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  1. Shambala have cancelled now too. 😔. I know everything is up in the air but does anyone know of any late season family friendly alternatives that might be worth looking at?
  2. ... and they've cited the lack of government support as the reason for cancellation. I'm hoping it's not the case but I guess a lot of others will follow.
  3. It states in the article that you would need to prove you were either covid free or vaccinated.
  4. Thanks but Shambala is booked for the whole family whereas APE would be with said friend (and possibly a couple of others). I couldn't (and don't want to) do that to them!
  5. I would be too if we weren't already booked in for Shambala. One friend is very annoyed with me 😬
  6. I've also just seen that Wilderness is now sold out.
  7. Jamie XX, Kano, Slow Thai etc... just announced https://www.allpointseastfestival.com
  8. Officially you can't take booze in to the arena. Checks between family camping and the arena have not been thorough in the past though. Not sure if this has also been the case for general camping.
  9. Ha - I live quite near to the Trafford Centre and had a conversation with my daughter the other day in which I concluded that I would quite happily never go in that place ever again. Things are bad but surely not that bad...
  10. Do you know where I can watch this? I've read the book and would quite like to see what they've done with the film...
  11. Give me a shout when you know and I'll see what we can do!
  12. Yeah - it looks great. I liked the idea of getting the coach and have done that to other festivals (including Glastonbury last time round) but I will be with my kids and just couldn't see it working for us! Will look at the car share stuff nearer the time though. We might be able to squeeze another one in if anyone needs a lift from Manchester.
  13. I just did. First time for us (if it goes ahead).
  14. I'm from Manchester. I've met loads of dicks like that unfortunately. 😔
  15. gibble

    Hot Chip

    It clashes with the only night out I have planned all year (brother-in-laws stag night.) Gutted.
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