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  1. A bit of info about next year that came with the crew party email. Here......... It’s on, the crew party kicks off in massive style on Saturday 7th December.. Read below for more details.... First though, just a quick update on where we are this end... We’ve spent the last 6 weeks redesigning (yep again) the core Boomtown team to make communication tighter and ultimately everyone's job a bit easier and it’s looking really good! For the first time ever, we’re in the process of putting together a multi-year plan of where we see the festival going in the future. It’s really exciting and gives us goals each year... More on this will follow in the coming months. One of the main areas that we’re focussing on for Chapter 12 is the camping experience and the parts of the festival that make people feel more comfortable, such as the food quality / variety and drinks, chillout areas and the other public facing areas outside of the creative production experience... We’ve also got an insanely exciting project to announce, which we’ll start feeding out over the next few months.. It’s a project we feel like we’ve been building on for years and where we are with the festivals production right now means it’s all able to start coming together.. The whole project is totally bonkers (as ever) and due to the heavily themed immersive nature of Boomtown means we’re probably the only event on the planet able to do what we’re planning… That’s all we can say for now, so watch this space... So, on to the crew party… Last year it was Copper County ‘The Birth of the Curse’ themed; the beginnings of the industrial revolution where the western world ventured down the unknown path of capitalist enterprise... This year, we’re fast forwarding on to a post apocalyptic dystopian world where nuclear has replaced nature and exploring what that looks like... as we enter the world of AREA 404. We always aim to outdo ourselves with the crew party and give the whole team the first insight to what the next annual fair will look like. It’s such a good chance for the whole crew, all those that make Boomtown what it is, to come together and properly connect and build on relationships. Check out our Facebook event here and below for everything you need to know! Huge love and we can’t wait to see you all there. xx
  2. In my experience the water onsite is always lovely except in the early days of the build when there can be a slight chlorinated hint as the cleaning stuff gets flushed through the pipes. Not a problem for us as we always arrive with water butts full of Somerset's finest.
  3. If you struggle with sorting it out, PM me and I'll get one here and ship it.
  4. So you're an apartheid supporter then? WTF? (Or maybe too stupid or young to understand/know about it?)
  5. Not Daft Punk. (Nor Zep or Floyd) But....two headliners that haven't played Pilton before.
  6. EE "We have the best audience in the world" Pretty much sums it up.
  7. Heard it's Carl Cox and Shy FX among others for Saturday.
  8. Suspect that the Theatre and Circus Fields will be empty for the draw......
  9. He would turn it down.
  10. Sadly I don't think that they'll be in CN next year but could easily be on another stage. Previously I would be certain that the wonderful Hattie Hatstar would be there but sadly she's not been to the last two.
  11. I saw him at Glastonbury last year. He took a while to warm up (unlike the dark blue marquee which was absolutely sweltering and some people left mid show due to the almost dangerous temperature) but once he got going was quite good. I like most of his vid clips but based on what I saw in June wouldn't actually pay to see him. Politically he is usually spot on IMO.
  12. This result ^ , compared to the poll on this thread, shows the value of being an efests member.
  13. Sawdusty Surfer


    Lidl is better as they sell delicious 6% cider made by Sheppys but branded as Lidl, only £2.79 a four pack
  14. Mr Dogg touring Europe next year.
  15. Coincidentally I went to a lovely friend's funeral yesterday. She was long term Kidz Field crew working on the trampolines. During the service a brick was presented. It's a KLF brick that Leigh's ashes wil be fired in untill glazed. They call it Mumufication.Then the brick will become part of a "Peoples Pyramid Of Mu Mu" Leigh becoming a piece of a KLF artwork is so fitting for her. On her death certificate where her occupation was required it stated "Freedom Fighter" Outstanding. Top girl.
  16. Heard fairly recently that WV is going to have some extra capacity.
  17. Nobody has yet mentioned the most important thing, make sure that you are wearing your lucky pants.
  18. I tend to visit a couple of times a year. I drive in Red Gate and keep going until I get to the Railway Line, turn left and park by the crossroads at the entrance to The Greenfields. Never had a problem.
  19. Maybe end up with half of The Beatles....... https://www.theguardian.com/music/2019/sep/14/beatles-paul-mccartney-ringo-starr-reunite-record-john-lennon-song
  20. News on Macca still not solid enough to even warrant a 'Rumour' on Glastonbury rumours page? @eFestivals
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