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  1. And in the news today - Royal Mail union considering strike action....!
  2. Absolutely brilliant - will look out for this!
  3. Pinhead


    Yeah I'd get kicked out in minutes if I let them all off there these days! Remember when the whole site was just people letting off fireworks at one another (and burning tents)....
  4. Pinhead


    I've still got a load from school trip days in a bag - they must be, what 37 years old and I let one off last Nov 5th and its still worked!
  5. Not sure if they don't fill it cos its a weights and measures thing, i.e. licensing laws. Nothing to stop them filling a pint cup then pooring it into yer flaggon though.
  6. The cable car does this now.
  7. It was quite inspecific this year, and I also remember it being moved before from what it said before I arrived due to developing onsite circumstances... atm it just says its where it was in 2019, however I know that's been requisitioned by crew, campervan overflow etc. at the last minute over the years too. The field entrace is normally the one opposite the back lane going down to backstage.
  8. I was in there 2019 - can't believe how it looks like its decades old already! That blue / green bit in the final pic is where the revolving piano was, and to the left of it the gaol!
  9. I believe there are two of them arn't there?
  10. Let me know if Oxfam have to move so I don't go up and down the road on Wed looking for where they ended up ;)
  11. I know where you are standing... About where the fire tower is, next to the gate that comes off the 2nd bend in the perimeter road? Anyway - not a lot there yet by the looks of it!
  12. Getting ready for Bearded Theory gets me ready for Glasto. Can't believe I'm going tbh.
  13. Pinhead


    Ha - keep out the locals! Just kidding. Remember when the fence was a joke and you just pushed it over and walked in!
  14. Docs are the only boots you will ever need ever for the rest of your life. They will protect you from everything if you look after them
  15. Weird post. Evercreech Junction on the Somerset and Doreset railway shut many decades ago...
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