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  1. Bryan's Adams would be brilliant on an afternoon Pyramid. (And no, I'm not remotely joking! You write an album as good as Reckless)
  2. Rage against the machine. Pearl Jam. Stevie Nicks. Stevie is actually a distinct possibility.
  3. This. It's just not going to happen. She's not a big as when she headlined and that was a bump up. Unless of course the new album is a massive seller with huge singles but she's been moving away from this for 2 albums now.
  4. danbailey80

    Sam Fender

    What was the info. Where from? I can actually see him being a potential Pyramid headliner for 3rs album perhaps 2024.
  5. danbailey80

    Sam Fender

    What stage do we expect?. He's sold out 2 nights at Wembley arena. Can see headline John peel or second from top Other stage.
  6. Very sad. She asked my band to do a live session when she was on radio 2. She was a generous and kind person and made us feel welcome and at ease.
  7. danbailey80


    It's just standard Greg Kurstin who writes them. It's what he does well. Has done for years. Has an incredible ability to churn out stuff that represents that artist so well. He wrote most of Liam Gallagher's last album too.
  8. What was the info about Macca moving to Sunday?
  9. Playing Hampton Palace on Saturday. So has to be Friday or Sun now. My guest is Sunday afternoon before legends.
  10. Come on. Give us a photo, darlin
  11. Ok, so I was in London yesterday and was taking overline and bus etc through where the march was to see a mate. I'm not sure how to say this without being rude but the anti-vaxers stood out a mile. Is educationally subnormal ok? I mean, WOW. These people need help was all my natural instinct was saying.
  12. Go to Berlin. Sadly I worry for England's state of clubbing.
  13. I'd say headliners or tent as need the lights. I'd say a bit too niche for Other stage headliners and now bit too big for Park. West Holtz I'd say.
  14. This is very new.. (and this is me...!)
  15. I can equally see Neil Finn getting involved. Paul and Neil are big fans of each other and Neil played at Linda's funeral.
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