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  1. hasn't this one already been confirmed as not true? (or atleast large parts of it).
  2. As someone has said before... Bath Half in a couple of weeks. Be interesting to see what happens with it.
  3. Thanks for the patronising answer. (Clearly didn't know she was headlining). 🙄
  4. Went to see Angel Olsen last night, first 40 mins in particular was stunning. Where will she play? Has to be in the dark!
  5. Another thanks for this. Considering both this year. Have done EOTR a few times and LOVE it but the weekend/school thing is a small (not unsurmountable) problem, so may give GM a go, line up dependent. Love the EOTR line up this year though.
  6. I find that most recent years, as I've got older, that in all the Brits categories you can still pick a decent and worthy winner, although more often than not they don't win. However, this year I am really struggling. Am I just too old now or is this a really, really poor list of nominations?
  7. Yokel Again

    efests Exit Poll

    Ah yes, so it was. Can't remember why this was put forward rather than PR- presumably a coalition issue. Anyway, I voted for it too!
  8. Yokel Again

    efests Exit Poll

    when we the PR vote? 2011? (i'd guess without checking). Be interested to know how the result would change now if a vote was made on it. I've lost count of the times I've read 'I'd vote Green if it counted'.
  9. Cardiff last night - enjoyed the show! They played for bloody ages, 2 hours 15 by my count. If I was being super picky...., probably not the best time I've seen them (still enjoyed it, but high standards to replicate). All the new songs individually sounded great, but the latest album isn't my favourite and there was a couple back to back in the middle that dragged. That said, I really loved a couple I wasn't expecting to love (live speaking). And it reminded me why I'm not a fan of arena gigs, they are one of the few bands I'd bother for.... felt half full really to me. All the new songs and no Not In Kansas! (Which I was hoping for but not expecting) But, if you look at the older stuff they did play, we got bloody loads of it - Green Gloves, Slow Show, Afraid of Everyone, Wasp Nest.... Jenny Lewis sounded great. A great evening all in all, super picky points accepted.
  10. Going to Cardiff on Monday night. Can't wait! New venue for me.
  11. Fingers crossed for some more UK dates or tour.
  12. Yokel Again

    2020 headliners

    The key change at the end in Penny Lane is the most uplifting piece of music in the history of music.
  13. Yep, trim 3 or 4 tracks and it's great.
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