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  1. changed comment as I read yours wrong sorry Depends on what you mean by "are not discussing it" really that is one big thing right there, People do not have to be talking about a refs decision to make it popular, which was your main thrust of that part of your argument.
  2. mmmm, haven't met my kids then in the fully blown teenage years
  3. Not really what I was saying. I was refuting your claim that the popularity of football was there because there were errors to discuss (well part of it), and that VAR will decrease footballs popularity. Time will tell of course
  4. My daughter not having cancer. Horrible wait for the results, as they had said it is more than likely to be cancer and she was booked in for full body scan to see where it all was. Also meant I could get a few days in at Edinburgh fringe. Toxoplasmosis in the end
  5. Well yes of course true. A simple game that can be played easily by anyone with competion between towns involved. Not sure the amount of ref mistakes really made much difference at all.
  6. Yea do not understand that at all.
  7. It became popular because of TV really, well money I guess and are lower leagues not suffering and lower crowds . If not then you need to know when. was it more popular before they added new rules around attacking player advantage, no crunching tackles etc seems like it is just another change No idea, will have to wait and see but do you feel it would be more popular if there was more flaws? The speed of the game is a different thing. Pants at present but that may change. Also before VAR we could have just sent players off who moan to the ref about his decision as they were always surrounding him and slowing the game down and that would make it faster again. Lots of other ways to speed it up.
  8. I never quite understand this. So are you saying we should have a quota of errors?, if we had more errors then does the sport become even more popular?. Is there a ratio which shows how "popular" it is to the amount of ref errors? all very subjective, and just because you like to talk for hours about ref errors does not mean others do
  9. I came back last night after the first time there. Missed a few days at the start due my daughters Cancer scare (which was not cancer in the end ) Been meaning to go for years but money and kids kind of stopped us. What a great time we had there, so so much to do it was mad and lots of places to explore next time (Circus Hub I am thinking of you). saw some great comedy/theatre/dance Will see who is playing the summer sessions as well next time Wednesdays Rain was bloody mad - reminded me how much I hate rain at Glastonbury (see how I made it relevant)
  10. Cheers. Bagged a couple.
  11. I went through a stage of coming home cutting them off and throwing them away. Wish I hadn't. Think I may have lost some as well I do have a chest in the shed with loads of Glastonbury memorabilia. Must go through that some day
  12. Would be the first one that I wouldn't even go to out of curiosity. I'm sure folks will have fun
  13. Great to see you taking steps to make a change you want. Hard to do but only compare yourself to you. Good luck
  14. Lots of advice and good words above. I have very little to add to this really except - I now a few people who have been to life coaches and have said it has really helped them take a step back, look around, reassess. Then gave then the ability to focus on what they wanted and what direction to travel in. Not saying it is for everyone and could be shit (although you may end up writing a wonderful comedic show about it and change your life that way) The Glastonbury sized hole that you are gravitating around can be filled by lots of other events to plan and look forward to. Not easy when your up to your eyes in oil and grease with your grindstone to your nose, You are 26 as well so in terms of life oh so young and you have chances to try and experiment with different directions you want to turn (does feel like main earner could get in the way but once again that can just be a state of mind). You can always go back to this Lawyer stuff. Your life and only one of them. I really wish you though all the best and I hope you find some peace and relief from it all. Which you will
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