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  1. Well, it was good news. Unfortunately the efests system has just informed me that I am now ranked as a 'collaborator'. And there's me thinking that I wouldn't buckle under torture and the 'system' just by-passes that and puts the word out that I am the sort of person who is in cahoots with Nazi's and other shitty people.
  2. Today's the day the Teddy Bears have their picnic! By which I mean we're off to a festival later. Not only that but I have just managed to get the road tax sorted on our campervan, without the reminder letter or the V5 document. Initially when I rang up the DVLA about 10 minutes ago (and got near enough straight through) they told me that they couldn't help. I do have the VC5 document but it's located in a currently impenetrable garage. anyway, they sorted it and I can now legally drive the campervan again. It's probably been 2 years since we were last away in 'her', and we are bursting at the seems to 'live' in her again. God but I need this break.
  3. I met someone I knew, but wasn't close to, a billion years after I first knew him. I recall the occasion well. Anyway, to cut a long story short I asked him (or he told me - I know not which right now) what he'd been up to. His response was that he'd been, and still was, a roadie for ZZ Top, and that he was only there because of Mick. and wasn't that the very reason that I was there too. It was Mick and his twin sister's (Rochelle) 50oth birthday at a rugby club in the middle of fucking nowhere. Anyway, it was meant to be fancy dress. Some people went for it, and some people didn't. I'd say, on reflection that the people who didn't bother were actually in the majority. However, there was one person, and I mean only one person, who went 'all the way' on the fancy dress front. Fuck knows why he did it, but he did. He had, earlier that day (quite early in the day, as the birthday celebrations started at 5pm) gone to a hairdresser and asked for a certain haircut. Later he donned his fancy dress costume - a quality brown monks robe and rope belt, complete with hood. Well, you know what's coming next - he arrived with hood on his monk's robe and then unveiuled his own bonce whebn he had his first pint (from that venue) in his hand. He had gone for 'The Friar Tuck' look! Not an easy thing to write or even say in this condition! Apparently the hairdresser was stunned. However, she saw an opportunity, and put all the detail of his 'haircut' on her website. I'm rambling. I'm rambling and I've just realised that I need to communicate with somebody important to me.
  4. That I'm off to the Landed festival tomorrow is my good news. The last time I had a night away was early last September. So, to have a few nights away (until the Monday) in a beautiful country setting is just the ticket. Oh, and I've got our campervan off a SORN and up and running again, which will result in a few more snatched moments away from the 'norm' in the near future.
  5. Cheers guy, That's an interesting website. I shall make a note of its existence for future forays. Ta very much!
  6. 'the drove' - what is that? I'm a little bit stoned guy, so the answer may seem bloody obvious to you, but I don't know where I'm at with the written and visual data that you have provided. I don't suppose you'd be willing to 'elaborate' on your last post to such an extent that I would understand? Oh, I see, you would 'rather not'! Yes, I can very much see the sense in that! All the best at this moment - and all the other moments too.
  7. Talking of which - my misses played this to me;
  8. I was sent a track from them this year too, which was my first awareness of them. I liked them so much I listened to other tracks from them and really liked those too. Now I know they have new stuff out today. Getting so involved in music was an anathema to me previously.
  9. Hello Comfy, I like that quote. I'm still serving my time at this end. In fact I have at this moment just poured myself a G & T. Probably too early for most, but it's almost a daily occurrence for me. I believe that they call the likes of me a 'functioning alcoholic'. I really like this quote by Finley Peter Dunne; 'Alcohol is necessary for a man so that he can have a good opinion of himself, undisturbed be the facts'.
  10. You make it sound like a real ale. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if a small brewing company hadn't already come out with some such.
  11. Once I saw that information I had to look it up to verify if it were true or not. It is!
  12. Yes, not long to go, and I have a shit load of preparation to do. I'm trying to get into a Zen state about it. To be honest it's not just the stall aspect, but organising everything else in our lives (me and my wife) to enable us to go without worrying about having forgotten some major element that we should have dealt with. Not sure on the music front, as I haven't looked into any of the acts. I do know that when we went one year, my stepson also drove down because there was one particular DJ that he wanted to see / listen to. Apparently the DJ normally plays massive venues and commands a very high fee. My stepson tried to see him when he was playing in Berlin (which was where my stepson was living at that time). The entrance fee to see this DJ (and other DJ's) was about the equivalent of £50. Anyway, he never got in - apparently he wasn't dressed trendily enough according to the bouncers! No, I've never been to Alchemy. I've heard of it but know nothing about it ie. my memory has kind of gone on that front. That said, I have a vague recollection that it might be the festival where the organiser just fucked off with all the money one year and there was no festival. Not sure about that one, so apologies to the organisers if that one is wrong. See you soon. 🙂
  13. Fortunately I've never deliberately sniffed glue, or felt the desire to. However, when i used to work for the 'man' I worked from home for a long period of years. There was a small bedroom in the then house that I used as my office. However, I also begain to use it as a sort of art studio too. Much of 'my' art uses all sorts of glue and adhesives. I once had a tin of petroleum based 'sticky stuff' that I'd never opened in that room. We (my wife and I) sort of had a friend who was a qualified anaesthetist. Anyway, he came into my office one day to have a look around at my art on the walls, he spotted the tin of adhesive, took it off the shelf, read the contents, and told me never to use it in any confined environment. He went on to tell me that I would 'seriously' run the risk of a serious medical fault if I were to use it in that room - which I probably wasn't going to do, as even I knew it was mental stuff. Anyway, those other glues in that confined room must have sent me mad on several occasions. I still have (and probably always will) a complete array of glue's for different 'problems'. I've even got 5 tubes of black adhesive that will withstand temperatures of about 260 degrees, or some such. So there you have it - my glue story. Which is now stuck in your mind. I'll get me Pritt Stick!
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