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  1. Shorts and t shirt are OK for daytime but it's on the coast so the temperature drops a couple of degrees as the sun goes down, and it can get breezy. Take either a jumper or lightish jacket for evening/early morning.
  2. The slightly panicky and passive aggressive AccessTicket email they just sent out doesn't suggest a huge number of people have taken them up on doing it so far...!
  3. A collection of stalls selling screen printed posters/merch/other bits from artists and illustrators. Quite nice to have a mooch around. It's back this year from what I hear.
  4. So now we've got the timetable when is stressing about and F5-ing all the weather forecasts scheduled to start?
  5. From the main stage? A solid 25-30 mins probably, particularly if there's slow crowds between acts.
  6. Yeah pretty easily, though if it's a popular act I'd try and shave off a couple of the songs of The Strokes just to beat some of the crowd movement that happens afterwards.
  7. It'll be busy as there's nothing notable up against them and they'll catch a lot of the crowd that are getting on site at that 7pmish time.
  8. I presume the splitting of the vote with certain fanbases/genres is so people are moving around the site a bit more mid-act? The more people move around, the more you're more likely to quickly try and grab a beer or food, maybe. I dunno. Some of it is so brutal that there must be some reasoning behind it.
  9. Doesn't look like it unless there's the hidden stage somewhere, and reading between the lines with the email they sent out last week it felt very "that's your lot, this one was a fucking nightmare, don't expect anything else".
  10. Yeah, she's in there as well. I think those first three you mentioned will be the most popular but if you turn up 15/20 minutes before you should be fine.
  11. Also can anyone spot Kokoko! in the main lineup? I can't see them – surely they haven't booked them just for that stupidly tiny opening ciutat gig and not put them anywhere else.
  12. It's difficult to tell from the map but they're making the long outer walk much more obvious than the bridge bit, so I've no idea. We'll see.
  13. Think lots of people are going to get stung with underestimating that walk from the main stages to Bits, particularly now you have to go the long way around. I wonder how it'll affect crowd decisions and crowd numbers – even now looking at the timetable I'm starting to try and make the most efficient use of my time in certain parts of the site rather than traipsing backwards and forwards to that bit.
  14. Just would have been incredible and a total no-brainer for a sundown Ray Ban or Primavera stage slot given the type of soul music she makes. Maybe she requested it, I don't know.
  15. Mavis Staples in the Auditori is a terrible choice. Such a missed opportunity.
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