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  1. Has he really played that frequently? Last time I remember was the old 'Sounds of the 70's' Stage or whatever it was called. Happy to be corrected though...
  2. Pinhead


    Better than Moby 2003 Pyramid - was cold and wet.
  3. Yeah I remember using it when I needed to buy ciggie papers or scrumpy on the way to the festival site back in the day. Usually had a crowd of crusties sitting permanently outside it by then. It featured too on one of the CH4 or BBC mini-docs made about the festival during the coverage as well iirc, possibly with the owners being interviewed and 'asked what they think' about it all and other cliched questions...
  4. What happened to the original Pilton shop - did it get converted into a posh house / property asset for ex-Londoners perchance?
  5. Pinhead

    Brexit at Glasto?

    Hasn't any deal got to get through the Lords afterwards as well? Unless they invoke the 'Lords override' clause that was put in place around about the time of the Iraq war?
  6. Wonder how this will affect the other traders on site... Sure they charge up at the festival but then their pitch fees are often well expensive.
  7. Puts the Bearded line up in perspective mind: https://beardedtheory.co.uk/2019-line-up/
  8. Look I count 22 bands at least that I'll go and see already and my average for any year is about 24 so result there.
  9. Pinhead

    day and stage

    Hardly a headliner but: Kangaroo Moon "June 26 - July 1 Glastonbury Festival, Venues TBC" Which means Toad Hall, Thursday evening, probably around 10pm and one of the Bandstands at some point.
  10. Freedom for me too. No one from work, home, family wanting a little piece of me all day. I am master of my own destiny at Glasto and what an environment to master!
  11. First 1994: Big Ground in an A Frame tent. All night dancing in Babylon to Swamp Thing by The Grid. 15 of us in our party. Many substances. Levellers. Best: 1995: All came together. Mega heat. Explored South of the Railway Line properly. Got my first didge! The Prodigy. Looking at 1994/5 Line Up: my God I wish I could go back in time and see this lot all in the same place again... I feel so old.
  12. Have they done this before in previous years? Never thought I'd see them struggling to fill Glasto slots...
  13. Thought this was bullshit so came on here to check but looks like its true then
  14. Leave no trace - take everything back with you (except rubbish which you can bag up and bin there). Honestly think we are better not advising you in many ways. Go there and make it your own.
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