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  1. We response to daily death rates....This is worth a read. The data is often from days/ weeks past.. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/04/why-what-we-think-we-know-about-the-uks-coronavirus-death-toll-is-wrong
  2. What kind of a twat goes out into a busy park and takes a photo of other people (who are all way more than 2m apart) and posts it on twitter which then causes that park to get shut down.
  3. Isn't it a shame that people feel the need to apologise for loving a multimillion selling, grammy award winning, hugely critically acclaimed album (Joshua Tree. A Rush of Blood etc). Fuck the bullies!
  4. danbailey80


    (were) Playing the Park, "Friday or Saturday". According to Nicky Wire. https://www.nme.com/news/music/manic-street-preachers-glastonbury-2020-park-stage-headline-green-day-killers-tour-support-2625077
  5. What you have to consider is that for a lot of acts they are already playing for a massively reduced cost so would need to know if it's cancelled or not so they can make alternative plans. That said, there are no events being held anywhere so apart from studio time there's not much conflicting options
  6. This is a positive thing for G. Why? Because it was always going to happen and when they realise that it doesn't make a difference or public pressure has had enough they will lift it. In time for Glastonbury.
  7. danbailey80

    Sam Fender

    As expected...Thank the lord. What stage and what day/ time do we expect him? Any ideas? Subbing JP?
  8. I love John 00 Fleming's open till close sets.... He goes from deep melodic prog house to full on Goa trance over 6 hours.. Prefer the first 3 hours myself.
  9. ...and there's no way CH will headline acoustic. It hasPyramid Stage early afternoon written all over it. I hope..
  10. Pleasure! TBH I also need to investigate further.
  11. Wow. Interesting stuff. What school was this?!
  12. I'd really love to know what 'Ping Pong Prefect' does now. Is there any way of finding out? What a tit.
  13. danbailey80


    ...but Sasha and/ or Digweed are...? I live in hope....
  14. danbailey80


    They did Arcadia the year it moved fields in SE corner. I can see them somewhere in SE as well as West Holts. IICON would be amazing...
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