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  1. A fitting title, don't you think? Should swap "O melhor cartaz" with that too.
  2. Since the Friday's headliner is likely to be a disappointment anyway (most likely, if Tame Impala are indeed out), I'd be happy enough if the rest of the spots are all filled with decent Mad Cool names. Something along the lines of The Cat Empire, Mogwai, Iggy, Lauryn Hill, insert your favourite. It also appears Mad Cool will take the "okayest lineup of the year" award after all.
  3. I presume you are flying from the UK... There's EasyJet to Ljubljana and some dirt cheap Ryanair connections to Rijeka, Trieste and Venice. You should be able to get from each of those to Zagreb for less than 30€. Venice is a bit further away... Depends on whether Stansted works for you too...
  4. Laibach play Zagreb in June (and Zadar and Rijeka in May). My favourite from their newer (and to the masses more appealing) material: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYv4FhL5bdU
  5. They would headline anything in Slovenia, but they never really made it outside. How high on the bill they end up will most likely reflect the number of tickets sold to Slovenia 😁
  6. Siddharta is arguably the biggest Slovenian (mainstream) rock band (not as big as Šumski in croatia though), so I thought I'd tell you a bit about them. I grew up listening to their first three albums (ID, Nord, Rh-), know them by heart and would certainly recommend them as you'd struggle too find a bad song. They sing predominantly in slovenian (there's an english version of Rh-), however I wouldn't let that bother me too much since they mostly have texts that sound good but don't make much sense anyway 😊 Since the third album they have released quite a few more, with some hits and some misses. They usually play a nice mix of old and new, but the songs you should know, the ones they played a lot lately or the songs I recommend you start with if you wanna check them out are: Na Soncu, Napoj, Ledena, Medrevesa, Platina, Ring, Samo Edini.
  7. What a weird way to spell rakija. I agree though. If anyone still wants a bar, I quite like sw*nky monkey garden (I am by no means an expert or a local, so there might be better options).
  8. Still better than James Blake
  9. Honestly, Tame Impala dates this summer make little to no sense geographically. Them not playing SBSR surely helps, but I still have no idea what to make of it, I just really, really hope they headline the Friday and I'm feeling hopeful 😀
  10. Wow! You were right! Could you also tell me the lottery numbers that won't win? Pretty please 😁
  11. *La M.O.D.A to play NOS stage on Friday* 😁 (only a joke, hopefully)
  12. @dentalplan Why would you need to rectify anything if there isn't a sexist festival booker? Identifying those and actively campaigning against them is something I too would get on board right away. But if the imbalance is a consequence of other non-discriminatory and not-sexist reasons some so consistently fail to acknowledge it might just be alright. Unless there is some god-given chart specifying festival representation percentages for specific demographic groups that I missed? Rarely anything is divided 50/50 gender wise and men have it better in some ways just as women have it better in others. Rather than demanding "equal representation" in festivals, perhaps even using gender equality as a PR stunt (and seemingly a failed one too in case of Primavera), time would probably be better spent working on reasons for imbalance, not simply calling for the result to be fixed.
  13. @DarthSaul Let me correct myself a bit - they are being ruined. I would certainly hope there is still healthy debate. I would also hope we both agree that the SJW's modus operandi of e.g. demanding "safe spaces" and accusing anyone who disagrees of privilege is only hurting the healthy debate. Humour is alive and kicking, as long as it doesn't offend anybody, which is never in the SJW world. None of that is either helpful or enlightening and the same goes for advocating the equality of outcome (including festival lineups) as if it did anything to improve any injustices there might be. I will happily oppose those things even if some might accuse me of reductionist thinking, or worse, having testicles. @dentalplan As @Rico_Pliskin kindly pointed out as well, china is close 😊 There are other ethnical/religious/racial groups that represent a large enough percentage of world's population to demand a fitting portion of the lineup (that being for example muslims, indians among others, although I would hope flat earthers can't be put in the same group 😁). I could argue "good" is nowadays closer to objective than gender, but let's not go into the non-binary crap. The point I'm trying to make is that there are several factors when deciding which act to book, however the gender shouldn't be one of them as that would be fundamentally sexist. Some booking agents might as well be sexist pigs worth every condemnation, but booking less popular acts sells less tickets and if done deliberately it's bad business. Can't really imagine whole lot of that happening and I really hope I'm not wrong here. But just because there is less female headliners (or acts in general) does not mean anything unfair is going on. Failing to acknowledge that doesn't convince me you're rationally thinking about this one. P.s.: I'd gladly back @n=Nowheretohide some more with an upvote or two but I'm afraid I spent all of my today's love on Rico.
  14. Humour, universities, free speech, just to name a few. We can continue this somewhere else and not ruin this topic completely. I think we all agree on this one. However I'm yet to be presented one single shred of proof of a racist patriarchal festival machine that's suppressing anyone who's not a white straight bloke. I'm yet to see a festival organizer say "I rather book an act lacking quality than penis". Not everything is a fight between the oppressor and the oppressed. You can go on about how we're unconsciously racist and chauvinistic inside and how it's about awareness, but once you go down this road you already lost. Where's the gay and lesbian representation? How about Chinese and Korean bands? Where's all the muslims? You can't be so biased not to feature flat-earther bands, can you?
  15. Not singing english, for example, is a much bigger hurdle in terms of making it big time than not having a penis. The PC culture has ruined enough already, don't let it get to music too.
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