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  1. Next time from west holts, keep on that main road, don't go to Avalon past medical centre and to hedge, turn right IICON and toilets there, bit quicker
  2. I don't think that us what u am saying at all. My father inlaw is the same, anything after 1975 is mainly rubbish, not as good as when he was young. On your point I am sure there were several bands from your period there this time.
  3. So what I am getting from you, and I see this in many people, is that you liked things from a certain part of your life. Things move on as we do, and some people cling to those times in their life as being the best. As I say I meet lots of people like it so think it is natural for some.
  4. Saw him years ago, sounds like nothing has changed. Twisted carbaret on before were great
  5. I heard some say who's John Peel, which I guess is inivitable
  6. One chap to another. "Yes of course you walk slower when you are full of poo"
  7. Just been too new Glade, oh my. No photos you have to wait.
  8. Oh no, hope all will be OK.
  9. Rumour onside is that someone has pulled out of a Pyramid set no name though, might be BS
  10. Pop down IICON again. Seems smaller than last time. Gunna be rammed. The space not the head or anything maybe just me Hyped for it though No photos no spoilers
  11. Just been over to IICON. Man, we are in for some fun
  12. I will be there as well. Not sure I will meet mind
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