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  1. Sports Team Inhaler Beabadoobee Boston Manor
  2. Hi all, Attending this for the first time this year and very much looking forward to it. Unfortunately, despite booking it off it looks as if I'll have to head down on Friday afternoon thanks to work constraints. Is there usually a decent amount of space available for pitching? I know it's a small festival but not sure if I should send the friend I'm going with down earlier to get the tent up.
  3. Don't really have a clue what I'm watching here, at least they've been nice enough to put some songs over the top now! I think the 'real' stream is due to start at about 9PM EST which works out at 2AM Friday morning for us, not sure if I can last that long if this is the only content until then edit: this might just be the YouTube stream I'm watching, can't seem to find the official one on apple music.
  4. Hotel finally booked for weekends 1+2 as well as the time off work. Starting to finally feel a bit real now! Just flights to sort out and them I'm all ready for June
  5. I was lucky enough to see him at MSG on the IGOR tour, was gutted when his London secret show got shut down so a Tyler show felt like a good excuse for a New York trip! I had tickets for Parklife so was also very gutted about that. Despite the fact that certainly feels more his 'vibe', I'd love to see him headline R+L someday.
  6. I know there's no hope in hell but I can't get Tyler headlining out of my head after his Lolla set. Thankfully I've got both weekends of Primavera booked so will see him twice then but I'm not sure if that will live up to the R&L crowd.
  7. Gerry Cinnamon (I do love Post but have seen him far too many times now) AJ Tracey Ho9909 Yonaka
  8. There's a solo campers page on Facebook which has always looked very handy for people in similar situations and by the looks of it has resulted in many long term friendships. Personally, I've done a few on my own in a little two man tent and had great joy in it. Granted I only really go to festivals for the music, it allows me to go and see exactly who I want and have much more freedom however it's also very easy to make friends in a crowd/ groups nearby where you're camping. Sadly I'm not there for the whole weekend this year or I'd offer you to join but if you're looking for some company on the Friday, shoot me a PM and I'd be more than happy to catch up 🙂
  9. Demob Happy Nothing But Thieves Shy FX City Morgue
  10. Perfect, big thanks for that! Nice to see that it runs fairly late as well so I may be able to enjoy some of the post headliner bits and not be rushing straight there
  11. Hi guys, going to Leeds for the first time this year (and only for a day) after many years at the Reading site. Is there a 'shuttle bus' that travels between the festival site and a train station at all? Ideally I'd like to train back to Sheffield on Friday night allowing me to have a few drinks and drive back to Cambridge for their game on Saturday however I'm not sure how possible it is. If needed, I can bite the bullet and drive straight to the festival but I feel I may need a few beers to make it through that KSI set...
  12. A must see! I managed to catch them in a Cambridge pub a few years ago and my honest face was certainly the standout! Sadly I won't be there for their set but I'm sure it'll be a great one
  13. As much as I do love their newer stuff (and in particular their second album) when Wolf Alice played giant peach THAT riff went offfff. Very excited to hear it again in a few weeks.
  14. I was unaware that he had recently featured on a song with Lynks so this was a brilliantly bizarre moment for me. I only went to see him after he came on to a song with Frank Carter at Download so had no idea what to expect. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing though and the late night set was just a bonus!
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