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  1. danbailey80

    2020 headliners

    Can we all please just agree that there is no chance Macca or Elton are playing the fucking afternoon slot. Seriously get a grip.
  2. Anyone ever done small world festival? It's a spin off from a tent in Glastonbury green fields I believe. http://www.smallworldsolarstage.org/smallworld/SW-festi/SWsummerFesti.html
  3. danbailey80

    2020 headliners

    They've said that Paul Mc is not happening. Not deflected, they said no. Fleetwood Mac is a def possibility though.
  4. danbailey80

    2020 headliners

    Paul McCartney in the legends slot is never ever going to happen. As for Fleetwood Mac - Crowded House have just announced a festival slot in April next year. I'd assume that this will be one of a few dates. Also with Fleetwood Mac's massive tour finally finishing in November I'd say at best they have shaken on doing sometime in the next 5 years.
  5. You won't get any pelters, perfectly reasonable question. This thread is wonderful smug/ elitist free so enjoy. Also recommend Scratch Perverts, Krafty Kuts, A-Skillz.
  6. danbailey80

    Maggie Rogers

    Was absolutely brilliant I thought.. I went not knowing her and was blown away.
  7. Jesus...this is all way beyond my brain...is there any chance someone can just help with the following sets... Killers and Maggie Rodgers...
  8. Anyone got the MP3 for Maggie Rodgers by any chance? I don't have faith in my ability to sort this ..
  9. Thank you everyone. A lot to consider cheers
  10. John Digweed has released his secret set from Spaceport... He's on good form here... https://mixing.dj/john-digweed-transitions-775-with-oliver-huntemann/
  11. I'd say John OO Fleming would be an excellent slot. He's stuff now is very decent, deep, progressive stuff. No cheese whatsoever.
  12. danbailey80

    Flops 2019

    This. Fucking ridiculous idea.
  13. Thanks. Some great suggestions. Cheers
  14. I have the post glasto blue bad. Can anyone recommend any smaller festivals that have a similar vibe, especially green fields/ glade type atmosphere. Thank you in advance.
  15. I found mallets to be more refreshing lovely with ice
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