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  1. The T-10 has been replaced by the T-Casual (10 trips, 1 user, €11.35) and the T-Familiar (8 trips, up to 4 users, €10). Single ticket is €2.40.
  2. Public transport arrangements for postponed 2020 festival here. They were the same in 2019 and will be v similar next year I'm sure. (Metro: Thursday night: closed midnight to 5.00AM. Friday night: closed 2.00AM to 5.00AM, Saturday night: does not close. As stated above, shuttle bus fills in the gaps.) https://www.primaverasound.com/en/barcelona/how-to-arrive-primavera-sound-barcelona
  3. They're only for accredited music industry people, aren't they?
  4. They did put them up but they disappeared the same, perhaps because they have yet to be finalised. Luckily forum member Slowdive made an excel sheet of the contents:
  5. I feel PS are downplaying the significant increase in capacity in order to build FOMO in ticket buyers. It's hardly been mentioned, here or elsewhere.
  6. The increased capacity is more than a rumour. Spanish media reporting the announcement of the two-weekend thing and A La Ciutat also said capacity will be increased to 75/80,000. I can't find the stat on the PS website but it must have come from an official source.
  7. The Ciutat breakdown by venue is no longer here. Anyone got a screenshot or a new URL?
  8. I did this too. The confirmation email doesn't confirm which choice you made and there was no extra payment sought, it's a little unnerving.
  9. Usually first come, first served but for the big names, they may well have some ticketing arrangement like for LCD Soundsystem and Interpol (?) in the past.
  10. Think he said first come, first served when he said about the 85/15% thing.
  11. In a reply on twitter PS said "the first will be the one from last year with some improvements and the second a completely different one, except for some prominent artists who will play at both".
  12. Some ticket info here but doesn't give any prices. https://www.primaverasound.com/en/barcelona/faqs-primavera-sound-2022
  13. City gigs: 85% of capacity reserved for PS festival ticket holders, the other 15% iwil be on sale to general public.
  14. Two weekends confirmed, "11 days of music" with stuff in city venues between weekends
  15. There's a press release here https://ajuntament.barcelona.cat/premsa/2021/05/20/ada-colau-participa-a-la-presentacio-del-nou-model-de-primavera-sound-2022-barcelona-sant-adria/ Says we will be hearing about the new format of the festival in 2022 and their "actions of social responsibility". Going by the vid title, "Primavera Sound als districtes", they'll be doing some stuff in different parts of the city.
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