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  1. Hardest one yet but have to go with Peggy off of recent material. (please don't hurt me I still loved uknowhatimsayin)
  2. Think his tally of cancelled gigs is still higher that COVID-19's at this point. Nevertheless, my vote goes to him
  3. Another particularly hard one as I can see Sea Girls being massive within a few years. Have to go with RTJ for a live act though, their set at APE was electrifying.
  4. Would love to see it in the future. Can't see it anytime soon as a lot of people can't seem to get over his 1D days. Give it a few more albums and we'll see
  5. Have sadly never been to Glasto although I constantly swap between stages at the likes of Reading. There is far too much to see on the bill and unless it's an act I really am in love with, I will usually try to stay for at least half.
  6. We've just been informed that people will start to be phased out, although there is no real plan for how that will work.
  7. Twitter seemed to be moaning that the Stereophinics continued with their tour yet simultaneously praised that Lewis Capaldi went ahead in Aberdeen.
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