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  1. Yeah I haven't done one or been asked to do one. I wondered if people actually get ill if they could tie it back to the event because of the names... I'm stretching here. Otherwise I think when you get a pcr test you have to say if you've been at a test event so maybe it's that
  2. Does anyone know when there will be any data about whether there was an increase of covid cases due to the festival. I'm really interested to see what the results are. I would have thought it will be 5 to 10 days at least but don't know how these things work.
  3. There is still a gap between Tim Burgess and Anna Meredith @ 16.00, which is what it now says in the app. I wouldn't be surprised to see The Smile fill that slot, especially with sons of kemet playing on the Sunday and Thom Yorke's previous with playing latitude.
  4. Mr jukes has been added, brilliant. It is the solo name of Jack steadman from bombay bicycle club. It isn't really anything like BBC, it is very funky and soulful. A fantastic addition to the lineup.
  5. So I usually take neat spirits into the arena as there is less liquid to take in, usually in a plastic water bottle in my back pocket.
  6. I've had differing experiences with the security going into the camp site, a lot will depend on day, time and who is on. I've had , nothing, a bit of a rummage, and a full on, go through a lot of your stuff. They are pretty hot on glass, so it's worth decanting spirits or wine. Going into the site each day from camping they are usually pretty tight. You have to walk past security who will look in bags, might ask you to empty a bag on a table. Give bags a squeeze or rummage, you can't take in any opened bottles. That said, I have managed to get booze in every day, every year, you just have to be a bit creative. I don't know about anything illegal, not my jam. I don't remember dogs going into the arena but I'm pretty sure I've seen one going onto the campsite or maybe day tickets. As I say, not my jam so not really looking.
  7. It's got both elements really. There is a large family area and you see plenty of parents with kids of all ages. You also get a lot of people there to party. It's nowhere near the same level as glasto but there are djs in the woods until the early hours and that can feel like a rave. They use the big comedy tent for button down disco or guilty pleasures which can be fun (although after however many years, I'm really bored of these). And there is caberet and if the lake stage is there that plays music till the early hours as well. I think some stuff goes through to 04.00 ish but haven't stayed out that long at latitude for a long time. There are groups of people on drugs if that's your thing. But you can avoid that and there will be kids making puppets out of cereal boxes. The main stage can definitely feel like daytrippers with their chairs set up and picnic blankets all through the day but if you make your way to the front you'll get atmosphere.
  8. I feel bad for the kendal calling crew, that is a tough break. I think that reading between the lines of their statement and the latitude statement that latitude is the test event that was chosen.
  9. I think In the current lockdown rules you can have outdoor events for up to 5,000 people if they are socially distanced. Sounds like it would be under that.
  10. I'm glad they have provided a quick response. Fingers remain crossed, see which way it goes by the end of the week.
  11. So when do we think there will be a statement from the festival? I hope they send something tomorrow. My expectation is they will cancel but it is still sort of possible. I would like to be put out of my misery 🙂
  12. That is really useful thanks. If they are lining people up to start the site build in 3 weeks they still must be confident that it will go ahead and also that it will stick to the July date instead of moving out to later in the year. Doesn't mean it couldn't be pulled but it shows the intent from the organisers.
  13. Yes, I don't know whether there are any rules around setting the site up. I think they could do it without the full restrictions being lifted, they probably just need to know it is happening. Melvin has been quite bullish about it happening, which is kind of his job I guess. Dunno, I flip flop between feeling like it won't go ahead to it might possibly go ahead.
  14. I don't think it's likely that it is going to happen if there is a delay even of a couple of weeks as there are so many moving parts and I doubt they can work with the uncertainty. However, if I wanted to be blindingly optimistic, hypothetically speaking, could it happen even with a 4 week delay? That would take the covid restrictions to 19 July, gates open on the the 22 July.
  15. If fontaines d.c are at truck on Friday they can only be at latitude Saturday or Sunday. If hot chip are at Standon calling on Saturday they can only be at latitude on Friday or Sunday. So, I don't think that rules hot chip out of the Friday unfortunately. I think most likely would be hot chip Friday and fontaines d.c on Sunday. I notice BBC are on the same bill at truck on the Friday and they are at latitude on the Sunday. If so that hot chip/ wolf Alice clash will be a killer.
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