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  1. Bicep. The director deserves an award. The last 30mins. They obviously understand the music and the audience and clearly love the festival. Hugely moving. Bravo. Anyone know how I can thank them?
  2. I though the new Glade area layout really works. The woods bit is like it used to be, you can look up and wee the trees and sunset etc. Perfect. And the main Glade stage has a great vibe for something so big. As long as your not in-between them there's no a huge sound bleed. I also love the new Spike bar. I don't miss having music here.
  3. I read that Christine interview. Shall we move on...?
  4. It's hard to be impartial as I am a massive Neil Finn fan but the band with Stevie and Christine and Neil Finn I found better than when it was Stevie and Lindsay (without Christine). You'll be very pleasantly surprised. It's all a big lie when Lindsay and Stevie are there because they fucking hate each other and you can feel it.
  5. There is the possibility that it was Lindsay that was the least keen for Glastonbury. So now it's Neil Finn (who's very keen on Glastonbury). We know Mick was keen. Stevie has talked about it lots and you'd assume Christine would be keen (English and lived nearish for a while I think). And if Neil was there this year to chat about it....
  6. There is a very simple solution to not getting caught in crushes between acts. Don't leave straight away in-between acts. WAIT.
  7. this. I don't think I queue for anything across the whole weekend. Don't eat ion the main thoroughfares and don't queue at busy toilets. Go elsewhere.
  8. Exactly! Calvin Harris was always going to be a shitshow.
  9. I've not noticed it being worse. But after coming for 20 years I know where and when to avoid things. Plan ahead and be patient. Don't leave a main act straight away. Don't expect to see a massive pop act on a small stage unless you get their very early. Avoid shite like Calvin Harris. Paul was easy to get into the crowd if you turned up early. If you don't like crowds go to permaculture/ green fields and chill out.
  10. This. Some of the shite on the Pyramid daytime playing to a half empty field. Just put the biggest acts around there. TLC at the Avalon is utterly moronic. It's not funny or wakey putting on a big pop act on such a small stage. What are trying to achieve?
  11. Very positives runs. Friday is the only day with showers. None particularly heavy. Sat and Sun looking dry.
  12. GFS this morning had the worst of the showers at 3pm Friday (3/4mm) but it was so localised it's likely we won't get this anyway. Otherwise just very light stuff around Thursday and Friday then clear from Sat late morning. I Think if there is any mud it will be slippery trainers until it dry outs Sat. But I can't see much worse than that.
  13. Here here. Give your ticket to someone who can handle a mildly warmer temperate climate. And get off your phones!! 😅🤣
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