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  1. Going to be selling my MCR ticket if they get announce more Mad Cool. Would save me some money so I hope so!
  2. Kasabian and MCR in a weekend oh my god. Will sell MCR at FV if they play mad cool though. Anyone who missed out on tickets is welcome to give me a ping if that happens!
  3. Sadly not, only seating and for night 2 i believe. Sorry mate!
  4. Thought it could be. If so I'll definitely have to try and get rid of my O2 tickets for them. I'm annoyed about the album delay meaning a lack of new tracks at the show so a BST show may be much better.
  5. Knocked Loose Black MIDI Fontains DC Vein BMTH Denzel Curry Danny Brown Brockhampton Wolf Alice Travis Scott
  6. Exactly, having a week in sunny Madrid with a cracker of a lineup and then off for a little tour of Italy. Think European festivals are something i'll definitely consider more so long as mad cool goes well. Lineup looks to be the best in Europe (if not the world) imo as well, and we haven't even got 2 of the headliners yet.
  7. I'm making the trek to mad cool this year as well. Me and the gf have got tickets, hostel, travel for just under 600 between us. When at Reading we do camping plus, so it's actually costing us less. I'll still be at Reading as well anyway as I have a good friend from Australia coming over while it's one who has always wanted to go.
  8. People really can't wait a month. I get that it's later than usual but there's plenty of festivals that leave it much later.
  9. Would love a bit of this, looks like its own 1 day festival alone.
  10. Would have loved to have the streets at R&L, i'm sure they will at some point soon anyway. The Birmingham show entices me a bit although not sure Naas or SW4 are for me sadly.
  11. Never mind a bit of rap in the bit, feels nice to have something slightly different. I do feel as for the 'heavy stage' it really has lost its edge though.
  12. The pit could improve so much. There's some great homegrown heavier music out there which would fit perfectly at home. Sadly what seems to be booked is some fairly mediocre pop punk and alt rock that belongs on stages such as festival republic really.
  13. They're only a half hour walk or 5 minutes in a taxi at least. Really not too far away from each-other.
  14. There's just so many other bands i'd rather see bumped to headliner status than Courteeners.
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