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  1. Yoghurt on a Stick

    The day I missed Clean Bandit to save a beetle

    I don't know anything about Clean Bandit. I know a few dirty bandits though. That aside, twas a fine and noble thing what you did did do! Now, please tell me that your a born and bred Brummie? If you confirm it, then I can die a happy man.
  2. Yoghurt on a Stick

    T minus & counting 2019

    Apparently there's a name for it - it's called dyscalculia. And it's contagious. Well, OK, not really. I couldn't get it in any case, because I'm 'off ground' now. And I've got my fingers crossed, so that means that I'm doubly off ground.
  3. Yoghurt on a Stick

    don't mess with the badgers

    You'll probably not believe this, but I've just gone to the kitchen to see if there was a wee drop to be drunk, and there, sitting resplendent, in the reveal of one of the kitchen windows is a bottle of Badger Fursty Ferret real ale! The label at the top informs me that it's a malty, tawny ale. It wouldn't necessarily be my first choice, but I've taken it as a sign that it's meant to be.
  4. Yoghurt on a Stick

    T. DAY

    This, by any chance morph 100?
  5. Yoghurt on a Stick

    Bearded Theory 2018

    It's been 'eventful' here most of the night too. I was wondering if you guys and girls were getting a bit of it. Keep a stiff upper lip, and drop something would be my advice. It's either that, or kick out of the tent the weakest in your group, with a television aerial lashed to his / her head. It's either / or I'm afraid. Seriously though - hope you are all having fun. I've got a few friends there, and hope that they are having fun too.
  6. Yoghurt on a Stick

    NFR NFC - to tide you over the fallow year

    Well, it's finally happened! I've managed to surprise myself. I left the house about an hour ago (I think) wearing jeans (of which, I am certain). I have now returned to the house, but am minus my jeans (this is undoubtedly the case). However, I have no idea where my jeans are. Just when I thought I was safe! lol As an aside, I do remember witnessing a very theatrical thunder and lightning storm earlier. Hope all on here are having fun right now.
  7. Yoghurt on a Stick

    don't mess with the badgers

    Bertie 'The Bastard' Badger. Apparently he was 'in with' the Krays;
  8. Yoghurt on a Stick

    The pangs of hiraeth

    Depends who you're talking to. lol
  9. Yoghurt on a Stick

    don't mess with the badgers

    I know, I know - I've got a badger fixation at the moment. Just popped on to say that I've looked in to those Honey Badgers a little. Hard as fuck they are. I know that they are not native to the UK, but what if our own badgers decide, at first, that they are really honey badgers (but only on a Wednesday). It could start like that, but then they would insist on not cutting their nails. I'm convinced that that would be the start of it. Next thing we know they've actually evolved in to fucking honey badgers. There's no way we'd survive. Kill all the badgers, kill them now. Don't give me that 'they're lovely animals' bollocks. It's them or us now. It's man eat badger - hopefully.
  10. Yoghurt on a Stick

    Why don't they let this many people in any more?

    Hello madmaninabox, Thanks for taking the time to write that interesting and informative post. As an aside there has been much talk, in the past, of security taking large amounts of cash off punters wanting to get in to festivals like Glastonbury, and actually getting them in. In addition, I know for a fact that some security rob punters of their drugs, and then sell them to other punters, therefore increasing the money that they make actually doing the security role. I'm just wondering if you have witnessed this type of thing happening, plus is there any other scams that security pull which we should know about? I realise that this last request might be a request too far, so no worries if you'd rather not say.
  11. Yoghurt on a Stick

    Things that annoy you ?

    It's worth having some in because, as we all know, tooth ache really strikes at night when the chemists are closed.
  12. Yoghurt on a Stick

    T minus & counting 2019

  13. Yoghurt on a Stick

    T. DAY

  14. Yoghurt on a Stick

    What are you doing instead of Glastonbury this year?

    Hello semmtexx, I know where you are coming from and would actually agree with you in terms of it being every dad's duty to dad dance and severely embarrass their off spring. However, I have fathered no children, so me doing a dad dance would be fraudulent. Not only that, but I could be mistaken for trying to get down with the kids. Now that is an embarrassment to oneself of Biblical proportions. To be honest I'd love to be able to dance like I used to. I used to try to dance like Roland Gift back in the day, and did a pretty good job of it, if I say so myself. The music I like to listen to at festivals nowadays is psytrance. Now if I tried to dance to that the way it should be danced to, then I firmly believe that bits of me would drop off.
  15. Yoghurt on a Stick

    Things that annoy you ?

    This works wonders on tooth aches; Far, far better than oil of cloves, which essentially burns the whole of your mouth, so that you forget that you have toothache because your mouth's on fire.