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  1. fred quimby

    The Who?

    SWX is 1100 so 500 short Marble factory can hold up to 5000 but not sure that is for bands SWX isn't bad but the sound can be bad at times. As you say the 02 for sold out gigs you just have to get there early and wait
  2. Will have a look at them Watch Horse Girl (Netflix) on Saturday night. Now I was a little bit altered, but man that was an odd film.
  3. fred quimby

    The Who?

    It certainly is. Sadly have a sold out Gig in March there
  4. fred quimby

    October Drift

    Sadly missed them in Bristol the other week as I had a prior engagement when I found out
  5. how sad Sabres of Paradise haunted dancefloor will get a spin later
  6. Always on ones I used to do Wannadies - You and Me
  7. That was a cracker indeed. Only act I have seen in there
  8. couple of points Sack Wednesday off. Great day but not worth the thought of leaving the following day (or if you did go home on the Thursday then just sleep until it is time to come back on Friday - Joke) So if you sack off Wednesday, is there then a chance to come down late on Thursday, say in the evening. Then you have a bit of the night and you are there ready for Friday. Or - Take the little un with you for a day. drop em back home and come back down If your wife is just seeing if you would leave the festival, that is a little bit of a weird test.
  9. Saw Max Cooper there who was very good. Really wanted to see The Light Surgeons - AV set who are always good but was sadly elsewhere having fun Passed by every now and then and the visuals were normally very good Edit - Just noticed the The Light Surgeons did a set in 2017 as well, so if the Gas Tower is there again then hoping to catch them, although they are at headliner time and will be watching Taylor
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