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  1. "Yea sorry Billum just didn't get the texts through on time. Shame we missed you"
  2. So Wednesday - Morning Run. Then afternoon down to London with Son for a gig (stood around head nodding) Few drinks Home and in bed 4.15 am Thursday - Up at 8 am in for interview (got job) then out at night with friends for too many drinks. Did not eat all day Friday - Hung-over but 13 mile walk then back on the booze at 14.00 as friends 40th. Drinking all day then off to Bristol for Queen Tribute act and 80's disco (2 bottles of champagne, 6 pinks and 5 shots) Lots of dancing - In bed at 4.30 am Saturday - Not much, small walk Sunday - 12 mile walk Monday - finished second week of Couch to 5k and out for drinks with friends. So not too bad training for Glastonbury. I am nearly match fit
  3. Great news Plenty of scarp book opportunities as has been said. That is kind of odd to ask what clothes she is taking. Hope you replied - Mainly clown suits
  4. There has to be a joke somewhere about your partners being disappointed with your estimation of tent size
  5. I am starting to wonder if he is actually all human or whether he is part machine and AI that will replace us all. (will check the blog later Mr Super)
  6. I know - mine was just flippant
  7. Bond - Gets told how he is going to be killed while watching the world burn Bond - Turns to camera and rolls eyes and gives us a wink
  8. I'm sure if we scroll back through these pages we can find that
  9. I enjoyed it. good to be back in the seat. Normal first episode setup with a few plots moving on. Visual feast though I did come down to breakfast this morning though and there was creepy boy Bran in the Garden in his chair just looking.
  10. Or you have just never been in there and been somewhere else thinking it is Avalon
  11. arrrrggghhhhh Strong line-up I normally like a few bands a day so I can just explore. This year the bands are stacking up very high already, so does look like a year of running around (yea I know it will all go to shit) Where will I find the time to make a spoon
  12. I am not sure that is all true, only just started reading up on it more though, so excuse any ignorance . Carbs get turned into glucose in the body to give you energy (Jacket potato is the same as about 19 cubes of sugar) if you are not using that energy then insulin will take over and move that glucose to storage, which in most cases is fat as that is the best storage for us humans to then use at a later date (I thought muscle would be better ) , but we tend not too so it stays as fat. It all depends obviously on what carbs you take in as well as nearly everything has carbs in it that we convert to energy. As I say I have only really just started reading about it so my limited knowledge maybe misplaced some what at the moment. But it appears that lowering certain carb intake will be good for not putting on fat. also read that we have a biological sweet spot for Fat to carbs ratio (1 to 2 I think) which all the big companies know and make their food to that combination, our pre-programed brains can't get enough of it.
  13. used to know someone who played drums for them at one gig. Was hanging out with them and Russell Hunter (think that was him) was too out of it to leave where ever they were, so as he had played drums before was asked to do the gig, which he did, with Twink on the other set.
  14. fred quimby

    Billie Eilish

    see I don't mind people trying to be different and weird. I like different and weird each to there own and all that do find it odd that you compare Rag and Bone man to Billie Eilish. Very very different types of artist so hard to compare I would say
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