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  1. Our Trust received their allocation this week...well half of it for some reason. Managed to snag an appointment for this morning - beauty of having rubbish lungs is that I was put in a higher category than the rest of my team. Bit chaotic at first but the actual vaccination part was quick and painless. Now if I could get my shielding relatives vaccinated I’d be a lot happier. Still going to be careful even when I’ve had the second dose for the sake of my partner and other people.
  2. What’s the betting that this government will prioritise vaccinations for tier 4 areas?
  3. I'd drafted a long email to that vile Philip Davies and then had to amend it as he's publicly said DC needs to go. If anything I'm getting more angry the longer he hangs on. My mother has been in hospital now for three weeks and was shielding before but was struggling and we followed the government guidance to stay at home so feel that I've stupidly put my mother at risk by not following my instincts and travelling to her each week.
  4. polgara

    Oxfam Camping

    Theres a huge marquee for socialising. It is pretty quiet once shifts really kick in - plus some people will be working from the Saturday (lucky people)
  5. Technically it could be seen as gross misconduct and dependent on occupational sick pay could even be classed as fraud but its a risk a lot of people take.
  6. Tell me about it! At least you can see the whole site...but a negative is...you can see the whole site the whole time you are working
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