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  1. I wasn't dishing out abuse, or at least that certainly wasn't my intention. I very much agree with you here. The point I wanted to make was that if one was in favour of choosing acts just because they are female (unlike you), that would make him sexist. Should've put it better.
  2. Either that, or you're sexist. Don't be sorry when we disagree. I'm baffled, why would announcing an act you don't like be a good thing because it lacks a penis or two?
  3. Why though? If you said "I really wish they announced Rihanna and Beyonce" I'd understand. You like them, you want them on the lineup. If you said "I really wish more shoegaze bands were announced" I'd understand. But this, this I can't possibly comprehend. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems to me you'd like to see more female acts announced just for the sake of diversity. What if they announced female acts that in your opinion suck? Or is "female music" now a genre (one thay you like)? Is the gender structure of a lineup more important to you than quality or are female acts by default better than male ones?
  4. That's still the very definition of sexism. I won't even get into the employment argument.
  5. Such as booking one act in favour of another solely based on gender? Sounds an awful lot like sexsim to me...
  6. Will they do a 30 name one-act-every-five-minutes kind of drip with a couple of really nice surprises ending with a bang? Please let them do a 30 name one-act-every-five-minutes kind of drip with a couple of really nice surprises ending with a bang.
  7. Kasabian did Mad Cool two years ago as well and unlike tame impala haven't gotten bigger in the meantime. Would be happy with either, as Kasabian were one of the victims of the 2018 clash clusterfuck.
  8. Of the three only Paul seems to be active atm, but has a spanish date in june. Not to mention all of them are simply too big to be a last minute replacement.
  9. Fleetwood Mac Paul McCartney Bruce Springsteen Just a couple of names whose lengths fit but surely won't headline this.
  10. I claimed they would as much as you have, clearly. The point was elsewhere.
  11. But is everyone happy? I think it would disappoint the spanish because they can see the big spanish act all the time anyway, it would disappoint the british because one headline spot is wasted on some spanish band and the rest of us will be enraged because they wasted two headline spots for acts that should be playing main stage third down at best. A festival like Mad Cool surely can't get away with say Biffy - Vetusta Morla as headliners anyway. They will come up with a big name one way or another.
  12. Will Tame Impala fill their gap with euro festivals? The album's out, no european dates yet...
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