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  1. Pixies new album is brilliant, excited to see them on Wednesday at the Apollo - would be a very strong one.
  2. Think we’ll be getting Vampire Weekend as a sub - early summer US tour so no TRNSMT/APE.
  3. They had to give out lots of discounted/free tix, plus it’s a day festival aimed at fans of BMTH - whereas I reckon Slipknot have that wider appeal/intrigue.
  4. Slipknot would be a statement of intent, especially with a strong sub. Can see Tyler subbing ngl, then someone like Khalid(?) doing R1. Meanwhile, BMTH would be something lacklustre.
  5. I think the dislike comes from the lack of 1st album at shows - they only play 3/4 from YIOEFIR with Ufilas’ Alphabet dominating. But it’s a brilliant record and can’t wait to see what they do next - probably look at expanding abroad.
  6. No way would they make Foals and VW clash.
  7. Oh god no. I would pay money for them not to be there.
  8. After this weekend, definitely think that some of these lot will be in 2020 - Vampire Weekend/TDCC - providing that essential indie boost - Loyle Carner/ ASAP Rocky - the essential rap element - Strokes/ Slipknot - legacy rock bands - Fontaines/ IDLES - ensuring they keep up the mark on the punk - Sam Fender / Lewis Capaldi - like Billie Eilish, will simply be bigger and bigger. And expect a couple of surprises - perhaps the likes of Elbow (??) third down? - new music is sounding much more rejuvenated - or even a legacy dance/rap act like New Order, Yeah Yeah Yeahs or Wu Tang Clan.
  9. No way are the Streets playing fourth down.
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