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  1. A mention of Azores high on the bbc weather this afternoon (from next Friday)
  2. That might be because the people who live in Pilton might have better things to do of a weekend than post on here 😁
  3. richy24


    You will be absolutely fine if you leave after George Ezra. The SEC does get busier from 10pm but the main surge is when the main stage headliners finish!
  4. It's not Glastonbury specific which makes it even funnier. People from different ends of the country arguing about who has or hasn't interpreted a weather model correctly! I never knew the weather could be so controversial.
  5. Looks like the kind of bloke that would be selling balloons outside the Beat hotel at £5 a pop
  6. Jesus - Why did you make me look at that!
  7. Anyone else think that every year the net weather bods know they get 100’s of efestival lurkers so they throw in as many ridiculous terms as possible just for a bit of fun! Bet they’re pissing themselves behind our backs!
  8. At least the Other stage has come back into view on the webcam.
  9. Its in the main Sonic stage but starts at 1am on the main music nights and finished about 6am. Theres usually a queue for headphones which I think you have to pay £20 deposit for which you get back on return.
  10. Buttoned Down Disco - Williams Green, Sunday 12am - 3am Good way to finish the festival
  11. I'm sure I've seen something like this before....
  12. Great trolling by the precipitation ops* *Jackone did add that he thinks there’s an error with the op run.
  13. 2007 was also Cold!! I remember being absolutely freezing on the Sunday - although being my first Glastonbury i was woefully under-prepared!
  14. It's the total rainfall over that whole period. Its not particularly clear which hours they count as day and night but if there's 2mm due over the whole day (say 6am - 6pm) that really wouldn't be anything to worry about.
  15. Would take this for the first couple of days of the festival...
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