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  1. Don't ask me why (because I don't consciously know) but I'd take Morrisons over the Co-op any day of the week.
  2. My mistake - I haven't read the whole of the thread, but should have known that the discussion hadn't veered away from G +lasto ticket comps, and onto the purchasing of whatever it is people shop for in supermarkets. As an aside, I once realised that I was the 'loony' in the supermarket. I was the person who 'everybody' was shuffling away from. That was quite some dawning / awakening.
  3. Surely a Morrison's is better than the Co-op? Is that not a thing? I know that the Co-op around here sells stuff that's more expensive than the M & S around here.
  4. Have you ever kissed it, in a moment of gratitude? If not, I think you should. Anybody who has been to and will go to Glastonbury should kiss it in homage. * * - If you charged a quid to kiss the ring, and it caught on, you could be minted. Look at the people (eejits) queuing up at the Blarney Stone, as example of a similar successful business model.
  5. Wow, what a story! Of course, 'we' can't even begin to hypothesise with not knowing the scale of the 'piece' (ringpiece!) of artwork.
  6. I have a friend who grows small oak tree saplings from acorns each year. He gives the saplings to people who have suffered a bereavement, so that they can plant each sapling where they want, in memory of their loved one. Might be an idea for you. Remember - From acorns great oak trees will grow.
  7. I knew that Scotland had an alcohol tax, but was totally unaware that Wales had too. There must be loads of people with vans ferrying in cheaper alcohol across the border and into Wales, surely? Same goes for Scotland. I don't live so very far from the Welsh border (Shropshire). If only I had the cojones, I could make a mint.
  8. We have a large log cabin at the end of the garden, which has electrics and wifi etc. The cabin lights had been left on as well as the heating, so I needed to turn them off, as well as close the door so that a fox or some such didn't get in there. Cabin photo two.htm
  9. Oh, just remembered - I would have upvoted, but have ran out of them. That's mighty fine information.
  10. Thanks for the clarification. I'm 'put out' that I haven't won a couple of tickets for some efesters. I may have to resort to buying some of this cheese Now I know what to do, if that becomes a thing.
  11. I've just walked down to the bottom of my garden (and back) in my slippers, and also in heavy rain. Taking one for the team.
  12. Lucky you - that's a piece of Glastonbury heritage, that is.
  13. I don't even know what they look like, but want one so bad it hurts. I've looked up bobble headed turtles and loads of images come up. I haven't scrutinised them. In fact, I clicked out of images, as I didn't want to see upstart pretenders to the throne. @Bike_Like_A_Mum - Is there any chance of a photo of your bobble headed turtle? And 'no' you dirty minded people, that's not a euphemism!"
  14. Oh, and it says all winners have been contacted.
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