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  1. What's Slack (sounds a bit like my ex wife after our 5th child but I am probably wrong)
  2. Rufus Gwertigan


    Seriously no excuse. He had some mates that found it funny until I got out my tent and was a little angry at the sight
  3. My fiends have a set up the requires 4 Bell tents. But as Sawdusty says it is down to your requirements. Smaller festivals may not be able to accommodate you in their craft areas and you may find yourself pushed to the outside. Each fest is different.
  4. Rufus Gwertigan


    I got woken up one morning with my son shouting at some dirty c**t having a shit outside the door of my sons tent. The bogs where only 20 yards away as well
  5. Rufus Gwertigan

    Camp Fires

    Off topic but I love psychology especially group dynamics. I notice that when you get a set of strangers camping together at a festival the default position is to form a circle of chairs. It awesome to watch.
  6. Just got to number 4 on the new series of Stranger Things and it's looking good.
  7. I just put it all down to post whoring and the need to post something. Hell I've been guilty of that
  8. Needs more flags. 😉
  9. Not all workers are volunteers many need to be paid. Car parks would probably open Sunday night and staff would have to be on site far earlier and many traders may not be able to be on site before gates open. Not to mention the further disruption to the locals.
  10. That sounds outrageous having to do a second festival to get your deposit back. In all the companies I have worked for I have never heard of that.
  11. I would do it but expect a very different experience. I noticed this year a lot of trolleys and the rugged pushchairs which was cool. However one would expect not to be able to get in amongst the crowd, never mind wheeling your tired little one in amongst it all just because it was cool to go see Stormzy.
  12. Beautiful Days, Shambala, Bearded Theory. Solfest is good but in its last year this year.
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