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  1. Well done Sheffield City Council at that time. Although I no longer live there, I'm from Birmingham. We once had a statue called the 'Forward' statue; It was made out of cast polyester resin. It would be fair to say that it wasn't well received in the city. So much so that someone destroyed it by setting fire to it. There is also (still existing) a large iron head laid on its side, very near the Birmingham City Football Club ground. Their fans are called 'blue noses'. The iron head had no sooner been set into the ground than someone painted a blue nose on to it. Behind shot; Face facing shot
  2. 100% perfection. Thank you so much for the introduction to this artist. I have made a note to explore him further. I can't do so now, as circumstances will not permit. A bit of my own work in the name of art, or some such. A young artist exhibits his work for the first time, and a well known art critic is in attendance. The critic says to the young artist, "would you like my opinion on your work"? Yes," says the artist. "It's worthless," says the critic. The artist replies, "I know, but tell me anyway."
  3. Thank you for posting those. I must say that the George Fullard piece is my favourite. I'd never heard of him until reading your post. Now I've been able to see more of his work, I very much like it so far. In case anyone's interested (or even reading this at all), here's some other pieces;
  4. Not sure if this has been posted already* https://www.nationalexpress.com/en/offers/partners/glastonbury-competition * Cant look right now.
  5. Hello, I hope you appreciate feedback. I went to do the survey and two things happened; (1) I noticed that the first question still asks 'personal' questions relating to fact of the respondee. Once again this makes one edgy, and reluctant to respond. What's screaming out at me is that there simply must be another way of identifying people other than to ask them factual personal stuff. Worth a further look into I would say. (2) Despite the above I thought 'f**k it, I'm going to proceed beyond the identifying point. Unfortunately I then discovered that as I hadn't attended an event, I wasn't eligible to go further. Im thoroughly OK with that as I know that I was never going to be the target market. I was just doing it to help really. Just wondering, have you posted your question on other festival forums,websites, interest groups etc? I suspect that you have but if not you will obviously broaden your catchment area by doing so. It may even be a thing whereby you could join an acts fan club and ask there. or any forum dedicated to eg dance music etc. I don't actually know of other sites as this is only one of two forums that I go on, and neither is in any way related to the other. All the best.
  6. Hello Crazy, I had no idea about the likelihood of it being a bot. Do bots have harmful 'things' within them? It did appear quite detailed and on subject. I guess that's AI. As you are most likely aware, IT is not exactly my strong point. While I'm on I'll take the opportunity to wish you a very happy Glastonbury.
  7. Responding to someone who hasn't been on this site for nearly 6 years!?
  8. Yeah, that's why I mentioned it, so that it would assist. It would probably also assist if you placed the request in the 'Chat' section. That section is supposed to be for Glastonbury chat. So, if you were to mention Glastonbury in the title the moderators 'may' let you get away with it. The 'Chat' section gets a lot more traffic than the 'Discussions' section, so you would get more responses (if they allow it to stay there). However, I would pitch it a few weeks 'after' Glastonbury has taken place, as not many will be up for answering this close to the festival. Good luck with your PHD.
  9. My family had a polecat as a pet when I was a child. Why we had one I'll never know. It managed to escape from what was thought to be an escape proof 'compound'. I'm glad it did. Yes, I've also been to the castle before for the Ludlow Food Festival, and confirm it's a nice setting. It should be ace for a concert.
  10. Will be keeping all things crossed that that's the case. I submitted 4 designs.
  11. Hello Padjeq, A couple of things; (1) What was with the ferret? (2) Do you know if they have seats at the venue, or is it stand up only?
  12. It may be. I really (honest) haven't exactly been overexposed to this area. The above said, I once knew a bloke who was 'into' something similar. He was a gay male who was of only slight build. Well, he was telling me that he had a bloke around to his flat every now and again. Apparently this bloke was a huge bloke. The person I knew said 'think Brian Blessed'. Anyway this man mountain had a very high position professionally, and everybody looked to him for the solutions to problems. When he got to this lad I knew's flat the lad would tell this bloke (and this is the example he gave me) to kneel down next to the bed and stare at his feet while he went to sleep for a couple of hours. which the bloke did. When the lad woke up and opened his eyes, the big bloke was just staring intensely at his feet, as instructed. And, presumbly, had been for a couple of hours. Anyway, I told this lad that I 'couldn't get on' with doing something like that to another person. Then this lad said something along the lines of ' You don't get it. He's the one with all the power'. And he was right - I didn't get it then (@15 years ago), and I still don't get it now.
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