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  1. Yoghurt on a Stick

    The most smashed you’ve ever been?😳 (At the festival.)

    Apart from some periods of sleep I've always spent the whole of Glastonbury smashed, so it's tricky to come up with a single moment. That said, there is one incident that I remember where I found myself in an unenviable position. I can't remember what I'd taken but knew that I'd lost my mates and that it was a long way back to the campsite. Not only that but it was a very muddy year, so trying to stagger back to the tents was very difficult indeed. In fact it was so mind bendingly difficult that I thought 'fuck this' I've got to lie down. So, I lay down, face first, in very wet mud in an area where there was very little pedestrian traffic. I don't know how long I was there, but came around a little when I heard two blokes say to me 'Are you alright mate'? I turned around and looked up at them and fuck me, it was only two of my mates (Ollie and Shaun). I think they were as surprised as me. Anyway, they got me up and each took one of my arms and we kind of staggered / hobbled across the muddy field towards our camping area. All good so far. On the way to the campsite there was a solitary ice cream van. I decided that I wanted an ice cream, so we all went over to the ice cream van. My mate Ollie said that he'd get the ice creams, went up to the bloke and said can we have 3 ice creams. The response from the ice cream man was 'No you cant, you can fuck off'. There was then a silent Mexican stand off while all parties took in the situation. I thought that it was particularly odd for an ice cream man to not actually want to sell ice creams, but to do so with gusto. Anyway, my mate Ollie called him something, and we all walked off. I said to my two mates ' Why on earth would that ice cream bloke not sell us any ice creams.Surely that's the reason that he came to the festival to do'. Then the truth came out. Ollie and Shaun had visited the ice cream van the night before in a very drunken state. They asked for two ice creams and when handed them Ollie decided that he wanted more hundreds and thousands than the bloke had put on the ice cream. So, he lunged at the big container on the counter that housed them. Only all he managed to do was to push the big container of the little bits over the counter and all over the floor on the inside of the ice cream van. Apparently they then left with the bloke screaming abuse at them. It was hardly surprising that he remembered them the next night.
  2. Yoghurt on a Stick

    Drug use at Glastonbury

    The only stuff I've ever seen sold from tent to tent at Glastonbury is marijuana, and I've been to the festival a fair number of years. Maybe there are incidences of other drugs being sold from tent to tent, but I haven't witnessed it. I have certainly witnessed all sorts of drugs being sold from tent to tent at other UK festivals though.
  3. Yoghurt on a Stick

    In the loop?

    I do - in fact it was their 'cake' I was referring to. I'm still none the wiser, but don't worry, no need to reply.
  4. Yoghurt on a Stick

    In the loop?

    Hello, I'm having difficulty interpreting your post. Would you mind explaining it?
  5. Yoghurt on a Stick

    In the loop?

    Don't listen to Sawdusty, kids - he's had too much 'cake'! When it comes to getting your thrills, just remember it's 'horses for courses'! PS - Please don't actually take the above statement as being even remotely close to consensus reality.
  6. Yoghurt on a Stick

    In the loop?

    Hello Sawdusty, She was indeed CCCCheese, or some such, and used to post on here regularly. She was, if memory serves me right, kind of an OK police person - and that's not something you'll hear from me every day. I did have a fair few PM conversations with her, many years ago. There seems to be a little bit of a tide change within the police. More and more high level police officers are coming out in favour of legalising drugs. And why wouldn't they - fucking shed loads of the crime that they have to tackle is drug related.
  7. Yoghurt on a Stick

    In the loop?

    I'd like to thank you for taking the time out to write those fine words. It's small recompense for your efforts, but this is for you;
  8. Yoghurt on a Stick

    In the loop?

    I've just realised that I said 'he' and that in your case it might have been a 'she'. Lordy, I'm learning.
  9. Don't be put off if the forecast is wet. Bring the right gear for that, and you'll have a ball. Be very happy bunnies if the forecast is dry. If it's going to be sunny and warm (not hot), then brace yourself for your first sight of Brigadoon.
  10. Yoghurt on a Stick

    In the loop?

    I've mentioned that I was busted before for dope, way back in the early 1980's. Not long after this undercover bust I experienced a very strong urge to have a smoke one night. Where to get the bastard stuff, was the problem. Anyway, to cut a very long story short, there transpired a set of events that led me to going to the halls of residence for police trainees in south Birmingham. Once I was buzzed in, I made my way to the room number that Id been given, knocked on the door, was greeted and went inside. There then went down a drug deal (very minor) between me and this trainee police officer. After the deal was done I desperately wanted to get away from the place. However, dope deals done in those days (doesn't seem to happen as much nowadays, well not in my case), had a ritual, and that was that you sat down with your dealer and shared a joint, which he would make, or have handy. Anyway, I had this joint, and got a bit f the fear. I wanted out. I wanted out because I knew the bloke that I was sharing a joint with, was a complete c**t, and that this whole place I was in was full of bedrooms containing other c**ts. So, I bid a hasty retreat. Now, if you were wondering why I would have a 'relationship'' with a copper, I didn't. Have one, that is. He was my then girlfriend's sister's boyfriend. I had earlier asked my girlfriend if she could help in my quest for dope, and this course of events was all she could come up with - which was not great, but a shit load more than I could come up with.
  11. Yoghurt on a Stick

    NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Hello lucy, Have you painted a big red cross on your door yet? Hope that you get better very soon.
  12. Yoghurt on a Stick

    Festival Trolley

    I like it - guerrilla art! I bought my wife a plaster mould face making kit one Christmas, but we never got around to doing it. It's still in the garage, waiting to be done. I have a lot of projects waiting to be done, because my procrastination skills are beyond compare!
  13. Yoghurt on a Stick

    Space in Worthy View Tent

    Thankfully not, no. Farmers is a shortened version of Farmer Giles, which in turn rhymes with piles.
  14. Yoghurt on a Stick

    Festival Trolley

    Hello SighMo, I'd already bought one roll of chicken wire, and then about a year ago I moved in to my new (old) house, and there was a roll of it here in the back garden under a hedge. I had bought the first roll with the intention of having it wrapped around me, or someone else, so that I could then cut it (or have someone else cut it) down the one side, so that I could get out of the wire mesh bindings. This would then allow me to stitch up the open side with wire, which would leave me with the shape of a human in chicken wire, with which to do an art project with. I haven't forgotten about this project - it's just on hold until I get around to doing it. Move over Anthony Gormley, because I'm coming through!
  15. Yoghurt on a Stick

    In the loop?

    Spot on semmtexx.