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  1. Boris is Baron Harkonnen
  2. I think Neil called her "old screechy" at the time...
  3. Yeah I know they have to be 'invited' but I reckon this fits well.
  4. Pinhead


    Poor man's Sleafords...
  5. Yay https://www.radiox.co.uk/artists/coldplay/rule-out-glastonbury-festival-2022/
  6. Maybe... https://www.radiox.co.uk/festivals/glastonbury/duran-duran-will-only-play-glastonbury-if-they-get-the-right-slot/
  7. https://www.nme.com/features/music-interviews/does-rock-n-roll-kill-braincells-billy-bragg-3075380?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=does-rock-n-roll-kill-braincells-billy-bragg Bloody good laugh.
  8. People prefer simplistic solutions to complex problems which is perhaps the attraction. Its true that decisions have to be made that will never please everyone, but they could maybe be made more compassionately.
  9. Maybe. Depends on who's being compromised I guess.
  10. That's because the left accept that political solutions are typically grey and not black and white like the right would have people believe.
  11. That's a fuckin point - haven't booked mine in yet...! Got the homebrew wine on the go tho which should be ready by June...
  12. Next year will be interesting... Will people seem a bit subdued (like I felt slightly at BD this year), or will peeps go fkin mental?
  13. My score is in my signature. The year I fail to get in is probably going to be my last attempt...
  14. Pinhead

    Ticket Price

    Yep, I mean they know it sells out in 20 mins and has done for years now so they'll try and find a new ceiling for pricing it I'd think.
  15. Pinhead

    Ticket Price

    Yeah 300 quid will be pricing a fair few more peeps out wouldnt it. Parking prob will go up massively too..
  16. Walked up from Gate C where I was working that year and watched from the 'peep hole where you can look through from Muddy Lane directly into the Pyramid'. T'was magic.
  17. Ah yes - that makes more sence. Cant understand why I missed them in 2010 - must have sacrificed them in a terrible clash or something.
  18. Yes, though I remember it being a smaller gig that no one could get in so I'm wondering was it the Avalon Cafe. Thinking it was before their 2005 appearance.
  19. Kind of the opinion they will never play the big G again tbh. They'd have to be invited anyway and unless they get called back by Eavis as a 'golden oldie' act for Sunday (as a number of indie bands from '80's and '90's are rapidly becoming), I can't see them wanting to step back. Its possible one of the other stage crews might have them though, e.g. Avalon. They're on record as saying they don't like playing big festivals now anyway, and along with their own, tend to lean towrds small festival gigs today.
  20. I dont know if he is or isnt, only that hes absent from gigs and hope hes ok. Only met Simon once at a gig in the Union Chapel which I think was one of the John Lilburn shows.
  21. Didnt know tbh. Hope nothing serious. Does he still live on that canal boat I wonder.
  22. Oh. Has he had covid or something or something else?
  23. 'Twas great to share a pint and chat with you all. Already seems too long ago.
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