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    It's only Glastonbury and boomtown that have full price deposit, the rest are only £35
  2. I was working as a Steward and my two shifts with the public was both in Yellow, a possible reason for the toilet shortage was that family camping expanded quite a lot so could have taken toilets from other areas. The pixies in the woods were keeping an eye out for stray fag butts and was on the move more than normal with water backpacks, I had the mask on when I was working in the performers camp which is beside the kids area parallel to family. The food has improved a lot in the arena and my favourite was the steak strips and chips up near obolisk and the wood oven pizza. Compared to other festivals the price was similar but the quality was a lot better but I do get you about the price, best bargain was four ice cream for £1.70 from the Co-op The lake stage i thought had improved greatly musically maybe to the cost of sunrise which could help with sound bleed if it went back to sunrise, I think Latitude's idea was that using 3 stages quite close to each other would help with walking times. I was watching John Cooper Clark and he had to be turned up to counter Alt-J. I think the Obolisk is just at the top of the site so can be heard more from far away. The BBC tent cant really move as the sound would completely blast the lake stage if it was turned away from the Obolisk, they could shut some curtains but it would overheat quickly
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