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  1. Thanks man, I'm happy for you, knowing it's more than likely Thom Yorke will be playing the Barn while RHCP play the main stage.
  2. RHCP with Frusciante is gonna be awesome. So many hits, so much energy and great musicians. Got a feeling they have a good relationship with a younger audience too. Can't go wrong with them. Tame Impala afterwards would be even more amazing.
  3. Haha And I forgot about TWOD, really hoping for both. Thursday Tame Impala (late night) - Pearl Jam - Pixies Friday The Strokes - The War On Drugs - Liam Gallagher Saturday Gorillaz - Twenty on Pilots - Faith No More Sunday RHCP - Royal Blood - Placebo This would be buzzing! Although maybe a little too much..
  4. My guess is: Thursday PJ - Pixies - The Lumineers Friday Tame Impala - The Strokes - Liam Saturday Gorillaz - Twenty on Pilots - Faith No More Sunday RHCP - Royal Blood - Placebo
  5. "Some covers of your former band".. The biggest British post-Beatles band yeah. Not "some covers", but Live forever, Champagne Supernova, Wonderwall a.k.a. some of the best songs from Britain ever, according to the people. And his solo albums were #1's in the UK too. Even a live-album. The man is a legend.
  6. @Ken19 Can we expect names tomorrow? At least the schedule should be known right? Acts like The Strokes, Placebo (or RHCP in case they will play there ofcourse) are already announced by some festivals, Rock Werchter should be able to confirm those to boost the ticket sale. Or am I thinking too easy this way?
  7. Kendrick is an unique headliner. Who would be a suited replacement for Kendrick? In my opinion there are only two possibilities: Eminem and The Weeknd (Tyler, Stormzy, ASAP Rocky etc. are nowhere compared to Kendrick, maybe Post Malone, but still too meager as far as I'm concerned). Maybe he will play RW in 2022, in that case fans can change their ticket. Anyway, stating "There must be a replacement appealing to people who bought tickets" is easy, but if it isn't possible, it is not possible. Replacing a rock headliner I think is a lot easier, because there are a lot of suitable replacements
  8. Unfortunately never seen them at Rock Werchter since I haven't been able to go to festivals for that lobg. Saw them at Sportpaleis 2016, great show even with a meh setlist. Their RW2006 show can be seen in full on youtube (and I have seen it many times). Especially when I see them playing 'Don't forget me' I can't imagine someone describing it as 'snoozefest', but I respect everyone's opinion. Really looking forward to see them with Frusciante being in the band.
  9. I still can't understand how somebody could refer to RHCP as somniferous. Songs like 'Can't stop', 'By the way', 'Give it away' being played jumping around, how can that be 'a snoozefest'? I can understand you don't like their music but the energy these guys bring with them I think is great, especially considering their age. But of course everyone has their own opinion, I just can't understand it :). But as suggested above, instead of Twenty One Pilots wouldn't be crazy I guess.
  10. Yes, we know that bores you, isn't the first time you said this, or the third time... or the fifth... On the otherhand I'm curious about the 'less standard' names too. A name not mentioned before would be great.
  11. Red Hot Chili Peppers will play Pinkpop, safe to say they will play Rock Werchter too after this anouncement along with the anouncement from Firenze last week?
  12. Really wonder if the're going to play RW too since you've said they're no longer a priority. I would love to see them playing at Werchter too, fingers crossed.
  13. That may be, but RATM are not the same league as POR. If Rock Werchter has the oportunity to let RATM play at their festival, they will. I disagree with you that RATM fits better at Graspop, I reckon they're just like SOAD a perfect (co)headliner for both festivals, (in my opinion RATM are even bigger).But we'll see if they come to Belgium at all
  14. IF Rage Against The Machine is playing in Europe by the end of June, they will defnitely play at Rock Werchter instead of Graspop.
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