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  1. Flights were already cancelled. If you choose to, normal cancellation policies apply.
  2. Yep, got a refund in less than a week, although the lady warned me it could take over a month. Try calling the Iberia office of some other country (I believe I used their Italian number).
  3. I phoned Iberia too, cancelled the flights, buy they told me it could take a month or more to process the refund request and that I'll only be notified once they have processed it.
  4. You can now also request a refund. That requires a phone call, expensive one I imagine. But that applies to cancelled flights, my return leg hasn't yet been. So you're right about the waiting game.
  5. I'd be tempted to keep the ticket if there's no silly cutoff date (as in decide until august 1st, after that no refunds possible).
  6. You better be! Last year's "new normal" didn't age well, did it? 😂
  7. The airlines know that, so they're offering way better change/cancellation policies as they would usually, and the prices are still low. I'm not saying you should book flights now, but it won't hurt if you keep an eye on it anyway.
  8. Mad Cool organizers might have the new venue high on their priority list, but I'd say the city doesn't. So that surely doesn't help. As far as I know, they'd be obliged under spanish law to refund all tickets within a fortnight, which they simply can't do without going under (according to them), so they're working on that with the government. They also have to talk to some 150 acts, arrange new dates, negotiate contract obligations, etc. They also have to negotiate terms with different ticket sellers. They also have the insurance stuff to sort out. I'd also say they want to offer something more than just "unfortunately, it's cancelled, wait for more info". Add all of that together and you have what you have. We all know this isn't happening and we can discuss what they should or shouldn't do, but the sad reality is that we can do absolutely nothing but wait.
  9. For the love of god, he didn't say any of the things you're accusing him of. He quite literally denied some of them beforehand. It's also not very nice of you to say he can't talk about people he knows fuck all about while you deem it appropriate to speak in the name of "not all, some but many" musicians you know fuck all about. I would kindly advise you to read his post carefully again before throwing more tantrums regarding the things we in fact all agree on.
  10. I would expect an announcement once the government forbids mass public events in July.
  11. I really don't want to trivialize covid-19, but it isn't the black plague. By this I mean that a bigger threat than the virus itself is a) our so far poor knowledge of the virus and b) health care systems being overwhelmed (partly due to lack of preparation). We need lockdowns to stop the first wave, which is what we are doing - learning about the virus in the process. Once the first wave is dealt with the medicinal and pharmaceutic industry can focus on preventive/diagnostic measures, rather than trying to scramble whatever resources they can find. China is already doing that, shipping tones of equipment to Europe. The next step is tracking the movement and mass testing. Both can be all sorts of problematic - I won't go into that - but doable and being worked on already. Once we have this sorted, there's really no reason to limit air travel. Mass gatherings are more problematic, but we'll gradually get there. Major tourist sites will certainly have to implement restrictions and stricter crowd control. Smaller venues open first, etc. While the entertainment sector may not be considered as needed or necessary by the governments, it is absolutely vital for the people. It will get hit hard and the prospects are sadly bleak, but it will survive because there will always be demand and - in the not so distant future - sufficient preventive measures as well. TLDR: No reason for any restrictions for healthy people. We just need to up our testing game.
  12. In short - of course. Same goes for entertainment industry. I'm happy to elaborate if you want.
  13. Blocking the middle seat has about as much effect as not shaking hands before a football match. It is also the easiest "safety measure". More will follow, effective or not, however the only workable solution I see is mass testing. You can't really put long distance travel on hold for a couple of years without enormous damage to both tourism industry and business in general and once you have a means of only allowing healthy people to travel, you don't have a reason to do so either.
  14. He's not a visionary, just a supreme leader. The virus in Hungary will peak when and only when he says so 😁
  15. A standard "we're still going ahead as planned, monitoring the situation closely, etc" message on instagram. They also confirmed none of the bands have cancelled so far.
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