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  1. Thanks for that ? Back to Hackney then.
  2. Have I missed an announcement about the annual Christmas show? Bit of a tradition, though I can't say that 2018 was a classic.
  3. I've no idea what makes a headliner and often don't bother, rather see new stuff. Would love to see Gia Margaret (had to pull out this year), Hand Habits, Jane Weaver, Big Thief, Soccer Mommy and Julia Jacklin next year.
  4. Garden Stage chair gang don't bother me anymore either. Not much does since retiring, and they're easy to avoid by moving in from the front. Having been to Latitude in 2017 (under sufferance, never again), I can confirm that EOTR is still a reverential crowd compared to the Waitrose picnic in Suffolk that is Latitude. Each to their own of course, some people just don't like music.
  5. Yes, I know there's loads of feedback in the prediction threads already; I'm recovering from the annual man flu that at least only started on Monday. My eighth EOTR since 2011, fourth in a campervan, and just me and Mrs KYTV this year. Still the first thing on the calendar, early birds nabbed for 2020. Familiarity does mean it's a bit less magical than that first one, though. Highs The weather. Missed the Saturday downpour in the cinema while Mrs KYTV got soaked. As always, the breadth of the music. From Pigs x 7 to Anna St Louis and from Jessica Pratt to Viagra Boys. Good sound this year. Crying, unexpectedly, 3 min 30 into the astonishing Donnie Darko in the Let's Eat Grandma set. Genuinely stunning sets from Kathryn Joseph (eotr Top 10 moment), Kate Tempest and Pigs x7. The cinema. Saw 3 films, Being There & In The Heat Of The Night for the first time. Rotation of the seats worked. The Talking Heads stage. Not a big comedy fan, but spent a great Sunday lunchtime watching Anna Man encouraging children to smother their grandparents. Nice people throughout (except the chatterers). Good food, and far too much of it. Particularly the onion bhajis. The gardens. Mrs KYTV said there was less to see but then we had a proper wander on the Saturday and saw loads of detail. Magic, still. Lows Didn't discover much great new stuff. Believe it or not, this was my first year attending as a Spotify user, previously just bought CDs and LPs at gigs. Knowing what to expect and having your must-sees and possible sorted before EOTR takes some of the fun away. I've never really been bothered with headliners before but was determined to find out what all the Courtney fuss was about. And I see Low annually anyway. Then everyone is tweeting that Low in the Garden was life-affirming, which I bet it was. Courtney was OK. Those fantastic craft keg beers (By the Horns, Lost & Grounded, Wiper & True) on the main bar created the biggest queues I've ever seen for a beer. And were all gone by Friday lunchtime. Chatter in the Garden and Tipi. Could well be an odd one next year. Mrs KYTV can't do it so back to solo camping for the first time since 2015; could it be that cold again a week into September ? And what will the crowd look like with schools already back ?
  6. Where's my breakfast kedgeree ?
  7. Kate Tempest a definite win for me. Latest record fantastic. Beirut were highlight of my first, life changing EOTR, but that was their highpoint. Can honestly say I'm rarely bothered with "headliners", as only go for new musical discoveries, the gardens and food.
  8. As Rick says, loads of stuff I've never heard of so bound to be great. Rarely stay up for the headliners anyway, far too cold (Fenland wimp). Kathryn Joseph, Jessica Pratt, Mitski, Beirut def. highlights.
  9. Our 17 year old son, who visited more food stalls than he saw bands, confirmed the chicken roll as the best bargain of the weekend.
  10. Beat me to it. 80% of the stuff I've listened to over recent EOTRs has been female/female-led, and that runs the spectrum from acoustic Julia Jacklin to power pop like SnailMail to weird stuff like Anna Meredith. Never crossed my mind to consider gender. And I'd have Newsom back over most of recent headliners which left me cols (though that may have been the cold).
  11. Was at the Moth last night, not a fan of reviving the '90s but Prolapse were summat else (but support FiveHead were funnier).
  12. Spot on, mate. Some of the sets this year were magical due to reverent silence such as Caroline, Julien Baker and Haley on the Sunday morning. You could be very unlucky, even toward the front, but could soon avoid the chat.
  13. Anyone know why Big Thief sounded so shambolic (from about 10 rows back). "Capacity" a wonderful record but "Mary" not a happy experience. Felt for her. Sound great overall, particularly in the Tipi (though Snail Mail have deafened me:.
  14. Agree. Would be different if Beavertown was the only option, but there were great £4.50 pints of local beer in the Tipi, and a fiver for a half of Sapling (7.1%) is Cambridge prices, let alone Hackney. Good range of specials they dragged down the M3, too. Best not followed with hot cider, mind ?
  15. Our 7th since 2011, and I still cry a little tear as I walk out for the last time. Familiarity does dull the magic a little, and I find the more artists I explore upfront the less fun I gave discovering for the first time. First time we'd stayed Sunday night too, (though up at 6am); bit staggered how many tweets still pinging around at 4.30 ?. Lovely folk, great musical variety, unbeatable food and beer, as good as ever we thought. HIGHLIGHTS Julien Baker, "Televangelist" of course. First time seen her and basically wept. Lucy Dacus biggest surprise, wonderful. David Thomas Broughton. Seen loads of times, special as ever, my 17 year old son walked out in disgust. Idles. Blew my son, and me away. Hayley, Blame, Snail Mail, Gwenno, Sugg Friends and Plastic Mermaids (odd) impressed. Outside the music, some good films in the lovely cinema (Boy on Sun and Wrong Trousers, of course). Think we tried food from nearly every stall, and drank Beavertown out of Sapling. Good choice of dark beers. Actually got some time in the games area early on and smashed my son at splatt the badger. NOT AS GOOD Dosa place rationing the onion bhajis ! Chatterers. One bloke in Tipi for Gwenno lost it with loud mouth near exit and kicked him, first disturbance I've seen at eotr. Volunteers handled it well. Didn't hear anything life-changing I didn't know already, if honest. Probably best not to listen to too much before you go. Great weekend.
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