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  1. Was really disappointed by Cat Power in that slot in 2013.
  2. For me it's great if I saw everything I want and there are no clashes! (Unlikley)
  3. Yokel Again

    Park Stage 2019

    I always relate The Park to End of The Road, so I reckon Kiwanuka and SVE.
  4. Yep, don't assume of the 10's of 1,000's going that the vast majority consume the festival 24/7 like a lot of us on the board.
  5. Same as it ever was really, loads of great stuff, some dross. Lacks a really exciting Pyramid headliner, but you cant' expect one every year.
  6. My daughter will be jealous if she plays Best of Both Worlds. I like Miley!
  7. Lack of a really exciting Pyramid headliner again for me. But other than that, loads on there I'd like to see. Not sure there's too much I'd class as unmissable, but a fair few people I've not seen before who I fancy seeing.
  8. Cheers. Here's hoping. Could do with some good news.
  9. Skim reading this........ We are now expecting a possible poster drop tomorrow? Correct?
  10. It definitely helped make 2016 one of my least favourite years.
  11. Said it much more articulately than I could. Seconded.
  12. First Glastonbury: 2000 Favourite Glastonbury: 2003 First Glastonbury Act: The Wailers or Ladysmith Black Mambazo I think - can't remember who was on first. Favourite Glastonbury Gig: David Bowie, 2000 First Festival Act: Faithless, V99 First Non Festival Gig: R.E.M, Cardiff Arms Park, 1995 Favourite Non Festival Gig: tough one, Bon Iver 2018 was special. I'll go with that today.
  13. Crow's Nest is great, cup of tea, hope to see a larger act play in there, great view, nice people!
  14. I remember this. Was it when they were doing the NME tour as I'm certain we saw them that evening (on the NME tour).
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