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  1. So Kendrick Lamar, Angel Olsen and a new day
  2. Nos Alive never announce more than 1 one at the time. The most they had announced, was like last year, one name in the morning and one in the afternoon
  3. Well with the info that Black Keys aren't going to do festivals next year, and seeing the teaser for I-Days Milano, my money is all on Billie Eilish
  4. I would definately say The Black Keys Unless they are completely blind and are going to put some other pop artist
  5. I know, But also doing the Stadium Tour. I just said that i don't see The Strokes doing a Stadium Tour
  6. Well at least in my mind, Green Day are bigger than both Black Keys and Strokes. However, in some way, i see Black Keys and Strokes as equals.
  7. Well Green Day are doing a Stadium Tour. I don' t see The Strokes doing one, despite i prefer The Strokes. That answers it?
  8. Someone said on Alive facebook page that The Black Keys are announcing their european tour this week is this legit?
  9. Maybe it is possible. Green Day, Weezer , Fall Out Boy and some portuguese band (like Xutos) and here you have a full day in RIR
  10. The problem with Green Day is that their american tour starts just 1 week after Nos Alive.
  11. The main media of Nos Alive says that tomorrow at 14h the first headliner will be revealed . Will it be Green Day, will it be System of a Down or will it be anything unexpected?
  12. Saw a rumor at Festileaks that Green Day may be doing festivals next year
  13. Nos Alive is famous to have great line ups when Rock in Rio Lisbon is in the same year, and that will happen next year, so i a bet Nos Alive lineup will be greater than this year
  14. They are changing the headliners to the supposed new trend and the funny thing once sold out festivals are now struggling to sell out a single day. Nos Primavera Sound last year sold out only the day with Nick Cave (the rock day) and this year none of the days sold out. Yet the day Solange was headliner was cringely empty, and don't say it was because of the weather, because last year the Nick Cave day the weather was like 100000X worse and it sold out.... SBSR was the first to change , and they are struggling for years....
  15. LOL So they now posted the timetables - deleted them and reposted them on facebook, for 3 times They are filled with amateurs
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