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  1. Could also be shooting themselves in the foot - i.e. when Scotland gains independence, then Labour may no longer be the biggest party left in rUK.
  2. It's funny that, given the sort of persona Farage gives out, there's been no sexual harrassment claims about him....he'd be first on my list.
  3. I think that they need to take a leaf out of the books of Slam Dunk and 2000 Trees. They seem to get the balance right between the up and coming bands and the nostalgia bands. At SD, I get my fill of bands from my youth 20 years ago, but also get to check out some new stuff as well. Appreciate it's a different scale and different genres, but the principles are solid. It looks like Download could do with another stage too - 4 feels light; an extra one could give it a bit more breadth. If you think Slam Dunk pretty much had 6 stages. Granted it has the opposite problem of too much choice of headliner! 🤷‍♂️
  4. 😂 I know the political balance is trying to stick to a middle line, but pissing both sides of the argument isn't quite what they meant. It's interesting when you read some of the measures that the RMT are rejecting, aside from the pay issue. All the advances in technology which could see safety improved, albeit at the cost of jobs. But given that ~20% of commuters aren't going back to commuting, post pandemic - that gap in funding has to come from somewhere and lowering costs seems like a more efficient way.
  5. Exactly - plus at L&R each cohead normally alternates, so each of them close a festival - can't really do that at DL.
  6. I bet if Boris could give the electorate more money right now, he would. If he could turn on the tap and say "don't worry about rising fuel bills, higher interest rates, etc - have some extra cash on me." Then he would....then he'd call an election and everyone would vote tory, using fivers as voting slips. But he knows it's not practical (well, he'll have been told it isn't.)
  7. To add to that, on top of labour, and 3rd party materials brought in will also carry a labour element (so a large part of the cost of the pizza box is labour, the ingredients, etc - normally 50% of a product's cost is people). Outside of that you'll see the next biggest costs being premises and utilities....! It won't affect just the lower paid in the company. If delivery boy gets an increase, then the guy making the pizza wants one, then the store manager, then the lady in Domino's head office, etc.
  8. I'm not saying that, but a blanket increase on wages won't help either - it'll make things worse long term, when inflation spirals. Not sure what the solution is. Don't agree with the Tory calls for tax cuts either.
  9. But wouldn't raising wages to match the level of inflation just fuel that inflation further? As companies have to increase prices to make up for their higher wage costs.
  10. Great day yesterday, though am a bit broken today. Bar queue at the start was a pain - poor planning with the WiFi issue, but after that they were pretty decent. Stood at watch the Suicide Machine from afar..didn't feel I'd missed much. Saw the Bronx, Chunk, Punk Rock Factory, Vandals, Streetlight, Pennywise, Interrupters, Dropkick, Neck Deep and then Sum41. All were pretty damn good. Love this festival - always has a nice vibe to it- good mix of audience and bands. Weather generally comes food too- burnt again though! Hope you all had a good time too!
  11. By the look of this last page, he's probably sending dick pics to 30 year old women on Tinder! 😂
  12. Watched it a few months ago and agree with the ending - was a big let down, despite a great build up from a really good cast.
  13. SPOILERS I quite enjoyed it when I saw it yesterday with my 9 year old son - went for the 4DX experience (he loves it, I'm a bit meh on it), and the effect worked a lot better than some of the other films I'd see in it. We both enjoyed the film, but agree on Wanda being short changed - it felt too much of a sudden change, much as junglist mentioned above. Love the cameo's, though Picard is looking really old now. If they revisit the Illuminati in the future film (different multiverse), please go with the MacAvoy version. Hadn't realised Black Bolt was the actor from the poor TV show. Makes you wonder that if Wanda was that powerful, why didn't she despatch Thanos a bit sooner! Not sure what happens next - after the mid credits, I'm not sure what film he'll pop up in next with Clea - as the MCU schedule is pretty full for a few years. Also unsure if it it needs another Dr Strange film.
  14. Went to see Dr Strange yesterday and in the half an hour of ads and trailers, we had a Maverick trailer, but then a further sneak peek watch a 5min clip from it. Looked pretty dull.
  15. Looks like the map is available on the app - though just shows the stages / bars imposed over google maps. But for South, if you remember last year: Sum 41 stage (Sum 41)- main stage Jaeger stage (Alexisonfire)- old PID stage Rockscene stage (Neck Deep)- the old Jaeger tent Rocksound stage (Deaf Havana)- looks to be where the Key Clubs stages were Key Club (Nova Twins, etc)- not far from the above - think there was a bar there last year, but pre Covid fest, same location as the 2 tented stages where Busted played. Also the app schedule doesn't have Zummo on it, despite him appearing on the official clashfinder poster - maybe a special S41 set? Think it's main stage for me bar a trip to see Punk Rock Factory.
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