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  1. Classic for me. Loved it at the time and it's still a regular one that I watch
  2. Thank you for that. Some amazing footage but it's just hit me like a ton of bricks again that the wait is now circa 15 months 🤕
  3. That was a difficult choice. I opted for Coldplay. Missed them for Chemical Brother's in 2011. Coldplay/Chris take a lot of flack but they're a very good band. Their early stuff is excellent and some of the later stuff not bad either, despite his multi colour mid-life crisis. They put on an excellent show in 2016 and it's one I'll never forget. I would have loved to have seen LCD but I'm sure they'll return to the farm one day and I ended up getting to see them at WHP in Manchester which was a wonderful night so.. all worked out well.
  4. If it was only verbal agreements for 2021 then that makes things a bit easier for the festival. They'll probably just be first reserve in case any of the 2020 headliners aren't able to do it. We obviously don't know who the 2021 headliners were going to be at this point but using Arctic Monkeys as a logical guess, they aren't doing anything other than headlining. No chance.
  5. Yeah that's my take on it but everything is so up in the air. I don't really know enough about Swift/Kendrick to know what music they have out/what they could be upto in 2021
  6. Pretty much what I posted the other day, I don't really want to press him any further. From what I gathered, all acts on main stages were offered. I don't know how far 'main' stretches but what I do know is that it at least goes as far as stages the size of Glade. Some (no idea who or how many) have already declined. I imagine the intention from Glastonbury would be to try go with the same lineup then book new acts wherever people decline as time goes on
  7. Think it may have been verbal agreements rather than signed and sealed, may be wrong though
  8. McCartney can't have long left as a performer, and I say that through gritted teeth as someone desperate to see him with every opportunity seemingly yanked away from me Could we possibly see his retirement gig, if he postpones his European dates to next summer then finishes off at Glastonbury?
  9. Crossed my mind Always wanted to do it at some point when the festival isn't on, this certainly seems like the year Just need to work out the logistics as I don't drive
  10. I imagine so. I also think they'll be number 1 in line, should any of the current three drop out
  11. No idea tbh, I think Emily mentioned something but surely it'd be verbal agreements at this point
  12. Completely guessing but I think all headliners could be in doubt. Taylor/Kendrick could easily have stuff penciled in for next year and I'm not sure McCartney is committing 15 months in advance. But who knows at this point
  13. They've all been offered as far as I know, well 'main stages'. Guess it just depends who wants to commit and who already has other plans
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