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  1. But he's down for Friday according to efests. So assuming he's said Friday before. Bollocks.
  2. Where do we think he'll be? Can see him being booked ages ago when not big so probably about 2pm which means, being a teacher, I will miss the one act I really want to see. Fucksake.
  3. Remember you've got loads of dance stuff to be announced on the Glade area (glade stage, glade lounge, spaceport, etc). Assuming we'll get Hernan Cattaneo, bushwaka etc here who weren't on this poster. Not to mention the whole SE corner and arcadia.
  4. danbailey80

    2020 headliners

    j j72 Marion Geneva
  5. danbailey80

    Coma Songs

    I think I may be taking this thread little seriously. But I must admit I'm a bit tired of this rhetoric of slagging people off. It's the one thing I would change about this board. There's so much mental illness/ depression within the Arts and music scene and it's made so much worse with people having this blanket pretend hatred of various people. You see it on Twitter all the time. Be nice people. But yeah I should chill out I guess and I just slagged off Fat White Family so I'm just as bad.
  6. danbailey80

    Coma Songs

    So just to be clear, all these songs where Sting is the sole writer are all rubbish/ shit then? Englishmen in New York Fields of Gold Can't Stand Losing You So Lonely Message in a Bottle Seven Days Walking on the Moon Roxanne Don't Stand So Close to Me Every Breath You Take Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic Fragile If I Ever Lose My Faith in You If You Love Somebody Set Them Free Russians When We Dance De Do Do Do, de Da Da Da
  7. danbailey80

    Coma Songs

    Ha! Yes, I stand by my comment. I guarentee if I was sat in a room with 20 songwriters none would say they hate every song. You can't fill a stadium/ headline the pyramid with lots of shit songs. If you like good songwriting you can find at least 3/ 4 songs amoungst there 4 albums. I can understand if you hate the banjo but they also ditched that for about half their backcatologue. The last 2 albums don't really sound like them. So I'll accept that you hate everything by Mumford and Sons but you'd also have to hate everything by Coldplay, Kings of Leon and U2 which the last 2 albums is basicly cut from the same cloth.
  8. danbailey80

    Coma Songs

    Exactly this. I've never met a decent songwriter (successful or not) who has this attitude. A good song is a good song. So saying you hate absolutely everything by an act that has a huge backcatologue like Sting or Coldplay or U2 just makes you look like a twat.
  9. danbailey80

    Coma Songs

    Whatever the latest indie, NME shite, cool twat band whose only claim is taking drugs and behaving like selfish c**ts. So Fat White Family this week. Will be different next week.
  10. Just seen Hernan Cattaneo TBC. How did that come out? Great booking. Can see him in the Glade. If he's playing there should be a few similar people before and after which can only be a good thing.
  11. Great to hear people respecting trance (the proper stuff not cheesy crap). If you want decent trance then are can't think of anyone else that does a better job currently than John 00 Fleming. He has a podcast and his 'deep' mixes are usually sublime. His Essential MIx from a fears years back is also fucking immense.
  12. The Glade lounge is a great little tent and it's predominantly Progressive House and some decent proper Trance.
  13. danbailey80

    The Wood

    Glade area (who are also in charge of wood area) just posted a photo of something that looks like a walking viewing platform through the wood area.. I fucking love this sort of thing...
  14. danbailey80

    The Streets

    2009 - Jazz World was brilliant. Huge crowd and all clearly loving it.
  15. Just google 'biggest selling UK acts' and you'll get your answer. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_biggest_selling_British_acts_of_all_time https://www.nme.com/photos/the-biggest-selling-uk-acts-of-all-time-1437412 In short. NO.
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