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  1. killyourtv

    You get ten acts and ten acts only

    1. Julien Baker. Worth coming for Televangelist alone. 2. Soccer Mommy 3. David Thomas Broughton 4. Lucy Dacus 5. Big Thief 6. John Cale 7. Josh T Pearson 8. Snail Mail 9. Josienne & Ben 10. Destroyer Best line-up since 2011 for me.
  2. killyourtv

    Predictions for 2018

    The return of Bhatti Wraps
  3. killyourtv

    2017 - How was it for you?

    We tried a dozen of the vendors and generally one portion did for the two of us with a bit of bread. Though £7 or £8 good value; coffees soon added up though black coffee in Pizza tent the best. As mentioned before, we missed Bhatti Wraps ;-(
  4. killyourtv

    2017 - How was it for you?

    Go to Latitude (no, don't) and then complain about EOTR and chatterers !
  5. killyourtv

    2017 - How was it for you?

    I have no idea what's popular anymore (if ever did), but Preservation feels like the LP of the year to me (Big Thief apart), and I got to the front of the Tipi half an hour before she started. Was packed well before the start, blokes older than me in tears at the end.
  6. killyourtv

    Top 5 Performances 2017

    Car Seat Headrest Aldous Harding Julia Jacklin (in the rain) Alvvays Baxter Dury
  7. killyourtv

    2017 - How was it for you?

    A mixed bag for my 6th EOTR since 2001, still my benchmark. We nearly didn't make it as Mrs KYTV is a bit immobile at the mo, and we came late Thurs and left Sunday afternoon, so I only took in 20 odd artists. BEYOND GREAT - Car Seat Headrest - (almost) never heard of them - one of the most euphoric 40 minutes of my life. Mrs KYTV blown away as well, standing toward the front with all the young lads singing along was something else. In contrast, the silent reverence for Aldous Harding was what you'd hope for but rarely get at EOTR. "Here is your princess, and here is the horizon" the line of the weekend GREAT - The people, the Beavertown beer, nearly all the food (particularly Pho Sho, Manna and Pizza Tabun), weather on Fri/Sat, and the contrasting films we saw (Lady Macbeth and My Life as a Courgette). Julia Jacklin was even better than a year ago, Nadia was spellbinding, and Alvvays were better than I could have hoped. Baxter Dury was the big, cheery, brassy surprise. OK - Most of what we saw was pleasant, but I didn't make the revelatory discoveries (CSH apart) I come for in the undercard, and the headliners do nothing for me (Bill apart). Alex Cameron was hilarious, intentionally or otherwise, but I could have done with a bit more oddity. DISAPPOINTMENT - A fair bit of sound bleed during Aldous's set and into the cinema, but otherwise the organisation at EOTR is better than ever. I will NEVER forgive Nadia for not playing "Preservation" though. ;-) There did seem to be a younger crowd (early 20s); nearly all at Car Seat Headrest, but the chatter bothered me less than previously and to be fair the older picnic crowd as just as guilty. What time are early birds again ?
  8. killyourtv

    You get 10 bands and 10 bands only

    Good to see you'll all be out for the Julia Jacklin set. Hope the "Motherland/Kids/Eastwick" trilogy gets the respectful crowd it deserves.
  9. killyourtv


    Yeh, really hoping for a repeat of 2015 so I can get some wear out of my pink double jumper/trenchcoat combination (come and say hello)
  10. killyourtv

    You get 10 bands and 10 bands only

    Yep. Research pays off (though I love the EOTR surprises). 5 I'd heard. Julia Jacklin Japandroids Jens Lekman Bo Ningen Girl Ray And 5 I hadn't Nadia Reid Waxahatchee Aldous Harding Nadine Shah Goat Girl Plus the Beavertown tent, please.
  11. killyourtv

    EOTR v Green Man

    I had to go to Latitude this year as Mrs KYTV wanted to see why all her friends went. They go to chat to their mates over a picnic. We couldn't believe how poor it was, in every respect, against EOTR. Some decent music (Julia, Laura J M, Marika, Girl Ray) alongside the 1990s indie self-parodies (sorry), and decent culture. But food and beer, site, toilets, chatter, noise bleed really knock it down.
  12. killyourtv

    Bands for 2017

    Yet another area where EOTR wins bigtime over Latitude is the Thursday night. Relaxed, good programme, good food.
  13. killyourtv

    No Direction Home

    The weather killed it, but the music was wonderful. David Thomas Broughton on the little lake stage late at night, never bettered. Food from the estate was great too.
  14. killyourtv


    Great line up. Confess I liked the cinema location. Don't watch telly at home at all so always a treat to watch some Nordic Noir (The Hunt) or music doc like the David Thomas Broughton. Nuts in May a couple of years was a great collective experience (it was freezing outside). Just back from a first and last Latitude, cinema offering was rubbish.