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  1. Yokel Again


    It's every burger van / bar / toasty / coffee stand pumping out loud music which is more the problem to me, in terms of sound bleed. Particularly in the smaller stage areas.
  2. Yokel Again

    Camp Fires

    All we used to do in the evenings was go back to the tent then sit around a fire until the early hours. Didn't see one in any camp site.
  3. On the subject of the mixing and lighting desk - that was a great move. The rake of the field means that the edge of the stage is visible from almost anywhere. All but being right behind the single storey mixers. Opens up a massive amount of the field for viewing that was previously unable to see the stage. Before so much of the field was obscured by the double storey desk etc.
  4. Agreed about the bloody bars and food stalls pumping out loud music - er, want to listen to the stages thank you!
  5. When it was named, I think it was the tent that was new, rather than the bands, if you see what I mean.
  6. Miming the vocals is unforgivable in my opinion. The backing tracks - I can see why it's done, particularly due to the amount of production needed with big shows / screens / and the production that goes in to big shows. However, I'm not quite sure where the line should be drawn... Lizzo - AMAZING but used backing track. CATQ - AMAZING, but elements on a backing track (I think it was backing vox on a track and presumably the drummer playing with a click track matched up). I'm really into the musicianship side of things, so am usually watching the band as much as a vocalist to see what they are doing. But you usually only get both RIGHT up the top of the bill. i.e. the full production with a shit-hot band to match it.
  7. I'd probably make the same decision again, but disappointed to miss SVE. Chose Liam, who I am a fan of (was) too, and he was very good, and enjoyed a sunset singalong - but it's the one clash I had and I'm still not sure it was the right decision. Did see SVE a couple of months ago though, and will do so again and again.
  8. Good work! Will try and take a look at the higher rated ones (partic. on the smaller stages) that are high up the list. The Killers were ace - and I was very underwhelmed when they were announced. Still gutted I missed SVE.
  9. Yokel Again

    Celeb spotting

    As far as I can tell, camped in the more expensive areas behind stages (judging by our friends who pay £££ for industry tickets and also camp there).
  10. I've always hoped Carole King or Smokey Robinson would do it. I fear most would find these a disappointment these days though.
  11. Yokel Again

    The Killers

    Seen them at Glasto 3 times (04,05&07) so wasn't too fussed at all when they were announced. BUT, I have to say, they were absolutely ace. THAT is how you do it. Will look forward to watching it back sometime.
  12. Yokel Again

    Photos please

    Some great pics here people!
  13. Thank you! Mine are currently 8 and 5 - grandparents have had them last 8 years, but they are getting older and I REALLY want to take them, just in the least exhausting way (for all!) possible. Family camping gets rammed from what I hear by Weds.
  14. Yokel Again

    Flops 2019

    Agree with all these points (didn't see Idles though so can't comment). We saw Cat Power in 2013 doing this slot, and gave her a miss this time for the same reasons. Very underwhelming. Lizzo - I find this with all artists who don't have a live band. She was INCREDIBLE but can't help thinking with a shit-hot tight band it would be on another level. In fact, all artists without a live band usually don't do it for me, but that's probably my age/upbringing!
  15. Awww. Good luck 🙂
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