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  1. It is a bit cool. Could do with one of them for my camper van.
  2. That's terrifically good news to hear. Fair play to your son overcoming his hurdles / battles. And fair play to you as a family supporting him all the way. Nice one dizzymoo.
  3. For the purposes of this campaign the drinks will be deemed to be a good thing. This will be backed up by an official Papal Bull.
  4. For this campaign, nearly all the sugar would be taken out of the drinks. People would still drink it until they pissed themselves. The scenes on the streets would resemble Hogarth's Gin Street. The Let's have a party Party would win in a landslide election. Please don't think that I haven't thought this through, for at least a good minute or so.
  5. I've got a very very briefly (and most likely ill) thought out idea, away from the current community service debate. Now bear with me because it involves the Coca-Cola company, which may raise the hackles in some people. It goes like this - we are constantly being told that our children (and ourselves) aren't eating well, and often not getting the five a day we need. So, my plan is to get the Innocent Drinks Company (now 90% owned by Coca-Cola), to run a competition similar to the Willy Wonka one. They'd be five Golden Glastonbury Tickets up for grabs in the competition. The result would be that parents would almost force feed their children with nutritious Innocent drinks. Parents themselves would almost burst from drinking the stuff in such quantities themselves. The only downside of this is that these drinks are expensive, and are only affordable by rich people. However, I've thought this one out too. Poor people could just nick their drinks, either from the supermarkets, or by breaking in to the Innocent factories overnight - presumably by abseiling down through open sky lights. The country would go Glastonbury Golden Ticket mad, and in doing so, would eat itself healthier, and take the strain off NHS budgets. Thoughts? PS - I've got lots of great ideas, if anybody wants to hear any more!
  6. Good idea. I think there's more chance of getting murdered than kidnapped, from what I hear.
  7. It's an old one, but it just popped in to my head for some reason, so I thought I'd post it;
  8. I've been to a fair few countries, some of them many times, but I've never managed yet to get to Portugal. I'm led to believe that it's a lovely country. I also believe that it has certain drug laws, which sound convivial. Where about in the Philippines are you going? Now, there's a place where you really don't want to get involved in drugs!
  9. My problem was that it was only me doing it, and it was a large reservoir. The thing that annoyed me the most was that the vast proportion of the litter hadn't blown there, or been dropped by casual walkers. It was, without doubt, the fishermen (i never saw a woman angler there) themselves that were littering the banks. A few of them thanked me over the weeks, but I felt like shouting at them, that I wouldn't bloody need to be doing this if your lot cleaned up after the use of the reservoir. I don't understand how you'd look forward to a day's fishing in a nice location, and then go and litter that location, so that it increasingly doesn't look like a nice place to fish. It's a bit like those blokes who piss on pub bog seats. Don't they realise that they too will need a shit at some point in their pub career, and will undoubtedly be maddened if they find a pissed on toilet seat? Anyway, every Saturday / Sunday, i was having to provide my own bin bags ( not much of a problem there), then haul them all the way around the reservoir, so that I could put them next to the proper bins. Oh, and I had to fill the bags too. Every week i'd return and have to start the same old process off again. I guess I could have tried to set up a Friends of the reservoir litter picking group, but then I'd have been in danger of making new friends! The previous time I tried to make a new friend before that the bloke in question tried his damnedest to get in to my pants, and, presumably, his dick up my arse. Once bitten, and all that.
  10. More of a Müller slag, myself.
  11. If there is no permaculture, then we're all dead anyway* * - I think that means something. It could even be deep. Who's to say?
  12. Actually, just simply ignore that last post - and this one.
  13. Look - if anybody's going to milk the yoghurt based jokes around here, then I think it should be me.
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