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  1. Fabulous. Hadn't seen that before. Thanks bamber.
  2. One of my brothers mates was in a shop with his Irish mom when his mate saw that Kevin Rowland had walked into the shop. This was way back when they were first famous. His mate said to his mom something along the lines of 'That's Kevin Rowland from the band Dexy's Midnight Runners, mom'. Her response was to say something along the lines of 'Well, if you know him and his one of your friends, go over and tell him that I'll stitch up the rips in his jeans for him, no bother'. lol
  3. This is indeed the more accurate statement. Thank you.
  4. Not really. I'm not a grass, but I do like the truth / clarity etc, so have to tell you (sing like a canary!)that it was my wife that invited the bloke around for Xmas day dinner, not me, or not even us jointly.
  5. I'm not sure that I need to ask my wife (which I'm not going to do right now because I 'need' a rest. She can, by her own admission, 'talk' to people at such length that a point arrives whereby it all becomes unpleasant for the listener. I've only just fielded one attempt at one of 'those' off, so I'll be fucked if I'm 'going back in' and allow another attempt) on this. I'm fairly confident that she would say the same for those words that you mention. That these are the words that people use in real life when drunk, angry, both, etc. I'm pretty sure that she's arguing against the shackling of
  6. I'm sure that there are certain circles in the states that would have applauded you for such a statement. We, rather inadvertently, invited our neighbour's builder around for a drink on Friday night, not having known him (the builder) 5 minutes. My wife was slaughtered, and I wasn't far behind. Anyway, we did get on with the bloke. However, after a wild night and while doing a post mortem of the previously untethered proceedings, either my wife or myself (can't recall) said to the other 'Did you notice something so fleeting (as in less than a second) that the builder was about to go off on a r
  7. Hello danmarks, Thanks for the suggestion. I am actually a little familiar with that album, but haven't actually listened to anything off it for many, many years now. So, I'll add that to the suggestions of Mr Boo. Looks like I've got the makings of the start of a Bowie evening.
  8. Hello Mr Boo, Thanks for that information and recommendations. My knowledge of music is really quite limited (especially compared to you lot on here). I guess that would be quite surprising for some to hear, given that I've been to Glastonbury about 25 times. The thing is that I only ever really went there because it was the one time and place that my countrywide dispersed mates would all meet up as one group. However, my wife has introduced me to new and varied music, so I'm kind of getting there, slowly. I shall give those two tracks you mention a whirl and take it from there with that
  9. To be fair David Bowie does look like he was clean cut in that footage. As an aside, I've only recently 'discovered' the Bowie track Five years. I am now having problems as it's definitely challenging the current top slot for my favourite song / artist. This is currently (but for how long?) held by James's track 'Sound' the live version, which I think was in Sheffield.
  10. Sounds grim, alright. Hope it passes quickly for you.
  11. I'd forgotten this one (see below). It never fails to give me goosebumps. David Bowie's cross reminded me of a story that the author Bill Bryson told about what one of his friends had witnessed while in the queue at the jewellery section bit at Argos. He said that his friend was waiting in the queue and when it got to the young female teenager to get served in front of him he heard her say to the shop assistant 'Have you got any crosses for a necklace. He then witnessed the shop assistant show the young lady a selection of crosses. Then he heard the young lady say 'Have y
  12. You've summed it up in a reasonably large sized nutshell there maelzoid. There are, and I suppose always will be, occasions when doing the right thing will require you to piss into the wind, with the only result being that you get yourself covered in your own piss, and do not change a thing. In connection with the above the last 'major' time that my wife ( not scaredey cat me) stood up to someone on this front was in a pub up the road from us. We've only lived here for 3 years but my wife was oblivious (in her love everybody naïve way) that this small country town is packed to the gunnel
  13. Oh, don't get me wrong, as I fully agree with your rule of thumb approach as it's the most apt in all three categories. All I was trying to add was that it's a bit hazy in that one area, but even then, not extensively. Mind you if we are all to become a more harmonious and equitable collective it's going to mean that a huge amount of people who aren't those discriminated against (and who possibly do the discriminating) to get on board with those who are the victims of discrimination. In connection with the above it does need people to be re-educated about what their own morals are, as wel
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