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  1. I must admit, the silliness of today had made work pass by incredibly quickly. Haven't got much done though!
  2. I swear to god I might miss Dan's info inside all the spotify wrapped posts at this rate!
  3. I know that rage is far too good to be true but am also going to hold onto it for the next few hours to keep my spirits up until the inevitable replacement with KOL
  4. Managed to get two for the 100 club but after refreshing they were all gone of course. Was hoping to do a couple of dates but might manage that in general sale.
  5. I didn't have high expectations for Jimmy Eat World in 2017 yet they still managed to fall incredibly short. They've not improved in the couple of times I've seen them since either. I think the 1975's set is probably the one that sticks out to me for exceeding, I had always been a fan of theirs but wasn't sure if they'd pull it off. Personally my favourite headline set I've seen at the fest, felt like a real moment from start to finish.
  6. I was meant to see him in a Cambridge pub back in 2018 but sold my ticket to a mate at the last minute, thought i'd be able to see him plenty of times at venues like that in the future. I was a bit wrong there! The worst culprit of trying to see him was the Mumford and Sons All Points East date. I went mainly to see First Aid Kit and Sam Fender only with both of them to cancel!
  7. I had had tickets to see him 8 times (inclusing festival appearences) all of which were cancelled/postponed due to illness before finally seeing him at Ally Pally last weekend! Of course, his own health is far more importand and he obviously has some serious issues, but I've never had another artist cancel that many times
  8. I only did a day at Leeds this year, but the layout made it incredibly hard to get to any stage other than the main two. They were all along a thin path which lead to not only both stages but also the majority of food causing massive bottlenecks the whole day. Must say I hope the idea gets a big rethink or is just binned off completely.
  9. Another offering from the Black Country, New Road album. Probably their most conventional song so far and personally, it works incredibly well. Already fallen in love with the chorus and the ending is immense.
  10. For me personally, the album dips a bit in the middle but picks back up with Inflo comes onto the production. Love is a game might be my favourite thing she's done after a few listens. As above, I definitely applaud her for trying some different stuff, even if it isn't pulled off brilliantly every time
  11. Me and a few friends did this waiting for Liam Gallagher this year (Only as I was due to see Biffy at their own show just after and the others weren't bothered by them) and a fairly substantial amount were doing the same. So much so that the front section was closed over an hour before Liam was due to start.
  12. Is everyone forgetting that Dan often feeds us a few truths along with some lies to keep us guessing? Neither KOL or Yungblud really make much sense at all
  13. Yeah, while I'm not a fan of his public persona, a fair few friends of mine have met him at Church (the bar) in Sheffield over the last year or so. None of them could speak more highly of him, said he was very down to earth and chatty! People always seem to forget that there's a lot of artists who are very different in their work to everyday life.
  14. Injury reserve would be great but they're already in the UK next February. Not sure why but I can't see them coming over twice in the year unfortunately
  15. TBHC didn't exactly do badly for a record with no (pre album) single to promote it and an incredibly short build up. It certainly wasn't a big seller compared to the late 2000's/ early 2010's (compare this to most artists and you'll see a similar story) but shifting the most vinyl in 25 years wasn't exactly shabby for a piano lounge album.
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