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  1. So... is this the McCartney week? 😁
  2. Did we get any reliable info on days/stages for the 2020 line-up, off the back of the poster? Can't remember
  3. Ah man, I'm so f*cking giddy. It's gonna be such a moment 😁
  4. mufcok

    2022 Headliners

    Well this has made for pleasant reading. The thought of the festival finally going head, and McCartney taking to the Pyramid Stage on Saturday night is the stuff dreams are made of.
  5. mufcok

    2022 Headliners

    Also just seen that, what a clip. Took a back to a good moment. Please God get us in that field in June
  6. mufcok

    2022 Headliners

    Can we all just agree that McCartney is still doing it... please?
  7. mufcok

    Campsite Poll

    Nice to see threads like this emerging. It's been Oxylers every year since I first went (2011) for me but this time (all being well... ) I'll be in the Campervan fields; albeit with the short straw in a tent outside a Campervan. Looking forward to seeing how different the experience is.
  8. Gutting but it hasn't hit me half as much as it did last year. Completely expected it, as sad as it is. Last year I think was still in the 'it'll blow over' stage of thinking. The only positive I can take is, with vaccinations being rolled out, there should be nothing to stop it coming back in 2022 with a bang, and it will be the best party I've ever been to. These are grim days, really feel for Michael & Emily.
  9. Have to agree, as much as I hate to. I have no doubt it will be back better than ever in 2022 and gigs will be back to normal, or close, by late summer/autumn but everything considered, it's gonna take a minor miracle at this point for Glastonbury 😪
  10. https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/music/features/glastonbury-2021-festival-news-cancelled-b1784332.html
  11. That was my thinking, maybe artists/people involved have been told. Grim
  12. I imagine we'll get an announcement early next year, unless something dramatically changes over the next few weeks. So grim
  13. I've tried to remain positive through this and, for a brief moment after the first vaccine approval, I convinced myself it would go ahead but this past week I've resigned myself to the fact it won't be happening. Too much going against it unfortunately. Mass testing wouldn't work, for so many reasons. Any sort of restrictions there would just take away from the Glastonbury experience and, of course, the time needed to build the site and all that comes with that. Absolutely devastating but if/when the official announcement comes, it won't quite hit me as hard as the 2020 festival. That really was a hard dose of reality, think at that point I still thought all this would 'blow over'. I just hope the festival can survive to go ahead in 2022, the industry really is taking a battering here. Interesting note on the headliner, praying it's McCartney but not holding out much hope. Think Paul will be 80 by then? I remember an interview somewhere not long back where he said he wouldn't be surprised if he's played as last gig, with all this shit going on. Grim.
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