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  1. The road is supposed to go across the area where the Metaldays' main stage is. The area of the second stage, which is the main stage of punk rock holiday, should stay intact, however having a busy road nearby would certainly hurt the atmosphere. This being an infrastructure project in Slovenia, I wouldn't be surprised if it got delayed for a couple of years (an triple it's price in the process).
  2. Btw is there ANY bar at all inside where you can get spirits? (aside from beirao thing)
  3. The festival app giving me notifications about this being "the first 5G festival" while not being able to load in-app timeline is peak Portuguese 😁
  4. Well the bus stops at the camp (750), but as said that's at least 15mins on foot from the stop. Uber.
  5. I assume your starting point is the camp? We walked, it's about 15mins. The only alternative I guess is Taxi/Uber.
  6. Just exchanged my tickets for wristbands at Alegro Alfragide shopping centre. Took literally 45 seconds.
  7. Check out was at noon if I remember correctly. Not that it matters, since you get a bracelet and they are mostly checking at the entrance (they won't be kicking you out at 12:05). It is probably a bit more strict if you're in a bungalow. Put up a sign in front of your tent if you don't manage to sell them... See you there then! I flew in from Italy, had an airside beer in your honour 😁
  8. We're currently barbecuing by our airbnb's pool in Ferragudo. We'll be in the camp from Wednesday, so if anyone fancies a pre-fest beer (or rather one pre-fest mojito in each hand by the pool in the camp), lemme know 😁 Thanks for the wristband info, much appreciated.
  9. This might have been posted before, but I wouldn't be surprised if they released the info two days into the festival - when will it be possible to exchange the tickets for wristbands, a day before the festival? Thursday?
  10. You could put the lack of stage times down to an act or two missing, perhaps even a big one. If you take in to account how they go about organizing this festival however, I'd say it's way more likely they agreed with two or more main stage acts to play the same time slot and need to sort that out 😀
  11. Child's play comparing to last year 😁
  12. @kingcrawler sure, we'll get another two no-name club acts in no time 👌🏿
  13. Since I - as a Liverpool fan - need to find some other use for this phrase now, I'll just add "next year is our year".
  14. I'd rather see nothing, or even a random spanish act, than Travis Scott.
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