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  1. Absolutely mad that we're nearly into March and two gigs are yet to be announced.
  2. She'd just completed a sold-out UK theatre tour in the winter where tickets were like gold dust and got five star reviews everywhere, so they assumed the demand would be there for the festival headliner. For whatever reason, it wasn't – she's popular and has a great live show but doesn't have any big 'festival' hits that will sell that amount of tickets to casual fans. Maybe in another album's time she'll be at that level.
  3. Normally I'd be skeptical of it but PSBs are free on the 31st (one of the currently unnanounced dates), it's in the middle of their pretty-much-sold out arena tour so they'd have a setlist and production rehearsed, and neither have any UK festivals announced. It'd be weird considering they're playing the O2 the week before, but it's not beyond the realms of possibility if they bill it as a festival set/co-headline.
  4. New Order and Pet Shop Boys just announced a co-headlining tour of the US for late summer. They're both big enough to headline separately, but could this be in advance of an APE announcement?
  5. I can't see Bombay doing it now unless it's a similar sort of cheaper co-headliner like the Kooks/Wombats day. BBC have already done a lot of London gigs in the past few months and I just don't think they'd have much pull for people to invest in a day ticket to see them.
  6. Dave would do really well I think but most of the suitable rap/grime acts that could make an undercard have been hoovered up by Wireless and Lovebox and others. I can't really see indie or pop bands slotting in well with him.
  7. Yeah, I don't think the Tame show will struggle to sell tickets. That just looks like album promo to me. Placebo could be a really good shout – they have a really solid and dedicated fanbase, last tour was arenas a couple of years ago, no UK festivals booked.
  8. I'd be genuinely shocked if Lana didn't play. She's doing Primavera and other EU fests right after APE is done and has nothing on for the second half of May.
  9. I don't think there's any reason to delay a Lana announcement until March – her O2 date has sold out and the rest of the regional dates are pretty much all gone as well.
  10. Decent lineup, though I'm not sure there's really anything there that isn't already doing the rounds this summer. Unless you're fully on board with the idea of Wilderness and all that entails I'm not sure there's much pull there to invest in a ticket.
  11. Money. The cash the artists will get from a (potentially) sold out Hyde Park show nowadays would dwarf anything Wireless could offer.
  12. Grace is doing the Meltdown festival in London late June so it's not unreasonable to think she'd stick around for a few weeks for this. Her London show will be at the Southbank Centre, so it'll sell out instantly.
  13. I think it's a bit unfair to compare this to Wide Awake. There's so many different variables in place with each one and Wide Awake might end up being pretty bare bones production wise, we have no idea yet. This is a well established and popular festival at this point, and indoors. Yeah it generally runs late, and their social media says '16 hours long' this year which suggests it'll run until about 4am.
  14. Solid lineup, I wasn't expecting any massive names. I think for the amount of 'stuff' that's going on in one day £55 is definitely pretty good, and to be honest it's one of the festivals where I really love discovering acts I've never heard of. There's a lot of work put in with the venue production, projections, installations/happenings and general goings on. This year it's in a slightly smaller venue so I think it'll be a nice vibe.
  15. I think you're really underestimating how popular LCD Soundsystem are. They're sort of a legacy band at this point but hugely popular across different demographics and with an amazing live reputation. They'd do a lot more tickets than Hot Chip, particularly if it was a northern exclusive. Either way, they won't be playing this year as they're not active so I'd be curious to see who they've got locked in.
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