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  1. I don't usually recommend acts, but feel really strongly about this one. Bartees Strange on the sunrise arena on Friday. For fans of The National, Phoebe Bridgers, TV on the Radio. His first album was one of my favourite albums of 2020. He is now signed to 4AD and his second album was released a couple of weeks ago and is probably even better than the first. If you are interested in America indie guitar music don't miss him because both his albums are really good. I'm not sure what he is like live as I've never seen him before but it is the act I'm looking forward to the most.
  2. Yeah there isn't much difference in campsites, just pick where you think it's best. The actual site with the stages isn't super massive so it's not like glasto where you might want to be on a specific side.
  3. This will be my 12th latitude, I've only missed 4 (and I've done 14 glastos) It does sort of depend where you manage to get with your car parking, but the worst you will be at latitude is no way as bad as the worst you could be at Glastonbury. Last year was the furthest away I've been and it was probably a 20 min walk with all our stuff and then we were camping at pink moon so a long way into the site so probably another 15 - 20 mins. As said above, on the way to the arena there is a small market area with a bar and stalls. It's very small compared to glasto markets though. Usually people drink their own booze at tents before the arena opens tbh. It is mainly dance music that is late. There used to be cabaret which was late but they haven't had that the last couple of years. Poetry used to go on a little bit after the headliners as well. Miyn has posted a link to the late night stuff. I always have fun but it is nothing like the depth and scale of glasto late night. So you will get some djs playing various flavours of dance music. I'm not great at genres but house, stuff that is electronic and not cheesy is in the sunrise arena. You will also get people playing a bit of a mix of genres in the woods and it feels a bit like a rave. Then there are cheese and indie in the comedy tent. There are other drinks than carlsberg. I think there is an ale usually... but yeah, the lager is carlsberg.
  4. Could go either way. I think back when he was booked he was probably looking likely to be the next ed sheeran... and it is still possible depending on the next album. It totally doesn't appeal to me and so I'll be at phoebe, but there will be plenty of people (particularly families) who want to sing along to the hits they know. It has felt like he's taken ages to follow up the first album 3 years is a long time in pop when you only have 1 album out, but the 4 singles were all top 10 I think. He will have to play new stuff so that can fall flat. I remember walking past the other stage at glasto when he played and it was packed and people seemed to really enjoy it... but that was over 3 years ago now. I couldn't call how it will go down... but what I do know is Phoebe will put on an awesome show and anyone in the tent will see the gig of the weekend whether they are a massive fan already or if they haven't heard her before.
  5. Sadly I think it is wishful thinking, but not impossible. Personally I'm not sure there will be a special guest this year. If so my money would be on The Smile... but the latitude secrets often only come out on the day.
  6. This week has been a drag following glasto. I avoided phoebe, self esteem, Foals and little simz because I didn't want to spoil them at glasto but I did see fontaines as I may need to leave early, orlando weeks and Katy j Pearson. They were all excellent. Hopefully the app gets updated soon with the late night stuff.
  7. The Clash. Although it would be weird without Joe Strummer it wouldn't be impossible. And if there was anywhere they would play then glasto would be the place.
  8. Fat boy slim in the dance tent in 2003... if I knew then what I know now I would have watched R.E.M. First pyramid headliner...Radiohead 2003... that was something.
  9. Just put my out of office on. Just started to get very real. I'm basically packed but will re-pack, check it off on my list and be catching the train and then coach tomorrow from 13.00.
  10. Here's the thing. Over the years there have been loads of different flavours of "secret set" some are widely reported because they are a big act lots just fly under the radar because they are just a "normal" act that for some reason wasn't on the poster or lineup. For every Killers on john peel there will be a kooks on john peel. No one gets glasto tickets for the secret sets, it's just a bonus if there is someone there who you want to see. I think expectations are way out of kilter with what can reasonably be expected.
  11. Proposed to my wife sat up by the Glasto sign in 2009. Married in 2010. Now have 2 kids.
  12. Yeah loads of stalls sell sunnies
  13. I cried just watching the documentary! Reminds me, must pack tissues.
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