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  1. After drama getting new flasses a few months back it now transpires I have cataracts and I can expect a 6 month wait for an appointment.
  2. A guilty pleasure but I am obsessively watching the box set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on All4.
  3. I think that there is an ardument for a reduction in fees under the circumstances. At least bring them down to levels for online study like the OU.
  4. I watched Gerald's Game on Netflix. Its a psychological thriller by Stephen King and it does not disappoint.
  5. I can't seem to find the old dreams thread so here goes. I dreamt that Paul on Hindenburg returned from the dead to reform the Weimar Republic. However he had to fight a zombie Hitler in a pool of jelly. I don't know who won as the cat woke me up. What do the panel thinks it means?
  6. It certainly makes for dark viewing. It's one of those I will have to watch a couple of times to get.
  7. I'm tempted to go anyway and just mooch in a field with cows.
  8. That sounds awesome. Really chuffed for you.
  9. Went to a gig for the first in 10 years on Saturday. I over indulged and had a dizzy spell around 5am but I still had a cracking time
  10. Picard is coming along nicely. I love the darkness. Not enjoying Vikings the last few episodes
  11. For anyone interested DC have opened for the Campervan fields. 320 deposit and it is 8 hours every day but the work is paid https://www.dcsiteservices.com/
  12. Equinox in Lincs is one. I think Farmer Phils
  13. Thanks for the link. I know the Jim Jones story well and this had me transfixed. The recordings of him are quite harrowing.
  14. The eyesight saga continues. I thought I would buy spring rolls. Turned out to be potato croquettes. To help at the moment I think I will use my phone on camera mode and zoom in. I live on a main road and I am starting to worry about crossing the road.
  15. Now that is funny. I will use that. Thanks.
  16. Did anyone else catch A Christmas Carol. On BBC. boy was it dark
  17. I have mentioned vision problems but I have lost my specs. On top of that I have not been taking my neds properly and get a little anxious and confused. I have just had a 5 minute chat with a cardboard cut out of a copper in Home Bargains. It would have gone on longer if not for a member of staff intervening
  18. It's a Wonderful Life never gets old for me.
  19. Sorry to railroad the thread. My comment is usually taken as a throwaway but is not as flippant as it apoears. I was once in a seminar and we were discussing the case at the time of a sex therapist getting struck off for refusing to counsel a day couple. The argument dragged in the consenting adult points and I poppedin the comment as to whether they would counsel an incest couple. What started as a joke became a very interesting debate.
  20. She says sleep with any consenting adult that will have you.
  21. So is Rowling telling me its OK to sleep with my sister?
  22. Boy do we need an 'edited highlights' thread. Love your stories btw
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