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  1. Can you explain the Yves Tumor live experience to me? I hear such good things but don't get it from YouTube vids
  2. Big Top to Tipi, can probably do that in 5!
  3. I don't find they change that much and I've been going since 2011 .... After all the slot times don't change that much year on year across the stages...
  4. Definitely partly open up the sides of the Big Top. Improve the co-ordination of monitoring the capacity both there and in the tipi. Make it easier to find out about the secret sets!
  5. Does anyone have a definitive list of the secret late-night tipi sets at EOTR? I'm especially looking for 2011 and 2015 info.
  6. Definitely increased random searches last time on the door. 1 in 5 or 6 pulled? My advice? Go in first time clean, suss how it is, take any weed on the second run.
  7. https://clashfinder.com/s/endoftheroad2019/ We've used these for 8 years and they're always north of 90% accurate, which is useful at this stage
  8. The clashfinder over at Clashfindergeneral strongly suggests that The Murder Capital immediately follow Fontaines dc
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