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  1. When they talk about giving up the beach they mean the Sant Adria area, not the Bits line-up. Electronic artists stay, anything beyond the bridge goes away. Btw first post since the festival. Hope W1 folks had a good time despite that Thursday. Nothing to say about W2 tho, just let us have 8k people less and it'll be perfect.
  2. If your weekend is ruined because two (2) bands of the current line-up can't make it either you didn't prepare enough or this festival is not for you. Just 4 more days.
  3. Quite ironic that we've been craving for the schedule all week and just today clashfinder crashes. fml.
  4. Besides, you don't start posting gifs and literally trolling on Twitter about releasing the fucking horarios today if you delay'em til next week. Yesterday was the first time they addressed this issue differently on Twitter so it's today or tomorrow at the latest.
  5. The scheduling hasn't been re-done, at least not in full. I'm sure some things have changed but there are slots asigned from 2021 that are still in place. So the schedule better come out today.
  6. F5 day because if it is not today idk what I'm gonna do tbh
  7. Well, today Las Ligas Menores dropped from Tomavistas (a festival in Madrid the week before Primavera) saying they won't be able to make it to Spain so there goes another one
  8. This year it'll be a week later than usual, which would be not so bad if we hadn't seen the line up almost a year ago and would have to decide some clashes with two weekends in mind. I honestly thought we'd get the schedule earlier than usual, around beginning of May.
  9. Guys, it's all made up. Relax.
  10. Look again at that picture and wonder about the position of those bars
  11. C'mon, we've been through this for almost 3 years. 95% of what you read there is wishful thinking and the 5% rest is proper bullshit. But I reckon it has to be this afternoon, tomorrow or Friday at the latest if they fulfill their '2 weeks in advance' message so we'll see.
  12. Can't believe no one posted this
  13. Evian Christ goes auditorium according to his Instagram story. Mental.
  14. 2014 / 2018 > 2016. Can't rate this year yet because I've been looking at the line-up for almost a year but it certainly is one of their best too
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