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  1. gary1979666

    General News Discussion

    Milliband was definitely caught faking. The Labour party had caught on he might be Jewish, so to put those rumours to bed he staged a photo op of him casually eating a bacon sandwich, to prove it's an everyday occurrence for him.....and rest is history.....
  2. gary1979666

    General News Discussion

    I was watching Uni Challenge the other night and a student didn't know the answer, so said they'd have a 'stab in the dark'......I think Paxo had extra security back to his dressing room that day.
  3. gary1979666

    General News Discussion

    As a back bencher, did he try to undermine the Leadership of the time?........only for twenty-odd years.
  4. gary1979666

    Brexit Schmexit

    Adding to what Neil said earlier; the companies who develop the drugs want to recover their cost. Not just on Pill A costs, which they go on to sell at a premium - so all the researcher's time, equipment, materials, testing etc. But also there will be a Pill B, C, D, E, ....which didn't go on to be viable. ONce a drug goes generic, a bog standard pharma producer can follow the recipe and produce it at a fraction of the cost, as has no costs of research or failed product development. You are right, of course, there is a profit being made here - investors put money into these companies and want to see a return, otherwise, why not just put their cash in the mattress. But it's certainly not as one sided as you make out.
  5. gary1979666

    Slam Dunk 2018

    If we're going for predictions, let's include Zebrahead and Goldinger as standard, they have played the last 8/6 year (resp). Hopefully not though, as even I am getting bored of them! Could see Sum41 on the Fireball headlining. Would like to see Pennywise or Bad Religion next time as well. I liked the double mainstage set up - as wasn't too far at South. But agree, needs to be sold as such.
  6. gary1979666

    Slam Dunk 2018

    I had a great time at South, loved the site - felt like there was so much space there, esp compared the the university. Generally well organised, but agree about the above comments for the toilets - my wife had to queue for half an hour - lucky the urinals had no queue! In terms of bands, felt like I saw a lot more than previous years: Templeton Pek, Guttermouth, 4Yr Strong, King Prawn, Save Ferris, State Champs, Sleeping with Sirens, Zebrahead (end of), SKints, 4Yr Strong (acoustic), Goldfinger, Good Charlotte and even caught a couple of songs from JEW from the car park! Loved the acoustic stage - a quaint little copse of trees with some guys and guitars.
  7. gary1979666

    Slam Dunk 2018

    At least you can still bring bags for things like waterproofs, suncream, etc to plan for the variable weather........oh.
  8. gary1979666

    Download 2019

    Reading's days like that are long gone, sadly!
  9. gary1979666

    Download 2019

    Man there would be too many clashes for me there. Top line up !
  10. gary1979666

    General News Discussion

    Zahidf, what would constitute proof that someone was here illegally? As even finding them in the back of a truck in Folkestone, they can say I left and I came back - prove otherwise. Essentially it's saying that no immigration is illegal - in which case, why don't they announce it as a policy. For Labour it's a bit of a mad approach given the history they've had with uncontrolled immigration. It would have been far easier to just push it back on May keep the pressure on her. This has already backfired!
  11. gary1979666

    General News Discussion

    Is there even scope for him to be in the running for the Peace Prize if he manages to broker something with North Korea?!
  12. gary1979666

    Slam Dunk 2018

    Can someone post the link to the clashfinder please.
  13. gary1979666

    Who's watching what on tv

    I loved Weeds when it was on, but felt it lost a lot of momentum in the later series - but still worth seeing though. First time round with BB I gave up in S1, but was hooked on a second watch of it. Also worth noting, the little kid in it voices Nemo in the original film.
  14. gary1979666

    Slam Dunk 2018

    Yes, normally a couple of weeks before, so the clashfinders will all be updated in advance. Normally get a handout on the day as well with the times - a nice touch as most festivals charge for that.
  15. gary1979666

    Slam Dunk 2018

    I know there's the understanding that coheadline is that bands are top of the bill, but could also mean that both are actually headlining and that the two stages are given equal status. The way L/R have had coheadliners never really made much sense to me, as one of them was always a sub. There's been worse 'lies' told about bands - I remember when a UK exclusive became an English exclusive and even that wasn't true.