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    I have seen a Drag competition in NYC Downlow, some years ago now so not sure if it still goes on
  2. The floor opens up to a pit underneath where all the others are that have failed, slowly crushing the people at the bottom.
  3. Couldn't think of a worse place to calm down from an acid trip than a portaloo.
  4. Grandson is an American/Canadian singer songwriter, rocky and political. I love his work and would love to see him live.
  5. If you like the Theremin and you like The Smiths. Well you are in luck as Gaudi has released Theremin Tribute to the Smiths.
  6. fred quimby

    Crew Bars 2022

    T@C band will get you in on Tuesdsy. Normally DJ playing a good selection and gets nice and busy. Performers kicking back before work starts
  7. fred quimby

    Crew Bars 2022

    I only use crew bars Monday, Tuesday Wednesday. Not much point while every other bar is open apart from using Toilet if it is closest. Apart from T@C as I work there. Tuesday is their opening party and Wednesdsy Glenn Tilbrook normally plays. Have a good selection of beers too so get one on my way out into the festival and night cap
  8. fred quimby

    Crew Bars 2022

    Yep. Hitch and tow , acoustic and west holts as well
  9. fred quimby

    Crew Bars 2022

    What sort of music do you DJ?
  10. As others have said it starts on the Wednesday
  11. fred quimby

    Crew Bars 2022

    Most bars, expect the main stages let you in. T&C don't Also you get discounts at certain food stalls. Worth an ask
  12. Not a cider drinker, but will be getting some apple juice from there. May have to try this hot apple juice @gigpusher mentions
  13. Did start writing this on Friday but realised might be post gig high. However Saw Blockhead at Bristol Exchange. One of the gigs of the year so far . Party hop hop beats, started with remix of Heard on the Grapevine followed by Joline. Went from there. Sound loud enough to drown out any talkers. Very different to his albums . But just ripped it up, one of the best nights this year . Love it when you get lost in it all. Trippy as fuck visuals too
  14. Essential mix for me is Future Sound of London. Nicholas Jarr gets a shout too. But I have not listened for years
  15. Moderat is great Mononome new one is lovely, await the vinyl yet. Will get to the Smile later
  16. Saw the trailer in the cinema. Will look amazing but boring
  17. Sigrid yesterday in a small venue in Bristol. Just and acoustic guitar and acoustic bass. Play numbers from the new album and had a good chat. Certainly has a wonderful voice and not running around she certainly used her vocal range.
  18. This is a fantastic addition.
  19. Think they want a few things kept as surprises for when you get there I know they ask volunteers not to post pictures before Wednesday
  20. That is a massive lineup for me. Brilliant. Must make more sacrifices to the clash Gods.
  21. Careful on the elf bars they are very heavy nicotine. 20mg maybe. Go for something lower Managed in 2019 to be baccy free and was fine. Vape and herbal vape . It is certainly possible good luck @zeppelin
  22. See Hawkwind, Nik Turner I don't mind it
  23. Gone from Glastonbury. Thought Square pie were there in 2019, think I had one
  24. Aye, and they have the money to cover it. Was chatting to a coffee stall who was always in WH and had moved to near the bandstand as he, as a small business , had been priced out in 2019. Didn't reveal the cost hike but was talking large percentages
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