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  1. Shall check out some of these, have listened to the Cabaret Voltaire one and Eartheater but have not gone back to them too them much. Like Earthereaters cover of fade into you , can't remember who with (Useful eh)
  2. Mmm that did not work. so top songs Taylor Swift - the 1 (my alarm so not surprising) Todd Terje - Inspector Norse Celeste - Strange Moth equals - Cordiform Knife Party - Bonfire Top Artists Taylor Swift Glass Animals Khruangbin Jade Bird Moth Equals
  3. Nice reminder - I was disturbed by family at the beginning, will get back to this. Get online and seek out the BBC - Octopus in my house. Brilliant stuff. A Octopus expert has a massive tank made in his living room where he brings Heidi the octopus to live and study. Just amazing creatures. Many lovely parts But love it when she recognises the daughter coming home and wants to play, plus watching TV with the family.
  4. I just can't see this. Hey ticket buyers and Volunteers. You know you had that holiday booked, well you all have to now go and ask to change it to either in the school holidays or just after. Imagine lots of people unable to change, or have also booked the other time somewhere else (maybe)
  5. Had my email that the release is on it's way
  6. Have caught up with the Marlowe release from this year Marlowe2. Some good stuff on there like the first release. some pass me by tracks as well. Did make me explore the output from L'Orange as well and loving some of that stuff. Sucker for old movie/tv samples
  7. Yea, have been enjoy this
  8. How wonderfully bleak. Are they part of your wedding vows
  9. I was thinking more like Seven. At some point Boris will have to drive to a desert see the box and Know Carries head is in there
  10. You suffer from premature upvoting ?
  11. Bloody Covid Have now got a new boiler with Google nest and have Alexa also (Although switching accounts has stopped working) so may well venture into some automation at some point
  12. Certainly interested. Keep meaning to tap you up about some mushrooms for my Garden. You have a website?
  13. If they are at the festival I would certainly check them out though.
  14. I haven't given blood for a bit now, medical reason but sure I would be ok so must get back on it. I remember them saying that your blood volume would be back to normal after a cuppa or two and all ok within the hour. It takes months for all the correct cells to be replaced supposedly and that is why they only took it every 6 months
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