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  1. If anyone in part of the Ten club my brother would love a ticket! Unlikely but thought I'd try!
  2. danbailey80


    Setify is an awesome thing. You chose a band and either recent sets of a 'average' setlist and it stranforms to a playlist on Spotify. For example: https://setify.co/a/3d2b98e5-556f-4451-a3ff-c50ea18d57cb
  3. danbailey80


    It seems he must be playing Sunday or Friday then. Headlining the Other makes sense if you're right.
  4. danbailey80


    So either Noel or Aerosmith are clashing? That's cruel. Why is every one so sure Noel is playing Saturday?
  5. danbailey80


    I can't see them having 'Pyramid' size 'Other headliners' and also having Aerosmith subbing.
  6. danbailey80


    I don't mean to burst everyone bubble but I'm much more convinced they will headline The Other....and clash with Macca. Why is everyone so sure they are subbing?
  7. I'm confused. Why do we think she's playing Glastonbury?
  8. Interesting. So do artists like Jamie xx, with a history of playing there, not also approach the festival themselves (i.e their management) and ask? He headlined the park, Emily's field. I'm certain, for example, Sasha plays when he wants. I.e every 2/3 years to spread it out. Anyone know? I guess it's 7 months away.
  9. Was me but I bought a load of unsigned already. There were others I think though.
  10. Just got 2 ten club tickets... same price as normal. Can only get 2. Have to have joined ten club at least a week ago so you can't just join on spot. All seems fair and sensible. Good old pearl jam. Going to be huge. Bring it on. Pixies can fuck off though.
  11. Creamfields 1998 (first one in Winchester). Oakenfold dropping Binary Finary.
  12. danbailey80

    Other Stage 2020

    Noel is subbing Pyramid or headlining Other. End of.
  13. Dublin on the 1 July now. So apart from Manchester on the Friday there's a big south England/ London gap for Sat and Sunday.... It's Glastonbury or Hyde Park I reckon....
  14. I know this is a joke but.... A list of most popular worldwide tracking is not hugely relevant to a particular festival, that's in the UK. Katy Perry (12) or Lil Wayne would not attract a bigger crowd than the Rolling Stones or Elton John (61) for example at Glastonbury. At a pop festival for teenagers in LA - probably. Most arguments on this board are about who would be a bigger pull at a stage at Glastonbury - which is very different.
  15. They are now playing Cork, Ireland on the Monday 29th (alongside Diana Ross). So Holland Friday, Glastonbury Sunday afternoon, then off to Ireland for Monday. Any more dates inbetween that and we're fucked...
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