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  1. You’re actually kidding me, right? I think you’re not getting the message of most punk/post-punk anyway, one against gross misogyny. Listen to some IDLES or Slaves and you’ll hear that message loud and clear. If you really can’t relate to music sung by female singers, then I so woe your state. You’re missing out on some of the best, most progressive music out there, whether that be Press Club’s angsty punk or Janelle Monaé’s spellbinding new record.
  2. Colossus. Completely redefining punk that.
  3. Saw Sundara Karma on Saturday. Absolutely phenomenal, though the clash with foos (potentially) is so bad. New songs are so fresh especially live, they always put on a good show
  4. Don’t Watch Me Cry. Her performance of it at the BRITS was stunning
  5. Neon Rust. Just the way it builds - you can really hear the emotion in Frank’s voice.
  6. Royal Blood (15) -5 Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes (40) +5
  7. Royal Blood (35) -5 Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes (20) +5
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