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  1. Tyler, maybe Bad Bunny? Lizzo is probably big enough at this point for a victory lap headline slot too.
  2. Interesting that it's moved to July, so it won't be sharing acts with Primavera Barcelona like it has done in previous years. Seems sensible considering All Points East is hoovering up acts that might have otherwise done Field Day. I got told both Bicep and Forest Swords were doing All Points East but looks like that's not happening.
  3. I think Haim would make a great headliner, personally – they'll have released their third album by then and are an exceptional live band. Bit surprised Supergrass aren't on there.
  4. I think it's possible as there's a new album next year, and he owes Primavera one for cancelling last time. But he's not announced any festivals or any indication that he's even touring, and if he did I think he'd probably ask for a tonne of money. So who knows really.
  5. Chill a bit mate. There's always multiple things on at the same time if you don't like the look of something.
  6. Damon will be there. He is doing his Icelandic inspired project next spring/summer with dates finishing just before PS. Looks like it might fit in at Auditori perhaps.
  7. I think it sounds about right and I just don't think there's that many female headliners around next year. The high level of the undercard is likely to be the place where we'll see that happening (FKA Twigs, Chromatics, Bikini Kill, Sleater Kinney etc etc already nailed on for it).
  8. Although I was baffled when I first saw the lineup, I actually think it makes a lot of sense in terms of demographic and who's going to buy a ticket to see Kraftwerk or want a day out from it. It'd definitely be weighted more towards an older demographic who'd absolutely be into Anna Calvi/Kim Gordon/Marr/The Orb/stuff that gets played on 6Music - but not necessarily some of the more banging trendier electronic stuff that was rumoured.
  9. I think, weirdly, it actually makes sense in terms of the demographic who'd pay for a day ticket to see Kraftwerk now. It would definitely skew towards older 6music types, who might love Kraftwerk and want to see the show but not be into the more younger electronic stuff that's maybe a more obvious undercard.
  10. I think this is fine for Primavera die hards who've already decided on going but there's just so many alternatives now that will share bits of the same lineup, and the more other festivals release their tops tiers earlier and earlier and put tickets on sale, the less easy it will be to convince casuals to go. As much as I like them, leaking Jenny Hval or Kim Gordon isn't going to get tickets moving. I'm already struggling to convince a few of my friends who've now seen the start of the All Points East/BBK lineups.
  11. This whole rollout is a disaster, particularly for something as 'important' as their 20th anniversary. The more other festivals release their lineups (which are all pretty good, seemingly) the less impressive Primavera will look and the more the others have the upper hand on tickets – especially considering the Prima lineup will share a lot with others in Europe around that time.
  12. Solid couple of names, that. It'll sell well.
  13. Supergrass would be fantastic fun. Sleater-Kinney's latest comeback hasn't done as well as it should because the drummer quit and the new album was mediocre. They'd probably have been at least second line down if they'd have smashed the campaign properly, but it has been a mess.
  14. Surprised about Angel Olsen. Seems BBK/Mad Cool are really pushing hard to poach acts that might normally be a given for Primavera.
  15. Nah, he's massive, and hasn't done any British festivals yet. Might not be to your taste but there's a huge market for that Latin stuff right now that's not being catered to over here - teenage girls love him. A solid undercard would do well.
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