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  1. I saw this so it does seem to be that if you voted leave you are less likely to get the vaccine. https://www.lbc.co.uk/news/covid-vaccine-polling-hesitancy-support-brexit-voter-leave-oxford-university/
  2. Jesus. Corby - 343 infection rate. 64 % voted leave. I do find the correlation with the remain/ leave vote and vaccine skeptics interesting. Any thoughts?
  3. Surely the London shows are a possibility? July. Outside. Gats open all day giving time for quick testing? Please please.
  4. I've not been a fan of either single. Neil Finn is capable of so much better.
  5. Speaking of us Bicep, we never found out where they were due to play in 2020. Any ideas. It was assumed headlining the Park but weren't on bill in the end (Spotify playlist). Theyd be perfect to headline there.
  6. Popped in. It's all a bit unpleasant in here. Shame. Bye. Will try again tomorrow.
  7. I didn't realise he was still in trouble with heroin/ addictions. I'd heard and hoped he'd got better. Such a loss. He co-wrote 'cant stand me now' and tbh I'm not convinced Pete gave him full recognition for it.
  8. So fill me in. Have the nazi scum that were at the Capitol been banned from flying and is them reacting?
  9. The fucktards are now saying that the mob is Antifa disguised. Oh my.
  10. Yes. Some classes are still at least half full with vulnerable and key worker children. Whilst they also have to provide o line working. We also have the depressing knowledge that much of the progress will be undone and the children with shit parents will watch TV for 5 weeks.
  11. There is this false assumption that teacher's didn't want to go back to school and in my experience this is utter bollocks. I can only give you my experience. I am a teacher in a primary school and also have friends in other schools and none of us know anyone that wanted the schools to close. In fact, we all wanted the massive lockdown but keep primary schools open. Unions DO NOT speak for the majority of teachers. The rarely do.
  12. Really? I thought polls were leaning the republicans way? Early voting is always Dems too. Jesus I hope you're right though.
  13. You have the option of a pint in tier 2. Why does everyone keep talking about driving to fucking Cornwall. 😂
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