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  1. For me personally, the album dips a bit in the middle but picks back up with Inflo comes onto the production. Love is a game might be my favourite thing she's done after a few listens. As above, I definitely applaud her for trying some different stuff, even if it isn't pulled off brilliantly every time
  2. Me and a few friends did this waiting for Liam Gallagher this year (Only as I was due to see Biffy at their own show just after and the others weren't bothered by them) and a fairly substantial amount were doing the same. So much so that the front section was closed over an hour before Liam was due to start.
  3. Is everyone forgetting that Dan often feeds us a few truths along with some lies to keep us guessing? Neither KOL or Yungblud really make much sense at all
  4. Yeah, while I'm not a fan of his public persona, a fair few friends of mine have met him at Church (the bar) in Sheffield over the last year or so. None of them could speak more highly of him, said he was very down to earth and chatty! People always seem to forget that there's a lot of artists who are very different in their work to everyday life.
  5. Injury reserve would be great but they're already in the UK next February. Not sure why but I can't see them coming over twice in the year unfortunately
  6. TBHC didn't exactly do badly for a record with no (pre album) single to promote it and an incredibly short build up. It certainly wasn't a big seller compared to the late 2000's/ early 2010's (compare this to most artists and you'll see a similar story) but shifting the most vinyl in 25 years wasn't exactly shabby for a piano lounge album.
  7. Brilliant thanks! As usual with a midweek Cambridge show, there wasn't a massive amount of 'moshing' but there certainly wasn't a still person in the room. Enjoyed it much more than their Wide Awake set (although I only caught 15 minutes or so of that). Some real stage presence from them as well!
  8. Just found out that they're also supporting the Microphones next Tuesday! Nice to see bands such as Deathcrash and Caroline really start to get some recognition
  9. Seeing them tonight in Cambridge, their crowd was slightly static towards the back at Wide Awake so I was a bit worried about how energetic it might be (or not). Got me all excited now!
  10. Really didn't want to do R&L yet again next year in favour of switching it up by going somewhere else for the weekend but Rage and AM are two of the few acts that could certainly sell me at least a day ticket. Loved TBHC so will be interesting to see where they go from there
  11. Black Midi (Thurs), Jon Hopkins (Fri), Higher Power (Sat) and Automotion (Sun) start off my busy November from tomorrow onwards. Looking forward to this!
  12. Forgot how good that NewDad EP was, just put it on for the first time in a few months thanks to your comment. Great seeing bcnr and bob vylan up there as well. Haven't listened to the Soda Blonde album so I'll have to stick that on if your other choices are anything to go by!
  13. Top 5 for me this year are as follows Injury Reserve - By the time I get to pheonix Black Midi - Cavalcade Wolf Alice - Blue Weekend Little Simz - Sometimes I might be Introvert Turnstile - Glow on Not in any particular order but I can't see much getting ahead of them. You know it's been a good year for me when none of Squid, Shame, BCNR or Tyler even crack the top 5. Been a bit disappointed by the indie releases in general this year but did enjoy Sam Fender's new one more than his debut. Dave's album was great as well but didn't invite me back for anywhere near as many replays as psychodrama did.
  14. First single from the forthcoming Animal Collective album 'Time Skiffs' (coming 04.02.2022) just dropped. Really liked this on first listen.
  15. How was Honeyglaze's non released stuff? I'm in love with Burglar but haven't been able to catch them live as of yet. I'll have to check out Keg, can't say I've listened to them before but if they're anywhere near the other two bands on that bill I'm in for a treat!
  16. I've really loved how BMTH have grown into 'pop' music in a creative way but this very much sounds like them trying to jump on a tik tok trend. If it takes off then power to them but it's not getting me too excited for this next EP. On the other side, they've teased that EP3 might sound similar to the Music to Listen to... project which I really enjoyed so am looking forward to that!
  17. Please please please can we get Paolo Nutini after that TRNSMT announcement? After the rumors of him being a secret set a couple of years ago, I've been constantly waiting for his return. Sub headline could be a nice fit after his long absence? Both himself and the strokes would sell me a weekend ticket right away, not that I ever need much convincing for latitude!
  18. Pavement tour announced for next year including a 4 night stint at the roundhouse. Should already be seeing them at primavera but I'm very tempted by one of those nights
  19. 1. Turnstile 2. Deafheaven 3. The Killers
  20. I was only at Leeds for the Friday this year and despite feeling similarly old, I found the bar situation to be very different there that day! Queues we're apparently 45 minutes long or so (from asking people who had just come out with their drinks) which would result in me missing two or three acts. Saved me a nice bit of money at least!
  21. Although I stayed for most of the set, it was disappointing to hear the decline in sound quality for Foals after I had been standing in a similar place for most other main stage acts with it still sounding great. Despite the smallish crowd, Nadine Shah really blew me away. Very glad I went to check her out having not listened to anything by her beforehand. Compared to Leeds festival which I was at on the Friday, I think the two main stage set-up worked so much better here with the other stages being 'on the way' between the two. The problem with Leeds was the other stages all being out the way which meant you very rarely caught a sizable crowd from passing traffic. Hope they keep this for next years events. Echoing above, the only issues I really saw were the toilet queues which were horrific and for the food (which thankfully did die down later in the evening).
  22. This didn't age well. Was waiting there and no Yonaka! Made me miss out on a couple of others
  23. If I'm lucky enough for Squid to be at Leeds on the Friday (please please please) I'd forgo any else that day to go and see them. Absolutely immense set at Latitude and genuinely one of the best live bands I've ever seen. Honestly the best act on that lineup the whole weekend, what an addition! edit: Looks like I'm out of luck. I beg anyone who gets the chance to go catch their set, you won't regret it
  24. Tickets myself although am very much thinking I'll be off to All Points East instead at the moment. The undercard there is very appealing
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