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  1. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/charitybins2022
  2. My experience of bringing gin and tonics into any festival has necessitated plenty of these (emptied into a plastic container); Then boxes of quality cheap tonic eg. Then one of these (large) filled to the top with ice; If you do this too, I can personally guarantee that it will be successful. As to how that success is defined, is up to the individual.* * - and maybe the laws of the land, especially those that err more towards trying to maintain a common sense of decency.
  3. I've re-written this bit a fair few times now, and am struggling as to what to say. In fact, that's all I can say.
  4. I'm not sure how old I am. Some days I think that I am 56, and some days I feel like I have existed since the birth of time.
  5. Oh my Lord! Wow, that must have been mental. I mean, in a very pleasant way, as opposed to you all needing the services of the Emergency Psychiatric Intervention Teams covering your relevant areas of location. Do you know what else is mental? It's that I have just asked my wife to confirm that we were at Glastonbury in 2013. She confirmed that we were. She also went on to say that 'It's the one where we didn't see any act - as in at all*. It then flooded back to me that she was mostly right, and a little bit wrong. We had actually briefly made it to the Acoustic Tent, but were pre-occupied with both 'crying' to focus on any music. My wife's son had administered some lsd to us, failing to inform us that it was military grade stuff. We went back and asked him what the fuck he was doing and he said 'Soz mom'! LMFAO. * - Some would argue that we squandered those Glastonbury tickets by not seeing an act (although I thought we had also seen Blondie, but my wife said that was the next year). I would argue not. For us it was very much doing the camping base 'bit' of the festival. Apart from going to the local toilets, my wife confirms that we did make it to the chip shop at the bottom of the field as well. Then my memories flooded back. I recalled that we both lay down in front of the chip shop and talked away to each other. And the thing is, that's OK at Glastonbury. And that's why it is the best on the block.
  6. Unless I get 'triggers' my memory is fairly fucked nowadays. I can be halfway up the stairs and not know what I'm going upstairs for. It could be dementia, general old age, or the result of a hedonistic lifestyle - or all three!
  7. Thanks for the nod. I'll listen to that later.
  8. Thanks for the explanation / confirmation. I hadn't even put two and two together on the video log / vlog front!
  9. I don't suppose you could give us guidance on just how small an operation it is that you require? I mean, you know, small is kind of a relative concept, and all.
  10. I kunt hardly wait for that to get to No. 1 It was bad, wasn't it. I'm sorry.
  11. Hello irnkrtn, Unfortunately I haven't got a clue about vlogging. I think I know something, but I wouldn't bet a bundle on it - and my usual MO is to bet on a three legged donkey, so that says something. What, I'm not entirely sure of, but one has to press on despite the mental difficulties,. Is a vlog a video you make and put on YouTube / Facebook? Are there other places where one vlogs if indeed I am accurate in my assumption about videos. Or, is a vlog something else? Can a vlog just be the written word. I guess I need to use Google search. I'd like to put some videos on to YouTube and Facebook, but they wouldn't be about glue, I'm afraid.* I've got far more interesting (to me, anyway) 'stuff' that I'd like to show to the world. If anybody has any advice to offer in this area, then I'd be interested in hearing it.. It's about time I got up off my arse, showed the world my 'stuff', and then immediately get incarcerated under the Mental health Act through the direct intervention of the Emergency Psychiatric Intervention Team. Anyway, i'm rambling now. As a sort of comprimise, here's a photo (hopefully) of a small selection of glues. There are quite a few more types in the drawe still and in my garage. did I tell yopu that I like glues? * - i once had a tin of glue in a small office that i had in my last house. I was visited by a friend who happens to be an anethetist. not only that, but one that has a significant higher rate of keeping people alive during surgerty than tthe national averafge. Tto say jhe knows his biology is an understyatement. he also, rather cuunningly, is totally aware of all 'medications' etc. Anyway, he saw the tin and then nearly had a styroke. He told me that if I had opened it and stayed in that room for an x (I cannot recall the figure) amoubnt of time, that it wouldf have, without any doubt, have lead to a heart attack, or some such. I believed him. I still do. I was never going to open that glue in there though, as even i knew it was a lethal bastard to be using. If you want to know, I used it by smearing the upper torso ./ head of a mannequin with it, and then pushing very small rivets uinto the glue. i had bough 20K small rivets for about £10. bargain!
  12. I have very little knowledge of what this topic started off on. I'm guessing that there's another place on this site that shows videos? Anyway, please don't talk to me about epoxy resin. I am very much a 'glue' man. You'll find it hard to beat a good 2 part epoxy resin glue for most DIY jobs. I have a whole kitchen drawer devoted to all sort of glue. I even have about 5 tubes of black glue which can withstand temperature of 300 degrees centigrade. I have glue for fabric also. I have quick and slow setting glues. I'm fucking glue crazy, come to think of it! Oh, I also buy this small metal pot of a type of builders glue that just glues everything that I need in the way that I need. You see with glues it's all about the bond and the setting time. well, for me it is. INow i'm going to go and lie down in a darkened rioom - to sleep, perchance to dream (of glues). i'M NOT REALLY. i'M GOING OUT INTO THE GARDEN, IF YOU REALLY WANTED TO KNOW. fUCK KNOWS HOW THIS TYPING HAS ALL GONE MENTAL.
  13. Well, all I know (not from direct experience though. I would say if that was the case) is that if you are in desperate need of 'pudding' while in Birmingham, then get your skates on and head down John Bright Street.
  14. Not sure if this has been posted already or not. best err on the safe side, I thought to myself, so here it is; https://www.stylist.co.uk/win/win-a-pair-of-glastonbury-2022-tickets-with-ee/653051
  15. Thank you. Unfortunately what I was looking for isn't there. Not that I would really want it. I'll put my hands up and say it was for financial gain that drove my interest. That said, I don't think I'll dip my toe in the waters of that field again. So, you'll get no competition from me. All the best with your own dabbling in this area.
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