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  1. A herd immunity could only be achieved if we close borders which is unrealistic, therefore the possibility of an external party brining in a new strain from abroad, particularly to an international festival and superspreading it, is not an unrealstic one. The festival companies need cash, so are happy to take it now if people are willing to risk it dispite pending insurance questions, uncertainty around rules etc. The risk to public is that they cannot go ahead, maybe even lose their money if the festival company folds, but its one that many seem flush enough atm to take a punt on. In March 3r
  2. Can't believe all we have left worthy of Glasto news right now is a cheese competition 😄
  3. Was there - remember being disappointed as had seen Pulp before but not the Roses at that time, but in the end all ended well as we know. Was fairly much right down the front as well as I was 22 then and could get away with it!
  4. Heh - nothing escapes us on efests eh? Looks like the name is recycled from that potential London talent gig night idea back in 2008 then (love the Myspace ref). Would be a shame if they saw the future as small, covid compliant glamping events, but then they can be lucrative, are fashionable right now (every landowner seems to be getting in on it around here, at least before covid anyway), and easier / cheaper to organise and a safer gamble if everyone going has a vaccine certificate... Shame it comes at the cost of relative exclusivity.
  5. Really glad to see Worthy cheese back again - haven't seen it for years! Still have a wrapper from the last time I saw it, got to be a good 10 years or more ago, in my merchandise archive... Was on sale in Sainsbury's then.
  6. If it comes back, it will be different because we'll all be different after all that time without it and because of what's happened to the world and how its changed so many things. Until then, some decent pics here I hadn't seen before I've just found to remember it by: https://www.wired.co.uk/gallery/glastonbury-pictures-sci-fi-future-gallery
  7. Ah yes, forgot about the 8 in 5 one. Think I'm still covered as long as they are still honoring Bearded Theory from last year where I had booked but it was cancelled.
  8. Have they just changed this? Sure it used to be 10 festivals over last 10 years or something..?
  9. Wonder what they'll do for the weekend coverage for the beeb now then? Thinking they'll up the ante to a proper live stage maybe...?
  10. Possibly. Many of its creative staff may have left for different or steadier employment by then however. I wonder what sort of festival it will be if / when it does return - maybe quite different from what has gone before in look and design.
  11. Hope they can survive another enforced fallow year. Guess we'll hear more about that later...
  12. I have 1992 onwards, even though i only started going from 1994.
  13. That is glorious btw. Just beats my own collection.
  14. At the end of the day, despite the discussion about viability, if festivals cant get insurance, all bets are off.
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