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  1. No worries - I bow to your better recollection 😁
  2. Pinhead

    The Poster

    Which is not an impossible booking...
  3. Half an hour later then and nowt.
  4. Pinhead

    The Poster

    It would be so cool making it like the original red one tho.
  5. Were there not other omissions or errors?
  6. Checked - it was the early 2014 one.
  7. Headliner was wrong or was changed by the time the later one arrived.
  8. One year we got an early poster but it was so inaccurate it was somewhat useless..
  9. We'll get one announcement at best...
  10. Work it ffs - look it not got the freedom of being there as a punter but its second to that and tbh its in many ways better - early arrivals, crew bars etc..
  11. Funny thing is you look at it and it kinda works... Weird.
  12. March 1st for the poster I reckon.
  13. If this were true I'd have a cardiac incident... Reviewing the new album March 1st in Liverpool...
  14. Although hardly mainstream, Kangaroo Moon have played every year I have been (last 21) and likely before.
  15. Really - there has only been 37 festivals? Never bothered to count them all up tbh - i've done 21 of those. And yes, I still love it despite all the ways that its changed. Still feels like coming home to the town I was bought up in (and it was in a way).
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