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  1. Depends on who owns See. Follow the money. Who is the parent company?
  2. Woah - Current Archaeology still going and looking more like an issue of Homes and Gardens now (was an archaeology student in Southampton back in the early 90s).
  3. Lol - old skool. Someone was run over by a tractor too? Early Levs appearance as well - what '88!
  4. Heh - had a feeling you night have been. How much is accurate - did the organisers essentially abandon it mid-festival?
  5. They'll certainly never be like this one again! https://www.cornwalllive.com/news/history/cornwall-festival-treworgey-tree-fayre-4368662
  6. Going to do a Levellers face mask with rolling anarchy symbol where the little air vent often is.
  7. Just got the Oxfam Stewards cacellation email 😔 Oh well - not like it wasnt expected I guess.
  8. Pinhead

    Q magazine

    I remember the old, old cinema at the bottom of Big Ground in the '90s - watched Star Trek on there utterly off my face as I mainly was in those days as my youth would allow...
  9. Pinhead

    Q magazine

    Got a number of old Smash Hits and No7 pull out posters, mainly of Madness in their heyday, and the odd sad one of Nik Kershaw and Paul Young (ahem). Got all the Select and Q Glasto aerial pull out posters and festival review mags, plus the few sub-standard ones NME did just to keep up, and a number of the post-fest Western Daily Press review ones that used to get handed to you on the way out. All in 'the Archive'....
  10. Pinhead

    Q magazine

    Will be archived alongside my Select, Melody Maker, Smash Hits and No7 magazines...
  11. Glastonbury is always 'special' though isnt it. I can see local resistance though not in the same way it was back in the '90s and early '00s. as locals kind of dont have the defence that this thing has been imposed upon them these days. Councils will go with the locals but given the local contribution made by Glastonbury these days, perhaps it will balance out.
  12. Check the forums off their website. I read it as something confident?
  13. Their forums say they'll make the go / no go decision last day of July, however they seem confident they'll have figured out a way (probably make it all open stages for example), also its mainly campervans which helps.
  14. I'm at the pub now but its shit. Pubs are by definition soical places. If i cant socialise whats the point.
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