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  1. They're a big customer of ours and have requested a 6 month payment break!
  2. I guess if it's rescheduled for now then they will have a lot less refunds to issue than if they just cancelled.
  3. Guys, without wishing to be the bringer of doom, but this ain't going to happen. To coordinate a fest like SD take a lot of organising, esp with the overseas bands - it's about whos available - so the chances of even getting the main stage rescheduled is slim, let alone ADTR and the rest of the line up. Don't get your hopes up and get ready for full on cancellation. If they manage to get any consolation gig (not fest), this year, then consider it a bonus. I am truly gutted about this.
  4. Without wishing to be negative, the chances of having the bands available will be very slim. If it goes, then don't expect it back until next year. Also the organisers will lose a lot of money on it, so setting up a new one without a track record for the time/location is very risky.
  5. Thanks! I'm banking on lack of underlying conditions and youth being on our side. He's had a rough couple of days, but seems to be coming through it.
  6. Panic here, my 7yr old son has had sore throat and a 39C temp since Sun, seems a bit perkier today, but no idea if it's C19 or something less sinister. Hopefully it just peters out. But 2 weeks at home for me.....may end up killing the missus!
  7. I saw the guy from Yellowcard last year at SD do his accoustic set and loved his approach. Basically said, I have some solo stuff which is quite different to YC, but I know you guys want to hear the YC songs, so that's what I'll play, but please check out my other stuff online.
  8. Nothing to base this on, but Neck Deep could be an option for a secret set, they have quite the history with Slam Dunk, so could crop up if free.
  9. That's a good point. When you think of it, the Wonder Years stage has too many acts in general - I count 11, where as the rest are much smaller. Looking at last year's line up, the max on a stage was 9 acts.
  10. I've been trying to work this out too. Last year I remember : Main PID Two split tented heavy stages Two split outside Marshall stages Two split indoor stages Accoustic The heavy / Marshall /Accoustic stages will stay as is. The main obvs will too. Then that leaves the Don Bronco stage taking the PID big stage. Then means that 2020's PID shares with Wonder Years/MCS/FYS, etc. But that feels an odd mix. Would they not fit better having Bronco share the tent with TWYs?
  11. We binged on Safe after the Stranger. It was pretty good too, once you get over Michael C Hall's British accent. I think there's another on called The Five on Sky from a few years ago too.
  12. Been thinking about the line up and the stage allocation. I think we agreed on here that the NOFX stage is likely to be downgraded to a tent, hence the fewer number of bands. I reckon it'll be a split stage affair as still a lot of bands that would naturally crossover with the PiD crowd - eg spunge, A, Zebrahead, Bedouin Soundclash and prob some others that I'm not familiar with. Not sure who would headline that stage though.
  13. Spunge and A - I'm sold! The clashes are going to make me cry though!
  14. Apart from when she urged remainers to vote SNP as the best way of staying in the EU, regardless of their view on independence. We even had a few posts saying she'd still claim any SNP as pro-indy.
  15. I think Busted was a good one off novelty - great atmosphere, fab singalongs and everyone took it in good spirit. I doubt they'd make it a regular fixture of having a boyband with guitars. The whole surprise of it added to the novelty (surprise as in knowing a week or so before the event) - wondering who the pop act will be this year takes the shine of it.
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