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  1. Think they'll have a real struggle getting people on board with masks again given the majority of comments on socials I've seen. I'll wear one, but given they've been fuck all use in Europe recently I'm not going to get anxious about forgetting one like I did previously. I do also feel like if this turns out to be not half as bad as they feared, it's going to be even worse trying to get people on side with the next one. Boy who cried wolf stuff.
  2. This new variant gave them a cute little 'out' to reintroduce masks without making it look like they'd dropped the ball this winter, didn't it.
  3. I know SA will have an agenda in terms of downplaying it but I'm inclined to believe what they're seeing on the ground first hand. I wonder if this is the transmissable-but-milder one people were always saying would arrive.
  4. There's none, it's just the usual social media shithouses speculating.
  5. Nah, they wouldn't implement them this quickly over a couple of cases. It'll be a "we're aware of it and we're keeping an eye on it, tAkE pErSonaL rEsponSibiLiTy!!" plus the usual shite from journalists asking about lockdown if they get to ask questions.
  6. There's absolutely nothing that should trigger Plan B from this. If we're turning restrictions (which probably won't do much good for spread in the first place) on and off every time a variant arrives then it's going to be Groundhog Day for the rest of our lives. People need to take a step back from the media hype and wait to see how things progress in terms of its severity and how it works. We've red listed, which is a great start.
  7. This minimises the achievement of a legacy artist getting a number one single nowadays. It's unheard of, completely unprecedented. Having a streaming hit for an artist in his seventies is way more difficult than flogging CD singles in 2001 because it requires people consistently listening week on week in huge numbers, millions and millions. 'Cold Heart' is objectively a massive smash (it's #11 in the Billboard US chart and still rising three months after its release, and it got certified platinum in the UK just yesterday), he's back in pop culture in a way he's not been for a long time. This thread is honestly bizarre.
  8. And yet "New variant will not take us back to square one" via BBC. Basically: nobody's sure yet, but the media will get those clicks and scare quotes in while they can.
  9. I just don't have any mental or emotional bandwidth left to be anxiety ridden about variants at this point, and the fact that scientists are doing all this figuring-out work out in the open now on social media platforms rather than behind closed doors doesn't really help anyone but the media, who get another "here's another thing to be worried about" week of stories out of it. I read somewhere that there's multiple new mutations been discovered every month since it hit, so I'm just going to sit out the hand-wringing about this one. There's absolutely nothing you or I can do about it anyway so it's not worth worrying about.
  10. But Glastonbury operates entirely outside of the kind of capital needs of other festivals. It'll sell out without punters knowing any of the lineup for years to come at this point, which means they could put someone like Elton up top without any worries. He tours like a beast but the fact he's never headlined is absolutely wild and it'd be a massive, celebratory set – perfect for the festival.
  11. Yeah, it was clearly just booked in around her existing EU tour as the dates worked perfectly, it's a huge catch for Glastonbury. I can see Billie possibly doing the circuit in 2023 so to get her on the back off this acclaimed album, and for her to be the youngest headliner ever, is such a good shout.
  12. I think it's also that there's a bit of a pile-up in terms of actual stuff going on: people are this autumn/winter going to the first raft of gigs that have been rescheduled since early this year (I went to one last night that was originally meant to be March 2020), so there's an element of simply having a lot in the calendar coming up too. With Christmas coming up and people planning for that, it's just a lot on people's wallets and attention spans. I do know that theatres here in London haven't been as rammed as they could have been, tourism hasn't recovered yet and that's really having an effect on plays and musicals. My partner works for one and some nights they're literally having to give tickets away via mailing lists – but from personal experience most of the gigs I've been to have felt pretty normal in terms of attendance. I haven't seen anything visible or notable get downgraded or cancelled, for instance.
  13. jannybruck


    To 'recover' assumes something that this campaign was never intended to be, though. She was very vocal in all the press around this about how she found the last album era too stressful and is not interested in being a huge popstar, and just wants to churn out albums on her own whims now she's made money. The total lack of promo after it was released showed that it was never going to be a blockbuster for her. We'll get one of these sorts of albums every four or five years with a tour for the hardcore fans (of which she's luckily solidified one who'll buy into everything she does now, like Lana) and that'll be it. I'm not a fan of the record but it definitely feels like a transitional moment for her into an artist that is figuring out how to do things on her own terms and on a scale she's comfortable with, so I'm looking forward to seeing what she goes next.
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