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  1. Blaming Liam for the fact The Strokes don't sell shit in every other place than UK, Spain, USA? They're openers for RHCP in USA right?
  2. First time, super excited! 1. Interpol 2. The Strokes 3. Tame Impala 4. Sky Ferreira 5. Massive Attack
  3. Huh, The Strokes áfter RHCP? In America The Strokes are the support act?
  4. Still no sunday names.. Bit weird to start the ticketsale day with 4 names and no sunday headliner. But then again, Pukkelpop...
  5. You're saying the same thing over and over again. You made your point, like 10 times... And if "the right to express yourself" is so important to you, you shouldn't have a problem with me doing the exact same thing myself right now. The constant complaining about rock/guitar acts is just annoying. It's okay if you prefer The Strokes and Nick Cave over Metallica and RHCP but this is Rock Werchter not Primavera Sound. A line up with Metallica and Pearl Jam is not a bad or a 'a bit bland' one, it's just not your taste. Wich is fine, but like I said. You made your point.
  6. This post over and over man, it gets boring... It's Rock Werchter not Primavera Sound 2.0.
  7. @Ken19 Is this it for 2021? Or is something else to be announced? Because this Werchter Parklife thing is between 1 july and 1 august. Are there still plans for something to happen at the end of august/beginning of september?
  8. @Ken19, 'ken' you please give us something. Last weeks were boring as hell.. An update about 2020-acts that will come back this year, the date we can expect something from RW (this friday, next week?) maybe. If that's too much (which I can understand) maybe a story from past editions? I totally get you're not going to say "band X is coming", but can you give us something?
  9. Sad, but yet very understandable. Thanks for the update Ken!
  10. Ken is the plan to announce some names before Christmas still on the table or have things changed?
  11. Why would the new act have to be your kind of 'new stuff'? RW2021 is completely stripped from metal too without names like SOAD, FNM, Volbeat, what about that audience? Because 'Pearl Jam already is for metal fans' equals to 'Gorillaz is a good replacement for Kendrick' to me. And 'empathy for more than what you like yourself'... how many times have I seen 'I don't care, as long as The Strokes will be there', 'WE WANT THE STROKES' here? What kind of 'empathy' is that? All fine, I get the frustration about The Strokes and Kendrick not being there (I really want to see both too) but it's not like @Aech is the only one pushing his own music taste here...
  12. I understand and I agree with you on that but you can't deny that with whatsoever day programme, Metallica will sell better than The Strokes. Metallica doesn't need 'another headliner'. From the organization's point of view, it wouldn't be strange to put Metallica there instead of The Strokes.
  13. I agree regardings to The Strokes, but they just didn't sell well, and Metallica will.. Rock Werchter is a business. I just don't see the problem if it happens only this year, due to the pandemic. Just a guarantee tickets will sell good. Why can't they have PJ, RHCP, Metallica this year and next year a mix of rocknames together with acts like Kendrick, Billie Eilish, Tame Impala andso? Is it because you are so pissed about this year's line up, that you eventually won't consider go to RW2022? The option to save your credit for RW2022 won't be there for no reason. And repeating endlessly 'Kendrick and The Strokes make the line up shine', just your opinion..
  14. It's not like young people only want to see acts like Kendrick Lamar, Tame Impala, Billie Elish etc. There are many young festival goers who want to see Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Pearl Jam most likely because they were too young to see them earlier. Or just because they just prefer Pearl Jam over Kendrick Lamar, yes they exist... I do think Rock Werchter wants to attract a younger audience, but this year, a year completely different than others, they will seek for guarantee ticket-sellers. The Strokes and Kendrick Lamar didn't, so it's completely understandable that RW will book those rock names (this year) instead.
  15. At Werchter or specifically the festival Rock Werchter? Sounds to me like a day with Metallica at Werchter Classic/Werchter Boutique. Would explain the thing with the vouchers wich can be used for both the festival and the one-day-festivals.
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