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  1. Acid followed a bit later by speedball 😛
  2. fred quimby

    BBC Glastonbury

    If they keep BBC as a public broadcasting service then subscription is miles away, according to some experts on the radio the other day. We just do not have the set up to deliver.
  3. On Ep 3. Really well put together,followed nicely after listening to the end of Jon Ronson things fell apart. Looking forward to the rest As an aside he mentions William Rees-moggs sovereign individual. Him and his coauthor certainly made some pretty accurate predictions of the future
  4. If you like ambient tech dub (something like that) the the new Deadbeat and om unit EP is great. Lovely for frosty nights Poldoore new album Soft Focus is a great downtempo one, was hoping it would be good and does not disappoint. Enjoyed Yard Act on first pass through
  5. For some unknown reason every now and then I burst into the barnaby bear theme tune. Have done for years. It's an odd infliction to have
  6. Well this is very strange, and all true. I was out walking the dog this morning the getting the washing in the machine and for no reason at all I have been singing You Took The Words Right out of my Mouth. Still singing it I have a look the BBC and see the sad news. Very odd My only conclusion is that I have been possessed by him. The song has been replaced now so might have been a short possession He certainly sang some belters.
  7. Auroras new album is a good un
  8. Finished Maid. What a great program, was a sad watch really but so well done
  9. Why the fuck do you get you hair cut so stupidly
  10. Ah, had not seen this or knew it either
  11. I upvoted to counter yours, otherwise I think you need a time machine or some such thing
  12. The title music makes me smile everytime, it's bonkers
  13. Yea watched it, didn't know anything about it and really enjoyed it. Great animation and story
  14. Aye, live gigs on TV tend not to be for me. Gets good viewing figures mind. The rest of the stuff is is obviously personal preference. I am unsure that other people do it though, I don't really see other broadcasters trying out new comedy and allowing this to grow in a less forced way. Yet to find another broadcaster that does stuff like introducing for up and coming bands, happy to be told of these others though so I can have a look/listen
  15. You are on a Glastonbury Forum so there is an obvious one 😃 If you are just talking TV then I reckon a lot of comedy, I enjoy have I got New for You, QI, Mock the week etc and some on BBC 3. Not sure if it is still the case but they allow concepts in and to grow, whereas more commercial companies may not go for it in the first place. So This Country being a recent one, something like little Britain that was nurtured on radio and then brought on in the not so distant past. I wonder if that side would be lost
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