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  1. Ah, ok. Was never sure if it was rolled into the licence agreement with MDC.
  2. You'd think so wouldn't you, tho is the fallow year designated in the site license or something?
  3. And they need to be obscuring everything on the stream 😉 Least that trad Wolves flag seems to have made it in.
  4. I bet that map corresponds well to the extent and boundaries of the Worthy Farm landholding (for future reference).
  5. Nope (to original premise), I'd suffocate!
  6. If it goes ahead, I'll be there. Got tix a while ago.
  7. Have they sold out tier 4 now - says package not available.....?
  8. Perhaps the vagueness is lost on me...
  9. Perhaps the vagueness is deliberate 😉
  10. Hope we're all booking by jumping through the link from eFests......!
  11. Most likely yeah. Anyone catch anything that pointed to a projected capacity with all tents full.
  12. Hardly any left already - July almost gone...
  13. I guess either given they have a number of onsite places to visit, but yeah I think its also intended that it helps boost the local economy a little too more widely.
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