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  1. Sawdusty Surfer

    BRIT Awards 2019

    Fuck all. Only watching as I'm trying to convince myself that to watch to the end will be character building.
  2. Sawdusty Surfer

    BRIT Awards 2019

    I'm actually still watching this. Genuinely worse than a speed awareness course.
  3. Sawdusty Surfer

    BRIT Awards 2019

    Fessing up here. Home alone.Watching Brits for first time in my life. Have cider.
  4. Sawdusty Surfer

    Burning Man Festival, interesting article from the BBC

    Now searching Ebay for some second hand red trousers ready for June. Will get their first public appearance at the eFests meet.
  5. Sawdusty Surfer

    David Attenborough

    Double post
  6. Sawdusty Surfer

    David Attenborough

    and his plastic fox ......
  7. Sawdusty Surfer

    David Attenborough

    Looks like I'm wrong there. Now heard that it was a direct invite from EE to appear on The Pyramid.
  8. Sawdusty Surfer

    David Attenborough

    Small update. He was approached for a smaller spot but looks like if he agrees it will 'Go bigger'. No surprises there and I suspect that the smaller spot booker will be furious.
  9. Sawdusty Surfer

    David Attenborough

    You might have coined a phrase here.
  10. Sawdusty Surfer

    David Attenborough

    I know that he's keen on gorillaz.......
  11. Sawdusty Surfer

    David Attenborough

    Heard whispers from a couple of different places that he could well be speaking at the festival this year. I do hope that he is.
  12. Sawdusty Surfer

    Crew tickets and campervan pass for Circus and Theatre area

    I get asked all the time for tickets etc.
  13. Sawdusty Surfer

    What have you done today to get ready for Glastonbury 2019?

    Haha, yes I did. 2016, but fret not, it won't be like that this year. Going to be lovely. A reminder of what we're not going to be looking forward to. Don't worry, I haven't jinxed it. Am posting this with a pencil upeach nostril and a broad bean in one ear and a clove of garlic in the other. Sorted.
  14. Sawdusty Surfer


    @WheresMyTent , great podcast, gotlegs I think. Asyou're getting so much exposure on here might I respectfully suggest that you at the least help support this site by subscribing to Gold Membership
  15. Sawdusty Surfer


    I enjoyed that. Having read this thread I'm half tempted to try a podcast myself. I've always subconsiously dismissed anything like that as I'd be worried about making a mistake but it has now actually occured to me that things have moved on and it doesn't have to go out live Know enough people who like talking and might contribute. Hmmmm.