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  1. Hello bamber, I'm afraid that I don't know an enormous amount about the internet really. I can use this site, a few news sites, and also (back in the day) book a Ryanair flight. Obviously I'm exaggerating / being slightly self deprecatory there a little. That said, I don't really know if the internet is evil or not. Surely it can and is both evil and possibly our saviour. I guess it's down to how people want to use it and interpret it's response to them. I just tried to be 20 ft tall, but accidentally shot the mark. This happened instead; With concentration My size increased And now I'm fourteen stories high (At least) Empire State human Just a bored kid. I'll go to Egypt to be The pyramids I love my friends too, and know that they love me in return. I guess that's a start.
  2. We are all a product of our own environment, to a degree. We are also, in my opinion, also guilty of helping to maintain the world that we live in, knowing full well that it's unfit for purpose. It is in no way equitable, yet we have nearly all acquiesced for some reason or other - be it for cash, power, complacent stupidity etc etc. However, there are those who have not accepted this status quo, and never will. I can't help but feel that it is now time to go and swell their numbers.
  3. STOP PRESS. STOP PRESS. The penny has dropped - or at least I think it has. If I'm right then I can confirm that I would agree with your original post that I had my doubts on. Yes it is disappointing that there were white people using the protest to loot etc. I'm sure that black people are as equally ashamed of the black people who looted. The thing is, the people who looted have a completely different agenda to that of achieving equality and the harmony that most of us are all yearning for. That should be recognised by that majority, and treated as the side show it is. If I may, I'd like to tell you a true story. Those who need to scroll on, please do so now. Right, for those who have held on, I'll press on. My dad used to be a Foreman at the Longbridge car factory in Birmingham. One day a black bloke came in to his night shift completely inebriated while my dad was foreman. My dad immediately said that he should be put in to the bed in the sick bay, covered up and left to sleep the night there. In the meantime everybody would do that little bit extra that night to cover the man's work, so that he wouldn't get caught out, would still get paid his wages for that night. And that's how it transpired. The man got up in the morning, went home (possibly got pissed up all over again) etc, and nothing was ever said about it. The came a moment in time when the IRA blew up the Mulberry Bush and the Tavern in the Town in Birmingham. Now, this affected the Irish community greatly. My folks were now regarded as being directly associated with the bombers. I could tell you numerous tales of the violent threats and blinkered prejudice, but will spare you. Anyway, not long after that scandalous night, when the psychopaths came out to play, that my dad had to go in to the car factory to start his block of night shifts for the week. Just going to cut the story as much as I can now so as not to ramble. What happened then is; My dad starts work. Not long after a rabble of men descend on my dad's line (long manufacturing machine, not far off a mile long, in this instance). They had just broken the arms and legs of an Irishman a few lines up from my dad, and were now on the hunt for my dad. Then they shouted there he is and they headed towards him as a mob. Then, a black bloke who never spoke to hardly ever spoke (according to my dad) stood in the path between the mob and my dad, and said 'If you want Vince, then you are going to have to come through me first'. Now it also transpires that this black bloke was built like a shit house, and had a heavy duty spanner in each of his hands. Guess what? The mob fucked off. My dad reckons it was pay back for his help with the drunken black bloke who came on duty on his shift, as previously detailed. There's no place for racism or any other prejudice. I don't know an awful lot academically, but I do know that that is the desired goal of the majority. I know this, because I conducted a straw pole of one, who, for convenience, happened to be me.
  4. As tarw has indicated above, you seem to be reinventing the wheel ie. it would appear that what you are trying to create is on this very site.
  5. I suspect that you are right there, as I do appear to be missing something. Care to clarify your point further?
  6. Am I going back in time? It's possible, just possible that I may have won the ' Lost their marbles' Award for June already. I certainly hope so, as it would be an honour, and I mean that, to wear that sash across my body, while sporting a ladies tight fitting swim suit. Well, it'll be tight fitting on me in any case. I might insert some triangular jean wedges within the costume, to make it more pleasing on the eye - as well as to ease the pain a little.
  7. Yes I know that there were examples of white people looting, as you had previously indicated this. However, are you saying that there were no black people who also looted?
  8. I must admit to two things here; (1) That I haven't scrutinised this situation / watched loads of footage of the protests. (2) That despite that, I feel uncomfortable about being able to nod my agreement with you, in any case ie. without having studied this in detail. I say that because your claim is, to me, far too broad sweeping, and actually erring on being racist in itself. What are you basing your view on ie. what stats etc are you using? Surely this kind of data is not available at this moment in time? In addition to the above I once met a bloke who was to all intents a rabid anarchist on a whole variety of causes. I don't think that I'd be too wrong if I said that he was just up for a rook, no matter what the cause - however, I recognise that that is just my opinion of him having talked to him. He indicated to me that many many different protest movements were very carefully organised. He said that at the protests he went to (across the globe) that there would be three distinct groups of protesters. these would be; (1) The peaceful protesters, who would be given a certain geographical position within the protest march etc. (2) The people who did not intend to commit violence, but if it kicked off and they thought that they could get away with it, they'd steam in. (3) The people who's whole intention at that meeting, march etc was to definitely kick off. Now, if we take your view in to account within this framework, you would be saying that both groups 2 and 3 would only be made up of white people. In my opinion, to say that is not exactly tenable. Even if a protest wasn't as organised as this person told me, can it really be claimed that those causing unnecessary destruction, looting etc in this case are limited to white people? I doubt that very much.
  9. I've just found it framed in my garage. Have PM'ed you back.
  10. Hello plaskins, I may (or may not) be able to help you out here. I bought one of the original posters, way back when they were available. I had it up in a frame on the wall in my last house. However, I really wouldn't want it up in the wall in this house, as despite my 'belief' in the man, it really would be incongruous in this setting. Therefore, it is actually surplus to my requirements, as I hope / intend to never leave this house until my time on this planet stops, if I can somehow achieve that desired plan. So, to cut a long story short, you can have my copy and I'll send it to you in the post. However, there is a caveat in that I don't currently know where it is, and also in what condition it is in. If you put a gun against my head, I'd say that it's properly wrapped up in good condition in a cardboard tube in my garage. I'll have a look in the garage tomorrow to verify this. If not, I will look elsewhere, as I know that it is around here somewhere. In connection with the above I will message you tomorrow sometime. Also note that I wouldn't want anything for it, and am just happy that it'll go to an appreciative person / home.
  11. Anchovies eaten directly from the tin? Oh yes, guilty as charged. I haven't found a faster way of getting them in to my mouth. Love 'em.
  12. I would indeed have paid top dollar to get away from that pain, that's for sure. Get a cheap second hand copy of that book, if you do go with wanting to read it. You will not be disappointed.. Have a lovely weekend.
  13. I once wore a pair of new (un worn in) Dr Martens to Glastonbury one year. Now, that's a mistake you'll only do once. I cannot begin to tell you of the pain involved. By the Sunday afternoon there came a point where I could carry on walking no longer. I was not near our camp site, nor near anything that I could sit down on to take a break. i was in between two mesh fences. Then suddenly a bloke I knew from Birmingham walks up to me and asks me what the problem was. I told him. He then administered some military grade pain killers. And that was that - I could merrily walk, if not skip, along. Since then I bought some boots what were known then as Brasher Superlites. I bought them because the man who wrote this book: Clear Waters Rising: A Mountain Walk Across Europe Paperback – 3 July 1997 by Nicholas Crane It's a true story about a bloke who walks over various mountain ranges for a period of 18 continuous months, if my recollection is accurate. He never uses anything mechanical in nature to propel him along. Anyway, it's a fascinating read, and that bloke reccomended the Brasher Superlite during the course of the book. Therere is little doubt in my mind that he took a back hander for that one, but it is a most wonderful boot. Not wanting to learn from my mistakes I went to Glastonbury and wore them, not having broken them in first. They were not a bother. It was like wearing slippers all throughout the festival.
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