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  1. I saw Jarvis has to change the lyrics of his song at the request of the BBC, but if you saw the Amyl & The Sniffers set they used a massive load of c**t. I mean, they are Australian so perhaps it’s allowed.
  2. Was it. Could’ve sworn I heard it on re-watch? Must be imagining it
  3. That’s not what your mum told us.
  4. Those guy rope w*nkers can go in the bin with the flag w*nkers and the chat-through-gig w*nkers.
  5. Oh, also are there other off-site caravan options that have shuttle buses going to and from festival?
  6. Have a friend that’s looking at taking his wife and four (!) children next year. But only really possible if they can take their caravan. Can anyone give advice on when caravan tickets go on sale and whether they sell out stupid quick like the ticket sale?
  7. Haha 😂 that didn’t sound as it should.
  8. Thank you. Tempted to try the coach sale then. I’m in West Midlands so Bristol I’d be happy with, or London if the only choice. I suppose the only thing that would bother me would be if I had to arrive Thursday and not Wednesday, but that’s better than not going at all
  9. That’s why knives are good.
  10. Taking far too much stuff. I took my son and ended up bringing a lot of clothes, food, cooking stuff that never got used. Leaving the fairly decent spot we had for Wet Leg out of concern for my son. Don’t think the crowd got as rowdy as I anticipated. Not watching Turnstile and Amyl & The Sniffers. In fact not sure we made any of the big tent venues? Missing out on both Jon Hopkins and Four Tet. Not being able to tell the yakkers and ‘look, I’m here’ people (mainly for McCartney) that they’re fucking a-holes. Not a regret, but because the site has changed so much since last being there (I think Emily said it’s 4 times as big now!) we tried to take a look around most of it but meant that there were plenty of areas that I didn’t get to spend any quality time at. Now I’ve been I can make a list of places I want to spend more time at. None of this ruined the festival. Had an amazing time.
  11. Is this the case? You’re not given any choice of departure location?
  12. When is the coach sale in relation to the main sale? (Sorry if you’ve already answered it and I haven’t seen) m
  13. Not sure it’s a hack, but possibly a lesson. Learn that guy lines are adjustable and don’t have to be set out at full extension! 😂 Also, a peg knocked in only 1.5” ain’t doing shit! The amount of bad tent set ups was giving me some small amount of stress.
  14. Lenor bottle is better, imo, as others have suggested (decant it into empty bottles though, don’t put it away). Those packs are a good idea but it’s just yet more landfill we don’t need.
  15. Thank you so much for this! I expected it all to be a total ball ache to figure out, but after installing and following your instructions it worked perfectly! I'm using mac and just did what you said using terminal. Thanks!!!
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