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  1. Just heard that the Eagles are performing entire Hotel California album at two UK stadium shows next summer. I wonder.....(sorry if this has already been covered)
  2. Back in the day there used to be a brilliant crusty traveller type bar that only sold spirits and had all night live music. It was called The Kazbar and was run by a dear friend of ours called Kaz. It was at the field entrance just below the Greenpeace Field. In '95 we were Green Kids crew and parked just behind The Kazbar. One night Joe Strummer turned up, got on the tarp covered stage with a guitar and played Rock The Kazbar. Kaz (actuall called Karen) was SO chuffed as I'm sure that you can imagine. The Kazbar was a proper old school site type bar, not officially sanctioned but tolerated as it kept many of the ne'er-do-wells in one place away from the normal people. It was ace, Tragic Roundabout and Tofu Love Frogs were house bands. Sadly Kaz died last night. Genuine legend, raise a glass to her.
  3. Prince Andrew becumming less likely?
  4. Crew party this Saturday postponed. Absolutely gutted. Got a lovely couple who are old mates tickets. Old school party heads. Got two kids. Babysitters sorted. They havent partied for 12 years and now it's cancelled/postponed. Gutted.
  5. .Edit. Erroneous post. Fat fingers.
  6. Well, I suppose that I could PM you but if I did I would then have to kill you.
  7. If you catch him unawares you will find that he actually speaks with a pronounced North Somerset accent.
  8. Sorry to drag this topic up (but still chuffed that I broke the story 4 months in advance on here when it was only announced officially 3 hours before actually happening). David Attenborough calls Boris 'Shameful' for not appearing in the TV climate debate. Good on him. https://www.itv.com/news/2019-11-29/attenborough-boris-johnsons-absence-from-climate-debate-was-shameful/
  9. Or you could always go to NASS at the B&W, it makes the festival goers at Boardmasters look old. Not really my cup of tea, anyone else been? I went once on a freebie and bailed.
  10. It's a sign..... https://www.theguardian.com/music/2019/nov/21/take-a-look-at-me-now-baby-jesus-statue-resembles-phil-collins
  11. No way! I had no idea. You are personally responsible for saving me SO much time from now on. Hats off to you and thanks.
  12. CV West field is between 2/3s and 3/4s the size of Worthy View, so to answer your question, loads of people. Seem to remember that WV has 5000 scout tents but could be wrong. Have just messaged daughter #2 who is WV crew. She might remember.
  13. Rural Somerset internet on a go slow. Or fat fingers.
  14. So I did hear right, CV West to be WV type accomodation as already mentioned elsewhere on here. I remember a few years ago ME saying that one day he'd like all camping to be VW style. Looks like that could be happening a bit at a time. https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/accommodation/pre-erected-camping/sticklinch/
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