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  1. Yoghurt on a Stick

    don't mess with the badgers

    Do you know, I don't. How very remiss of me. I do know that if he asked his gimp to go out and bring him back a dead badger, then the gimp would do such a thing. However, its highly unlikely that he would make such a request, as he has a kindly soul.
  2. Yoghurt on a Stick

    T minus & counting 2019

  3. Yoghurt on a Stick

    T. DAY

  4. Yoghurt on a Stick

    NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    My wife's sister married a hugely successful impresario. They are both down the bottom of my garden, with my wife, around a camp fire. They are more than a little tiddly. However, they don't know (or would approve) that me and the misses have had a military grade e and a shed load of speed. It will be an interesting night, I'm sure. Laters!
  5. Yoghurt on a Stick

    don't mess with the badgers

    I know a bloke who has a Brian Blessed look a like as his personal gimp. All very strange.
  6. Yoghurt on a Stick

    Things that annoy you ?

    Then you shouldn't ever use the term 'artistic licence'.
  7. Yoghurt on a Stick

    don't mess with the badgers

    Oh those poor, poor badgers - can you imagine not being able to pick up a pint? They must be driven insane with frustration. Then on top of that they have the final indignation of being squeezed to death, to make this stuff;
  8. Yoghurt on a Stick

    don't mess with the badgers

  9. Yoghurt on a Stick

    Things that annoy you ?

    My advice was to use the laws of the land, and to ham it up' to ensure that the decision made by the doctor was the 'right' one - for Mr Zigster. As to the shenanigan solutions, that's just using your brain to get a desired outcome - I made no reference to those solutions being dishonest. As for awful advice, proposing that he resign is a belter.
  10. Yoghurt on a Stick

    Things that annoy you ?

    It's pretty much as feral has stated. What I don't understand is why you and TheGatTent have interpreted something which has led you to the belief that following my advice would make him a work shy bastard. Mr Zigster seems to be having problems at work, which he has suggested is being ignored, and is affecting him negatively mentally. My suggestion was to use the laws of the land, in effect. Have you got a problem with the laws of the land in this area of concern? If so, what is the problem or problems?
  11. Yoghurt on a Stick

    Things that annoy you ?

    Who said Mr Zigster is a work shy bastard? He didn't say it, and I didn't say it, so why have you made it up?
  12. Yoghurt on a Stick

    Things that annoy you ?

    That's a bit of a drastic step, and one which the employer possibly couldn't give a fuck about. Surely the wisest option would be to not give a fuck about the employer. If you have the right sort of contract of employment my advice would be to go to the doctor and tell him / her that you have work related stress, and that you can't cope anymore ie. really ham it up. They will then give you a sick note for a week or two off work. After the two weeks go back to the doctor and tell them that you are still not feeling yourself etc, and out pops another sick note. Do this until your employer has no obligation to pay full sick pay, and then go back to work. Your employer will undoubtedly look at the situation, if this occurs. They may even try to sack you. Then you just claim unfair dismissal etc The list of shenanigan solutions that you can get up to is quite remarkable when delved in to. They don`t like it up `em, Mr Mannering.
  13. Yoghurt on a Stick

    Scott Hutchison (Frightened Rabbit)

    I can only presume that your medication is an anti-depressant. If so, please note that I used to suffer from depression, and had to try a fair number of different types of anti-depressant before I was given one that actually worked for me. In addition, please note that it takes a while for anti-depressants to work, or so I am led to believe. They are not like taking an e where you are off your rocker in next to no time. It may take weeks to work. If the medication that you are on doesn't eventually work, then I would suggest that you go back to your doctor to liaise with him / her about trying another type.
  14. Yoghurt on a Stick

    Glasto factoids

    Scandalously puerile humour.
  15. Yoghurt on a Stick

    T minus & counting 2019


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