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  1. You'd think.....but in reality.....! A big shame if the early festival season is a write off. Had Slam Dunk plus Rammstein booked. Also means that a lot of runs are likely to be canned too - had a place at the London Landmarks Half in May. 😞
  2. Glasto is gone and that's later.....sadly a fair guess. 😞
  3. I've got a couple of episodes left and it is really good. I thought the chess element would be a bit of a blocker, as I can play, but no real skill, but they have handled that aspect really well - very accessible and the chess scene flow really well. Highly recommended.
  4. I don't mind the Cars films - even the much maligned Cars 2 - compared to some of the non-Pixar offerings, it's not so bad. Onward was decent as you said, but a bit Pixar by numbers. On second watch with the boy, I still enjoyed it. Soul, however, was something else. Incredibly well done and up there with Inside Out.
  5. Strange times when you feel like patting Mike Pence on the back!
  6. Why didn't he just go before 9? Rather than waiting for the lessons to start. God help him when he gets to 40 and his bladder start on the decline!
  7. Happy Lockdown Eve everyone! What better way to start it than a potential Trump victory. Thanks 2020! 😭
  8. Doubt it - they are at Slam Dunk the week before on the Punk in Drublic Euro tour
  9. Isn't that most weeks? I think I gave up S7.
  10. Is it on at the cinemas? I thought they were keeping it until Xmas day on D+. Looking forward to it.
  11. I guess, to be clear, these are two separate events.....Scotland going Indy and Scotland joining the EU won't happen in close succession. So first, Indy. Can't see it being a great move economically in the first few years for Scotland (same reasoning as why Brexit isn't going to be great. Won't be wonderful for rUK either, but the bigger impact on iScot. EU, won't really care. Scotland joining the EU. Depends what agreements there are about the rUK border. As for Indy to work as well as possible, you'll need pretty smooth trade with rUK. But then to throw that back into the EU,
  12. I've seen Bolt a couple of times with my lad and it's decent enough. I remember loving the Black Cauldren as a kid - saw it at the cinema, but haven't watched it since.
  13. Fair point - hadn't thought about that.
  14. Don't know if I've misread it, but aren't infections within the under 30's increasing at a much higher rate than the other age groups? If not, I stand corrected, but if it is, then there must be something that age group are doing different to the oldies. I can well imagine these raves, etc are the easy pickings for the press and don't represent a significant proportion of the youngsters. It could be they are just getting tested more than the older groups, so more are recorded.
  15. I imagine the fines will be for the cases where there is a clear violation of the rules; a group of 7 stood having a chat is a very different case of 12 people sat in the park for some afternoon beers. It's a shame it's come to this really - people were give increased freedoms with the trust of not gathering excessively, but the yoofs seem to have mixed a bit too much. I ca get they feel they have missed out, but there are bigger things at play.
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