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  1. At last I've got my first appointment for my cataract surgery 2-hour console in a month's time and then on the way in list but at least things are moving now yay
  2. PI'm getting very frustrated with my cataracts and still waiting for a hospital appointment but on the plus side I'm not dead I've had two friends dysons Christmas one with covid and there was a very dear friend and at least I can can take solace in Knott hill
  3. in my defence at the moment I see very little on screen due to my cataracts all I see is pink blobs. In a similar vein I only realised it was Matt Lucas that is Noel fielding's co-host on bake off when my son told me on Tuesday gutted
  4. Truth seekers on Amazon's quite good it's stars nick frost without Simon pegg for a change well worth the watch
  5. t I caught he world beyond at the weekend and I must stop me I'm not very impressed at the moment
  6. I watched a few films the other night which would suit the. The gates which is a 12 tenebrae which is an Italian horror and and event horizon 4 sci-fi Sorry for the lack of grammar I am having to use the voice input as I have cataracts
  7. Just finished watching utopia. it sticks to the main story with her enough differences to the UK version to keep interest.
  8. I have cataracts at the moment and don't see very well and I'm just testing out the voice recognition Seems to be pretty good so far thanks p
  9. The easy option is to fuck them off and get on with life I
  10. After drama getting new flasses a few months back it now transpires I have cataracts and I can expect a 6 month wait for an appointment.
  11. A guilty pleasure but I am obsessively watching the box set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on All4.
  12. I think that there is an ardument for a reduction in fees under the circumstances. At least bring them down to levels for online study like the OU.
  13. I watched Gerald's Game on Netflix. Its a psychological thriller by Stephen King and it does not disappoint.
  14. I can't seem to find the old dreams thread so here goes. I dreamt that Paul on Hindenburg returned from the dead to reform the Weimar Republic. However he had to fight a zombie Hitler in a pool of jelly. I don't know who won as the cat woke me up. What do the panel thinks it means?
  15. It certainly makes for dark viewing. It's one of those I will have to watch a couple of times to get.
  16. I'm tempted to go anyway and just mooch in a field with cows.
  17. That sounds awesome. Really chuffed for you.
  18. Went to a gig for the first in 10 years on Saturday. I over indulged and had a dizzy spell around 5am but I still had a cracking time
  19. Picard is coming along nicely. I love the darkness. Not enjoying Vikings the last few episodes
  20. For anyone interested DC have opened for the Campervan fields. 320 deposit and it is 8 hours every day but the work is paid https://www.dcsiteservices.com/
  21. Equinox in Lincs is one. I think Farmer Phils
  22. Thanks for the link. I know the Jim Jones story well and this had me transfixed. The recordings of him are quite harrowing.
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