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  1. In their instagram page and facebook page, they took out «NOS»
  2. No idea, but it will the 10th official edition of the festival, so maybe it will be an extra full day. We will have to wait and see
  3. So it seems next year it will be upgraded to 4 days. From 7th to 10th June. And Nos is not the main sponsor anymore Tickets will be on sale next week, 6th July
  4. I doubt, because the size of naming in AM, is different from the other headliners
  5. The only problems i had with people were the ones that go near to the front, and decide to spend the all concert, talking about anything. These kind of people were mainly portuguese or spanish . And i had problem with 2 women (with clear accent of Lisbon) that started complaining at me that i got myself right in front of them (when i was noticebable alone with 2 drinks on my hands, and i just stopped to look where my friend was )
  6. I was watching Kim Gordon, and gave up due to the very poor sound . And then when i was going for the main stage for Nick Cave, happened to notice that something strange happened to Sky Ferreira. I know she was late for her gig 20 minutes, and due to the strict schedules of Primavera, of course when the supposed time end, she was «expelled» from stage. However some friends of mine that were close to the stage, told me that she looked completely drugged....
  7. I know there is a VIP zone, bu i don't know anything more besides that
  8. Georgia out Spelling is the substitute, in the same spot on the schedule table
  9. Yes, didn't saw that number 10
  10. Based on this, they took out an entire food place (where now Cupra is going to be) and they didn't change it to anywhere else. and they are expecting more people that any other edition. Are they out of their minds? lol It will be impossible to eat in the rush hours of the festival
  11. In 2018 , that it was the last NPS with a sold out day, they were expecting 30 thousand in the sold out day . So they are expecting +5 thousand people this year
  12. It seems they are expecting 35 thousand people each day
  13. it is in portuguese, but it is a warning to come early to trade the tictets for wristbands the day before, since it is the most crowded edition ever
  14. One of the portuguese directors of the festival, warned on his social media that this year's edition will be more crowded ever
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