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  1. Yep just use google pay on your phone. Everyone has a phone.
  2. Re: Trumps drug intake. Very possible he took cocaine/ amphetamine when younger. Higher unlikely he's sniffing lines now. Much more likely is that he's subscribed something 'legal' that is very similar to speed e.g. dieting pills.
  3. If they keep it end of June I'd still be pleasantly surprised it happens but probably not. If they moved it to end of August/ September I'd say very likely it's on.
  4. Bit sure why AI haven't called Arizona. Theres only a small suburb left and Biden is about 11k ahead.
  5. I can't see anyone that's called Arizona? It will happen but no one has yet?
  6. Maricopa County not called yet and that's the biggest left by far (x 10) and leans to Biden. We got this...
  7. Where has nothing changed in Arizona for 24 hours? Would love to hear another win for Biden especially after Trump said they were going to win it.
  8. I'm still shaking with anger about this.
  9. When are the next results for Arizona being called? Will there be an official announcement? You can say it doesn't make a difference but it does for lots of reasons.
  10. What a fucking moron. Bye bye career. Total fucktard.
  11. What's the latest with Arizona? Last I heard Trump was gaining but not enough to overtake? Seems to be taking so long, when is the next update?
  12. Arizona seems the only close one now...Trump is closing the gap. Any stats on if Trump has enough coming in? PA and GA are over. Biden has them easy.
  13. How is Arizona and Nevada looking? Is Trump going to catch up?
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