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  1. Last year the first week of October, and it's usually 3 weeks before the start of the ticket sales.
  2. I don't think "one name is correct" refers to Tame Impala. With their visual show they should really be the last act of their day, playing in the dark. My guess for the correct name is either Bon Iver or Vampire Weekend. Besides from some names are not in the right spot, I think some names will definitely play Rock Werchter this summer (The Black Keys, Tame Impala, Bon Iver, Royal Blood, Pixies).
  3. Ken, without naming the actual bands.. The two done deal headliners, which class are they? The Radiohead/Coldplay class, the Tool/The Strokes class, the Green Day/RHCP class or the Springsteen/The Who class?
  4. Too bad.. I know you're not going to tell us the names that have already been booked, I wouldn't ask for it, the guessing is fun ;). But I wonder, if you want to tell us of course, are YOU satisfied with the names who are "deal done" until now?
  5. Alright, Queen ft. Adam Lambert are able to headline Rock Werchter in my opinion. If Twenty One Pilots are still touring next year, they could play the (sub)headliner-spot too.
  6. In my view, this would be the best case scenario indeed, but I don't think Rammstein AND Metallica will play both the same year. My guess will be something like this: Rammstein Tame Impala / Black Keys Red Hot Chili Peppers or Kings of Leon Queen
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