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  1. Do you know I am really sick of it. I have served my country I. The military, local government and Civil Service. I am not a happy bear. I am not an atruist.that wants a reward. That is just a little respect. Sorry.
  2. Has anyone used these tents in wet a d blustery conditions. I am siding with the Coleman tent as I trust the brand and has a larger hydrostatic head.
  3. I have a confession that moulded my army career. I am partially blind in my left eye. During each annual medical a d the joining I would peek with my eight hand and over exaggerate what I could actually see with my left eye a d glasses on. When I was a medic with the infantry I was able to memorise the eye charts.
  4. I have been anticipating War of the World's. I quite enjoyed it but felt it all a little rushed. It does nhowever along with His Dark Materials makes a good Sunday evening viewing.
  5. It's not allowing me to delete an order in the cart. Are you able to do it,?
  6. Hi Neil I have fucked up my order for ad free and I have ordered twice. No panic as payment hasn't gone through but I can't seem to cancel one. Can you take one for the ad free and the other as a donation? Belay that van you cancel both and I will start again.
  7. It doesn't but I found the bar prices quite reasonable at a fiver a pint. Top yourself up with spirits and a mixer in a plastic bottle and you are onto a winner.
  8. https://www.google.com/search?q=imlact+music+festivak+young+people&oq=imlact+music+festivak+young+people+&aqs=chrome..69i57.49535j1j7&client=ms-android-sonymobile&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8 You should be able to download the odf through that link
  9. It really is. I was reading a paper on the benefits of attendance at music festivals for teenagers. I am amazed at the whole area of music psychology. Where has it been all my life.
  10. My daughter is studying music at uni and has an essay to do related to the psychology of songwriting. She rang me for a chat on where to start and it has opened new doors for me. It has really set a spark for me and I have found myself reading around music psychology and therapy. I really is nice to feel useful.
  11. I was working info one year at the Pyramid. 2004 I think. The question we got asked the most was 'Are they showing the football'. Apparently England were playing and they ended up showing it on the Pyramid. But getting asked by every second person soon bagan to grate on your nerves.
  12. More than a little annoyed with myself. I have been having an odd episode and not thinking straight. I was reading around Universal Credit and it looked like I would be better off claiming. My ESA will be transferred over eventually anyway so I made a claim. Fool I was. They have totally ignored I was on ESA and I have to go through the assessment all-over again. In the meaning time my benefit has been slashed by half and given that my last assessment took a year things are looking grim. Fuck.
  13. Get yourself a dancing bear. They are always entertaining.
  14. That comes over a little bit stalky. 😉
  15. I thought it tasted quite fresh this year
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