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  1. @squirrelarmy Thirty years ago in a previous life I was a Work Study Engineer...a time and motion man in a Mid Wales factory....yes,realy! Two or three times a year we'd all shuffle into the canteen and give blood. The peer pressure was so intense that even needle phobes ended up in the queue. Fainting while waiting rarely got you off the hook, or spike as it were. To be honest, I wasn't particulary heroic as the whole process didn't bother me and I was happy to be able to escape both my office desk and the shopfloor for an hour or so of skive and a cup of tea and a biscuit. Haven
  2. I have to say that Guy's calendars for 2020 that were his paintings of the festival were absolutely superb. I'd buy the same again with 2021 dates on.
  3. Not been following this thread but having looked at the last couple of pages... Got to be Captain Mac. Beatles most game changing band ever and I saw him last time. Wow.
  4. I think that The Healing Fields (ironic or what?) and Green Futures are the two areas that will contain the largest contingent of antivaxers or similar. For the record, I'll be sharpening my elbows as sharp as a hypodermic needle to get to the front of the queue for a vaccine
  5. I'd like to see a QR code on certificates so they could be instantly scanned and fakes would be immediately identified as the linked info wouldn't exist or wouldn't match the ID of the holder of the certificate. Easy enough to do.
  6. Was talking to a friend earlier about testing or immunization being mandatory for attending events. I'm fine with that and so is he but he told me that dodgy test certificates are already available online. I've just been reading this thread and messaged my friend about the dodgy tests.....he has just sent me this!!! It could cause SO much damage.
  7. The new version of the Winch does food and drink deals similar to The Coalie and The Perkin but slightly more classy I believe. Not quite as cheap but close. Obviously a certain level of cheapness has its own warnings. Not been there myself but have heard that it is a good alternative to lining Tim Martin's pocket.
  8. Had an interesting conversation about that, but kind of back to front. My brother in law is a senior GP in Cornwall and does kind of have his finger on the pulse as it were. He said that it has been considered that the reason that some people seemed to be immune from covid or were asymptomatic/had v mild symptoms could be because they had some partial immunity due to having had a version of the common cold that was in some respects similar to the Covid virus. If that's the case maybe the Covid vaccination could offer some level of protection against some strains of the common cold? I
  9. OK, it's not telly nor bingeable as it's a one off but for those of you with Netflix, watch My Octopus Teacher. One of the best things that I've seen recently. Beautifully shot with really quite extraordinary content. (Excuse me if it has already been mentioned, not read all of this thread)
  10. Yep, but for Glastonbury the deal breaker is whether or not they can be confident enough to decide go in time. I'm now starting to think that it might actually be a goer next year. Ridiculous me saying that as yesterday I'd have said unlikely. Don't anyone get excited by this, clearly my mind changes like the wind and TBH I actually haven't a clue but hey...fingers crossed.
  11. This is what concerns me. So many areas of the festival are completely rammed. Can't see how testing and a few people having been vaccinated is going to prevent a potential disaster especially as the event is five days and nights.
  12. I've not got my finger on the pulse as it were, but have there been any announcments regarding NYE? If tight restrictions are in force then I can see it being the last straw for some businesses in the hospitality sector.
  13. Mate, I have a little first hand experience of close friends doing go faster drugs. Some of them are older and more lardy than me and have been caning it since forever. Having seen him in full flow enough times recently I'd guess that Trump right on it.
  14. Hey in '97 things could have been much, much worse. I, and a huge number of friends and aquaintences stood for parliament in the general election for the Rainbow Dream Ticket Party. My constituency was Totnes. Had a right laugh but thankfully got nowhere. We all would have been complete rubbish had we been elected.
  15. Done. You should maybe allow more than one box to be ticked on some answer choices. Some of the answers to various questions aren't mutually exclusive. Also I'm not that bloody old yet have to tick the most aged option regarding my vintage. I know loads of people that go to gigs that are proper auld duffers. ( As this is a Uni research thing if I was your tutor and I looked closely at your survey I'd probably have a quiet word in your shell like )
  16. The way I see things going are that with a bit of luck events will start to happen towards the end of next summer. Hate to say it but mass gatherings with people crammed together aren't likely early summer as the vaccine roll out won't be widespread enough by then. I'd love to be wrong. If that's the case I can see myself going completely mental in maybe August when I'm finally allowed to. I'm unlikely to be the only one. This shit will end, the end is in sight.It is just a matter of time. Hurrah.
  17. @Fuzzy Afro Happy birthday dude, hope you're having a toptastic day!
  18. Yup, hearing anecedotal evidence of big spike in the SW. Daughter #2 now getting tested and self isolating for 14 days after her work had 50% no show of employees yesterday, that's in Cornwall BTW. A couple of close friends that live locally to me in Somerset also tested positive in the last couple of days and constantly hearing of other friends or friends of friends having to go for tests. I honestly thought that we'd escaped the worst of it but it looks like we're catching up and are going to have to be very careful. On a positive note the local road traffic is hugely reduced
  19. Would like to see The Loop at many more events sooner rather than later.
  20. Obviously today's news about the vaccine is fantastic but I'm not sure that it is going to be widely available quickly enough to make organisers of early summer events confident enough to make the call in the timeframe available to them. That's just my opinion based on nowt official I must say. BTW, apologies for length of first sentence in post !
  21. From what I've heard the go/no go decision has to be made in January. GFL can't leave it until March/April as big infrastructure contracts, band bookings etc etc have to be finalised much earlier than that.
  22. A slightly stale mild cheddar buttie is still considerably better than a dog shit one.
  23. Hey, it's all about the brussels sprout ketchup.
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