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  1. Sorry if it's been posted already...Only just been sent it
  2. 3rd week in January is what I'm expecting.
  3. Here's an interview with him....now it all makes sense.......
  4. First says it at 15.49 and then when questioned about it she said that they have said it today! Then after Mel B goes presenter says his team haven't heard owt. Cripes.If correct, what a shocking leak.
  5. Can't put a specific percentage on it but can't help that the realistic chances are slipping away......
  6. And have you seen what is on immediately after it?........
  7. Might try to join the Zoom meet on NYE. Ain't going to be partying anywhere interesting me thinks. Will ask the kids for the tech instructions.
  8. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Nothing more to add.
  9. If you do end up volunteering I can't see you ever wanting to buy a ticket again. Until experienced, nobody can imagine the pleasure of being on site during the last few days before the show opens. Many crew say that those days are the best part of the festival. Obviously I'd say absolutely go for it.
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