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  1. If any of these questions have been asked before then I apologise - myself and some friends have decided to go to Werchter this year as we didn't get Glasto tickets. I see that some of you have been before so I figured you may know - is there a shop/supermarket in the vicinity of the festival for supplies? Don't fancy much carrying beers and food all over the UK/Eurostar/Belgium along with our tents! - is it worth going on the Wednesday and using the Hive campsite rather than regular camping? I'm attempting to convince my mates to do that as its no difference in price but to no avail. Lineup looks really good this year would be great to finally be able to see PJ again - last time was at Reading something like 15 years ago!
  2. total dogshit that. No chance at all - got holding page twice then just crashed again. The sooner they explore the option of a different way to sell the tickets the better. I literally have no clue how ANYONE got on the booking page
  3. neverending cycle of holding page and screen of doom. never been as bad as this year.
  4. had holding page briefly but now back to site can't be reached again. Mrs hasn't even had holding page.
  5. nothing. This site can't be reached. FUCK
  6. total carnage meltdown on the site
  7. all set up ready to go. Mrs on normal wifi, me on 4g hotspot off the mobile so we have separate IP addresses. Massive coffee in friont of me with another massive coffee waiting in the kitchen. Here's hoping for some luck this year I'd like to be at least able to say I've seen the booking page!
  8. mungo57

    2020 wishlists

    wouldn't mind one of them bad boys myself first to be fair
  9. Speaking of calibre of people I noticed a few on twitter yesterday trying to 'sell' tickets and saying they can alter registrations to show your photo not theirs, etc. One I noticed was £600 a ticket! w*nkers
  10. I haven't seen the booking page since 2016 but I agree, its primarily down to luck I'd guess. In 2016 we missed out in the main sale and got tickets in the resale I think. We've been most years since 2009 and I think the majority of bookings have been on main T-day, off top of my head 2x were on resale day. Hoping for what could be our last 1 as the group as things stand next year, the ticket gods permitting on Sunday of course!
  11. They turn that off for the ticket sales thank fuck. The Mrs’ card requires a one time passcode texted to her phone. I’d probably kill myself if I needed that and the message is delayed sending.....
  12. Can’t believe I didn’t think of that considering I use short codes or whatever they’re called for my name, email address and all that on my phone. Will set up as a backup on my mobile blower as I don’t ha e a MacBook. Great idea. Thanks!
  13. Me and my Mrs we’re going to go for coach tix but she gave me the wrong registration (her dads) and I knew she had, so I helped mates try and get through. Used my phone on 4g and got through to select departures 1x then when clicked through it hung. That was the closest me or my mates got. were all in for Sunday now. An additional 2 people now have forced their way into our group for a total of 7 required. They’re my mate’s mates so we’ve decided to split the group into 2 - me and my Mrs and her dad trying for us 3, my mates trying for them and their mates with all reg available to each party in case 1 is successful early and can try and get back in. that seemed like total carnage though so not looking forward to Sunday. Mental note: don’t get too pissed up at the King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard gig
  14. mungo57

    Nick Cave

    Listening on way to work. Most of the way through the first disc. Bright horses the stand out so far. See what the poster means about the Bible seeds but this is nonetheless a fantastic album
  15. I bought a ticket to ally pally on a whim the other night. If half as good as the forum last time will be a great show!
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