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  1. I think there are a few things that point to them. Someone who correctly gave the headliners said they had heard kasabian. There is lots of circumstantial evidence such as them being a latitude exclusive which means they would have to have them as a unannounced act, them being the right size act with a new album to promote and gigs to sell that could do with the positive media. They are playing live at the moment and able to do it. Lastly betting has been suspended on them, which doesn't necessarily mean that much because it does happen all the time when being companies don't want to take any more bets but it was reported that they were seeing some unusual bets. So a bit like the Torys there are often a host of people close to the band who know it will definitely be them that could have placed big bets on a surefire thing. So just a few things that on their own wouldn't probably be enough but together are better than anything else. I haven't seen anything else suggested that seems likely with the exception of charli xcx who is onsite for a dj set and got a new album to promote and tickets still on sale for a tour. For the record, I have no love for Kasabian, I've seen them several times before at festivals but I'm not a fan so I'm not willing it into existence because I want it to happen, would much rather it was someone else. Although it makes it much easier for me to enjoy bloc party without any fomo (which I would have if it was charli xcx).
  2. In Aiden we trust. If it is like this it will be great.
  3. until 5.30 on Wednesday 😞
  4. I think little simz will join Coldplay it's gotta be likely. Rumours that they have done a song together. I think kevin parker possible at dua lipa as he was on the new album. Then there are several people who could join SZA - potentially a big name like kendrick lamar or phoebe bridgers. But there are a few. I kinda think there are some possibles for The National (if phoebe bridgers was there for SZA she could double with the national at the same time, Justin Vernon loves a guest slot at glasto so could pop up).
  5. I'm very much here for bloc party. Gonna be great.
  6. I've had a lot of low back pain. Very painful when I walk and it's hard to carry stuff. Hopefully it's calmed down for next week.
  7. Thom and Johnny currently still in The Smile mode. They have all said that getting Radiohead up and running each time is a lot of work, they haven't got anything in the pipeline, It ain't gonna be Radiohead.
  8. When I checked out the Boiler Room set she played I was surprised at just how much stuff she played from Brat. So even though it is a DJ set I think it is going to be very Brat (mixes) heavy. The logic of why she would play holds and so on that basis she could be the guest, put it one way, it is more likely than many of suggestions in the thread as she is going to be playing the festival anyway. On the flipside, I think she would come back for "just" a high profile DJ set though and to enjoy the festival. Personally, if she did turn out to be the unannounced set at Woodsies on the Sat I would be in a real conundrum because of the Bloc Party clash. I still reckon it's Kasabian though.
  9. love this - actually found it really interesting. Just shows the level of work and effort for just one 5 minute element!
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