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  1. Yoghurt on a Stick

    The Joke Thread

    Did you hear about the mathematician who’s afraid of negative numbers? He'll stop at nothing to avoid them.
  2. Yoghurt on a Stick

    Best Bogs

    Hello Bisque, I'm fairly sure that the weather will be fine, although I'll admit that I haven't looked in to that part in detail. I'm going to three countries, so expect there to be some kind of variance. That said, I've been to that region several times before roughly around that time before, and it's been t shirt, shorts, and sandals, territory. To be honest, I'd like the weather to be favourable, but it was never a prerequisite to me going. I just happened to stumble across what I thought was a good value holiday, at the same time as getting a bit of a wedge of cash that I wasn't expecting. All I had to do when that heady combination hit me was to talk my wife in to it. Now, you'd think that would be easy. Not so, in my case. Far from it, in fact. As to toilets - not Glastonbury related (as someone on here accurately pointed out to me), my best experience ever using a toilet was at a festival (which I now think must have been Wychwood) where I went in to a portaloo. While sat in there contemplating life itself (whilst stoned - natch) I, all of a sudden, had to contemplate death. The reason for this was that I suddenly felt so spectacularly ill that I thought I was going to die, there and then. However, instead of shitting myself (although i was to be found in the best place to be if that was going to happen) I actually felt a wave of serenity sweep all over me. I was actually OK with the idea of dying right there, right then. And do you know what happened next? I'll tell you - I stood up, wiped my bottom with toilet paper, pulled up my underpants and jeans, opened the door, and walked out of the loo. I've never looked back since. I mean, would you? Fuck that for a game of soldiers!
  3. Yoghurt on a Stick

    Has anyone met Michael /Emily Eavis ?

    Hello glasto-worker, Yeah, he's done an awful lot for many charities, and has also done wonders for promoting the arts. It's a wonder that they haven't knighted him. Maybe they think he'd turn them down (and maybe he would, who knows). I did hook up with another efester (Ommadawn), a Pilton local, to put forward Michael Eavis for helping in the 2012 Olympic Torch Relay, before the games started. Apparently Ommadawn had a word with ME, and he was right up for it. Anyway, I put an official application in with his name on it, and the Glastonbury office telephone number and email address for contact. I had thought that with his charitable work etc, that he would be snapped up. However, whoever was in charge of allocating either thought it unwise to select him, or maybe thought the application was a joke. Not sure. All I know is that we didn't end up seeing ME wearing a pair of shorts (as per usual) running with the Olympic torch that year.
  4. Yoghurt on a Stick

    Best Bogs

    Hello slash's hat, Thanks for your concern, it's appreciated. No, we don't leave for our holiday until latish in March. You can't get rid of me that easily!
  5. Yoghurt on a Stick

    Best Bogs

    Hello clarkete, I'm OK, thanks. Hope that you are too. I'm not retiring from here. I tried that before (and stated it too) and just kept getting drawn back. Once efests has got you, I think it's got you, on and off, for life! All the best.
  6. Yoghurt on a Stick

    Best Bogs

    Apart from the title, and stuartbert two hats initial post( hello, and thank stuartbert - you know why I say that. I'm sure), I haven't read this thread. The above said, I feel compelled to... Oh, fuck it, never mind. Just to say - hello to all, have a great 2019, and an even better Glastonbury 2019. I think the reason that I'm not around these parts of late is that I know ( or kind of know) that I'm not going to Glastonbury ever again. I do love you folks. You are all, without doubt, barmier than barmy things on barmy tablets. I do mention you to non efesters, and they have come to the same conclusion - you are indeed completely barmy! Congratulations you nutters. With all my love Yog.XXX PS. Long live Brigadoon.
  7. Yoghurt on a Stick

    Landed Festival 2019.

    Early bird tickets now available at £30 for the weekend. http://www.landedfestival.co.uk/ This is probably the only festival that I'll be going to this year. It's a great little festival, and I can't wait to get back there.
  8. Yoghurt on a Stick

    Has anyone met Michael /Emily Eavis ?

    I walked past him at a festival in the early 90's. I would have said 'thank you' to him, but he was deep in conversation with someone, so thought it would be rude to interrupt. But I thought it, and still do.
  9. Yoghurt on a Stick

    best youtube vids

  10. Yoghurt on a Stick

    2018 in review

    Thank you Sasperella, that's a lovely thing to say, and a fine accolade. Best wishes for the New Year.
  11. Yoghurt on a Stick

    Things that ur happy about

    Great news. Let the good times roll.
  12. Yoghurt on a Stick

    Craft Beer

    Hello feral, That's a nice call, and the decent thing to suggest. However, me and Barry will never see eye to eye, and that's just the way it is. I could explain why, but I'll meet you half way, and not do so - for now, at least. I wish you and yours all the very best for the Xmas period.
  13. Yoghurt on a Stick

    Craft Beer

    Hello Barry, It's true that I don't work, and haven't done so for approaching 5 years now. However, I do not claim anything off the state. I live in a magnificent Grade II listed property in the country, which I own outright. I live off the money that I made before I 'retired' at the age of 47. I take it from your post that you still have to work. How deliciously pleasing that is to me, me old mukka. In fact, I think my Schadenfreude - O - Meter is about to go off the scale and explode. Just to let you know that myself and my wife are going on an extensive tour of the Far East early next year, which I have paid for myself in full. So, to conclude, we can determine that your initial 'return' post was inaccurate, that your statement that I'm a scrounger is inaccurate, that I am unemployed is inaccurate, as I am now retired. Wishing you a happy Christmas, and I hope that you enjoy your few days off work. Oh, one last point - did I tell you that I come from a wealthy family, and will inherit a scandalous amount of money? No? Suck it up Barry, suck it all up.
  14. Yoghurt on a Stick

    Things that ur happy about

  15. Yoghurt on a Stick

    Leaving site Friday evening and coming back Saturday evening

    I'm trying hard not to, but am failing to make much sense of that sentence.