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  1. Probably not big enough. They'd be a decent sub though. It's clear the festival have been holding off until there's a clearer timeline, but I wouldn't be surprised if they have had Brit-centric lineups already booked in and ready to go. Fingers crossed.
  2. An August/September festival like All Points East announcing a lineup this week would absolutely cream it with ticket sales given the improved mood.
  3. It's worth noting that Liverpool was an outlier amongst a bunch of higher tiers, so there was a lot of completely irresponsible 'covid tourism' that saw people from higher tiers (and even as far as London) go up for visits, hotel stays, restaurant meals, nights out. It was a huge error keeping it in a lower tier and letting people flood in.
  4. I think unfortunately for Primavera so many of their ticketholders are coming from around Europe and elsewhere that they'd need to make some sort of decision well in advance to take that into consideration. It just wouldn't work for them to have a late confirmation date with so many travel and refund issues for their punters to deal with. Most UK festivals are almost exclusively UK attendees, which definitely works in their/our favour. I can definitely see some happening towards the end of summer.
  5. There's now a general politics thread to discuss who's a shy Tory, who is rubbish, what nonsense polls are out today, what Corbyn has for breakfast etc etc. Let's try and keep this one as Covid-specific as possible now because I know a lot of people rely on this for information and news.
  6. There's a 'general news' thread but I think we needed one specifically for this sort of thing. Some really interesting info and decent discussion has been getting lost in the Covid thread because of endless poll/Starmer/Spaffer/Corbyn chat that seems to clog it up every few pages.
  7. I think it's about time for a separate politics thread now.
  8. You've been told multiple times not to post sourceless stuff like this. C'mon mate.
  9. @Toilet Duckyour responses in here have been the balm I need in amongst the media clickbait shitshow that has been the past year, so helpful and measured. Let me know a charity of your choosing and I'll sacrifice my Sunday takeaway and send them some cash instead.
  10. This is a complex issue: many BAME communities are distrustful of the government (understandable), first & second gen immigrants often don't consume English media at all or don't speak the language, communities are often tight-knit and so rumours fly around re: what's in it, and general conspiracy stuff, combined with religious beliefs which make it even more complex. So it requires people 'on the ground', possibly already part of these communities, to help uptake. It's going to be an uphill struggle.
  11. Conveniently ignoring the fact that a whole swathe of the population are being forced back to work in unsafe offices and workplaces. The public blaming is infuriating, and so Tory. It's not Doris from number 30 popping out to get some milk that's spreading this, is it?
  12. All Points East, probably. End of August, day ticketed festival, major city so no transport issues – seems like the odds for that sort of thing are pretty good.
  13. Anecdotally, a friend who works in an ICU was told earlier in the month to expect hospitalisations to peak this week. So hopefully.
  14. Wallowing in gloom about 2022, whose festival season is an entire eighteen months away is completely ridiculous. Festivals will of course happen then because every country will have its shit sorted out and we'll have a better idea of how the vaccine has been rolled out, how the virus works, we'll probably have amazing testing, EU countries will be a lot more on the same level. The thing people should be focused on is if festivals who don't hold a 2021 edition can even survive as a business to hold an event for 2022. This is especially important for smaller/mid level festivals who don
  15. Yes, I think day events can like this can hold on a couple of months and see how things progress. The build and site work for BST is so much smaller than Glastonbury. How that affects any announcements for more shows they might have, I don't know.
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