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  1. Enjoyed most of that new Ghostemane album but some of that mixing/ production was horrible imo. I know that's kinda on brand for him but I think that might have to change for him to get much bigger than he is now. Saying that, would still be a great act to support on the BMTH tour.
  2. Does Johnson fail to see that although there may be areas higher than others, it is a national upwards trend and not just regional? Living in Cambridge and sitting at the lowest current restrictions, it's still clear to see that our cases are trending dramatically upwards. Surely we should be raising restrictions as cases rise rather than when they already have?
  3. Second this, I went in knowing barely anything about them. Someone recommended it after I mentioned I had been listening to a load of Joy Division and New Order recently. Been watching a few clips of them live since and will definitely make the effort to go and see them when it's safe to.
  4. Funnily enough, I started listening to this in audiobook form a few days ago. I've not made much ground on it as of yet as I do prefer reading (I only tend to listen whilst on longer walks) but am really enjoying it so far. The narrator does a great job at the various voices and getting a bit of Palpatine backstory surely can't hurt!
  5. Far less intellectual than many on the choices on here but I've been reading the new (Timothy Zahn) Thrawn trilogy to try and get back into the habit. I'd highly recommend for anyone who enjoys a bit of Star Wars, it's mostly removed from the main trilogies albeit a few characters and the appearance of Vader in book two.
  6. It might well be that actually. lots of people have said they're isolating on advice of the app which is very good to hear. I'm sure I'll hear a lot more about it over the coming days/ weeks so it'll be interesting to hear if today is an outlier or if it becomes the norm.
  7. Someone I know doing the track and tracing has noticed a real change today. For months they had only had one call in total, it's built up more over the past 2 or 3 weeks however today has been non stop apparently. The good news is she has said most of the people she's called are already self isolating and haven't just waited to hear from contact tracers to tell them to do so.
  8. Back in the office for one day only to meet a new member of the team. They failed to mention to us that because of the new ventilation systems to help with COVID it's freezing! Might try and set up in my nice warm car after lunch instead 😁
  9. Funny, it felt fairly big to me but I guess its been a few years now so my memory might not serve me well! Did they tour off that album? I can't really remember that either!
  10. If you haven't seen King Gizz at a show you'll have to next time they're over. I think the second live drummer has left the band though although they really are a one of a kind experience. Was scared that the abundance of genres/ styles wouldn't work that great on one set-list but they really know how to make it work!
  11. They're pretty consistent at putting out material which helps. Always think they sound a bit like some King Gizz but with 20x the riffs
  12. Quality band, absolutely incredible live. They're definitely much better in a smaller cap venue though so would be interesting to see them on a bigger stage.
  13. I'd love to see this, they had a fairly sizeable crowd when headlining Latitude a few years back. I think it would sell okay with a solid set of undercards but would still be one of the lower selling of the weekend (think Bon Iver last year).
  14. Surprising because that seems to be the opinion of most people I know! I just remember seeing him on Sunday Brunch about a year ago and it'd seemed like he was acting edgy for the sake of shock value. A friend met him a couple off weeks ago though and said he couldn't have been more nice, very chatty and down to earth! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion though and as I say, he's got a few decent tunes.
  15. Don't mind some Yungblud, his song Weird was surprisingly good imo but the few times i've seen him live and in interviews he just comes off as a bit obnoxious. Hopefully we get an interesting live lounge cover from him, always enjoy those.
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