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  1. No, but they do similar out of hand, apparently, to the Uyghurs. in the Xinjiang re-education camps.
  2. Well, you would be wearing spats with a space suit.
  3. Hello crazyfool1, I've just had a look at full Hazmat suits on line. as in here; https://www.google.com/search?q=hazmat+suit&sxsrf=ACYBGNRbppQ39wIkVySfikopTeU63mRVYQ:1581594353433 I so want this one; but then again the kinkiness of this one can't be ignored; Just look at this one (see below) - oh stop me now! These products are simply delicious!
  4. No, I never did get my own mind (what was mine, and everything) back. Nor did I get my clothing back. This was my stance when I met the opposition/ gestapo / Nothing to Declare staff isle; Yes, yet again, I'd somehow stripped down to the level of being seen in public, wearing y front type underwear, whilst not actually having a y front. Don't explain that to me, explain it to 'God' because I'm pretty sure he / she / it is going to be asking. You can imagine the shock and horror, physically felt, as urine started dribbling out of my pants, and became exposed, for all to see? You can imagine that? Perv!
  5. I turn up at airports fantastically early. I say that it's my ocd, but really it's because i want to go on the piss as soon as. Anyway, this has often led me to somehow lose stuff. One particular trip to Egypt saw me disassociated with not only my bags, but my mind too!
  6. Hold on a minute. Yours could have been life and death. I didn't mean to not immediately recognise that. it's just that I'm so, so, so wrapped up in myself, that I couldn't wait to tell you about me. Or, at least, that's how it's now going through my mind. The thing is I'm from Birmingham. You know that very last black mark, back there. That's a full stop, and it's there for a reason! I think I speak for all on here that we're rooting for you to get a ticket.
  7. Yeah, I get what you are saying. At Shambala I went to get my ticket out at the tickety place, and a big bag of white powder flew in to the air, and fell on my bag in front of me. I looked to my side and there was a bloke looking in horror, at the scenario. So, I picked up the bag, put it in my pocket, and just pretended that that didn't just happen. And they let me in. Got to love that festival. Got to get to grips with being a 'little' too casual about 'things'.
  8. Or that's what you think, you think? Or, what you thought? What you thought you thought too? Help me, help me.
  9. Yeah, but no, but yeah, but did the money also fall in to the welly? Apologies if you have actually explained that already, but I this head's addled, and needs all the help it can get.
  10. Interesting story. I mean fucking hell. How do you just go about leaving a bag with those contents around? Why wasn't it lashed to the person with built in fail safe systems eg saying to yourself ' All the shit's in that bag. The very single most thing that I need to do is to keep a hold of that bag' etc etc
  11. Yes, I've heard all about the restorative properties of buckfast before, and that it can render you tetraplegic in next to no time. One has to admit that with a provenance like that, it could be alluring to certain parties / party's.
  12. Fuck me stupid! What fucking loony thought that one up? That's bad, but it's nowhere near as bad as the people who are actually buying the 'drink'. What kind of beast are they, at all?
  13. Not just Coventry, but north Coventry too. What a bunch of bastards they are, indeed. That said, have you ever been to north Birmingham? I have performed certain under cover sorties in that area, and can report that it's fucking wrong, just wrong, man. Leaving the place is the only thing to like about it. Anyway, I digress. Now where was I? Oh yes, 'Bastards'.
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