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  1. I have little to zero idea of the UK politics' idyosincracy and how the vaccine rollout is being deployed but this announcement gives me an inmense 'April-June 2020' deja vu. Does anyone know if Steps 3 and 4 contemplate any social distancing measures?
  2. They moved from June to August by the end of March, a period of time in which most of us believed this would be over by the end of summer.
  3. I'm really glad they keep putting on shows cause it proves they are working in several things aside the big festival but they're just seven (7) shows in a regular week. There are like 10 or 20 shows per month in Madrid or Barcelona so this is great but no further prove of anything towards mass gatherings I'm afraid.
  4. Back in December, PM said the aim was to have 15-20 million people vaccinated in Spain by the end of May. I don't know if we'll get to that number or not but there have been issues with the distribution so far. Based on how things are developing here I'm pretty sure that by September will turn into from September
  5. Mobile World Congress goes ahead halving its capacity and being a "touchless" event. Very similar to what we can expect at a festival, so great news. Meanwhile, a totally unrelated event like Hellfest has been cancelled. https://www.ouest-france.fr/pays-de-la-loire/nantes-44000/entretien-hellfest-ben-barbaud-confirme-que-le-hellfest-2021-n-aura-pas-lieu-7159602
  6. Unsurprisingly OG leaker (don't want to get angry) now says nothing tomorrow but first week of March. Once again, this means nothing.
  7. Say there is no option to gather 65k people without masks or social distancing in 2021, announce the possibility to transfer your 2020 ticket to 2022/refund your ticket and tease new events for this year in compliance with the restrictions regarding capacity: Nits del Forum Expanded/Primavera Weekender/whatever.
  8. That Reddit user is taking the info from a guy from another forum known for his absurd, no-funny-at-all humor sense, so take it with a pinch of salt because he may be trolling. Gabi and him have colaborated in the past but I find it weird that he's building hype for another postponement given the current state of things. Wouldn't be surprised if they announced something tomorrow tbqf, but I really really hope they have the guts to face the situation and not another hey guys we're trying this thing again!
  9. That's a good one, but I think they have even worse mobile network than Primavera at Parc del Forum I'd be surprised to find people hugging each other and shouting out loud at MWC but you never know nowadays.
  10. There is absolutely zero chance of this happening as Primavera Sound under the current direction of the festival. The 20th edition will be a full-sized event or won't be, which does not mean there won't be another Nits del Forum/Primavera Weekender/some new iteration.
  11. I'm very confident too about Primavera not happening this year but you seem to avoid what I say 😞
  12. If they announce anything related to the 2021 edition of the festival going ahead... man, that'd be a hell of a leap of faith.
  13. They'll throw the outdoor gigs they put on this past summer, maybe with some improvements -higher capacity- and maybe even with some international bands, but that's it. The sooner they dismiss the idea of a 65k ppl gathering this year, the sooner they can start to develop Primavera Club and Primavera Weekender.
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