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  1. I got last minute resale tickets for his gig on Brixton on Tuesday so was lucky enough to catch him just before he cancelled (I too have tickets for March but much prefer to see him at Brixton) I totally agree that he seems overworked, and as @AmazingAbby said he has had a previous serious illness (and also had hemorrhaged his vocal chords just before Glasto) so has to be cautious He seems genuinley gutted. I'm sure we'll all see him on the farm!
  2. I'd be interested to know your experience with tipis if you'd be willing to share? I couldn't find a huge amount of recent stuff online!
  3. Thank you! Yeah we have a big group and half are Thursday coach goers (and newbies) so mostly pleased for them. I managed to get through at 7:01 and then 7:15 - I kept clicking back and forward for a long time until another came available, a ticket day tip I learnt on here!
  4. Got two tipis which I'm chuffed about! Always wanted to give them a try and looking forward to not getting up at 2am to get a decent spot.
  5. Same here - ordered on 5th June and a signed one! Also realised the card details I gave, is a card that I had replaced as it was faulty - eek!
  6. I preordered mine from Waterstones and it still says processing, those who have theirs did you pay for next day delivery?
  7. Yeah I guess this is the point, do GF really care about it not always being the most committed who get tickets? If it were to be the most committed who were rewarded, would we just have the same type of people going each year? I for one was asleep for my first T-day, there was 3 of us in our group and 2 of us slept through the entire thing. Luckily that 1 friend got through in 2014 and I've been ever year since. We all start somewhere.
  8. That's the first time I've heard of anything positive occurring at Lewisham station hell on earth.
  9. Whaaaat!! I tried persistently going back and forth from the reg page for friends on Sunday but the ‘no event found’ made me think it was a gonner. How did you do it?
  10. I was in the resale club for 2019 festival and we did it with a google sheet and the URL shared only to people who asked. The sheet once shared allows you to add your details and there was a tab for coach and a tab for GA. Once the resale was approaching, we asked people to re-verify if they were still interested - we filtered out a lot of people this way as some were no longer active on the forum. I think your idea to have a early cut off is a good one too.
  11. Do you have a registration number or not hun?
  12. I was in a group of 6 and my postcode was wrong and once it was amended the booking went through (had just copied over data from an old spreadsheet d'oh!) Might be different if the reg has been "purchased" however.
  13. I might consider this..
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