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  1. This isn't directed at you necessarily but this stuff is designed and conceived to be shared just as you've done – going "what a fucking tool/let's laugh at him/I'm annoyed about this" – delete as appropriate. It's cynical social media porn, purely to increase their brand recognition. By even posting it you're playing into their hands and the most effective thing we can all do for platforms like GB News is genuinely ignore it and don't give it oxygen either way.
  2. This is a new strategy labels have been trying, and it's primarily based around the streaming industry. You do a 'warm up'/reintroduction track to get your daily and weekly listeners up from where they were - as usually they'll have plateaued with no new music - and then after a couple of weeks of that start dropping other stuff that might be a bit more banging when there's more ears on it.
  3. This is a Barnard Castle moment where lots of people who've been dutifully complying with a certain thing (last time lockdown, this time isolating) realise that we're actually not all in this together. I feel like the genie is out of the bottle at this point.
  4. For the first time through this entire thing I'm considering completely detoxing for a couple of weeks post-19th. The media and socials are going to be a fucking mess and I'm genuinely not sure if I can handle the constant nail-biting, flip flopping, hour-by-hour shitshow any more. I often wonder what it's like to be someone that isn't plugged into news and endless micro-updates and tweets in the same way a lot of people like most of us are.
  5. Every time I've been to the barbers they've spent 30 minutes in close contact with me masked up, all in my face because of the nature of the job. There's no way around it – they'd absolutely pass it on to me regardless of what they were wearing. The dominating media narrative over the past couple of months has galvanized into "wearing a mask = safe = not passing it on" when there's so many more variables than that.
  6. Would have loved some slightly darker UK electronic stuff like Forest Swords/Actress/Blank Mass for a bit of a woodsy-Midsommar-rave vibe but yeah most of the lineup is decent considering the pool of artists they had to choose from.
  7. A lot of the freaking out over the past week has to do with stories and first hand accounts about double jabbed people still getting it - the vast majority will be totally mild symptoms, which is obviously brilliant. But it's the fault of the media (and bits of the government) that the reality of this summer doesn't line up with what they implied or promised people with this rollout: which was that vaccines were magic and you wouldn't be at risk. Suddenly people have realised they are and they can't get their head around it.
  8. Nah, they're making it abundantly clear they're going to fudge future stuff like they're doing with these current restrictions: just strangle certain businesses and pass the buck around rather than locking down. As long as the British public can get a pint somewhere, somehow, then they're not arsed enough to riot.
  9. One of the worst things about this pandemic has been the media absolutely gunning for fear and clicks all the way through. It's a danger to public health in itself now in terms of our mental health and behaviour.
  10. Only the busiest city centre pubs really have doormen, and that's usually at the weekend. Giving the 'one young person manning the bar during the daytime' the responsibility to check passports of everyone who walks into the space, and put up with punters looking for an argument, just seems unrealistic. I think of all my friends in their 20s/30s working in hospitality and not a single one of them would want to be arsed with the potential hassle and abuse. It just seems like a non-starter to me.
  11. I just don't see how. Most of the ones near me are staffed by poorly paid people under 30, overworked at the best of times, aren't paid enough or have time to have to have discussions with punters about passport status or chuck people out because they don't have one. It just doesn't seem realistic at all.
  12. ZOE down again today which is somewhat encouraging.
  13. The mask thing is already turning into a fucking mess. Having different requirements region-by-region and mode-of-transport is just going to cause even more friction and drop usage everywhere as people get confused about what's what. I understand why local politicians are pushing for it, but ultimately I can't see it having any impact at all on the people that have either already dropped them or are planning to.
  14. There was definitely a sweet spot a few months ago where stuff was selling out constantly and people's confidence was high. For whatever reason – probably to do with all the uncertainty around events, but possibly people's financial circumstances and vaccine status as well – it seems to have dropped off considerably.
  15. Talking about consumer confidence, prices have increased dramatically here in London over the past couple of months in terms of going out (I paid £7 for a bog standard lager at a boozer last week, my friend nearly £12 for a glass of wine) and I fear that, even if things are open,these places are going to struggle hugely when people realise how costly it's getting. I'm sure it's not just London that's seeing these increases. Lockdown will have proved to a lot of people that it's relatively easy to have a great time at home with friends, and I think it might swing back that way once the novelty wears off.
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