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  1. I'd think McVey and Leadsom's supporters would rally behind Boz. Doesn't bode well.
  2. Which in the short term will probably be Farage and chums.
  3. But if she's the chosen one's chosen one, then the membership may just landslide her into leadership, where she would struggle to outshine the likes of Hunt, Boj, Gove, etc.
  4. I think there's only Sourby left from the tories - Woolasten and Allen have gone. Was it just the 3 to begin with?
  5. I voted Libdem because CUK just were not organised and didn't look credible. I'm sure I'm not the only one. I think you might have it the wrong way round (in part at least).
  6. I'm not sure if it has since changed, but don't Labour need a certain % of sitting MP's to nominate a candidate? It was only the pity votes that let Jez have a shot at it. So if not enough MP support, then tough. The tory system has generally worked in the past too, but needs to change give the number of no hopers putting there names forward.
  7. I think if Boz gets to the final two, then he's a shoe in for the members. So to stop him being in the final 2, they need Gove and A N Other to have more MP's. I guess that's looking like Hunt, but not sure if he'll have the numbers.
  8. Need a few more to realise their 15mins have passed. Was heartened to see Gove admit that pushing Brexit to 2020 was sensible if we weren't ready.....but then everyone has jumped on him for not wanting to go full kamikaze! Given he was a leaver from the start, it's a pretty balanced approach....don't think he'll beat Boris though.
  9. Whether that's true or not, remains to be seen, but it good politics as imagine a lot of the people he's trying to attract dislike JC as well.
  10. I'd agree - I tend to go mostly for the olders PiD type bands and there isn't that much choice for these, so are bound to get regular repeats of LTJ/RBF/BFS/Goldfinger/NFG and I love that. There's always a few curveballs or rarer bands who pop up. Plus some newer bands that I wouldn't have found otherwise (like the Interrupters).
  11. One touch I really likes was the free mini program with the map and times. It's not a great cost on their side, but compared to the £5+ (probably more now, as a while since I've been) lanyard that you'd buy at Leeds/Reading etc.
  12. Aimee's vocals are very similar in sound to Brody's. Maybe not as shouty, but the normal singing voice is pretty close.
  13. I've seen NOFX about 4 or 5 times, and they are always like that - any hardcore fans would have expected it. I'd be disappointed if they just played! The songs were pretty tight, despite their counts of how many songs they fucked up.
  14. Is Labours change to back a 2nd ref too late to win back the remainer support? Feels a bit too cynical a switch to me.
  15. I could almost see S41 headline the PiD/Fireball stage next year if available and then get a younger act for the main. As they've had the likes of Bowling for Soup, Reel Big Fish and now NOFX - not a big leap to S41. Doubt it would be PiD next year - as don't think they'll tour it every year.
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