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  1. I'm from Manchester. I've met loads of dicks like that unfortunately. 😔
  2. gibble

    Hot Chip

    It clashes with the only night out I have planned all year (brother-in-laws stag night.) Gutted.
  3. Hi - it's not accurate. It's a misreading of the stats... https://twitter.com/ActuaryByDay/status/1243992443415982086?s=20
  4. gibble

    Coach ticket?

    He will have an email at whichever email address he registered with.
  5. BBC has updated and still looks ok ?. Does that not use the gfs runs?
  6. Also Urmston! Though not for graft... 7 in our group. All originally local although 1 now lives in Scotland, 1 Chester, 1 Wilmslow and 1 flying in the day before from Sydney ?
  7. gibble


    Please do...
  8. Hopkins/Chems/The Streets I think... Would happily go to Hot Chip/Janelle but seeing/seen them elsewhere this year and I don't think my friends would join me! A proper Wu Tang would have made the choice harder too...
  9. gibble


    Where's best to get these contraptions from please? I want in!
  10. Hi - Bestival isn’t on this year. Camp Bestival is taking place but that is a family orientated festival and as such I don’t think it will be quite what you are looking for! There is certainly nothing like the “naughty corner”! Boomtown might be a better bet?
  11. Just found my times for Thurs dep from Manchester. 0600 with a 15:00 return on Monday. Fairly happy with that.
  12. Thanks people - no one arriving earlier unfortunately. We managed to get our 7th ticket in the resale but again it's a Thursday coach one. We have arrived on a Thursday before although that was in a car so probably a bit earlier than we'll get there this year...hopefully it will all be good. We are there anyway and that's the main thing!
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