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  1. Not exactly overfamiliar with the workings of Facebook so can only give the overall guidance here as to possible further photos / information etc; https://www.facebook.com/Festival-Reboot-Recycled-Glastonbury-Festival-Welly-Products-264100716967533/
  2. Hello grumpy, That's great news to hear.You'll not be disappointed. I forgot to mention there's a poetry tent too. I know this because my rather drunken wife tried to get up on the stage to perform - only she wasn't one of the agreed upon poets, so she was politely 'ejected'. That's guerilla poetry for you - you win some you lose some. Oh and they shoot lazers out of the bog house window on to the 'mountain' on the other side of the valley. The big house used to be a rich industrialists summer home. I think descendants of his still live there. In fact I think this is their summ
  3. Hello grumpy, I've been several times before and it is now, without doubt, my favourite small festival. When I first went it seemed to be like a festival for DJ's and artists by DJ's and artists. I sat down on a bench and a couple came up and we started talking. Then they offered me a smoke. All went smoothly until the bloke said 'well I've got to go now because I'm DJ'ing soon. This then happened to me a further two times that day ie I'd managed to bump into several DJ's in a few hours. Now that first time we went, my stepson also came along. He came because there was an 'impo
  4. I found a band called Voyager, but not Voyagers on Wicki. Then my search went elsewhere ie at a complete tangent - which is why I ended up on the Nasa affiliated site. I went to an accordion lesson once when I was at infants school. I can recall it vividly as it was on a Saturday, and there was a total eclipse of the sun that day (or at least I think it was total. So not so vivid, on reflection). Anyway, the accordion teacher never turned up and I never tried again after that one time. This is the best accordion music I have heard so far in my life. However, that may change when I l
  5. Hello grumpy, There's still tickets for the Landed Festival on sale, and no news of it being called off. Might interest you; https://www.fatsoma.com/e/fw09qma1/landedfestival-2021 🙂
  6. And what sort of morals you have, in some instances, I'd say. I can't see any Quakers legging it to the pub like their life depended on it.
  7. Hello guy, Sounds fab. Wishing you, your wife, and friends all the best. Our only release this year will be the Landed Festival. I'm really looking forward to it. I desperately want to be in a field, having fun with like minded people. 🙂
  8. Don't ask me how but on trying to find out more information on the band I managed to stumble across this; https://voyager.jpl.nasa.gov/golden-record/whats-on-the-record/ That, much like the music, is pretty funky stuff. PS - I'm allowed to say funky because I'm of that age. And I can happily wear socks and sandals if I like too.
  9. Strangely enough, me. I've not been to the pub for almost 16 months now. I'm really not sure that I'd feel comfortable going to one. It's irrational because I go to the shops etc. I think I can wait out a bit longer. Mind you, I wasn't a major pub goer before the covid virus. Odd when I almost used to live in the places for several decades. That said, it'll be the chance of having a few real ales that'll be my Achilles Heal.
  10. Nice one guy. Where are you off to and for how long? Or in order to answer that question will it mean that could tell me but you'd have to kill me afterwards? I like the camper. We love our camper and going to new places, and old. Here's a photo of ours.
  11. Wow! Unfortunately I'm not in a position to listen to that music correctly right now. However, I did have a brief few listens of it by pressing the play button at intervals. Anyway, it sounds totally cosmic from the brief listen that I have had. I look forward to listening to it properly soon. You may, or may not, be aware that I know little of music. I am learning though - slowly but surely. Anyway, I already feel like I have a kindship with this music. Got to dash. I have an appointment with Wikipedia and the band Voyagers.
  12. Is Mrs. Moth playing there, or have I read your statement wrong?
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