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  1. Sorry if Im speaking out of order as I'm now going to mention a canned cider. Lidl sell a Devon scrumpy for about £2,80 (probs a tad less) for a four pack of 440ml. This is actually being missold as it is made in (well, at least fermented in) Somerset. Made by Sheppys but without their branding. 6.00% and absolutely delicious. Trust me on this, worth risking £2.80 next time you are passing a Lidl just to find out.
  2. A few friends of mine do it and seem to enjoy it. Everyone is breathylised at the start of each shift but not drug tested! Here..... PAID WORK we need a few more drivers to come and drive dustcarts at Glastonbury festival. You need a valid category c licence, have held that licence for 2 years plus, a valid digi tacho card and valid driver CPC. You would need to commit to attending an induction onsite on weds 26th June. Starting work either thu 27th or fri 28th and being available to stay onsite to work up until fri 5th or sat 6th. You would get one rest day in between. You get a good hourly rate for class 2 work plus holiday pay. And 3 meals a day on each day worked. Secure camping area onsite and can bring camper or caravan. If this interests you pls either email recyclingcentreoffice@gmail.com Or call 07871 903196
  3. Petition site seems to have been overwhelmed!
  4. Ahh, was in there briefly and mis IDd you. I'll say Hi one day.
  5. Were you restocking veg at half ten last night?
  6. ME is to be hung in The National Portrait Gallery. Painted by Peter Blake. He certainly deserves the wall space. More here https://www.theartnewspaper.com/blog/wellies-gig-for-pepper-man
  7. Just had a reply from Aoife who seems to deal with ME's email account..... "Wow – this is incredible. I know we have lots of features we’re already working on for this year, so may not have the capacity for this – but thank you for passing this on, I’ve never seen anything like that before! Regards, Aoife Dick"
  8. I've just sent the link to ME and EE. Maybe, just maybe 2020?
  9. Thanks, best thing I've seen for ages. Would work well with Arcadia
  10. The Maybot is currently in negotiations with ME trying to persuade him to drop the big news at the same time as May's plans for Brexit go tits up so as to bury the bad news. May's negotiating skills do not come even close to ME's legendary skills. Another epic fail.
  11. I still miss YamThe Cassava.
  12. I'm lucky enough to be able to camp in my favourite spot every year, the bottom of the CN Field. Love it.
  13. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
  14. Think it was earlier than that, '93 or'94? ish edit. mis read your post.
  15. Yep, a good tab or a handfull of mushrooms and the world was your entertainment
  16. Oh, not to mention the snakes. Earliest picture of me at Glastonbury. Taken in '86 by a chap with a snake. One quid for a Polaroid pic taken with his snake. Or should I say taken with his polaroid camera with the snake as as a prop,well you know what I mean.I was about two hours into a pint of mushroom tea when this was taken. God I look young.
  17. Haha, back in the day there were alsorts of animals on site . Plenty of horsedrawn folk that offered taxi services with their horse and carts and one I remember that had an enormous wooden barrel of cider that was a mobile bar. There used to be packs of dogs, posses of chickens and squadrons of geese. One chap from Totnes used to turn up with a cart hauled by some weird sacred cow type beasts from India. Different times
  18. Wasn't on in '88 and I can't remember any rave rigs in '89. '89 I was in the travellers' field just outside gate 3 (now CV east) and there certainly wasn't any rave there then. If it had been anywhere it would have been there. Wango Riley's was the biggest illegal venue there that year. 1990 biggest area of travellers was in Undleground and east of there.That's where I was parked up and again I can't remember any rave rigs. Wasn't on in '91after the riot of '90 and '92 was the first year of a massive crackdown on travellers and illegal entrants in big vehicles. We were in T&C and saw no raving at all. Was a rather beige year. '95 was, I think, the first year that raving really happened.
  19. The Golden Moon Cafe in The Green Futures Field used to be a vibrant and kicking late night venue before the SE corner and LV existed. Particularly famous for the Monday night after party for crew. It used to be in the same spot as The Groovie Moovie Picture House although set back slightly. Screech Rock, Tofu Love Fogs, Nik Turner, Tragic Roundabout etc were regular acts. Even better was The Kazbar in the entrance to the field below The Greenpeace Field. That was completely bonkers. Good times.
  20. Yep.The festival know that they could increase the ticket price considerably but choose not to. Hats off to them.
  21. Fuck all. Only watching as I'm trying to convince myself that to watch to the end will be character building.
  22. I'm actually still watching this. Genuinely worse than a speed awareness course.
  23. Fessing up here. Home alone.Watching Brits for first time in my life. Have cider.
  24. Now searching Ebay for some second hand red trousers ready for June. Will get their first public appearance at the eFests meet.
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