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  1. Best night ever in 2004. I am comforting myself with the fact I saw that one. Enjoy.
  2. Pleased for all of you, gutted to be not going. Oh well.
  3. Was disappointed they weren't there this year gone, and just missed them on this tour too. Love Local Natives.
  4. It's impossible to tell though isn't it... would anyone have had Coldplay as 5 times headliners after Parachutes? I would think not. (Although I know things were different 'back then').
  5. Really? Pretty certain I've heard them save 'never' several times this week on the Monster 25 press rounds.
  6. The Kenneth and Let Me In remixes they've released so far are quite interesting - I think I prefer the original mix, but good to be reminded of how good this album was (IMHO). My first ever gig was that Monster tour. Happy days.
  7. I thought they recycled all the Coldplay bands if you put them in the bins on your way out? (We didn't gave them to the kids when we got home).
  8. Yokel Again

    2020 headliners

    That's the one. Complete with stadium filling woo woo moments. Written for a big field.
  9. Yokel Again

    2020 headliners

    I've only just listened once, but that Coldplay songs 'I wanna know where I can get drunk with my friends.... something something about coming home' - Absolutely made to be pumping out the Pyramid Stage in 2020. I still quite like them, and really enjoyed them in 2016, but every few years is getting annoying. That said, not got a ticket.
  10. the barrier came in 2007 when the capacity increased I think?, so I think 05 was the last year without. regardless, moshed from right at the back to the front from Oasis too! (Blind drunk, thought it was brilliant. Heard it back, thought it was awful).
  11. Add me to the list of underwhelmed people in 2013.
  12. Rod Stewart was bad. It was the guitarist doing the solo on his knees on 'We Are Sailing' which made me realise what an awful couple of hours we'd just endured.
  13. Shares his birthday with my youngest! 🙂
  14. Another thumbs up for EOTR here. Think of it like The Park.
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