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  1. Yoghurt on a Stick

    best youtube vids

  2. Yoghurt on a Stick

    Has anyone here ever met Jarvis Cocker of Pulp?

    lol Them's the breaks!
  3. Yoghurt on a Stick

    Things that annoy you ?

    Couldn't they just add similar grade metal to where the cuts in the ring are, rather than thin out the rings? Worth considering / asking, I'd say.
  4. Yoghurt on a Stick

    Things that annoy you ?

    Holy F. Hope you are OK physically speaking ie it wasn't a dvt or something. I guess it's super annoying mentally though, knowing that you've kept those rings intact for 40 years. Can they be repaired? I hope so. As an aside, here's my story of my wife's engagement and wedding rings; Engagement ring - I bought it from a jeweller who lives on a small Scottish island. All well and good. I had somehow (forgotten now) managed to get the ring size right, without letting my now wife know. I then took her on a holiday and we stayed on a small Irish island on the west coast, where my dad comes from. We went down to the beach one day, and I proposed to her on the beach. And she said 'yes', thankfully!. Wedding ring - we went in to the jewellery quarter in Birmingham to have a bespoke ring made up, which 'fitted in' to the unusually shaped engagement ring that I had bought. Long story short - they produced a ring which was no where near what we had asked for. The owner of the jewellery business insisted that it was, even though it was one of his assistants that had taken down our specification for the ring. The debate about it got heated, and eventually in front of a fairly full small shop my wife told him to 'Go fuck himself'. It was at this point that his head went so red that I thought it would explode (along with my own too), and my wife stormed out of the shop. I went after her. It was then that we realized that we'd left the engagement ring with them and the wedding ring deposit. I went back and asked for them back. The owner obviously wanted rid of us because he agreed, even though he said that it had cost him heavily to have the ring made up. So, what to do regarding the wedding ring? We still didn't have an answer to this question when we arrived at the wedding venue the night before the wedding. We decided to go in to Shepton Mallet the next morning (for we did get married in Pilton) and buy the most suitable wedding ring we could find. On our way out from the venue the next day, the wedding organizer stopped our vehicle and asked where we could possibly be going. We informed him that we were off to buy the wedding ring, for the wedding that was only a few hours away. He put his head in to his hands and then started shaking his head. Anyway, we ended up buying a bosting wedding ring at a fraction of the price we were going to pay, and also one that fitted the engagement ring, and, more importantly, one that my wife loved.
  5. Yoghurt on a Stick

    NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Wow, I thought you were referring to Curlygirl's mom when I initially read that line.
  6. Yoghurt on a Stick

    Has anyone here ever met Jarvis Cocker of Pulp?

    That was very considerate of you.
  7. Yoghurt on a Stick

    NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Hello guy, Sorry to hear about your dog dilemma. I had to be with my parents when our family dog was put to sleep. It's an event that I'll never forget, but not one that there are any regrets about. The poor chap was in pain. Pain that was never going to be relieved. I know, for certain, that I'd want somebody noble to put me down if that were the case with me myself. Time to be brave. Not for your sake, but for the sake of your doggie. Well, that's my opinion, anyway. All the best mate.
  8. Yoghurt on a Stick

    DT Project Coursework - Festival Cleanliness

    Morning semmtexx, That would have to be one big drink that we'd share. Would probably need a bucket to keep it in. Have a great day.
  9. Yoghurt on a Stick

    DT Project Coursework - Festival Cleanliness

    Hello semmtexx, I'd certainly buy you a vodka and coke if we ever met, however I'd steer clear of the Novichock vodka (I posted it as a joke about the Novichock virus and the whole head to toe body suit). Looking at that vodka in the photo - 75% by volume!! That stuff is probably as lethal as the Novichok virus is!!
  10. Yoghurt on a Stick

    DT Project Coursework - Festival Cleanliness

    Yeah, I gave up when it asked me for my email address too. Well, since my idea to make my fortune via milk has fell at the first hurdle, vodka anyone?
  11. Yoghurt on a Stick

    DT Project Coursework - Festival Cleanliness

    I think that may be the reason that this thread has degenerated in to farce - not that the three question survey wasn't farcical in itself.
  12. Yoghurt on a Stick

    DT Project Coursework - Festival Cleanliness

    Yeah, I'm the milkman there. As you can see, even the milk carton has it's own snazzy little protective cover. By the way, does my bum look big in this?
  13. Yoghurt on a Stick

    DT Project Coursework - Festival Cleanliness

    And if there are any doubts, then you could always invest in one of these;
  14. Yoghurt on a Stick

    Bestival 2018 incoming!

    It's odd that they would get something like that wrong - the alcohol allowance being so very important to the 'thirsty'. There's no way I'm sticking to any quota other than that governed by personal finances, in any case. As an aside, I was in a hardware type shop this morning looking for organic plant fertilizer. Not that I'm with it PC or anything, it's just that I didn't want fertilizer that was predominantly nitrogen based, as it's not recommended for the sapling that I've re planted elsewhere in the garden. Anyway, I boringly digress - what I want to really say is that they also had those plastic bags that you can put fish in to in the oven. These are, apparently, good for storing your cannot be without 'medication' in, to avoid odours escaping from your bag and on to the noses of sniffer dogs. Five bags for a pound - bargain. I'll use all five bags to wrap the stuff, to be on the safe side, washing hands between each ensuing enveloping of the goodies (never can be too careful). I'm going in a campervan, so it should be a piece of piss to bring in shed loads of drink and naughties - even if a thorough search of the van takes place. I tend to hide long Rizzla papers too, as this is such a giveaway.
  15. Yoghurt on a Stick

    DT Project Coursework - Festival Cleanliness

    That's easy - just pack a Ra Ra skirt in your bag and don't get tempted to put it on until the Monday morning. When Monday morning arrives, just pop on the Ra Ra skirt, and your good to go. No more looking like Tom Hanks in Cast Away, in one fell swoop. It'll not stop those odd looks you get from the 'Clean People' in service stations though. They'll still be looking at you like you were something they trod in.