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  1. hmmm... less than 4 weeks to go and no news from the festival on their social medias. Tropical F**k Storm is still on the website, right above the text "subject to licence" on the bottom of the page? 🤔
  2. Ah, indeed they are on the original poster. I made an Excel export from te website on the day of the announcement, maybe that wasn't complete then.
  3. They seem to have added some extra names to the music line-up since the original announcement? THE STAVES MODERN WOMAN IWAN RHEON DUTTY DISCO
  4. Both Pukkelpop (Belgium) and Lowlands (Netherlands) in the same weekend as Green Man are cancelled, so there should be plenty bands available to fill the spaces, no? lowlands: https://lowlands.nl/programma/#category-muziek pukkelpop:
  5. Good news! Thas is one less hurdle to tackle for us too. (We're trying to get there from Belgium 🙈)
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