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  1. Finally did my short diary entry for EOTR on my own blog (mainly about pubs to be honest) and felt sentimental already. SUMMER CAME LATE TO CRANBORNE CHASE – retiredmartin
  2. Not just me then. Sharon at the Brudenell in 2015 - intimate and life changing, Sharon at Bristol SWX in 2019 - bombastic and boring. It happens.
  3. Same here; set the alarm, followed their Twitter, then still forgot and now can't be bothered with EOTR a fortnight later (and my ears still recovering from this year nearly a fortnight on).
  4. Can't imagine that EOTR without Dry Cleaning, Porridge Radio, William Doyle, Chubby & the Gange, and the late night Tipit sets. I wore a mask (1 in a 100 I'd guess) but wondered why I was bothering when I only do it for others and no-one seemed bothered at all.
  5. Definitely true of EOTR this year; I was thinking more of the Settlers camping where you get a few days to before/after the festival.
  6. Is it easy to get off site at Green Man to visit Crickhowell or walk along the Usk to pubs further afield ? That would be a GM plus for me. We make a Dorset/Wilts pub visiting holiday out of EOTR, bit disappointed we were asked not to nip off site so couldn't make annual 20 minute pilgrimage to the Museum in Farnham this year.
  7. One of my mates from Walsall sent me this report from one of the lovely traders. Great pics and clearly a good weekend for them. Vintage Vixen: The End of the Road, 2021 (vintagevixon.blogspot.com)
  8. I ought to go to Green Man (and EOTR) next year Interesting seeing Richard Dawson 5th on the bill on that line-up; I can't imagine a better headliner for EOTR this year (and I consider the Garden the main stage if I'm honest).
  9. A great read, and you've now identified "The Bill" as the little snippet Anna Meredith worked into "Enter Sandman" (can't believe I'm writing this).
  10. I had a couple of pints when I set up the tent and that was it. As a regular pubgoer most nights (never at home) I thought I'd give my liver a 4 day rest and can understand @Sean1234321 point about the benefits of a clear head and less need for toilet stops ! I felt as good as I've ever felt all weekend. And then my mate Tim texted me at the end of Richard Dawson "fancy a pint" and it went a tiny bit to pot in the Tipi. I've never been up that late in my 56 years, oddly. But yes, not EVERYONE got plastered. The amount of smoking is actually much more striking to me.
  11. Like you, didn't see ANYONE I thought I wouldn't give another go watching, and that's a first for me as I usually whinge on here about a fair few "meat and potatoes" sets. One other observation. You have to move a bit to get that sweet spot where the sound is loud but not eardrum wrecking, and I found it easier this year bar the Fenne Lilly. The Dry Cleaning noise at the front was epic. I remember that No Other Band set, potentially my highlight, being hard to listen to a few years back.
  12. Imagine hearing Sonic Youth play "Goo" live in 1990 and being unable to hear the lyrics to "Tunic" but still being carried along by the intensity; a bit like that I guess. And no, I don't want any variant of Sonic Youth or the Pixies playing EOTR next year, I want the next Dry Cleaning.
  13. Spot on. The Dry Cleaning set was the only one I watched from the very front and the communal joy in that last 10 minutes is something I took away on Monday morning. The artists seemed overjoyed by our response throughout. Shame we couldn't hear Florence Shaw's lyrics though, but she was mesmeric.
  14. Sadly not, he did 2 more tracks, one of which failed half way through at an epic moment (may have been an East India Youth track). I stayed to the end and he got a lot of love; what I did hear was wonderful.
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