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  1. Having seen the massive size of the Assembly in Silver Hayes I had another look at the line up. Wow. That place could be awesome. EDIT: Actually it's the same size as last year's WOW!
  2. danbailey80

    Block 9

    This is an example of the Bicep- Chroma DJ set (it's not the 'Live' Bicep show):
  3. Their Soundcloud has some highlights from previous years which gets you in the mood:
  4. I'm still convinced he will be somewhere as I heard from a close source he was playing. So if there' a special guest somewhere on it I reckon good chance it's him.
  5. The Theatre and Circus area has some small venues that turn into more late night music/ cabaret stuff that always offers something different.
  6. Random trancey venue in green fields? Few years ago I remember there was a random smallish tent somewhere in the green fields that played some trance type music at night. Not sure if remotely official more likely a pop up thing that’s something else in the day time. It was lovely though. Def off the main areas. Any ideas if this still happens?
  7. Taphouse? https://www.glastopedia.com/areas-stages/the-taphouse
  8. Shaznay Lewis on Radio 2 this morning. Confirmed her time but I couldn't quite hear. Think Saturday afternoon sometime. On iplayer.
  9. agree. Some of the other areas were dreadful tbh. Someone needs a kick up the arse I'd say. It's really not hard these days with so many free stuff online like Canva. This however is beautifully designed and clearly thought about.
  10. He tours with best mate Bukem, so imagine it's the same slot he did last year. What you basing this on?
  11. I think they made it official in 2023. It’s called the Rhizosphere. (Shhhhh don’t tell too many😀) https://bailesandlight.com/project/the-rhizosphere-at-glastonbury/ https://www.efestivals.co.uk/news/23/line-up-confirmed-for-greenpeace-field-at-glastonbury-2023.shtml
  12. I thought it was great last year - sound much better than 2023 too. Perhaps they are moving it a fraction back from railway and the angle away from sound bleeding the dome?
  13. I wish every announced area could put a little effort in to writing a paragraph, maybe a few links to acts (especially if new to festival). You've only got to do it once a year. Hats off to West Holts this year - miles ahead of everyone else with effort.
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