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  1. I remember the stuff well, from my primary school days. For those too young to know, it was a supposed toilet paper, made from sheets of what could pass for tracing paper. It was also Holy Hell on earth to use the stuff, as it was non absorbent, and simply slid off your ring piece, time and time again, but had no humanely observable effect in removing the shite from your arse. You could technically use rolls and rolls of the stuff for days on end, but actually be exactly where you were when you made the decision to actually clean your chocolate starfish. Oh, the reminder of this has set my therapy back years.
  2. It would be nice to see some input from others on this thread. Come on now, all aboard.
  3. The idea of not having an NHS is a scary one. The Americans without health insurance must also be shitting little rabbit type shits, everyday, always hoping that the God Broccoli will look down on them kindly.
  4. I had no idea that there even was such as a site as that you mention. I guess there's one out there to cover everybody's interests. Sounds like you are doing a good job on there. I guess that the trouble that I have is trying to be a nice person on the DM site, when deep down I really know that I have no foundations to ever be in with a chance of success, on that front - but specifically limited to that site. I was banned for life on there again recently, I don't know the number, but I've been banned for life (lol) from there, quite a few times now. I guess I can't over power the deviant with me, that gets it's kicks from almost knowing that I've rattled some of the fascistic blue rinse brigade's cages. There endeth this confession. Amen.
  5. Fear not, because I simply cannot be tainted by the orientation that they wish to follow in life, and have others follow too. So, I therefore see no harm, as I am unable to swell their numbers. All I really do is , to my mind anyway, is to tell and show them what a cnut looks like, whilst simultaneously raising a mirror, and showing them their own reflection. I doubt if anybody 'get's it' that way, and changes as a result. It's much more probable that they travel at high velocity in the other direction. All the above said, I have to confess that there is a darker side to saying the things that I sometimes say on there. I don't think that I have any excuse to offer, that would be deemed to be grown up, and intelligent. No, this stuff would blow the top end off anybody's Puerile - O - Meter. It's the territory that childish young school boys are well known to frequent. I was one once. It would appear also, that I still am.
  6. . ...................................................................finally get to tell someone else what they, probably don't want to hear, but you're that keen to tell someone about it, that you're prepared to knowingly bore someone else ( or many people) to within an inch of their (own) sanity, because you've decided that your own 'needs' have a much greater priority than those of the people you are dealing with or responding to, on a 'site'. Anyway, with the 'knowledge' ( but faux acceptance) that one must lead by example, I'll give you my first offering. It is at this stage that I 'know' that I shouldn't do this, but am going to crack on, all the same. Oh, by the way, I don't really expect or anticipate that there would be people out there, who would want to post a confession, it's just an opportunity to do so, in case you did, kind of thing. CONFESSION - I read the Daily Mail on line, far too much than is healthy for someone so feeble of mind. NEGATIVES - I appear to be garnering 'information' from a prejudiced political Pamphlet. POSITIVES - That my apparent need to troll at some point in my life, gets a suitable platform, away from anybody even nearly normal, who might get offended. No, these are people who NEED people like me on their site, in order to feel justified about them being heavily afflicted by the emotion called hate. It is only right and proper (For 'tis written in the stones') that some attempt to is made by the rest of us, to relieve them of this unnecessary burden? That that license should extend to actually, on occasion, posting things which can only be described as utterly depraved, is obviously debatable, I'll accept.
  7. I'm not sure that I can be siding with you on that perspective.
  8. Just realised that I've actually given you a coupler posts up there, to be getting on with.
  9. Will have to wait and see what responses i get to the post above, to gauge whether I was right or not to post it.
  10. If there's one thing that you can say about Rod, it's that he's not a shunter.
  11. When I went to use my last printer, I found that my wife had managed to get a load of differering items, such as pens, pencils and other objects, and somehow either stuffed them in to the operational area within the printer, or had 'allowed' them to get in there somehow. All I know is that it wasn't me, so had to be her. Then I had a stroke of luck recently, and bought another HP printer from a second hand shop for £15. I put a new cartridge in, and it has worked a treat since. Up to now, that is. I just went to use it and it started to make a very unusual noise, kind of like a cry for help. Up on looking inside, I noticed that there's paper stuck within the moving parts. So, I turned the open feed end down to face the table to see if I could shake out the trapped paper. No paper came out. What did come out was a medicinal pill, of some nature. I have no idea how that came to be there, and do not recognise the pill as one of me or my wife's. I can only conclude that it originally belonged to the previous owner. Anyway, I can't get the snarled up paper, because there isn't full access to the moving part area. I've tried and tried to budge this paper using a long implement, but no give. I'll see if I can somehow take the printer apart tomorrow, as I'm too annoyed to try and further tonight with it. I am also further annoyed at the prospect that this might be, yet another, printer down the drain.
  12. Oh, I actually had thought that he'd come out with a new track. I already know that my music credentials on here are less than what is generally considered desirable. Fortunately I have no shame, so don't mind admitting that the last couple of tracks that I heard of his, I really liked. I once was offered the opportunity to see him play live at Warwick Castle, but turned it down. I regret that decision now.
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