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  1. I'm sure most of you are familiar with the T-10 transport ticket (10 trips, >1 user, €10.20). Well don't go looking for it at the metro station in June because BCN Transport have had a shake up of their ticketing options and in their wisdom have dropped the T-10 card, replacing it with the T-Casual (10 trips, 1 user, €11.35) and, after protests, the T-Familiar (8 trips, up to 4 users, €10). Single ticket will be €2.40.
  2. Electronica festival in Madrid the weekend after Primavera (Barcelona) so can we say none of these names will be at PS2020?
  3. See you next Monday they say though once again they sound unsure about the whole thing.
  4. Not quite, a Catalan guy called Jordi Valls who has collaborated with them and goes by the name of Vagina Dentata Organ
  5. Nothing until next Monday, though they didn't sound too sure about it. They definitely seem to have abandoned the "10 names a day" plan.
  6. Yes, Paloma Mami confirmed. Second name is Arthur Verocai. (forget wghat i said about kubai) does this site keep crasjing for anyone else?
  7. Radio show is on again. Going to give 4 names in the next hour.
  8. they're just rabbiting on about Chromatics, you're not missing much. no headliners today and they will be all be female. Looks like Bikini Kill are in too
  9. saying the idea behind 10 names a day is to give the "smaller" bands more publicity as they get lost in the big line-up announcement they usually do
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