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  1. And it seems another day with no new names....
  2. Xavier Rudd, Gavin James, Idles performed in Portugal this year/end of last year, brought by the same promoter of Nos Alive (Everything is New). Twenty One Pilots are playing by another promoter (Sons em Trânsito, instead of Alive?s Everything is New) So i don't believe twenty One pilots will be on the card
  3. Conan Osiris, The Glockenwise, Conjunto Corona, Sallim and Galgo added to the card (all portuguese acts)
  4. Hope so too edit: i got so excited when i saw this link on facebook, that i didnt noticed you already discussed it
  5. https://en.festileaks.com/2019/03/rumour-the-black-keys-to-be-back-with-new-music-and-tour/?fbclid=IwAR2fC5Fveak9bHzWzFQlIC5ty4XDF6EkEYimBrYPGKKP6uvcCsmLu9hLhlo WIll they be the final headliner?
  6. it would be funny that GVT trolled everyone about criticism about being a Led Zeppeling cover band, by inviting Robert Plant to sing a song with them
  7. We all already knew, but that offiacilly confirms THe Strokes out of Nos Alive
  8. i wouldn t mind a solo show from Coldplay. That would mean that they are official out of Nos Alive . Marina isnt any big for this kind of tease . Billie Eilish is way more popular and wasn't teased like this Edit: With that «help» , it will be probably some portuguese woman.
  9. Well the figure is a person with long hair. It is true that it seems a woman, but Eddie Vedder has also long hair. But to be honest, i have no idea who it might be
  10. I think there are 4 chances for what this announcement might be, and none of them is Alive related 1- Coldplay show 2- Eddie Vedder solo show 3 - Billie Eilish second date 4- some big portuguese women announcement
  11. Nos Alive loves to announce bands that play their own show first (in small/medium venues). We have the examples in this edition with Idles , Vetusta Morla and Xavier Rudd. Will it happen again and they will announce Massive Attack for Nos ALive ?
  12. another day with 0 news from Nos Alive
  13. Didn't know the days they were playing in Spain, so in that case we won't have The Strokes at Nos Alive (and how the things are going we won' t have them anywhere in Portugal, this year )
  14. https://en.festileaks.com/2019/02/doctor-music-festival-2019-could-be-cancelled/?fbclid=IwAR2OxgZk7NfG6tfQO32Ba_SbK0laPB5RIhW7hnEdZP4qZT4h-DfW7ZjKuXw I don't believe it will be cancelled, but if it happens it would make bands like The Strokes available to come to Nos Alive instead
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