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  1. mpdow2

    The Strokes?

    thanks. I may give them a call and see if I can do anything
  2. mpdow2

    The Strokes?

    How strict do you guys think they will be on the door with tickets? I know they send the ticket to your mobile on the day but was wondering if I rocked up with ID and said I wanted my mate to go in with my ticket whether they would let this happen? I obviously really want to go but my mate is obsessed with them and I’ve been pretty lucky in getting tickets to Glasto and other small intimate gigs so feels like the right thing to do.
  3. mpdow2

    The Strokes?

    It is still saying this. Anyone know anything more?
  4. Which Festival in Portugal? Can't find it?
  5. mpdow2

    Other Stage 2020

    He is in the US at the electric forest festival so unless he plans on a long flight he is out. @dentalplan I wouldn't say he is too small for the Other. He has second billing on the Saturday at Coachella. Having said that he is much bigger in the US. Sort of like Tame Impala headlining Coachella, then being relegated to Other over here.
  6. @Gilgamesh69 @zeppelin @Supernintendo Chalmers What is all the drift intro / misterons pre show like? Worth getting there early?
  7. there were quite a few going on Twickets for last night - any luck in the end?
  8. anyone at Leeds last night? How was it? Would love 2 standing tickets to London next Saturday if anyone has spare
  9. mpdow2


    Anyone going to Ross from Friends / Flume tonight in London? Have two spare tickets. Twickets are stopping me from selling there as the lead booker needs to be there at same time with ID. I can't even transfer tickets to my friends who want to arrive a bit later. Anyway I plan on entering at 730 if anyone is keen to buy the tickets.
  10. Long shot but anyone got tickets to the London show in a few weeks? Looking for a few standing room tickets but not looking likely based on Twickets activity
  11. mpdow2

    Unique IPs on T day

    I had thought multiple IPs give you multiple chances of 60 refreshes per second, so give you the best chance (still luck but more chances of said luck). No idea how to get multiple IPs however (besides mobile, work, home etc). I think multiple tabs / browsers on same IP will just lock you out as you will easily go over 60 refreshes per second. Obviously none of us really have a clue.
  12. really helpful is there a way of knowing you have the issue and get the busy page? Is it different to the 20 second page we all refresh or are you just stuck in a loop?
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