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  1. mpdow2

    Unique IPs on T day

    I had thought multiple IPs give you multiple chances of 60 refreshes per second, so give you the best chance (still luck but more chances of said luck). No idea how to get multiple IPs however (besides mobile, work, home etc). I think multiple tabs / browsers on same IP will just lock you out as you will easily go over 60 refreshes per second. Obviously none of us really have a clue.
  2. really helpful is there a way of knowing you have the issue and get the busy page? Is it different to the 20 second page we all refresh or are you just stuck in a loop?
  3. Wondering if having multiple tabs with diff profiles would make a difference. I know if you are over 60 refreshes a minute it locks you out temporarily but does it really lock out each and every page? So if I had 6 tabs open then 3 get locked out the other 3 keep going then the others come back on etc etc so at very worst you still have around 3 going? All once you go over refresh limit it’s done? Trying for any advantage after a miserable Thursday
  4. Thanks @TheFullShaboo are you certain that the refreshing doesn't kick you back? Concerned I was going to have auto refresh on 5 seconds so I had time to react but it sounds like 2 seconds would be fine? Also grateful if people can provide any insights on page of doom and how you know you are in it? Is it just not loading even the hold page? I have had that in previous years where I can't even get to the hold page?
  5. Any consensus on auto-refresh? @GoonerRob Concerned if i don't pause auto-refresh in time i am screwed
  6. Thanks. Will try tonight and get back to you if any issue.
  7. Hi All probably @stuartbert two hats :). Anyone keen to give a dummies step by step guide on get iplayer? Life is getting in the way to work this out :s. Thanks in advance
  8. mpdow2


    Completely agree. A few of my group hate pushing through people. I always say politely push through and you will find there is way more space near the front then back here.
  9. Another great Glastonbury. Performers were generally top notch. Interested to hear people's thoughts now 1 week has passed. Here are mine: Wednesday: Al Doyle (Crow's Nest) - 8 Thursday: Snapped Ankles (Strummerville) - 6 - Thought sound wasn't great Rhythm of the 90's - 9 - Cheesey but fun Friday: Pip Blom (John Peel) - 7 MØ - 7 Lucy Rose - 7 Amyl & The Sniffers - 8 Pond - 8 - Lead had alot of charisma Idles (Park) - 10 - Prob set of weekend for me Tame Impala - 9 Joe Goddard DJ - 7 Saturday: Vampire Weekend (Park) - 9 - What a start to the day Sports Team (Williams Green) - 8 - better then I was expecting Snapped Ankles - 8 (Sound much better) Fontaines D.C. (WG) - 9.5 - Crowd up for it even though it was a sauna Foals - 8 Sigrid - 8.5 Jungle - 7 Chemical Brothers - 8.5 Sunday: Jeff Goldblum - 7.5 Kylie - 9 Billie Eilish - 7.5 Vampire Weekend - 7.5 The Streets - 8.5 Max Cooper - 8.5
  10. mpdow2

    Legend Slot 2020

    - Think Meatloaf may be passed it - this was 8 years ago
  11. Do you think we could get to Snapped Ankles for 9:15 or will there just be too many people for Frank so Snapped becomes an impossibility? Was really up for the Thursday night set.
  12. mpdow2


    Will they crowd disperse so I can get a good spot for Snapped Ankles?
  13. Assume you need gps location services on. Kills my battery unfortunately
  14. mpdow2

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Of course the strata-clu it was there for us all to see. How the hell did I miss this?
  15. mpdow2


    It was up there with the sweatiest gigs I’ve been to. Ally Pally is always hot and I never learn my lesson. Even in winter shorts there
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