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  1. They did 22k across two nights at ally pally last year which is why I thought there may be an O2 date. I do agree they're not big enough to headline although I wouldn't use this tour as reasoning.
  2. Reckon they could fairly easily do bigger. I was expecting an O2 date after the two ally pally nights sold out pretty quickly. Olympia looks much much better than the O2 though imo.
  3. I guess with the crowd changing as of recent you never know. I'd personally enjoy it and he seems to want to make this transition into a 'classic' rockstar. Major fleetwood mac influences on his debut as has performed with Stevie Nicks a few times.
  4. Metallica looking a possibility now? Playing some US fests and seem to show up at R+L every few years or so.
  5. As much as i'd love that (his debut album was phenomenal) I don't think R+L has a crowd that would get past his 1D beginnings.
  6. I would love Nick Cave as an other stage headliner. I can imagine the Ghosteen songs in the summer evening being incredible
  7. Have to completely agree. His music may be a bit simple and nothing special, but saying that it's the crowds that make it. That's why I'm off to see him at Brixton!
  8. I mean I'd be down. Let's start a petition
  9. What would people think about a Nick Cave headline slot? Would also love Sam Fender to headline the tent!
  10. theesundayroast

    Resale help

    Just me riding solo for next year. Would greatly appreciate anyone who could pop me in their group!
  11. Me too mate, 4th time going for them, 4th time with no luck
  12. Cheers See tickets, son's crying
  13. If anyone can help. Happy to be booked in with others. James 3433447729 CB21 5DJ
  14. Have noticed there is still standing and seating available at all O2 dates. Prices are unbelievably high though which I would imagine is a large factor in this.
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