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  1. Do you pay a deposit on tipis (if so how much) or pay upfront?
  2. ledwards


    Managed to get them too for Thursday via TicketWeb - never used that site before so was a little nervous it wasn't legit! Sold out so quickly
  3. ledwards


    London! Makes sense why I was getting unavailable. Wasn't sure I needed to go via a specific link from Amex. Looks like I'll be trying Friday 9am - thanks for your help
  4. ledwards


    I tried to do this but not sure I have the right link. Please can you share?
  5. Has anyone seen the usual 3ish minute bbc highlights of 2019? Can’t find it!
  6. Has anyone seen the usual 3ish minute bbc highlights of 2019? Can’t find it!
  7. Does anyone have recommendations for sourdough pizzas. And anything with goats cheese (salads, burgers etc) Also when does the bear burger place open?
  8. I've turned up late to my coach and they don't even acknowledge the time on your ticket. I think you can easily get on an earlier one, don't waste your money on another ticket!
  9. @GETOFFAMYLAWN I had a similar issue a few years back. I tried every kind of ear drop on the market and eventually ordered myself this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/AcuLife-Ear-Wax-Removal-Syringe/dp/B000SOJXGA/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?crid=X9F6LXQA7BP8&keywords=ear+syringe&qid=1561222534&s=gateway&sprefix=ear+syrin%2Caps%2C131&sr=8-1-spons&psc=1 I used this to syringe my own ears with warm water as per the instructions. The syringe does not spray water down the ear canal as the holes are designed to flush the water back out your ear, catching the wax en route. TBH I was horrified what came out of my ear! It helps if you use ear drops to soften the wax first.
  10. Can someone explain these graphs in simple person terms? What does each "run" mean?
  11. ledwards

    Worried Sick

    Great news @Worriedsick This really highlights the importance of smear tests and I am indeed guilty of not booking mine yet after turning 25 last year. I am phoning my GP today to get mine organised. Hope you have a great time on the farm ❤️
  12. You need to enter via Orange car park and then into Gate D. I would say you need to be in the queue by 4am so leave your car at 3:30am. I had my bags checked in 2017 on the way into the queue which is why I'm suggesting additional 30 mins to get in. See you there
  13. ledwards

    Resale Club 2019

    So pleased for you Ozanne!!
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