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  1. Pinhead

    Fallow Year Support Thread

    Yeah it's gutting in a way. Reckon it would have been a good one this year.
  2. Pinhead

    2019 Headliners

    Or.... http://www.nme.com/festivals/glastonbury-2019/micheal-eavis-drops-hint-glastonbury-2019-legends-slot-2340493
  3. Pinhead

    Fallow Year Support Thread

    I, too, am feeling the pain.... Then this cheered me up a bit. https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/gallery/2018/jun/18/worthy-threads-glastonburys-performers-standout-fashion-in-pictures
  4. Pinhead

    Lost in vagueness..on TV tonight

    Someone tape it?
  5. Pinhead

    Which Is The Best Day?

    Close but Wednesday didn't quite make it for me now due to the getting in hassle. Love the Wed evening 'roar' mind which sometimes happens Thurs as well. Thurs wins cos there are a few eclectic bands on. Remember a time when it was only a Thurs arrival which meant Friday would have won tbh.
  6. Pinhead

    Bearded Theory 2018

    Yep - weather looking like storms Fri and Sat now. A dry Wednesday pitch though at least.
  7. Pinhead

    Why don't they let this many people in any more?

    Anyone recall the famous Portishead crush up to Acoustic in 1998 I think it was... Was caught up in that.
  8. Pinhead

    Why don't they let this many people in any more?

    Anyone remember all the fireworks that used to be getting let off like everywhere in those days. Like a battle going on sometimes it was.
  9. Pinhead

    Why don't they let this many people in any more?

    Manic though wasn't it. I remember peeps camped in the paths and everything. Fire service went bonkers cos they couldn't guarantee they'd be able to put out any tent fires and so on. Yes, was major edgy that year but times and the industry has changed and you just don't get away with that anymore. Some say it was about 300K on site that year!
  10. Pinhead

    Bearded Theory 2018

    I'll take hot and dry over the 2015 quagmire..
  11. Pinhead

    Bearded Theory 2018

    Was blisteringly hot when I arrived on Wednesday last year funnily enough. Looking forward to, though have gout in right foot which concerns me as there is always so much walking to do at a festi and lots of standing / walking for 8 hours at a time with Oxfam shifts depending...
  12. Pinhead

    Bearded Theory 2018

    Thinking of this one with this stage in the corner:
  13. Pinhead

    don't mess with the badgers

    I reckon Michaels got enough in the pot now that his farming business, even through periods of being non-profitable, is pretty secure. Nope, not a farmer, though I did grown up living next to one deep in darkest Wiltshire...
  14. Pinhead

    don't mess with the badgers

    True. Disappointingly the solution appears to have been already decided...
  15. Pinhead

    Bearded Theory 2018

    Yeah, that's the one I think, but didn't want to say Tea Tent as I'm sure there have been two venues of the same name over the years I have been going there. Gail's Tea Tent for example was next to the Something Else tent. The one I'm thinking of was the little one on the right not long after you entered the arena from Walton camp, which yes I think did do rum amongst other spirits early into the morning.