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  1. My boys are now 8 and 10. Every year we think about taking them but we just don't think they have the physical stamina for it yet. We have taken them to latitude a few times and they can get quite annoying when they are tired. You definitely have to be prepared to work your plans around what they want to do... but then that is life with kids.
  2. Ahh okay, I watched half a song from the other far away bridge so couldn't really see. If it was the same set up as the tour then there would have been a few people on stage because he had several backing singers as well.
  3. Well, I think the obilisk stage on friday it looks like there are 8 acts and on Saturday and Sunday there are 7 acts so it would be possible that there is space. Don't know, There is also the waterfront stage which isn't yet programmed. Last year that's where Damon Albarn played and that was announced a few weeks before the festival (although it was just him and a piano so not a big setup on a small stage).
  4. Being talked about in the Glasto thread so worth sharing here. The Smile have been announced for APE and the wording implies they will play another festival. It reads "Only uk festival announced to date" They are busy over most of glasto so that feels pretty unlikely. The last tour dates currently are 20 July in Italy so very much active and free for Latitude. Given Thom has played solo a couple of times before seems possible they will be there. Which would be fantastic.
  5. Latitude would work with the current tour dates + Thom has played twice before with his solo stuff.
  6. Some great films there. In another life I would be all over this.
  7. She is playing 6 sold out nights at the O2 this year, so yes, there are a handful of bigger bands in the world but she is a massive deal right now. There is no way she's not big enough to headline.
  8. I definitely agree with you that it isn't going to be massively different from her coachella set. It is also bang in the middle of an arena tour so we will see if there is any change in what she plays each night. Probably not. The setlist will be pretty much the same. I wouldn't be surprised if she plays no time to die with Johnny Marr though, would seem a bit of a miss if she didn't. Also, I think there have been slightly built out runways from the stage, not into the crowd but closer (I'm doubting myself now I'm writing this). It would be possible I'm sure. I still feel like it will be special though as long as the crowd are with it.
  9. It's the most uptempo one from the last album. From what I've seen from coachella it looks better live than on the record.
  10. Yeah, I reckon they will be there. Funny band, saw them supporting Shame last year, they sounded like they had listened to a lot of britpop b- sides.
  11. I think Billie is going to smash it. Really looking forward to her set. My only concern is that beyond the upbeat and well known singles there are a lot of slow, quiet songs. Actually, personally, I'm looking forward to an acoustic "your power" as much as "bad guy". I Just worry that people might drift off when it's not wall to wall bangers. I know she was really well received at Coachella although I'm not sure how many clashes there are there. Also, if I hadn't seen Little Simz recently and going to be see her a few weeks after glasto I would be there because she is amazing live.
  12. Ah yes, forgot the saxophone, there was some serious skronking going on.
  13. Thing is with black midi, although they have a "rock" set up of guitars, bass, drums, live (and to a degree on record) it is very close to being jazz. I agree they could be on the park or JP, but I don't think it's massively wide of what you typically get on WH. I've only seen them at a very small venue when they were touring the first album but they were outstanding live.
  14. Just been paid so I've bought some rehydration stuff, a new sleeping bag, some new charging leads for my phone because the old ones were screwed, a soft water bottle and some silicone earplugs. At the weekend I got my tent out to air it and check all the pegs were there. I'm feeling a lot more relaxed now.
  15. I don't think you'll find anyone here who doesn't agree that the Glasto lineup has to be (and is) forward looking and a bit of friction with certain acts playing is positive. Usually they get it spot on. The lineup is always deep and broad as well as changing with the times. There is always going to be a place for bands like elbow on the lineup as well as Doja Cat. It's fine. Personally, I hope that Coldplay never headline again, do I think they will... almost certainly, and that is fine because I'll be somewhere else. And the festival will be just fine and everyone will have a great time in whatever field they are in and the folks at home watching TV can either watch it or choose something else. It will still sell out the next year and promote new acts in big slots as well.
  16. Several of the bands in this bill are playing this year (or key members from them) Waterboys, Paul Heaton, Billy Bragg are all around. I would happily see any of them again. I'm also looking forward to Elbow whatever position they play.
  17. I really can't see that Sam Fender isn't already a pyramid sub. The way that Elbow quote reads is open to interpretation. Each time I read it I feel like it is just confirming the day and stage not the position. But I do think they will take the easiest option and that is wolf Alice step up.
  18. I hadn't heard that latitude is struggling to sell tickets, that's a shame. It depends really. I think latitude is expensive but I think the lineup is great... but it all depends on what you like. Lots of the acts I want to see there are also playing glasto so it takes the pressure off the clashes. I love latitude it's nothing like glasto but there is a place for it. It'll be fine anyway, tickets often take a while to shift. You definitely get a lot of people there who aren't really, really into music but are going as a thing to do with the family ( I know 2 families this year who are doing that).
  19. I like the optimism and speculation of this thread. Personally I think that whoever was below doja cat will get bumped up. So if it was Wolf Alice below doja they would now sub. Glasto aren't going to and don't need to go and get a massive replacement who aren't already on the lineup. Wolf Alice headlined latitude last year so perfectly able to handle a slot like that. As somewhat of a comparison Noel headlined latitude a few years ago and is subbing the next day. My money is on wolf Alice stepping up, it's cheap and it's easy. Probably start the stage a bit later or stick a smaller act on earlier.
  20. Always thought he was a pyramid sub tbh
  21. Another massive fan, saw them at glasto when they stood in for the libs. Several other times including 2 since they have reformed, they were great at latitude last year, such a fantastic feelgood set. I'll be there at glasto clashes permitting. Up there with pulp as one of the best britpop bands.
  22. I read it that way as well. I love elbow, but given that Sam fender is playing 2 nights at Wembley arena means that even though elbow are friends of the festival they wouldn't be above him nowadays.
  23. I would be overjoyed with this, obviously some horrendous clashes but I would get to see all my "must sees". I guess there will be some movement or replacements for Doja cat and potentially girl in red
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