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  1. Glass Animals are touring in May in the UK. I knew we thought they would be there anyway. Pesky new phones alarm did not go off in time and then was in a daze so missed getting tickets for the tour sadly
  2. fred quimby

    Taylor Swift

    I just knew the Mozart snobs would be out on this thread
  3. Trying to make Boris look in control of it all.
  4. Not sure it is Good News but makes me happy. So since Lockdown I have been getting back into vinyl. A few reasons for me now being able to afford to take it back up, but one is spending less on crap by not being out and about so much. Anyway a 7" pressure Sounds Bunny "Striker" Lee record just got pushed through my letterbox So I am diverting my money from one part of the economy to one that makes me much happier.
  5. This ^ Plus why would these firms pay to have desks altered to have screens all around and other measures. No point and costly. Then they have a reduction in running cost and longer term can look at closing buildings. My company has many offices and in some it is all hot-desk which does not work with Covid. As @Ozanne also states what a weird statement about our economy. I thought he was all up for Free markets and let the markets decide on what happens Plus did not IDS boss only say yesterday that there is a second wave on the way across Europe
  6. On the mask bit if people are moaning then I just say - prefer to wear one than a respirator. They just go yea guess so and shut up
  7. fred quimby

    Glasto Vlogs

    I can't remember any rain on the Tuesday sure Mrs Q and I were out till around 2am probably in a bar maybe
  8. fred quimby

    Glasto Vlogs

    Certainly rained before the festival and the weather decided to change that week I was there on the Monday and a few big puddles about and it hammered it down on the Monday night about 2am, just as I got into my tent. was nice white noise to get to sleep to
  9. fred quimby

    Taylor Swift

    I meant you would be cancelling yourself. more tongue in check really
  10. fred quimby

    Taylor Swift

    I thought you were a fan
  11. fred quimby

    Taylor Swift

    I understand your points but can I just point out one blatant lie and it needs pulling up on - "then I'd get a round in." Pfft - you are not fooling anyone
  12. So I have listened to Taylor Swifts Folklore over the weekend However the other album was Sault - Untitled(Black is) released in June. Nicely contrasting The Sault LP is brilliant and so amazingly of the time. Listening gives me real pause for thought and maybe (I hope so anyway) a small understanding of others, which is very powerful, music does this sometimes. Other times it makes me shake my freaky ass on the dance floor
  13. I am on the judging panel as well as Quark
  14. So have not heard a couple of them yet and will do but Anna Meredith FIBS is great. Hoping to see her on the Farm, real talent and powerful music when Calion moves into that deeper bass - oh My and Sawbones relentlessness is just wonderful
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