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  1. Also as well as supporting the local music scene, things like Nits are a really good way to figure things out in terms of how promoters can present live music over the summer (and beyond). Stress-testing these sorts of ideas with smaller shows is a really good way to work out configurations, ways of doing things, how audiences react, and so on. There's never going to be any 'right' or 'wrong' way to do it unless they're actually worked out in real time like this.
  2. Basically the easiest way is to just look at map view on Booking.com and take a look around the city centre. It's a city full of hotels and apartments so impossible to recommend anything in particular, but try and make sure you're near a metro station for ease of getting around. Obviously look at the accommodation's reviews on Tripadvisor/Google etc and make sure your booking is refundable just in case next year's fest doesn't happen. As far as additional bookings, no - it's unlikely there'll be any more names like the ones suggested so wouldn't get your hopes up, going by previous year schedules the top and mid tiers are already really rammed. The general concensus is the lineup is complete aside from some smaller and local acts.
  3. It's printed on the ticket but no, they're not strict like Glastonbury. Don't purchase through Stubhub yet. Just keep an eye on the waiting list and get one from the official source. There's absolutely no rush - it's an entire year away.
  4. You're a lot better off spreading yourselves over two or three apartments in the same building/block/street, use Airbnb's map view to search. Places for that amount of people are extremely limited and expensive.
  5. From past experience I don't think DICE's waiting list is in exact chronological order, ie the further in the past you joined the more likely you are to get picked next, so I wouldn't stress about it too much.
  6. Carly Rae Jepsen's just been announced for Isle Of Wight festival the weekend after, which seems like a bit of an odd booking for PS to miss out on considering they could do with a few more major female names and she's played before.
  7. Refuse to believe this has sold out entirely a year in advance. Something's up, surely.
  8. They've always done it like this – one price for a certain time period, and then it rises. It's never been done by capacity remaining as far as I know.
  9. Limiting the number of tickets available now and making it look sold out also encourages anyone dithering about getting a refund to just hold on to their ticket. It's smart marketing I guess.
  10. Oh yeah, this is a really good spot. They've always used "sold out" in the past.
  11. I'm surprised by how quickly they've gone but I guess it's really worked out for them by being first festival lineup out of the blocks for 2021. When was the last full sellout, 2016? I can't even remember how packed it felt really.
  12. Don't book now - a lot of places won't have updated their listings or even put them on yet. September/October/November should be fine. I'm not sure you'll find one place for 12 people – it might be worth looking to spread across a couple of flats within the same building/vicinity.
  13. I doubt they'll ever do a full-length album again, more likely just EPs and tracks here and there. The songs they did with Forest Swords and Young Fathers, and Tricky, a few years ago were great. I just don't think they've got the work ethic to be doing full projects anymore, which they've always seemed to find stressful - why bother I guess, when they can still headline festivals on back catalogue alone.
  14. There'll be a batch on sale in August when they process people's refunds from this year. On top of that, even on sell-out years you can find resale tickets everywhere. Don't panic about it too much.
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