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  1. I had not noticed that. Different times I guess
  2. Is that a world record? Not read whole thread. I shower but am in T@c backstage bit. Tis lovely to have a shower. Also what is with all this wet wipe. Are they not evil and full of plastic. Even the biodegradable are full of the tiny beads. Massive use of single use plastic right there
  3. fred quimby

    Volunteering 2020

    Have a feeling I have had a talk with you Glasto Worker and the chap on the left (as you look at the picture) over a pint. Will look out this year and have another chat. We can reminisce about the dub tent from the 80's
  4. Heard on the radio a while back when Bjorn was talking that it was a definite no to Glastonbury
  5. I am the long lost friend In the first book I am one of the murder victims In option 3 I am in one of the photos. I am actually now wondering whether to combine all into one book. Long lost friend arrives at the festival to be reacquainted with an old lover, we have an erotic time at the festival and embark on a murderous spree, taking photos of the victims.
  6. It is one of the following 1. 2 Detectives who have a tricky case to crack quickly whilst a serial killer is rampant in their town 2. A long lost friend arrives back in to newly married Pamelas life, which throws her into turmoil and leads to an erotic adventure 3. A book about 50 years of Glastonbury. Loads of Photos and storys from Michael and Emily about the festival over the years with a page every now and then from people who have played there. I am not saying which one though
  7. Not convinced I understand this. The Kiosks were free water as well
  8. Different people signing it for her Got mine yesterday. It is a thing of Beauty. Man it brought many many memories flooding back
  9. fred quimby

    Fake Poster....

    Along with a large chunk of the animal kingdom we take down with us
  10. fred quimby

    Fake Poster....

    What a strange statement
  11. Quoting myself (whatever next) So I did go in the end. Then I went back this morning. That does mean I don't need to go for a month now right?
  12. Ok so after a long time putting it off I am going to the Gym. The work starts here (Again) I still just want to go home mind
  13. I would like to know if you carried on wearing all this after the festival?
  14. Yea reckon that was me. 😁
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