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  1. I understand why it's so easy to be negative - it's comforting, on some level, to not have to be disappointed, and it's a nice feeling to be ultimately proven right. But we're literally deploying a vaccine next week and there's now news that GPs will be getting other people done before Christmas when the Oxford one gets approved. Music festivals aren't until the summer. Yes, there's production builds and all sorts of logistics to take into consideration, but as we've already experienced this year - in the 'virus timeline', six months is a long fucking time. Over the next few months - just
  2. The problem is that all these groups are so mixed and muddled that it's hard to pull them apart now. A lot of people who have legitimate concerns or questions about the vaccine are lumped with hardcore anti vaxxers. And anti vaxxers are lumped in with the lower level of anti lockdown people who have legitimate concerns about the data used to shut eg pubs. And those anti lockdown people are lumped in with anti maskers/anti science/5G/virus hardcore conspiracy nutters. This is one of the problems all these groups have: some might have decent questions to ask, but they're always drowned out
  3. There are always literally thousands of weekend tickets knocking around in the weeks/months leading up to it, even on sold out years. Absolutely nothing to panic about. Keep an eye on decent resale sites and join the DICE waiting list too.
  4. They've u-turned on the vaccine passport. Gove denies it this morning. https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-michael-gove-rules-out-vaccine-passports-for-pub-theatre-and-sport-stadium-visits-12147819
  5. Would be very surprised if Taylor is there next year now. We would've heard about other EU shows by now, and there's been no announcements of live shows at all in fact, plus she's not the type to fly over for a one off. I'd love to see her there at some point, but think it's more likely to be 2022 now (by which time she'll have released her greatest hits/rerecorded hits project, which would be perfect for a headliner).
  6. jannybruck

    Oasis 2021?

    Liam's had three decades of understanding how to play the media and figuring out what they want to hear to keep his profile present. It's even easier now when radio stations and media outlets just want one juicy quote to base an article around or to clip and put on twitter. It 100% won't happen next year, he knows that and they know that. I do hope it happens at some point, but Noel's been stubborn forever.
  7. "Health passports" and "immunity passports" has been predicted by a lot of the antivaxx lot as soon as the virus kicked off, suggesting that it's another step forward towards dystopia, and although I don't go that far it does seem to me like it's unworkable and fraught with problems. I'm surprised Zahawi even mentioned it in explicit terms of "health passport" considering it's been such a trigger for a lot of the virus/vaccine skeptics and they're trying to get them on board. If most under 50s are going to not even have the vaccine anytime soon, what's the point of granting this immediate
  8. Duran Duran still sell out arenas and have a huge mum fanbase, this will be a really good seller if covid caution doesn't affect ticket sales across the board next year.
  9. Unsurprising really, but a damn shame. Hopefully it comes back in 2022.
  10. Yeah, he's definitely headliner level now, at least for younger-leaning festivals. Has one of the biggest worldwide streaming hits of the year at the moment. To be honest he might be on at Wireless instead, looking at his schedule, but I don't think he'd be out of place at Parklife.
  11. Bad Bunny is meant to be at Primavera the week prior. He'd fit as Parklife/Lovebox headliner, which is the same weekend.
  12. Bad Bunny just announced 'Madrid & Lisbon' this morning, which will be Mad Cool and NOS Alive.
  13. Mostly, but they could've easily just moved it to Tier 3, so it at least shows there's some confidence that it's working there.
  14. It's great to see the good job they've done with Liverpool. From one of the hardest hit areas about a month ago down to Tier 2 now.
  15. European governments needs festivals and mass gatherings to be happening this summer – economically it's a total disaster if they don't happen for a second year, even ones in June. The governments will be doing all they can to assist and ensure these go ahead, even with tweaks or additional safety measures. I'm almost certain there'll be lineup changes, but it'll be going ahead.
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