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  1. I wasn't big on songs of praise at all but the new Shame album has me icredibly hooked. Feeling a lot of talking heads and parqurt courts on this one.
  2. I think this might be the next step. I know this wouldn't enable him to go back to work but may lower the slight amount of guilt I may have for going for a walk in my sleepy farming village where no one is around! Thanks for the confirmation!
  3. Hoping for a bit of advice from you guys as my family are struggling to understand the guidence. A collegue my brother has worked closely with in the past couple of days (van drives and working on a building site) has today tested positive. He is of course now self isolating. The question I've had is, if he stays confined to his room with very mininmal contact, are both myself and my mother allowed to leave the house for an evening walk (while there is no one around) for some exersise? He currently has no symptoms and so not had a test. I gather that for this reason, legally we shoul
  4. Two Four Tet records and Whole Lotta Red on the last new music Friday should make for a very enjoyable christmas indeed.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong but testing positive this morning after podium celebrations just over a day ago, it's possible the other drivers/ team members he interacted with might've had it passed onto them? Think this could be the first of a large amout of positive tests from the past weekend.
  6. Both F1 and Sky have been fairly transparent that this could be a possibility, I really hope it doesn't but a severe outbreak could result in exactly this. With Abu Dhabi's strict quarantine rules and that being the location of the final race, I think it could be a real possibility.
  7. Believe I'm right in thinking that the Williams team had a great deal of mechanics and other team members quarantining for last weekends race. Throughout most of the F1 season they've had a very low amount of positive tests and the bubble system has been proven to work fairly well. I don't think Hamilton's result is as a result of being silly, more that there is no way to be completely safe as you say. If the virus is spreading around the paddock after the Williams team and now Hamilton, I can see them calling a premature end to the season. At least both the constructors and drivers titl
  8. This is my latest top 100 shortlist (in no order at all). There's a few recent albums that might end up featuring and a fair bit that might drop out as I remember other bits. I try update this every week or so usually.
  9. Not sure if this has been posted yet but https://www.neverendingchartrendering.org/ is a really good website to visualise it all. Definitely helps me work out orders etc.
  10. The taste here is incredible. I've had a rolling top 100 list throughout the year so will try finalise that in the next couple of weeks.
  11. Not trying to make them sound bigger than they are although I think the lack of sell outs wasn't helped by the pricing. Always been a fairly big fan and wanted to see them but standing was around £70 each if I can remember. That was an instant nope for me. Definitely a band far past their peak popularity regardless.
  12. Seeing a lot of BMTH at the top of peoples aoty. I'm a big fan and own their subreddit and discord but have to say, they've never quite had an 'aoty worthy' album from my perspective. Glad to see people enjoying the new one a lot though!
  13. Fiona Apple and Fleet Foxes up there for me. Denzel Curry, Dua Lipa, Loathe, The Strokes, The Weeknd, Gulch, Dogleg and BMTH are probably the others in the mix for top 10 at the moment but I'm nowhere near being able to rank them! Honorable mentions such as Fontains, Khruangbin and Lianne La Havas are probably hovering just outside.
  14. I'm seeing a lot of places (such as google) showing Biden on 238 but the bbc and cnn still showing him on 220. Anyone know what's going on here? It's the first time I'm watching a US election so am a little overwhelmed by it all!
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