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  1. Think this is exactly what I'm hoping for. I really enjoyed the different sonic direction of TBHC but the interview with Matt where me mentions a few more riffs on this one did get me feeling positive.
  2. Loving it, almost feel sorry that it's taking second fiddle to Kendrick today. Making me very excited to see them again next month. Echoing the thought's that if it were released under the Radiohead banner people wouldn't be overly disappointed with it's quality, which is a really positive thing to say!
  3. Always feel strange hearing people talk about the Reading set as if it was something tragic. I went there barely knowing any songs and came out completely sold on him as an act with him going on to become one of my favourite artists! Admittedly, the replay online makes it seem tame but there at the front, with a great view of the backing band it really felt like a moment.
  4. Exactly this, the device I've was queuing in for 10 mins got me 16,000th and the one about 30 seconds after tickets on sale got me in 2,000th. Very weird system and I've never liked it. Just got lucky today!
  5. Initially was in the queue at 16,000th. Decided to give the priority queue a crack on my phone, in at 2,000th and managed to bag myself a standing ticket. Not sure how I managed to get so lucky with electric ballroom a few years ago and now this. Just have to try and get a ticket for a friend tomorrow now! I think this is justice for Arcade Fire at KOKO
  6. Tragic news, horrible that he's having to go through this again. Fully expect him to pull which is gutting but something everyone can understand
  7. Doing the same as others in flying to Madrid and training so getting into 100 gecs and Arooj Aftab early is perfect
  8. Some really good additions in that latest roundup. caroline, courting, prima queen, opus kink, honeyglaze and tv priest certainly the highlights for me. Getting slightly sadder at this being the first Latitude I've missed in ages after the first announcement really didn't leave me too sad about that. Back next year for sure though!
  9. I could just about stomach missing out on pre sale as I knew that would be near impossible. General sale was another level though, still feels like they must've all been snapped up before they were even on sale. Hopefully the supposed arena tour gets announced soon, not exactly the same as a miniscule KOKO though
  10. Been doing the same all week, even got notifications for every post on their subreddit just in case someone is selling! Obviously not meant to be but I'm sure the stream will be the next best thing
  11. Will be watching the stream tonight with a few beers. Haven't been this gutted to miss out on tickets in a long long time. Hope the lucky ones with tickets have a cracking time!
  12. Turnstile pulling out is really sad. Desperately hope this isn't a scrap of their EU fest tour completely as I'm meant to see them at Outbreak the weekend after getting back
  13. Sounds like a good idea! Over the course of the two weeks I'm sure I'll need a break from the friends I'm with!
  14. Feel like Wet Leg's rise has created some very different crowds. Seeing them as a support act (for Sports Team, Inhaler, Blossoms, IDLES) they've always had a crowd with a fair bit of movement, mosh pits and dancing even back when Chaise Lounge was their only song out. Despite that, at their own shows (Latitude, 100 club, OMERA) the crowds has always felt incredibly static and largely silent and the band really haven't fed off that. From my POV, the crowds that have been at their own shows have always felt older though which certainly hasn't helped when you compare that to the demographics of Sports Team and Inhaler. Having seen them 9 times now (some purely by chance) they're performances have certainly been a mixed bag. Hopefully after a getting on a roll of their own shows they can improve that consistency a bit. The songs are definitely there IMO.
  15. theesundayroast

    Wet Leg

    The one track that never really caught my eye in their earlier live shows and it's no better on the album. One misstep out of 12 really isn't shabby for a debut though
  16. Really not sure what's happened to him in all honesty! As you say, he played such a massive part throughout both 'covid seasons'. In our promotion season we really didn't have a weak link throughout the whole squad, I can only assume it's the case of gelling with one and not the other, maybe missing the partnership with Hoolahan that worked so well?
  17. Glad to see he's still banging in the goals! Never had a goal scorer so prolific that he gets a stand named after him (even if it was only for a couple of weeks). Think we're very lucky to have 2 players on 13 goals so far this season, we could've been in big trouble after loosing him.
  18. As a Cambridge season ticket holder, it's been great to see Cheltenham holding their own as well this season, shows the quality that can still be produced on very limited budgets. Think next season is going to be more of a struggle but big wins against teams like Ipswich (and Newcastle in the cup) have really made anything worth it. There's been some low points (Sheffield away 6-1) and Wycombe at home on Tuesday (4-1) but finishing around mid table is something I would've only dreamed of!
  19. Sports team mailing list the new gossip column?
  20. Completely misread obviously! Statement still works thankfully other than that RTJ are much much bigger!
  21. First couple of times I saw Lynks was at the Windmill in Brixton, usually frequented by post punk/ experimental artists. Personally I just see it as brilliant that they don't want to box themselves into any kind of genre box. Happy to support anyone and play anywhere. Always seem to get the crowd on side as well, even if they start off a bit apprehensive.
  22. I'll never understand the size of that crowd. Thought I'd get there 5 minutes early and ended up on the barrier easily! Considering he played ally pally on his tour prior to that set I was very confused how few turned up. Hopefully RTJ's enthusiasm can bring a few more in during their set, both incredibly good hype men.
  23. Secret door, Hellcat, Library pictures and a couple from tranquility base would do it for me aside from the 'must haves'. Feel like I've seen dancefloor far too many times but know fully well that it'll still be a big moment for anyone who hasn't seen them.
  24. Issue with this is that you can easily use the charts and sales to swing anything either way for the benefit of an argument. Halsey has spent more than DOUBLE the weeks at number one in the singles chart than Arctic Monkeys and more weeks in the top 75 despite a much lower amount of singles. On the other hand, Arctic Monkeys have 6 number one albums compared to Halsey's highest charting being 5th. Metrics really do mean nothing and certainly aren't an instant answer to what the baseline for a headline act should be imo.
  25. No issue here, happy to support!
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