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  1. (in alphabetical order)* Die Katapult girl in red Manel Pabllo Vittar Rolling Blackouts Costal Fever * I consider Metronomy to be a headliner, that's why they aren't on the list. And I still hope Roosevelt will be there, but unless he is officially confirmed, there is no place on the list for him either.
  2. I would have totally missed Manel this year and it would have been a huge mistake. If there is PS next year, I will be definitely enjoying their perofrmance (I hope for early Primavera/Ray-ban slot with no painful clashes).
  3. I have an idea - put Khaled into the free spot at El Punto, pick a most beachy name from Pitchfork/Adidas and put it onto Lotus instead of Khaled and new free space at Pitchfork/Adidas is ready for El Mató a un Policia Motorizado.
  4. @Orens I've just started to check also some Spanish-speaking artists and I couldn't find these two in your clashfinder - El mató a un policia motorizado (Thursday) and Amaia (Friday). Could you please add them? Thanks.
  5. It was a rhetorical question, but thanks for the explanation. It is always nice to have a thoughtfully prepared fantasy clashfinder. Btw. sorry for writing in 2020 topic, I actually don't know how I got here in the morning.
  6. https://clashfinder.com/s/ps2021fantasyisland/ Another fantasy clashfinder, only Wednesday and Thursday so far... But why do Iggy Pop and girl in red keep clashing on every fantasy clashfinder?
  7. Thanks a lot and I have 3 findings on Thursday - Big Freedia is missing, Carla and Kelhani have two slots
  8. I considered the original 2020 line-up to be the best PS line-up ever, but they managed to upgrade it in a way that left me speechless.
  9. Yes, what a night - Metronomy was the best concert of PS17 for me and after Arcade Fire I already knew that my first Primavera is definitely not going to be my last one. And later that night came the unexpected Haim concert. And still, somehow, PS18 and PS19 turned up to be even better.
  10. It is very probable that just like in 2019 I am not going to stop by in Seat Village.
  11. my top 10 so far (in "poster order"): 100 gecs Bauhaus Chromatics Georgia girl in red Gorillaz Metronomy The National Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott The Strokes
  12. Any word on still trying to book Die Katapult?
  13. And I think all the names from the "ciudad" are still missing.
  14. Die Katupult still missing, Kim Petras too. But I am very happy to see Girl in red and Georgia on the poster again.
  15. Refund was never an option for me, but this is much better than I expected. I don't want to be greedy, but if I see Girl in Red, Georgia, Die Katapult, Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott and Roosevelt in the next bunch of confirmed names, that's it, I won't need anything else.
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