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  1. Sigh - more pathetic metaphors... Still, Glasto looking pretty likely now for next summer according to Govt Plc.
  2. I wonder for how long.... https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/sep/25/dominic-cummings-data-law-shake-up-a-danger-to-trade-says-eu
  3. True for the moment - I'm not sure if we default to the original Data Protection Act after 31st Dec, however the decoupling of EU GDPR and UK GDPR has been enough to raise concerns about how aligned the two will be and so how personal data sharing will continue between the two after 31st. For example, my firm now have to come up with a plan about how they can store employee data concerning our Italian employees in the UK after then.
  4. Might be something we have to live with, getting regular booster immunisations yearly, so the scheme may have legs for longer then we think.
  5. GDPR ends at the end of the year (unless some agreement is made to maintain it, however the Tories hate this as it gets in the way of their big data ambitions). Vaccine rollouts will be staggered according to vulnerability, then public service priority then age groups, so the youngest punters may well be the last to get it - maybe right up to the wire then when it comes to June....
  6. Scary to think we'll need some sort of vaccination card to attend a gig or online vaccination status system to clear us when we're buying tix in the future.
  7. And attaching an economic figure to it may help government spot it on the radar.
  8. If a Tory cant seduce any relief funding, what chance a leftyish festival in Somerset huh...
  9. As far as what might be expected in terms of anticipated rules I think clarity can only help here.
  10. Gives those concerned a specific body to raise it with though I guess, though doubt if there would be any specific financial relief being offered off the back of its report tbh.
  11. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/nov/11/mps-to-hold-inquiry-into-ensuring-post-pandemic-survival-of-music-festivals
  12. Yeah, I was going to do one of those but the missus said it was too scary for the 4 year old so went trad instead 😒
  13. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/oct/21/covid-vaccine-immunisation-protection
  14. Why. Glaso punters come from all over the UK; the world even...
  15. It is but a pale refection of the original isnt it, though the puppets are improved. I blame it on being made to appeal to US audiences and all the US writers being drafted in who dont get irony and struggle with satire... The original project to bring it back was for it to be a US specific programme.
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