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  1. The taxi driver being a dick.
  2. What a hero, refusing to drive the vulnerable.
  3. danbailey80


    This belongs in the other thread! Outrageous!
  4. danbailey80


    It does seem to be completely acceptable for proper bands (i.e not typical boy band member gone solo) to hire songwriting teams now (Coldplay/ U2). These same people write for radio 1 fodder. I'm not having it. Imagine bands in the 90s doing this (pearl jam/ nirvana)? It's nearly always a sign of things going wrong/ getting desperate.
  5. danbailey80


    Was is particularly odd is that they have a massive pop production/ songwriting team behind it ( Max Martin Federico Vindver Denise Carite) and it still doesn't go anywhere.
  6. danbailey80


    This. Put perfectly.
  7. Anyone know any inside knowledge about Camp Bestival? Seems to be plowing on?
  8. I'm thinking old school simple fence around edge to protect other land owners from wondering drunks
  9. I think it's the fact they the kings of cool/ contrived/ style over substance for NME shite. (I'll run for cover).
  10. Ha. Yes this. I think what I meant to say was I think Velvet Underground are massively overrated.
  11. Every band influenced by The Velvet Underground write weak songs.
  12. It is south of railway but there's a bit north of railway. Maybe spike bar area.
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