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  1. Anyone else been tempted to have a look at the netweather forum this week for old times sake. Bet it going off in there ?
  2. richy24

    Flops 2019

    Same here, but I only lasted 2 songs! Definitely my own fault tho for waiting 15 minutes with a mate at the John peel bar beforehand for a cold beer when I should have just drank the warm ones in my bag!
  3. I got the impression he hadn't been there as a punter! Everyone just kind of stood there in disbelief as he jumped from the top of the fence, done a roll then said "its all good guys, its all good" and ran off into the distance! I'd only had 45 minutes sleep, but i'm sure i didn't imagine it!
  4. Anyone else see the bloke getting over the fence in Pilon ground about 7am on Monday morning as we were packing up? Very strange - no idea why someone would want to break in then!
  5. Not there yet, but apparently the Elephant bar, theatre bar and Taphouse might be the place to go... https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/areas/bars/
  6. richy24

    Bar Prices?

    Jeez - For everything?
  7. richy24


    I know it won't be at the top of anyone's priorities - but if anyone is in Co-op, can you see if they stock fizzy water? Cheers
  8. I'm not on site...but the Pilton force-field appears to have been activated once again!
  9. 25 degrees in the sun is more than hot enough to get serious sunburn!
  10. Made the decision to start going thursdays a couple of years back after inevitably hitting it too hard early and wasting a couple of Sunday’s by being completely hanging! 4 days/nights is perfect for me now and always got enough in the tank to see me through to the bitter end!
  11. Most of the weather sites agree that things should brighten up later in the day.
  12. LOL - I could have just said that!
  13. As the resident meteorologist’s are probably already there (and I’m sat at home waiting for tomorrow) I will do a quick update on the latest GFS 12Z run. Latest model showing a completely dry festival!! Even the tiny smattering of showers for Sunday that was showing on the previous run have disappeared. Temps (BBC in brackets) Weds - 19-20 (22), Thursday- 21-22 (23), Friday - 23-24 (26), Sat - 23 (26) Sun - 19 (20) Looks like we made it guys! Have, fun, keep applying the sun cream and see you Thursday!
  14. The best weather is starting Thursday anyway! It’s full sun or nothing for me ?
  15. The driver should have a passenger list as well as all of the ticket envelopes with names on, so as long as she has ID she should be fine.
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