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  1. I thought security were confiscating them?. Goes to show how dangerous they are.
  2. Due to being a fat c**t I have done my Achilles tendon in. Thank Christ I am not working. I once did a festival with an attack of gout and ot was a nightmare.
  3. I gave up a work spot due to the conditions. It would have all been too much for me but I don't feel I'm missing out. 2019 was a bit of a slog for me anyway.
  4. Bumped into Captain sensible in 2003 or 4 in the family field. My ex had a chat with him what are really nice guy he is.
  5. Emily Eavis states that they should have booked Stormzy sooner. Makes you think that the organisers maybe think things are not equal with the audience.
  6. Well I hope you were treated well 🙂
  7. Hi Neil. How do you feel of a Q&A with links to other sites. I am thinking Glastoearth or similar
  8. You are asking how long is a piece of string. I have seen gates open late morning and other times right on the nose. How long are you willing to wait? Either way expect a queue, it's the Glastonbury way. At the moment the gates open at noon but dependant on the traffic they will let you in earlier. Sorry I can't be more help.
  9. If you get an answer as it would sort my kids 30th birthdays for future festivals
  10. I am a little confused about receiving your tickets by email. Tickets on the coach package are given on the coach. Do you have your coach time? If so just turn up and you should be laughing. This is not an official reply just through experience.
  11. I have worked at the confiscations shed for a few years. How the security works baffles me. You get people that obviously live in their vehicle having minor things removed. One year I never forget (2009) they wanted to remove all the tools from a guy that was a mechanic. It was one of those big red things with all the drawers. Eventually we came to a compromise that he locks it and leaves the key with us. We used to get a lot of grief from people that had glass bottles confiscated yet their neighbours hadn't. As I mentioned it is down to security on the day.
  12. It's a bit of a hike a couple of miles (?) You can walk along the service road around the fence but beware of traffic. I am presuming you are picking your ticket up from PGA. If you all ready have it it is a walk straight through the site a mile or more. Sorry I can't be more help. Edit just read your title. Yes you can walk around. Sorry
  13. I have taken my five of varying ages. Just expect a different festival and do it on their terms which may include missing headliners if they are knackered. Lots of fun to be had in the Kidzfield and the Theater and Circus tents.
  14. How would the pass outs work with a digital system?
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