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  1. Brilliant well done. Obviously they're just waiting to call me about mine because they like to build the tension, like on TV when they say and the winner is.......
  2. You too! It's looking dry and cool. Normally dreading it, but quite excited this year.
  3. I'll be going for a 13.1 mile run... It's Cardiff half marathon day on the same day as ticket day again. Last year was trying for tickets in the queue to drop my bag off FFS
  4. sprocketrocket

    2020 headliners

    I'm putting my money on REM reforming and headlining.
  5. No. I loved 2009. Don't ruin the memory.
  6. I can confirm it rained lots at 100% (both) of the Kendal's I attended.
  7. Hated the cashless thing at bluedot. You have no idea how much money you have or have spent, the app was worthless then you have to wait a week to get your own money back.
  8. sprocketrocket


    I agree, I've seen many acts on the pyramid which arguably didn't deserve it. I didn't think they were the right band, but I saw something on Saturday which I think would translate really well to the pyramid.
  9. sprocketrocket


    I saw Foals this weekend at Truck. I've always liked them but never had them down as pyramid headliners. Well, what can I say? Get them signed up! It was fucking brilliant they'd smash it.
  10. Capaldi played Truck festival this weekend, and I thought it was utter w*nk (I could see it while buying my food). There were an awful lot of people "enjoying it" though.....
  11. No. So why else would he do a 300 date tour? I think he knows he's going to wander off this mortal coil soon and he's doing a ridiculously long tour so he dies in the middle of it and everyone remembers him for dying doing what he loved or something.
  12. My first Truck, was in family camping, really enjoyed it, for me the only real issue with the whole festival is the stages are all too close together so there was often a fair bit of sound bleed. Oh and also I didn't realise until Saturday there were urinals for men... But that's just me being unobservant.
  13. Our tickets were print at home and just got the carpark pass through the post too
  14. Granted I was only there for a day yesterday, but my scruffy trainers we're sufficient. Yes they're (and i am)caked in mud, but much more comfy than wellies.
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