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  1. Abroad and delete all social media, I imagine
  2. mufcok

    2023 Headliners

    That would be delightful
  3. mufcok

    2023 Headliners

    You have to realise how ridiculous you sound? You're also missing the most important point of all - music is subjective. Those three acts you've mentioned also have zero appeal to me, but that doesn't apply to everyone. To some people, watching those artists live will mean the world There's plenty of headliners in recent years that have zero appeal to me - two this year, Adele, Ed Sheeran, Metallica - but to name a few, but suggesting any of them shouldn't headline a festival is ludicrous - their ticket/record sales show that. One of many reasons I choose to go to Glastonbury is the sheer amount on offer, they literally cater for everyone. I didn't want to watch Billie Eilish, so I watched Primal Scream. I didn't want to watch Kendrick, so I watched Bicep. The choice on offer is like nothing you get anywhere else.
  4. Agreed, best one I've had - albeit the previous one's were cheap tat
  5. mufcok

    2023 Headliners

    Do we believe that they're already booked, or is that just the line that's spun every year? If they do have them all sewn up - that just adds fuel to the fire for am & Swift for me. Swift will have first refusal you'd think, when she's active. I don't really follow her so not sure where she's up to with releasing music/touring. The pattern emerging with AM's new record & tour dates plays perfectly into Glastonbury coming towards the end of a Spring UK tour. As for the third... Fleetwood Mac have to be top of the list, they make no secret about how much they'd like to book them. Didn't they pay the Stones well over the usual headliner fee? Surely they'll find a compromise with them sooner or later.
  6. Once again I didn't eat enough or spread my wings enough - but on Friday I had an Indonesian coconut curry near John Peel. My God, exceptional.
  7. mufcok

    2023 Headliners

    This was prediction as we discussed it coming home yesterday, with Elton potentially taking Fleetwood Mac's place - if they fail to get them again
  8. McCartney Bicep Noel... just So many contenders though. Bicep absolutely blew my socks off, sensational
  9. Sunday night outside a urinal "what so them 2CB pills - you made them at home, using Domestos?''
  10. mufcok

    Paul McCartney

    A moment I'll never ever forget. I was just stood in awe for most of it, mouth hanging open. Didn't feel real, like some surreal dream. Eyes filled up with tears during Blackbird when he was on that platform. Six hour stint in the front pit for him and Noel, and my God I'm glad I did. Beautiful
  11. mufcok

    2023 Headliners

    Just to add a bit more fuel to the AM fire, I've been told this will be their last record; and that pains me to say, as someone who absolutely loves them. Have reason to believe the source it's come from should be accurate. That could all change of course when the new stuff comes out and they go on the road.
  12. Bar across from John Peel, or is this a different one? (can't see another on the map)
  13. Think I may have asked this a little while back, but does anyone know bars that serve Guinness on the farm? Bimble Inn did last time. I believe The Cockmill does, but I can't remember with that one. I'm also told the Avalon Inn does, but weirdly I've never been in (100% will be this time) Cheers!
  14. Anyone got any good breakfast food recommendations near to William's Green, T&C, West Holts?
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