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  1. Bars are pricey from memory but have never had an issue taking a few drinks in to the arena. Never had a bag check walking in from the family camping. Could change this year I guess…
  2. Saw Andrew Strauss which was a bit odd.
  3. Sleaford Mods just confirmed as the replacement
  4. The app is on the Apple App Store now too
  5. I think the 60% is against symptomatic disease (rather than hospitalisation)
  6. ...and on Thrill Collins bandsintown page it states they are playing on 5th Aug.
  7. I've just been looking on the website and (unless I've missed something) it seems that a few names have been added without any fanfare. Mario Batkovic, Tankus the Henge and Gypsy Hill caught my eye. I'm sure they weren't there on earlier announcements.
  8. How packed is the tent likely to be for Hot Chip? I really want to go but not sure my wife will be up for it if it's a sardine like situation in there!
  9. Wasn't expecting that!
  10. It is on the current site but it is well hidden with no link that I could see to it from the homepage (I did a google site search to find this) and I can only presume it is the info for this years fest:- https://www.wildernessfestival.com/info/restricted-items/ It states the following:- Alcohol Limits You may bring the following to the festival 12 cans beer / lager / cider / pre-mixed drinks OR 2 bottles of wine (decanted into plastic bottles) per person OR a combination of the two i.e. 6 cans and 1 bottle. Strictly no spirits or hard liquor. You may only bring your allowance of alcohol in on first entry. You cannot leave site and return with more. Searches will be undertaken upon entry. If you leave the site, you may be searched again upon re-admittance. ­ Any alcohol above this allocation will be confiscated. This alcohol may only be consumed in the campsite.
  11. There is an app this year too apparently which is a welcome addition.
  12. Full marks @Nick-bristol 👍 Somehow I'm liking the look of the main stage a lot more now it's laid out like this...
  13. I've just jumped on the wagon for this one... we have family camping tickets but it looks like we won't be able to get there until Friday lunchtime. Does anyone know if space in family camping is likely to be full by then? We have small pop up options if necessary!
  14. True - I'd kind of forgotten about that!
  15. Mahalia has just been added to the lineup. Hopefully not the last addition!
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