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  1. The first single that I bought was the song in this clip (see below). It starts around the 1 minute mark, but you'd be missing a treat if you didn't watch it all. What can I say - I was 12 years old!
  2. I too was 5 years old, but oddly enough have no recollection of that weekend. However, I do know that I had to start infants school at that age, and that when I did so 'they' had to lock me in the classroom, as I didn't want to be there. I can actually recall that vividly. I'd just like to add that, to the best of my knowledge, this is the first time I have heard of pinky & Perky. As an aside, this was No 1 in the charts then;
  3. We were going to have an unknown (to us) band play at our wedding. My Lordy but they weren't going to come cheap. However, my wife had also insisted on a free bar for everybody all night too. Eventually I came to my senses and said 'It's either the band or the free bar'. She indicated that she wouldn't marry me at all if there was no free bar. So, a free bar it was. I didn't want a band anyway. I had wanted to employ one of those top of their game pickpockets who perform at events to show their skills. Anyway, I've had a smoke, and the above (to my failing mind) was meant to tie in seaml
  4. In the clear light of day (for myself), I think you've nailed it. I guess what FestivalJamie should do is that which he feels most comfortable with.
  5. Bargain. And that'll have helped lift his / her spirits too.
  6. Looks like it's my day for apologising, as I've only just read your post too Punksnotdead. Those are fine words and the advice is very sound also. One of my dearest friends adopts the 'mantra' which you appear to propose, in that one should steer clear from negative energies and gravitate towards positive ones. I can't say that I've actively practised it, but it would appear to benefit him no end.
  7. Happy to hear that you have found solace on this site FestivalJamie. I 'kind of' know what you mean about feeling hurt by responses from another site. I recently wrote a piece of stoned and drunk fiction on another site. The response that I got was that I was an imbecilic sexist. That was a rather stunning 'appraisal' to receive - especially in the clear light of day the next morning. The thing is that I knew that there was no intent for it to be perceived that way. It purely was an exercise in allowing dope / my mind to be creative within fiction. Now, am I deep down on a sub conscious
  8. Apologies Ayrshire, as I've only just read this. My mind's a little scattered at the moment. It's like a pinball in a pinball machine, bouncing off many an object, but not able to settle. Thanks for posting that. It was very eloquent, and it is good to know that you were lifted in the end. Do you know what? That's lifted me too. Cheers.
  9. I'm afraid that I haven't read a single post of this thread. Only the thread title. Anyway, I have recently been introduced to the music below. It's mind bendingly off the scale of genius, in my opinion;
  10. Thanks gigpusher. I called my mom and that was OK'ish. I tried calling my dad but the staff were busy so couldn't arrange it. I didn't get another chance to call him, so will try again tomorrow. All the best.
  11. Stoned and a little bit tipsy.
  12. Thanks Ozanne, but I'll get through somehow. Its actually more complicated than that which I have stated. I do need to talk with a couple of people but they're not on here. I haven't spoken to my parents in months and haven't seen them since before lock down back in March. I was in a kind of Mexican stand off with them, and now they're both in hospital. I guess I'm going to have to bite the bullet and ring them on their respective wards tomorrow. I guess its a little sad, but these aren't two phone calls that I am looking forward to.
  13. Both my parents are in hospital for differing reasons. My wife's mother (her father died when she was young) is also in hospital. A dear friend's dad has just been taken into hospital, and another dear friend has just found out that one of his relatives has just committed suicide at a young age. I have felt better.
  14. APPARATUS Being beaten around the head with a.............. correct policy. METHOD Study the damaged cranium. RESULT One well fucked up head. CONCLUSION
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