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  1. Primavera are collaborating with a show at the Apolo this month which is a trial run for future events. 1,000 attendees, obligatory use of masks and gel but no social distancing. Pre-gig covid test and follow-up tests afterwards. https://www.mondosonoro.com/noticias-actualidad-musical/sala-apolo-antigenos/ https://www.lavanguardia.com/cultura/20201004/483848891872/sala-apolo-concierto-piloto-mil-asistentes-test-rapido-antigenos-coronavirus-covid19.html
  2. Not especially, though I didn't hear it all. No news about PS21 anyway. They were sounding off about the live music sector, which they see as an essential service, being hard done by the Spanish authorities and how the different promoters need to work together and lobby the govt. Going to carry out their own experiments on how safe it is to attend indoor concerts. Read they're hopeful that there will be covid tests with immediate results available for punters at the entrance to shows. They finished on an optimistic note despite everything.
  3. The first hour was just music, they're only starting the chat now.
  4. Piece in El Periódico today about the Nits concerts at the Forum. At the end they ask the PS co-director about PS21. He says PS can wait until February or even March to make decisions. Right now it's impossible to go any further. "All possibilities are on the table".
  5. Shellac playing an evening gig (doors 8pm) in Barcelona on Sunday 6 June at Sala La Nau. It is not included in the Primavera pass, however. Tickets €18. They are also playing shows on the following nights in Zaragoza, San Sebastian and Oviedo on the road to PS Porto. https://www.primaverasound.com/en/tours/concierto-shellac-junio-2021
  6. I think one-day ticket are mostly aimed at locals who are into going to a festival but not three nights running and they are more likely to go Friday or Saturday than Thursday regardless of the line-up.
  7. You're right historically, though for the 2020 fest that never was there was also a clause re. no. of tickets sold: Full festival tickets: 215 € - From March 6th and until 90% of the capacity of festival is reached 225 € - once 90% of the capacity of festival is reached
  8. UK DJ https://www.primaverasound.com/en/artist/martha
  9. Wednesday June 10th is the last day to buy full festival tickets for Primavera Sound Barcelona 2021 at the current price of € 165 (+ booking fee). Starting on Thursday, June 11th, the full festival tickets will cost € 195 (+ booking fee). Day tickets for the Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday of Primavera Sound Barcelona 2021 will go on sale on Thursday, June 11th at 11:00 CEST. The lineup by days will be released on Tuesday, June 9th. The tickets for Thursday, Friday and Saturday, will cost € 85 (+ booking fee) and they will go on sale on DICE. The Sunday tickets for the Brunch -
  10. Yeah, it carried their name but I would say it was more they (part) curated the Auditori line- up rather than there being any significant financial input on their part, don't think they would be in a position to do that anyway as evidenced by their sad demise. RdL and PS are mates going back years I think.
  11. Yeah, generous as the 2021 perks are, it would be kind of annoying if the "doubters" were to get something extra!
  12. What link is this? The email I got from them said if you want to keep your ticket for 2021, YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING (their caps). I bought direct from PS btw.
  13. I imagine at the festival. With the Primavera Pack, for example, you get a token for the book which you exchange at the PS shop on site.
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