump]
  13. I'm a 'glass half full' optimist , postivity runs through my veins..... but I'm having huge doubts about next year. Sorry. (Loads of other shit going down in my world as well)
  14. Been bingeing on Below Deck. Got totally sucked into it. What's happened? It is SO not me!
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