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  1. Hoping for the return of the acoustic stage and a solo set from Chuck!
  2. Only really know Rancid, but love them. Given the line ups normally tick the boxes for me, I'll be getting a couple of tickets at early bird price.
  3. It's been months since anyone posted in here, so let's try to revive it. What's folks' views on the NI rise / Social Care policy? Have seen people complaining about the rise as they don't want to pay more tax, but they're the first to complain. Feels like a step in the right direction - I'm sure there's views on if it's enough, but it's a start. The social care stuff feels a lot like the Death Tax that lost May the majority, but again felt like a sound policy.
  4. Nickelback only got mentioned as Chad/Avril are/were a thing - highly doubt it was a serious suggestion......though I bet Jump is deadly serious about not wanting them there!
  5. Am hoping they put some on line to order. Queued for ages and nothing left.
  6. Had a super day yesterday - drank far too much, but loved the bands. Bottom Line, Blood Youth, Roam, Snuff, McFly, A, Spunge, Antiflag, Alk3, Frank T and first couple of from NOFX. My voice is hoarse, my ribs hurt and I'm so hungover, but such a fab time. Merch ran out of L / XL tshirts pretty quick though.
  7. At least going to South, I can check social media tomorrow to see who played the set up north!
  8. I could imagine the SD gang lapping up Last Resort, Infest etc - would go down a treat. You normally end up with a chunk in their 30's/40's from the PID stage, so Papa Roach would tick the nostalgia box for them easily.
  9. BBC app has Hatfield as 10-15% chance of rain and up to 21C - without wishing to jinx it, pretty decent festival weather. Cannot wait! Getting the train rather than driving so I can have a few drinks too.
  10. Crikey Neil, you need to sort you keyboard out. You type like my dad speaks.....he's had a stroke! 🤣
  11. They're touring with Busted as McBusted a couple of weeks after SD, so might get 2 for 1!
  12. My day likely to be : Bottom Line / Roam / Snuff / Capdown / Creeper / WATIC (or Special Guests)/ A / Spunge / Skindred (a bit)/ Alk3 / Frank T / NOFX (or Special Guests). Very excited.
  13. Some of my clashes are starting to clear up. YAY! 2 sets of special guests now. The early one is only half an hour, so I'm guessing whoever was originally there, is now the headliner - possibly Neck Deep? The earlier one clashes with WATIC, so would have to be special to miss that.
  14. There might be some hope that Spunge and Alk3 don't clash if the Key Club stage is moving a bit!!
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