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  1. Hello DeadAmos, You're not missing anything, on reflection. I thought you had posted the same thing twice, so was just trying to make light of it. I'm stoned and seeing things that aren't actually there. Oh Lord, how long is this going to go on for, I wonder?
  2. Unless you have a writing stutter, that is. In which case I apologize for my lack of sensitivity. Unless you have a writing stutter, that is. In which case I apologize for my lack of sensitivity.
  3. It's OK DeadAmos, we heard you the first time.
  4. I'll not pretend to understand what method they are using for that study, but know that it all sounds like a load of bollocks to me. I suspect that there are people out there who could use a method and statistics to inform us that the colour black was indeed white. The only 'fact' I know is that it's not illegal in this country, I've never heard of an incident where smoking at the wheel has been a safety issue, and that I think if there were a major problem, then it would already be banned.
  5. Hello Curlygirl, Unfortunately I don't have insurance on the cabin. When you live in a Grade II listed medieval house on a flood plain, then believe me, it's hard enough to get house insurance let alone insurance for a cabin. When I first went to get house insurance and put in the build date as 1580, the 'computer says no'. I did, very briefly, join the rat race again recently, but only lasted 3 weeks, before I submitted my notice to quit there and then. It's a long story. My profession is as a Building Maintenance Surveyor, but I think that I'm just about spent on that front. Now I'm just looking for much lower paid jobs but ones where the use of my brain isn't much required. I don't think i can handle stress anymore. Everything OK at your end? I believe that you have a much needed weekend off. Hope it's fun for you.
  6. You may well be perfectly capable of not being distracted by using a mobile phone, but you can read in the newspapers all the time about those causing damage, injury, and death who haven't that capacity. That's why they banned the use of them, I'd say. I am now 54 years old and have never in my whole life read about someone causing damage, injury or death because they were smoking while driving. I guess that's probably why it isn't classed as illegal to do so. If drivers who smoke were causing such mayhem, do you think it wouldn't be against the law already? It seems to me that people who are incapable of driving, yet who have passed their test, should be banned from driving. However, they aren't going to get banned. We don't get everything we want in life. Ho hum!
  7. Thanks Quark. The cabin is still floating in water right now, so I can't see what, if any, long term damage has been done to it. I'm not worried about the roof or the walls, it's the flooring sub structure that I'm concerned about. Time will tell.
  8. I thoroughly agree with this. I was once in the car park at a place where I worked and was sitting with a new colleague in his car. I watched as he took out his ash tray from it's compartment, open his car door and tip the contents on to the car park surface. I knew in that one moment that he was scum. I mean, why did he even use his bloody ash tray in the first place, if that's what his end intention was to do with the contents!?
  9. I'm really struggling to see where you are coming from with that statement. I didn't use the word ridiculous, and neither did I use any other words that would imply that. I stand by my statement that I also found it hard to see how it would affect a6l6e6x if he weren't actually in the vehicle where a smoker was smoking. Perhaps you would be so kind as to educate me on your thought processes that enabled you to make the conclusion that you have? Why shouldn't I be allowed to have a stick that's on fire in my own vehicle? If you read my further post it implies that the newspapers aren't exactly riddled with cases whereby someone having a ciggie has caused damage, injury or death as a result of having that ciggie. Your words, not mine.
  10. Yes, the not knowing must be frustrating. I'd say that there must have been loads of people apply for that job. I once got a job after they had had 360+ applicants. I left the job two weeks later as it was mind numbingly dull. I doubt that the job that you are going for would fall in to that category though. Who wouldn't want to work for a record label. All the best.
  11. I'd say that if you are a proficient driver then having a ciggie on the go wouldn't make any difference to road safety. In all my years, I have never ever read of a case of someone getting injured / killed by a car because someone else had a ciggie on the go. It may have happened, but the figure has to be too insignificant small to register as a serious problem.
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