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  1. What's all this? Can you fill me in?
  2. gibble

    Hot Chip

    I did as you said... and just got through! Thank you!
  3. gibble

    Hot Chip

    I’m still trying - not seen anything other than no tickets available though
  4. gibble

    Hot Chip

    Well done! Seemed impossible to me!
  5. gibble

    Hot Chip

    I was trying for Manchester. Immediately met with “tickets not available”
  6. gibble

    Hot Chip

    Very frustrating!
  7. gibble

    Hot Chip

    I got the same
  8. gibble

    Hot Chip

    Certainly looks that way
  9. I’m going to Wilderness as well as the big one this year... don’t know too much about Robyn. Can anyone point me in the direction of a decent playlist?
  10. I was going to ask the same… it looks like there is going to be an announcement on Feb 19th. It’s purely guesswork but I think Hot Chip could be a good shout for one of the headliners.
  11. gibble


    This for me! Hoping he's back this year...
  12. gibble

    West Holts 2019

    I was around the mixing desk. Crowd was big but not ridiculously so. Could move pretty freely where we were. I think the Park could work.
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