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  1. I assume this has been picked up on so I don't have to 😉
  2. The rowing coach that has been around for years left a while back, which may have a short term affect
  3. Been listening to the new Yola LP. once again very hit and miss with me. Not sure what it is about her
  4. I have been watching through Iplayer. Rubbish obviously for live events
  5. I really enjoy the everything else as well. Have't really had chance to watch a lot this time sadly. Can't wait for the climbing though. when out my dads the other week they had international tag on. WTF I thought, so watched a bit and then a bit more and then another hour great stuff and entertaining never understood why Squash is not in the Olympics
  6. ha, I am off to play soon as well. 2024 here we come
  7. No good (start the Prance)
  8. Hope it is not a Tuba playing album cover
  9. I just think we should have more dancing animals in competitions.
  10. Did pub in the park in bath in June, had gentleman dub club and Tom Walker. Good fun. Tomorrow Henning Wehn at a small club. Then Jade Bird at rough trade. Not sure after that but have some in Sept Oct Nov and beyond
  11. aye. But I wonder when the good times come back they will reduce this. I think I know the answer
  12. Looking forward to wrapping my ears around this one
  13. Cheeky Mungo's Hi-fi Antidote LP. which I may have got if I had the cash. Now on their bandcamp already plus a more limited edition of it as well
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