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  1. not worthy

    2020 headliners

    ....but that's just silly people. Looks like no Pyramid headliners for me this year then but it sounds like several folk on here are happy with the trio. I'll just be happy to be there, volunteering again by the looks of it
  2. Have any of these Badgers ever flown a plane ? If so, you may find things a wee bit more challenging than back in 2000
  3. The majority of what we are seeing is likely not led by Boris, he couldn't organise a birthday party nevermind a political one. We are now all part of Dominic Cummings social/political petri dish The guy thinks he's a genius and may not even agree with the outcomes but finds it fun playing his big version of Sim City
  4. not worthy

    Billie Eilish

    She seems really nice, just a bit tricky getting the wristband on over the rings Had the pleasure of meeting lots of acts whilst working a vehicle gate this year
  5. not worthy

    2020 headliners

    One can dream, I couldn't help but indulge myself with one I'd go to than again, as long as Ezra Furman Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Death Cab for Cutie Cage the Elephant turn up then I'd be happy regardless
  6. not worthy

    2020 headliners

    The 1975, Slipknot, Fleetwood Mac
  7. not worthy

    The 1975 2020

    This is starting to sound like the level of obsession normally reserved for a Janet Jackson thread I don't get the appeal, I've tried the links to videos n stuff but they just seem like the band that the one direction fans flocked to
  8. not worthy

    The 1975 2020

    Line 1 seems to be missing an option or two Line 2, yes I can - unless you are referring to the bimble inn
  9. not worthy

    The 1975 2020

    I saw them in Williams Green a few years ago and after hearing them play the same song multiple times I thought they were on too big a stage even then.....hey ho, what do I know
  10. Damn it, baltie-pie knows the formula defining shite music. I never knew of this, I thought liking music was purely a personal, emotional response. Why did no-one tell me this before, it turns out most stuff I like may fall foul of this test. My music tastes are clearly shocking
  11. Wednesday early pm - two guys back of their teens or early twenties sitting by John Peel Tent "Must've taken them ages to put all these trees in, weren't here last time" "Yeah, amazing what they do innit"
  12. not worthy

    EPO bands

    It's interesting spending a shift or two directly with security to hear how many folks they manage to catch, I doubt anyone would be too keen to spend much time in the back of the eviction crew vans
  13. I had the same shift pattern - very tiring doing night shift then getting only a couple of hours sleep due to the heat in tent before going out again through to 2am the following day, just relieved it was cooler for sleeping the next night/morning There did seem to be too many stewards which caused the boredom for so many, I guess they just plan for a fair rate of drop-outs and those going AWOL
  14. Sorry to hear you had a bad one. yep, it looks like it was just luck in terms of what we got allocated. I had a vehicle gate which was always busy, had the bonus of meeting bands/celebs and the eavii unfortunately we had to deal with some messy incidents too, but it did make the shifts go quickly. As for time to see bands - it was probably about 50% of normal but that did rely on very little sleep knackered now - I'm going to do a smaller festival this year to know I've got a priority safety net for glastonbury next year, but if I can get normal tickets I will of course go that way
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