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  1. Also recommend Bicycle Diaries by David.
  2. danbailey80

    Fleetwood Mac

    Let's please not turn this into a tedious Fleetwood Mac/ Fleetwood Mac argument. To me they are 2 different bands that just happen to share the same drummer and bassist. Meanwhile, let's just enjoy the music:
  3. For me it's the simple fact the songs are staggeringly weak. I wouldn't mine that the drummer can't actually keep in time live if the songs were vaguely good.
  4. I cannot for the life of me understand how you could not see Sports Team for what they are: generic, indie landfill contrived shite. The songs are very weak. Does anyone remember The Others? Cut from the same cloth. Pathetic.
  5. danbailey80

    Q magazine

    What's odd is it doesn't seem to be continuing at all, even online/ digital. Which is such a shame. Surely there's some value there? Unless there debts are massive and no one wants to take them on?
  6. danbailey80

    Q magazine

    It's very sad news. The last 2 years had a particular pleasant, open to all genres, vibe. Such a shame. I can't see why they can't continue but online, like the less deserving NME. Keep the Q awards going too?
  7. On a rather depressing note: https://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/national/article244297762.html
  8. Ha! I could not, for the life of me, work out what you were on about then re-read my post!
  9. YES YES YES. For purely relish reasons. I am a primary school teacher and have never arrived before Friday. You would possibly get even more children and families if in school hols?
  10. Sasha's latest podcast has a combination of 2 sets. One that would "have suited The Rabbit Hole" and the second hour is a later night Shangri La set... so assuming he was down to play these places...(rabbit prob a secret set like last time) It's hard listening as he drops some gorgeous stuff (Albion Air). It would have be gorgeous hearing that this year in the field... https://soundcloud.com/last-night-on-earth/sasha-presents-last-night-on-earth-show-061
  11. With Glastonbury not happening until a vaccine has been released and that increasingly looking like spring/ early summer at the earliest, does anyone think HQ would have a plan b where they push the festival back until end of August? Assuming they would have to make this decision as early as possible (end of this year?) as the potential changing and swapping of acts/ resources/ staff/ hiring infurstructure etc would be a huge challenge. Surely this is a better prospect than them cancelling another year...?
  12. So I had the front circle tickets at Hyde park was so looking forward to it. Sadly it seems they aren't rescheduled? It that it...nothing?
  13. Wow. I didn't realise you get crowds that bad. Chants of 'steven Yaxley-Lennon? Fuck me that is so depressing. Surely the band are aware of this? Why don't they fucking say something. If not at the gig then online at least. I despice this sort moronic laddism.
  14. It's about the vibe as you walk around the crowd that is the teller. Kanye and the Gorrilaz have to be at the bottom. Both complete and utter failures. Of course you've got some people who "was up the front" and loved it but for these 2 acts that had a shockingly disinterested crowd.
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